Chapter 271: The Beauty Emerging From Within The Lake ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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The Three Burrows Crafty Rabbit’s shadow flickered, its presence practically absent. If it was not for the Three Burrows Crafty Rabbit having an aura footprint similar to the Thief Star’s, Su Xing honestly could not sense it. Worthy of being called the Thief Star’s Star Beast, it was incredible as expected.

Su Xing endured the sharp pain, not stopping his pursuit.

The Chaotic Tail Escape could be said to be an abnormal Escape Technique, especially its speed that left the Giant Roc Spreads Its Wings And Flies feeling inferior. But every time he used this Chaotic Escape Technique, his body would sustain grave injuries. First of all, it had its weaknesses, otherwise this Chaotic Tail Escape truly would be the pinnacle cultivation method of Liangshan, and neither did he know what sort of character that Daoist Master Toad was. How could he have created such a cultivation method that angered men and gods alike.

Chasing for a moment, the Three Burrows Crafty Rabbit abruptly turned, its shadow indistinctly flashing. In front appeared an enormous lake. This lake’s light was clear as a mirror’s, azure and quiet, stretching as far as the eye could see. Although it could be said that only because the lake did not have a sea breeze’s salty taste, it was nevertheless irregular.

“Fuck, it can’t be.” Su Xing felt things were far from reassuring when he saw this, the Chaotic Tail Escape flying out and about to nab the Three Burrows Crafty Rabbit.

The Three Burrows Crafty Rabbit distorted, breaking free of his hand. With a “putong” sound, it unexpectedly jumped into the lake. Su Xing did not hesitate at all to dive into the lake, but the Three Burrows Crafty Rabbit had shockingly disappeared without a trace.

Su Xing searched for a long time and did not find the den the Three Burrows Crafty Rabbit was hiding in, so inwardly annoyed that he forgot about his injuries.

Climbing onto the bank, he sat atop a stone slab. Su Xing panted and shook his head. His whole body, because the Chaotic Tail Escape hurt terribly, was covered in blood, and he had to even ingest several pills. Fortunately, he did not fully use the Chaotic Tail Escape, otherwise his body would be unable to endure. It seemed this Chaotic Tail Escape could not be used often.

Sitting atop the shore, Su Xing on one hand pondered a solution to the Three Burrows Crafty Rabbit. This rabbit now was borrowing the waterways to conceal itself. If he actually had to search for it in a perhaps ocean-like lake, that would truly be finding a needle in a haystack. It seemed he had to use other methods, and he wondered if Shi Yuan did not notice.

A moment later, Su Xing then saw Shi Yuan very urgently rush over.

Su Xing stood up, was just about to speak about the matter of the Three Burrows Crafty Rabbit. How could he have anticipated that the Thief Star’s eyes would be moist. Without saying a word, she threw herself into Su Xing’s chest, just like a scene of meeting again after a life and death journey. Su Xing was frozen. How could the just still perfectly alright Shi Yuan be this emotional.

“Su Xing. What did you do.” Shi Yuan bit her lip, indignantly saying.

“What did I do?” Su Xing was at a loss. Seeing Shi Yuan’s eyes unexpectedly had tears, he was instantly furious: “Yuan’er, who bullied you.”

“It’s you.” Shi Yuan puffed up her cheeks and snorted.


Su Xing still did not understand. Shi Yuan again anxiously looked at the injuries all over Su Xing’s body. Seeing that leftover faint scar on his chest, she truly was angered to madness. “Su Xing, who let you use that Escape Technique. How can This Young Lady explain this to the Sisters.”

So it was concern.

Su Xing’s heart warmed, and he stroked her head: “It’s okay, Little Sister Suwen these days has been helping me with massages. My body’s very robust.”

“Don’t use it like this. There’s still the other Elder Sisters after this. I don’t want this.” Shi Yuan had a very serious expression. Su Xing using the Chaotic Tail Escape just now practically cut apart her heart, and she forgot all about the Star Beasts.

Su Xing knew that she was concerned for him, however, with Evil Smiting Hall so large, there was no danger. That moment just now truly was too urgent that Su Xing used the Chaotic Tail Escape. He also knew that this Escape Technique could not be so rashly used. He nodded, “I promise you.”

Shi Yuan this time beamed in happiness and wiped the corner of her eyes.

“You can’t actually be crying?” Su Xing froze.

“Why can’t I cry…” Shi Yuan stared, saying: “Just by seeing your whole body covered in blood, I just can’t bear it. So loathsome, you don’t care about This Young Lady at all!”

Su Xing’s heart bubbled with a warm feeling.

“That Star Beast escaped, what do we do?” Su Xing steered things back on track.

“Oh, the Star Beast.” Shi Yuan then remembered. She shook her, indifferently saying: “With a lake this big, it seems we won’t find it. We’d better find others. If we can’t find anything in a few hours, we might as well go back.”

Su Xing wanted to say something when Thief Star Shi Yuan giggled: “Su Xing, you go wash your body clean first. This Young Lady will go look in the surroundings. The Three Burrows Crafty Rabbit’s final den should be around here.”

Su Xing was also uncomfortable seeing his whole body covered in blood and nodded.

Seeing the lakewater in front of him so limpid, Su Xing undressed. To speak of it, it had been a long time since he had enjoyed something like this.

Just as he was savoring this, he suddenly heard rustling sounds behind a rock. Su Xing listened. How could he not know what Shi Yuan was doing, “Yuan’er…”1

“What do you call This Young Lady for?”

A shy voice came from the side. Su Xing glanced out the corner of his eye, and he nearly leaked blood. He saw Shi Yuan was already stark naked, having taken off her skintight jumpsuit. The girl’s figure was good. What should have curved out did, and what should have curved in also did. Her skin was glossy, and having only just seen Wu Siyou’s body not long before, Su Xing thought he was experiencing deja vu. Then, he had an epiphany.

“Su Xing??” Shi Yuan softly called.

Su Xing returned to his senses. The girl unexpectedly already walked right to his front, wearing not a single thread, every minute detail visible. A youthful smell attacked him in the face, a burst of blood and qi straight to his dantian, surging straight to his forehead.

“Really, you. What would you do if other people saw you?” Su Xing raised his head, glancing up from the girl’s valley.

Seeing Su Xing’s somewhat bashful appearance, Shi Yuan’s shyness greatly eased. She crouched, the charming and gentle scene finally considered to have eased by a lot. However, with a man and woman together, each not wearing anything, in a married couples’ bath together, any way it was seen, this was romantic.

“This Young Lady would never let anyone else look.” Shi Yuan began to wipe clean her body right in front of Su Xing, her cheeks blushing, her head shyly lowered. Her movements were very charming.

Only by exercising the Absolute Sincerity Soul Technique did Su Xing ease somewhat.

“Su Xing, I’ll help wash you.” Shi Yuan swam over, bashfully speaking. Nevertheless, her movements easily pounced into Su Xing’s embrace. That girl’s particular softness made Su Xing unable to hold back.

“Now is not the time to make trouble.” Su Xing said.

“Let This Young Lady help you. Ordinarily, Elder Sister Xinjie monopolizes you, and This Young Lady hasn’t any chances.” Shi Yuan was very wronged.

Su Xing was very speechless. He should long have known in front of him was a little floozy.

“Su Xing, help me…” Shi Yuan whispered into his ear. Her hands began to wander over Su Xing’s body, the man and woman trusting each other fully. For Su Xing to still be able to remain unmoved, he either was truly a sage or a eunuch. Her nephrite warmth and fragrance was upon his chest, and the two immediately were indistinct, afterwards fiercely kissing.

Their tongues wound around each other like snakes, moving back and forth, exchanging saliva.

Although he was passionate, Su Xing’s Divine Sense nevertheless did not relax one bit, expanding both left and right. He was certainly not one to allow Yuan’er’s beautiful body be seen by other people.

Shi Yuan very quickly began panting. Her body restlessly writhed, especially those legs with the valley with a saturating fragrance. Even in the water, he could feel a sort of particular moistness, stimulating Su Xing that his lower body became iron.

Both his hands grabbed Shi Yuan’s cute butt and kneaded it. Shi Yuan could endure no longer, her eyes vaguely teary. She completely forgot about Evil Smiting Hall and Star Beasts. This sort of satisfaction of being with Su Xing together for the first time became a surging high.

“Su Xing, you want me.” Shi Yuan’s tone was intimate.

Su Xing still retained his final shred of reason. This bottom line could not break in any way. Exchanging momentary passion for an injury, it was Su Xing who was incapable of accepting this, and it was he who was with an outstanding final bottom line. “Wait until after we finish with you Star Beast, okay.”  

“I really can’t bear it.” Shi Yuan bit her lip, completely seductive. Her slender legs straddled Su Xing’s waist. She wanted to make herself enter.

This damned Maiden Mountain. Why did Star Generals have to pay such a great price for losing their virginity. Cursing in his heart the person who set this rule, Su Xing helplessly held up Shi Yuan’s butt with both hands, not letting her run amok.

“Su Xing, your down there is obviously so naughty.” Shi Yuan stroked it with one hand.1

Su Xing quivered, truly wishing he could behave worse than a beast for once.

“Yuan’er, Maiden Mountain is still monitoring us. Wouldn’t you losing your virginity right now make Maiden Mountain provoked?” Su Xing kissed her.

Shi Yuan also greatly sobered up. Involving that damned Maiden Mountain, the Thief Star was extremely indignant. For the first time, she even hated the place that gave birth to them. Shi Yuan also knew that losing her virginity now would someday become Su Xing’s burden. Regardless of how it was put, losing her virginity needed to come after she became a genuine Star General, “Annoying, I even wanted to get a step ahead of Xinjie.” Shi Yuan grumbled.

“What do you take your Young Master to be…”

Su Xing touched her, making Shi Yuan cry out in surprise. Her face reddened and sweat. She pounded him in the stomach, pretending to be angry: “Su Xing, you’re so bad!”

With a soft beauty on his chest, Su Xing also could not bear it.

Feeling that the water temperature between her legs was increasingly fiery, Shi Yuan drew near his ear, enticingly saying: “Su Xing, I followed Elder Sister Xinjie and learned the Fine Lady’s Essence Gathering. I’ve never had the chance to try it. How about I help you.”

“En.” Su Xing did not say a word of objection.

Shi Yuan giggled. Suddenly, she held her breath and dove into the water. Afterwards, Su Xing felt his lower body’s heat immediately enter an ice-cold orifice.3 Truly, that was incredible. The water current rubbed by, bringing a shivering pleasure. Shi Yuan’s figure in the water was somewhat indistinct, but she vaguely began to get noisier…  

A moment later, Shi Yuan burst out of the water’s surface and took in a deep breath. The corner of her mouth still had a thread of milky white. Lapping it up, she completely showed charm. “So much…”1

“You really made me nearly die.” Su Xing sighed.

Shi Yuan giggled, swam over, and the two once again embraced each other. She rested her head on Su Xing’s shoulder, very quiet and very pleasured. This moment, there was nothing artificial, nothing ambiguous, nothing erotic. There was only a lake-like tranquility.

“Alright, we should get out. We can’t delay. Better first help you find the Star Beast. We can’t have come in vain.” Su Xing patted her.

“En.” Shi Yuan actually was very satisfied.

Just at this moment, in an instant, the tranquil lakewater suddenly bubbled. They saw something swim towards them, and the lakewater was opened by a white wave several dozen meters high.

When Su Xing saw this, he immediately hugged Shi Yuan to his chest, opening one hand in preparation to handle this thing.

The white wave collapsed and parted.

They saw a moving body flip out of the waters, as if she was a leaping dolphin. Her golden hair was like sea waves, bound with a sea blue ribbon. Her skin was white as snow, moist as jade. What made Su Xing and Shi Yuan flabbergasted was that girl’s attire. It was a set that was very much like what Su Xing was familiar when he was on Earth…a bikini. She had a blue muslin damask, a seaside color inlaid with white, which hung with dull golden jewelry. That skin that exceeded snow was under the double contrast of lakewater and sunlight. Like a fully occupied jade in the world, her beauty made people stifled.

This scene really was incomparable.

Even if she possessed a gorgeous beauty, the Su Xing that had seen every sort of erotic scene was also blank. His nose very customarily grew hot.

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  1.  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  2.  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  3. In the raws. Somehow, her mouth is cold.
  4.  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


  1. What should have curved out did, and what should have curved in also did.
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    It’s like poetry. It rhymes!

    1. If I understand correctly, she’s gathering Fine Lady’s Essence Gathering involves absorbing the male partner’s yang qi and injecting yin qi into him. Yang is associated with heat and yin with cold, so I guess it was described as cold because there was a large concentration of yin qi in her mouth.

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