Chapter 267: Investigative And Succeed

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“What a good adulterous couple!”

Xu Wangchuan angrily smiled. He had been trapped by the White and Black Unicorn Tiger and was actually unable to do anything.

Su Xing swiped the Miraculous Bodhi Tree to sweep aside the Flying Sword attacks of Xie Zhenyuan and Bing Qingxuan. The Star General that sneak attacked Su Xing all of a sudden hid, completely disappearing. Wu Siyou also attacked empty space. This actually was shocking. Shi Yuan’s Wind Chasing Shadow Hiding also was a type of complete presence concealment magic, but the opponent’s similar concealment even hid her murderous intent. She simply was a natural assassin.

Su Xing raised his head and saw Bing Qingxuan’s forehead glimmer, and his heart was inwardly startled.

The Most High Path unexpectedly had another hidden Star Master.

The Most High Path’s group of three feigned a sneak attack to confuse Wu Siyou. Bing Qingxuan was planning to once again use his Star General assassin to get rid of Star General. With that superb assassination capability of “Qingying’s,”1 to dispatch a Star Master still was not something easily done. Bing Qingxuan only wanted to to get rid of this man that was intimate with Wu Son in order to avenge the animosity originally formed at the Birth Outline.

His way of thinking indeed was flawless. If it was not for Wu Siyou acting, after being kissed by “Kiss of Death,” Su Xing at the minimum would be half dead. Afterwards, that would allow him to grasp everything. Pity that he miscalculated the circumstances. Having just soaked in the Perfect Harmony Spring, Wu Siyou’s psychic connection had burst forth in that moment, staking everything to neutralize the danger.

“Why not come out for a look!!” Wu Siyou saw that the opposing Star General disappeared, coldly laughing. The Noble Frost Demonic Lotus Sword’s wind rippled, forming a powerful filling floor in a range of several dozen meters.

At this time, a golden needle mixed with the golden threads covering the sky came to smother Wu Siyou and Su Xing.

Su Xing and Wu Siyou turned their heads to look.

That petite little girl of Xie Zhenyuan’s twirled her hands in a dance, controlling two Star Weapons.

They were the Heavenly Silkworm Treasure Silk2 and Backlighting Divine Needle.3

“Succeed Star Long Armed Ape Hou Jian!”4 Su Xing recognized this treasure and was greatly surprised. The Miraculous Bodhi Tree swiped out thousands of rays of clear qi to suppress this golden net. Glancing at that delicate and adorable little girl, for a moment, he was somewhat unable to react.

Being labeled the Azure Dragon Territory’s number one Star Master, Xie Zhenyuan unexpectedly contracted the ranked seventy-first Succeed Star. This honestly was too odd.

“Ruolan, quickly go back. I do not need you to act!” Xie Zhenyuan shouted in worry.

The Succeed Star Hou Ruolan still possessed the innocence of childhood, her eyes exceptionally firm. Both hands were butterflies flitting through flowers, waving empty-handed.

Yellow Rank Move.

Net Of Deep Passion!5

Dark Rank Move.

Heavenly Silkworm Golden Thread Needle!

Continuously attacking, they became layers of golden nets that filled the sky.

Wu Siyou creased her brow, apparently somewhat flabbergasted that the Hou Ruolan brimming with a childish nature would act, but how could the Harm Star sympathize in the slightest whilst in the middle of battle. The Noble Frost Demonic Lotus raised black qi and white frost. The golden thread and needle net then shattered, simply incapable of obstructing Wu Siyou’s pace.

“Quickly come back!” Xie Zhenyuan shouted.


Wu Siyou swept past Hou Ruolan’s side, and a streak of blood splashed out from her neck. The Noble Frost Demonic Lotus clearly had pierced through Hou Ruolan’s body. The small girl’s eyes were shocked, and the Heavenly Silkworm Treasure Silk and Backlighting Divine Needle’s golden lights dimmed, disappearing into thin air as she then entered the Star Nest.

Xie Zhenyuan’s head sunk. Attacking like a gale, Wu Siyou did not hesitate at all to attack to his front.

The Purple Rose Transforming Qi launched four purple colored Flying Swords towards Bing QIngxuan. Su Xing in the surroundings released Purple Thunder, staring at that Star General hidden in the shadows. Bing Qingxuan was nothing to be afraid of, but his Star General actually made Su Xing feel as if he was facing a great enemy.

Seeing Su Xing’s movements were pinned, Wu Song again attacked Xie Zhenyuan. How could Bing Qingxuan let this golden opportunity pass him by. Coldly grinning, he did not hesitate at all to raise a magic weapon. This treasure was a battle-axe looking weapon, an Earthly Fiend Grade Star Treasure – Star Hooking Battleaxe!6

The Star Hooking Battleaxe transformed into a heavenly rainbow, shooting straight for Su Xing’s stomach.

Su Xing dryly smiled, seizing the Miraculous Bodhi Tree and swiping several times in succession.

The rainbow the Star Hooking Battleaxe formed had extremely fierce power, nearly running through the entire Tiger Creek Mountain. Illuminating the snowy peak, it faintly resembled being covered by the sun, shining brightly onto the snowy peak. In front of this Star Hooking Battleaxe, Su Xing was just like someone standing beneath a galaxy, stars in every direction. Covering the heavens and earth, there was no way he could evade, no way he could run.

Last time, the Bing Qingxuan who had unintentionally obtained Elder Immortal Extreme Clarity’s Astral Bag did not inform anyone at all, and the Elder Immortal Extreme Clarity that had been lauded as the Azure Dragon Territory’s number one Supercluster Cultivator had capital that could be said to be robust. This also allowed Bing Qingxuan an enormous harvest. This Star Hooking Battleaxe was one among them. This type of Earthly Fiend Grade Astral Treasure could not necessarily compete in the current Star Duels, but Bing Qingxuan believed handling a Star Master was not out of the question.

Su Xing could tell this treasure was very extraordinary, seeing a brilliance bubble forth from every direction. Starlight dazzled the eyes, the power vast, but he nevertheless did not move in the slightest. He merely faced his palm forwards, his fingers like hooks, slightly curling inwards. Indistinctly, there was a purple cloud of mingling energy circulating without pause, perfectly round and flowing.

Chi-la!7 A sound like ripping apart a copper brocade. Su Xing used his hand to gesture, and a large hand of purple cloud extended, grabbed and immediately squeezed apart the all-concealing Starlight that moved towards Su Xing. The snowy peak was still a snowy peak, as if everything just now was an illusion. At a place several meters in front of Su Xing, there was an axe-like, both blades semi-circular, completely gold in color, three chi long, oddly made weapon.

Bing Qingxuan slightly changed. He used both hands to link seals, and the Star Hooking Battleaxe repeatedly trembled. The purple cloud hand grabbed onto the Star Hooking Battleaxe, both sides battling.

“Go!!” Bing Qingxuan all of a sudden threw out a dozen talismans.

A shadow rushed towards Su Xing. This shadow was not harmful at all, but it could make Su Xing’s field of view entirely covered in darkness.

An intense, ice-cold killing intent was suddenly leveled. Bing Qingxuan’s Star General suddenly leapt up like a vulture preying upon him, her dual blades slashing past Su Xing’s head without the slightest hesitation. Blood did not pour out, instead becoming a mirror-like phantom.

“I was waiting for you!!”

Behind her came a cold laugh. Su Xing used the Mirror Image Talisman to appear behind his opponent, a golden treasure book appearing in his left hand while his right hand’s five fingers flicked, shooting a Purple Thunder Dragon Claw that grabbed the Star General too late to protect herself.

Purple light flashed past. Su Xing spotted a girl wrapped in black skintight clothes, a pair of cold purple pupils, and a biting cold murderous aura.


The double-edged saber slashed and easily broke the Purple Thunder Dragon Claw.

Immediately afterwards, there was another flash. She disappeared, then reappeared, clearly appearing like a ghost on the other side of Su Xing. Her weapon was like a swimming fish, like a butterfly flitting through flowers. Meanwhile, with her wrist as the center, a mournful arc of wind appeared, shooting over with a frightening speed.

The formless strength became a tangible substance, and Su Xing’s figure slightly rocked. Once again, he rapidly leaned forward to skirt by, having flashed past that forceful swordtip, but an even more concentrated thin saber shadow had already covered over, simply silent, a very much hidden attack.

Su Xing’s figure immediately reversed into a retreat, but the sabertip in front of him followed like a shadow. Those twinkling purple flames throbbed and unexpectedly accelerated in a split second. The opponent’s attacks surprisingly were capable of even this speed. This point completely exceeded Su Xing’s expectations. Under an attack like this, Su Xing merely made a thrilling escape. The two retreated and advanced, moving like a storm. In several breaths’ time, they unexpectedly retreated halfway down the mountain’s cliff face, already unable to retreat farther.

Without any hesitation, Su Xing grit his teeth as he rapidly spun his body, suddenly shifting his body horizontally in midair.The sabertip whistled in the air, and there was an ear-splitting crack. It was unknown when Su Xing completely used that superb fighting level of his, but his battle strength roused, instantly already cutting apart all of the attacks of this assassin Star General’s weapon. But the rapidly appearing and vanishing sabertip was tricky as a viper, seemingly appearing at any arbitrary angle.

Lines of blood bloomed, and acute pain attacked his wrists.

Not good, she is trying to take the Miraculous Bodhi Tree.

Su Xing immediately sensed the what the Star General was attempting to do. This made Su Xing startled to the extreme, for he truly did not anticipate a famous Star General to be so crafty. The attacks were sinister and could even take things along the way, truly not missing any opportunity.

His hand immediately fired a purple lotus flower, and the twelve Langya simultaneously attacked with a clear sound.

His wrist had been penetrated to the the bone by a cut. Su Xing grit his teeth, yanked it out, and his figure quickly retreated. This assassin Star General did not foresee Su Xing would be so firm in extracting the blade. By the time her right hand once again brushed past Su Xing’s neck, a cool and elegant figure already did not give her any chances.

Wu Siyou arrived, “Why not show yourself!”

“Hmph!” A cold laugh accompanied the assassin’s lightning-like pouncing body, one slash attacking from above, the other from below.

Wu Siyou leaned to dodge the incoming swordtip. Her double-ended sword separately blocked the weapon. The assassin used full power to attack, and in a spurt of energy, the double-edged sabers crossed and stabbed. After Wu Siyou blocked, she flew blackwards like a cat. Her attack skill was brilliant, the speed also absolutely quick, but directly confronting the Harm Star Wu Siyou, she simply was an amateur in front of an expert.

Su Xing was secretly excited as he watched the two Star Generals battle.

Each and every one of a few Star Generals slightly more powerful in martial force were very abnormal. Having just fought a perilous bout with this assassin, under a Star General’s martial force, cultivators risking their lives to engage at close distance simply were like fish meat on the chopping board just waiting to be slaughtered. Su Xing did not dare be complacent. He attacked Bing Qingxuan, purple thunder engulfing the skies, “We are not the opponents of this adulterous couple, quickly flee!” Xu Wangchuan shouted. In spite of the two disciples, he became Escape Light, fleeing without a trace.

Bing Qingxuan looked around. Xie Zhenyuan had long disappeared, but he did not know if he was dead or if he had been killed by Wu Siyou.8

“Qingying, leave!”

Bing Qingxuan shouted, the Extreme Clarity Sword Array transforming into a green rainbow.

When that Qingying heard, the gloom of her whole body condensed, “Why does sister not show herself for a look!!!” Wu Siyou yelled, slashing.

“Elder Sister, Qingying asks that you be careful for your man. Having been looked upon by Qingying, Qingying naturally will not let him eat or sleep in peace!” The woman’s tone was ice-cold, finally speaking. She already was a dissipating shadow. They could tell from a glance she clearly entered the Star Nest.


Bing Qingxuan unsightly cursed, his Jade Pendant cracking.

Suddenly, smoke and clouds dispersed.


Wu Siyou waved her hand, and upon the snowy peak, they heard a chilly wail, leaving behind a deathly stillness.

“Su Xing, you truly are too stupid. As a Star Master, you unexpectedly dared to battle a Star General. Even if you have Yingmei’s Battle Doctrine, a few Star Generals are still dangerous. You understand!” Wu Siyou saw that Su Xing’s body gurgled with blood, and she was somewhat furious.

Su Xing laughed, having heard Wu Siyou’s concern. He nodded: “That couldn’t be helped just now.”

“What do you mean could not be helped? You must have many tricks.” Wu Siyou sneered.

“Wifey, just look.” Su Xing said, his hand then flipping open a book of treasure light.

Wu Siyou was startled, and then she understood Su Xing’s behavior just now. As it turned out, he was using the Birth Treasure Outline to grasp the opponent’s data. Against that sort of randomly appearing and disappearing assassin-like Star General, the oblivious Su Xing indeed would be somewhat anxious.

Wu Siyou’s expression eased.

The book’s pages opened, and golden words came into view.

Star Position: Investigative Star9

Star Name: Mu Hong10

Nickname: Unrestrained11

True Name: Mu Qingying

Rank: Twenty-fourth

Star Weapon: Flowing Frost Moon Shadow12 (Two Star)

Star Beast: ??? (? Rank)

Realm: Ten Thousand Techniques Third Stage

Innate Skill: Perception13

Five Elements: Earth

Yellow Rank Special Move: Frontline Murderous Desire14

Dark Rank Special Move: Death Path Kiss15

Current Status: Contractor/Bing Qingxuan

Detailed Materials: …

“So she was the Investigative Star!” Wu Siyou’s voice sunk.

Su Xing drew in a breath. Unexpectedly, she was a Heavenly Star Assassin.

“Hmph, Your Servant shall go to the Most High Path to meet her!” Recalling the words that Mu Qingying left just now, Wu Siyou sneered.

“Wifey, it’s best to leave it at that. Right now, there are other things that need to be done.” Su Xing stopped her.

“What things?” Wu Siyou turned her head.

“Come back with me, let’s go to Evil Smiting Hall together.” Su Xing smiled.

Author’s Note:

PS: Bunny, sorry for what you said T—T!

Originally, I had wanted to publish this chapter earlier, but I just couldn’t write. I did not expect that later on things would drag on for so long. It feels that ever since things doubled, unexpected things keep hitting me in the back. Little Ice is somewhat upset, not putting very much effort into the newest releases. Next is formally Evil Smiting Hall…Fine, then. Time to cheer up. For the sake of avoiding the reappearance of the metropolitan cup, I’ll set down heroic words. Tomorrow, there will be five more chapters at the very least, to make up for what I owe. If I can’t do it, do not hesitate to beat my corpse. (If you want to pour some cold water on me, please feel free to do so on the 18th…)

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