Chapter 272: The “Damage Star” Zhang Yuqi

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The white wave split apart, and the girl somersaulted. She stepped upon the lakewater, her sea blue eyes completely limpid, as if they were the ocean reflected underneath the moonlight. A beauty and serenity encompassing everything, she stared at the naked man and woman in front of her. Without any apprehension at all she waved, her face wearing a slight smile: “Hi!”


Su Xing and Shi Yuan were dumb as wooden chickens.

“Have you finished your affair?” The girl smiled and squinted, her eyes spinning about, a ridiculing and teasing expression.

Fuck, where did this one pop out of.

Su Xing and Shi Yuan quickly separated. When they hopped onto the rocks, they already finished wearing their clothes.

“Who are you!!!!”

Shi Yuan was red in the face, crimson in the ears as she pointed at her.

“You’re a Star Maiden?” Su Xing felt he had asked a very stupid question. Besides Star Generals, Evil Smiting Hall would have only Star Masters, and the girl before them was standing on water. Clearly, this was a Star General’s ability.

“I’m called Yuqi!”1 The girl made a V-sign with her hand, greeting them with a smile. Afterwards, she nonchalantly said: “Yuqi watched you two for a very long time. Was that an underwater blowjob just now, that’s very difficult.”

Shi Yuan even had the mind to die. She stared at this young girl wearing revealing clothing, gnashing her teeth: “Shameless, unexpectedly peeping on me!”

Su Xing was speechless. As it turned out, when he extended his Divine Intent into the surroundings, he had forgotten to put it on the water. However, what the girl in front of him wore was “hi” indeed. Her skin surpassed snow, appearing very fragile. That fluffy golden hair flowed as two golden rivers. Her hair was a water-moistened gold color, truly a dazzling beauty. “You watched for so long, what were you thinking of doing?” Seeing the girl did not have any hostility, Su Xing organized his thoughts and asked.

“Yuqi did not misjudge you two. To be able to make a sister do a blowjob in the water for that long, even if Little Sister had devoted herself, she could decline. En, en, en, this still actually the first time Yuqi has seen a man like you.” Yuqi showed a pure white smile, a tender and magnanimous smile. As it happened, the words she said made Su Xing and Shi Yuan somewhat ashamed to show their faces.

Su Xing’s cheeks were very thick and he was somewhat ashamed.

“Can Yuqi request that you help for something?” Yuqi felt that what she wore was apparently a bit revealing. She extended a hand and beckoned. The lakewater bubbled forth and rolled around her body, transforming into a light blue long skirt. That beautiful skin was covered, as if the world dimmed a bit, making Su Xing feel that it was a pity.

“Who wants to help you.” Shi Yuan twitched her lips, disdainful.

Yuqi was all smiles as she looked at Su Xing, knowing he was a person who made up his mind. “Yuqi can also help you two.”

“Su Xing, don’t mind her. Let’s go.” Shi Yuan grabbed Su Xing and wanted to leave.

Su Xing shook his head. He brimmed with curiosity towards that easygoing manner, that self-confident smile of the girl in front of him. He asked: “What matter?”

“What other matter could Evil Smiting Hall have.” Yuqi helplessly said: “Of course, it’s a Star Beast.”

“Yuqi originally was in this lake catching the Urgent Sea White Spirit Python.2 But. It escaped onto the cliffs. I cannot catch it. Su Xing, are you willing or not to help a virtuous woman?” Yuqi covered her mouth, her blue eyes blinking.

“Su Xing?!” Shi Yuan shouted in displeasure.

“What price are you willing to pay?” Su Xing chuckled.

“Could it be you want me to help give you a blowjob?” Yuqi bit her middle finger.

Su Xing’s cheeks reddened. She spoke too shamelessly. “We also want to catch a Star Beast, and it might have escaped into these water.” Su Xing calmed himself down.

“The waters are but Yuqi’s domain. I help you find it, and you help me?”

“No problem!” Su Xing nodded.

Shi Yuan wanted to stop them, but she choked back what she was on the verge of saying. She could not possibly let go of a good chance for the Three Burrows Crafty Rabbit for the sake of preference. Even if she was willing, Su Xing would not be willing.

“And what is that?”

“A rabbit hole.” Shi Yuan slowly replied.

Yuqi’s white finger gently drew a circle in the air. A clear river visible to the naked eye rolled in the surroundings, the waters bringing a distinct blue light. The girl’s eyes also became vast and deep like the ocean. Su Xing had never seen such gentle and beautiful eyes and was stunned for a moment.

“Part!” Yuqi softly laughed. The waters of such a large lake suddenly changed, dancing under the girl’s fingertip as if it had a spiritual nature. A blue wave swam about underwater, like a spirit under the water. There was a glittering and gorgeous Starlight, and the entire lake instantly became a supercluster that instant.

Even Shi Yuan was somewhat amazed.

Su Xing could not discern the Star Position of the girl in front of him. He brought out the Birth Treasure Outline, the golden pages in his hand. Su Xing smiled: “Do you mind if I take a look at your secrets?”

“Peeking into a lady’s secrets is but very improper conduct.” Yuqi objected.

“Just treat it as payback for peeping on us just now.” Su Xing waved his hand, then opening the Birth Treasure Outline.

Yuqi rolled her eyes.

Star Position: Damage Star3

Star Name: Zhang Shun4

Nickname: White Stripe in the Waves5

True Name: Zhang Yuqi

Rank: Thirtieth

Star Weapon: White Water Mirror Heart6 (Three Star)

Star Beast: Urgent Sea White Spirit Python (Seventh Rank)

Realm: Ten Thousand Techniques Fourth Stage

Innate Skill: Wave Treading Water Escape7

Five Elements: Water

Yellow Rank Special Move: Wild Bee Butterfly Wave8

Dark Rank Special Move: All Rivers Reach Seas9

Current Status: No Contractor (Can be conquered)

Detailed Materials: …

As expected, she was a Water type Star General. White Water Mirror Heart, Su Xing had actually never heard of this Star Weapon. Taking a look, he noticed Zhang Yuqi’s ring finger wore a water-colored ring. As if it was a twisting water dragon, it was inlaid with a dragon pearl, emitted a blue light and had three Stars. This ought to be that White Water Mirror Heart.

“Shall you introduce this sister?” Zhang Yuqi smiled.

“This is Shi Yuan!” Su Xing said.

Shi Yuan pouted, grunting at this voyeur Elder Sister.

“So you are Little Sister Thief Star.”

A while afterwards, the water-colored rays inside the lake gradually dimmed. The White Stripe in the Waves used a water form tracking Star Magic. Indeed, she found several caves. Su Xing inwardly exclaimed that the White Stripe in the Waves in front of him truly was too convenient, worthy of she who was a Water General. “Come with me.” Zhang Yuqi jumped into the lake, her natural and forced figure more nimble than fish or dragon. Her slender jade legs dolphin kicked, looking exactly like a mermaid freely traveling in the water.

Those jade feet truly were perfect.

Su Xing followed along behind, sighing.

His wrist hurt, for Shi Yuan pinched him, “Su Xing, you look like you want to eat her up.” Shi Yuan’s jealous voice entered his mind.

Su Xing awkwardly laughed. However, the White Stripe in the Waves in front gave Su Xing a feeling that honestly was very breathtaking, like the legendary mermaid.

The lake’s depths were very clear. The reefs, aquatic plants and normal fishes and prawn frolicked about, constructing a tranquil scene.

Zhang Yuqi’s figure flashed, a graceful stopping motion. She stood in the water’s depths, her hand pointed at a cave covered by the aquatic grasses.

According to what Shi Yuan said, the Three Burrows Crafty Rabbit could establish three holes wherever it wished, regardless of whatever environment it was in. Water depth or flames were not a problem. Fortunately, that Three Burrows Crafty Rabbit had not yet opened the “Third Eye.” Otherwise, the three caves could arbitrarily move. It would simply be impossible to catch without at least a month, however, constructing one of its caves inside the water truly was very creative. Fortunately, they had the White Stripe in the Waves, otherwise, they would have only found it after who knew however long.

“Do you want me to help you?”

“This Young Lady can do it herself!” Shi Yuan blurted. Her Hoodwinking Flying Claws drilled into the cave, and the burrow leaked water bubbles. The Star Crest on Shi Yuan’s forehead flashed, the two claws incessantly waving, wanting to pull the Three Burrows Crafty Rabbit out. She did not have to keep any apprehensions as this was the final cave, anyways. It seemed that the Three Burrows Crafty Rabbit inside the cave was putting up a struggle, but Su Xing and Zhang Yuqi retreated to the side.

This duel seemed endless.

The time they held their breaths grew longer. Su Xing gradually felt his lungs were somewhat uncomfortable, but he felt embarrassed to disturb Shi Yuan.

Zhang Yuqi’s face wore a slight smile as she swam to Su Xing’s side, like a nimble water snake. Her finger waved, and the White Water Mirror Heart shot a bolt of blue light into Su Xing’s throat. Suddenly, his lungs’ discomfort disappeared.

Su Xing nodded at her, expressing his thanks.

Zhang Yuqi easily danced in the water, teasing: “Little Sister Shi Yuan’s Star Weapon is only Two Star. As her man, you cannot be only just giving strength to your lower body and not care for your upper body.”

Su Xing: “…”

The girl’s laugh penetrated through the lakewater, easily pouring into his ear.

“Why don’t you sign a contract?” Su Xing coughed, discovering it was actually very easy to speak underwater.

“Star Cultivators are cats upon the riverbank, and I am the fish in the water – a shark. Can a shark sign a contract with a cat?” Zhang Shun countered with a question.

“You might find a big cat.” Su Xing was not to be outdone.

“A big cat that cannot enter the water and can only stay in the sewers?!”

Zhang Yuqi innocently winked.

Just as Su Xing wanted to speak, Shi Yuan already swam between them, displeased as she interrupted them. She pulled Su Xing, and Su Xing understood. He raised a Flying Sword, and glancing at Zhang Yuqi, he rushed up.

Although Zhang Yuqi could not use a Flying Sword, the speed of her swimming movements underwater was not the least bit slow.

When she breached the water’s surface, she was like those mermaids.

“Yuan’er, how was it?” Su Xing asked.

“Successful.” The Three Burrows Crafty Rabbit appeared on Shi Yuan’s shoulder, less panic-stricken compared to before and more docile. The one hundredth and seventh ranked Star Beast actually was very simple.

“Can you help me now?” Zhang Yuqi smiled.

“Su Xing doesn’t have time, Elder Sister. Feel relieved you can be a shark in the water by yourself.” Shi Yuan giggled.

Zhang Yuqi did not become angry, only gazing at Su Xing like this.

This was actually the first time Su Xing had caught sight of such a completely defenseless Star Maiden, but although the Damage Star in front of him smiled innocently, beneath the surface, she was absolutely two-faced. Su Xing said: “On what basis did you believe I would help you catch that White Spirit Python? Don’t forget these are the Star Duels now. You and I are enemies. In the past Star Duels, Star Masters often liked to kill Star Generals inside Evil Smiting Hall. You should know this point.”

“If you truly wanted to kill me, would you still have taken the risk to dive together with me?”

Su Xing laughed in spite of himself, for what she said was spot on. A person that actually exhibited killing intent definitely would comprehensively plan and would be completely unlike Su Xing, who placed himself into the waters that Zhang Yuqi excelled in. That undoubtedly was inviting death upon himself. With this thinking, the thoughts of the Damage Star before them could be said to be careful deductions. Dazzled, Su Xing broke into a cold sweat when he thought of this. If Zhang Yuqi wanted to kill him, even if he did not die, perhaps he would have to leave the Evil Smiting Hall.

Shi Yuan also thought of this, drawing in a breath.

The innocent and harmless smile of White Stripe in the Waves in front of them was honestly too deceptive. Su Xing had forgotten this was Evil Smiting Hall, the first step to beginning the death battle of Star Generals.

Author’s Note:

PS: Today is Mou Qiong’s10 birthday. Another chapter tonight…

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  1. 玉琦
  2.  亟海白靈蟒, I have no idea if this name is accurate.
  3.  天損星
  4.  張順
  5.  浪里白條
  6.  白水鑑心
  7.  踏浪遁水
  8.  狂蜂浪蝶
  9.  海納百川
  10.  某穹, Google-san shows this in reference to the Yosuga no Sora visual novel, though I doubt the author is referencing this.


  1. Thanks for the chapter Schwarze_Kreuz! Maybe he should help her once one of his more combat oriented star generals come in. Like Lin Chong.

  2. “A big cat that cannot enter the water and can only stay in the sewers?!”

    Big cats love water, actually; most of them, at least. Jaguars and Tigers are particularly fond of it and Jaguars actually excel at hunting in water, even hunting gators and such.

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