Chapter 274: All Rivers Reach Seas

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A high scream resounded in the sky. The Urgent Sea White Spirit Python’s giant body suddenly leapt. The waves on its body fiercely charged into the sky, and it spiraled in the air, already diving down, forming a frightening shock wave.

The attack had not yet arrived when the strong wind pressure already blew the group’s hairs into a flutter. The sand and stones on the ground were blown into rolling in all directions. The swift and severe whistle shook the eardrums of the surrounding people.

The Flying Sword Langya’s cloud mark meridians interweaved. Green light converged, and a green python seemed to appear around Su Xing’s body. The Urgent Sea White Spirit Python indignantly roared. Its body continued to depend on water to grow, endlessly firing jets of water.

The next moment, Su Xing already shot towards the Urgent Sea White Spirit Python together with the fluttering Langya. That black figure flit past the Urgent Sea White Spirit Python’s body through a gap, shuttling past its storm-like attack, just like a quick sea swallow. Light rays as bright as snow drew open a giant circle in the air, suddenly cutting open the mist.

The Urgent Sea White Spirit Python’s entire body writhed. That mist on its body then blossomed, and two water dragons grew out of its water body. The huge water dragons seemed to rip apart the valley, bringing a great rain down that filled the skies.

As far as the eye could see, the entire valley shuddered under the Urgent Sea White Spirit Python’s attack. Crying, the unstoppable squall mixed with the attack of the frantic waves, like a mountain’s imposing image. The Urgent Sea White Spirit Python occupied the air above just like this, bellowing down at them from above.

A thunder roll-like rumble.

The water dragon once again bubbled forth with countless water spouts. More than a thousand water meteors broke out from the surface of its extended wings, scuttling across the sky like fireworks. Afterwards, they uniformly turned about, shooting towards the ground like a volley of arrows. Confronting a storm of water meteors filling the skies that were frantically pouncing down from above, at this moment, they could sense the enormous pressure.

Fuck, this is the White Stripe in the Waves Zhang Shun’s Star Beast?

It was very ferocious. Su Xing knew that Evil Smiting Hall’s Star Beasts were far from a genuine peak, after all, they were one in body with Star Generals. Their strength somewhat dwindled, but even like this they were seriously formidable. No wonder Liangshan Continent were somewhat scared at the mere mention when discussing complete Star Generals. Possessing such powerful Star Beasts for protection and assistance, even Supervoid Stage Cultivators would need to carefully deliberate.

Su Xing raised both hands. Magic clouds and purple clouds gradually rose. Urging the Star Energy in his whole body, the Purple Cloud True Star slammed head on into the water meteors.

“Careful, it is the White Spirit Python’s ‘Urgent Light Magic!’” Zhang Yuqi yelled.

Her words had just dropped when in the next instant, the Urgent Sea White Spirit Python’s sharp horn suddenly fired a slim but matchlessly dazzling white line, wandering everywhere. The blindly attacking waves were completely different. This white line of light in midair drew a dazzling trajectory, splitting the space in half, shooting perfectly straight towards Su Xing.

Langya simultaneously formed a shield. Clear light and white light knocked against one another. Unable to pierce through the Ten Thousand Year Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo, the countless watery droplets burst open under the collision of two types of power, violently raising a cold wind.

The Urgent Sea White Spirit Python saw this, and its Urgent Light Beam once again fired. Several dozen white lights endlessly enveloped Su Xing. The Shi Yuan and Zhang Yuqi to the side were targets as well.

The Thief Star that completely lacked martial force was astonished. Just as Shi Yuan was about to summon the Nirvana Ice Chief’s puppet to go block, at this time, Su Xing escaped to her front. The Flying Swords linked into a phantom, breaking the entirety of the incoming white lights.

“Su Xing, you won’t go worry about her?” Shi Yuan looked at the Zhang Yuqi strenuously supporting herself, not knowing that the White Stripe in the Waves charging some ability could only use a water screen to barely block. Originally, she could depend on Su Xing’s Flying Swords to avert danger. Su Xing currently protecting Shi Yuan thus made her unable to persist.

“You are my Wifey, and she is not.” Su Xing matter of factly said.

Shi Yuan was very happy to hear this, yet she still stuck out her tongue, “Still, we’d better help that Elder Sister, so as to avoid her saying bad things about Su Xing behind your back.” The girl smiled. Her figure hid, for she used Wind Chasing Shadow Hiding to thoroughly erase her presence.


The Urgent Sea White Spirit Python was just like a white blade directly pouncing towards Zhang Yuqi.

Facing the fiercely rushing White Spirit Python, the White Stripe in the Waves had the intent to retreat when just at this moment, twelve blue-green Flying Swords fell before her eyes, allowing Zhang Yuqi to heave a sigh of relief from her heart and concentrate on chanting the final incantation.

Su Xing beckoned with his hand, and the twelve Langya were like an enormous curtain wall.

The Urgent Sea White Spirit Python slammed with a rumbling boom. The Life-cast Flying Swords and the cultivator were one in body. This tackle also shook Su Xing’s organ into seemingly flipping upside down. Qi and blood endlessly rolled in his throat.

“How much longer?” Su Xing struck several hand seals. Langya incessantly slashed, tenaciously not allowing the Urgent Sea White Spirit Python to advance one bit.

“Stand aside!!”

Zhang Yuqi shouted.

When Su Xing heard, he immediately dodged. At the same time, Langya scattered like birds. The Urgent Sea White Spirit Python went to swallow Zhang Yuqi.

The White Stripe in the Waves pointed at the Urgent Sea White Spirit Python. A blue vortex appeared on the White Water Mirror Heart. This whirlpool continuously enlarged, gradually revealing itself from the dragon pearl on the ring, becoming several zhang in size.

A powerful pulling force immediately fixed the Urgent Sea White Python in midair. A hurricane wreaked havoc, enveloping the entire valley. When it covered the Urgent Sea White Spirit Python, that water screen on its body was rolled into the vortex. The Urgent Sea White Spirit Python spared no effort in its struggle, yet it was no use.

This was the White Stripe in the Wave’s Dark Rank Star Magic –

All Rivers Reach Seas!

Su Xing hastily controlled the Flying Swords to protect himself, finding that Yuan’er at this time could not bear Zhang Shun’s Star Magic either, her stealth having been broken. Su Xing escaped to her side and embraced her, “Do you want to enter the Star Nest?!”

Shi Yuan shook her head, her gaze fixed on Zhang Yuqi.

“So incredible. Worthy of a Heavenly Star!” Su Xing said.


The water screen was stripped from the Urgent Sea White Spirit Python’s body. As if its power had been pulled clean off by All Rivers Reach Seas, gradually exposing its true body – astonishingly, it was a pure white, scaleless serpentine python beast with a flowing body and a single horn. A pair of blue eyes twinkled with light, and its several dozen zhang long body pervaded with a mysterious watery light. It seemed that this made the enormous white python look as if it was swimming in the saw.

In several breaths’ time, Zhang Yuqi’s All Rivers Reach Seas stripped away all of the Urgent Sea White Spirit Python’s water screen. The girl pointed, and the White Water Mirror Heart released a gorgeous water-light that suddenly enveloped the Urgent Sea White Spirit Python’s body. Zhang Yuqi’s forehead clearly showed a water blue Star Crest, currently incessantly entering the Urgent Sea White Spirit Python’s snake head. Afterwards, she raised the Evil Smiting Writ. The Evil Smiting Writ that used every sort of material to refine became shattered pieces that entered its body.

A moment later, the Urgent Sea White Spirit Python finally stopped struggling. Its whole body flashed with a blue radiance, and it retracted its malevolence.

When Zhang Yuqi saw, she slightly smiled. She leapt, jumping onto the Urgent Sea White Spirit Python’s body.

Clearly, it was already captured.

The Urgent Sea White Spirit Python swan in front of Su Xing, flicking its snake tongue, exceptionally docile. “Do you want to come up?”

The two of them unceremoniously climbed onto the python’s back.

The Urgent Sea White Spirit Python was wingless, yet it used the blue light of its whole body to baselessly soar.

“It’s rather big.” Su Xing sized up this Urgent Sea White Spirit Python. A cursory look would show this practically was a giant dragon. Just this length was sufficient to make people fearful.

“Men, they like to be big, only then are they satisfied.” Zhang Yuqi mockingly said.

Su Xing: “…”

“Elder Sister, can’t you the words you say more pleasant?” Shi Yuan blurted. “You’ve wasted Su Xing’s goodwill trying to help you.”

“Thanks, oh. Su Xing, you truly are an outstanding Star Master. No wonder Little Sister Yuan’er would do that sort of thing for you.” Zhang Yuqi nodded, calmly speaking.

“What do you want to go do next?” Su Xing asked.

“Of course it is to prepare for the Fourth Phase.” Zhang Yuqi matter of factly said.

“My meaning is, now that you have obtained your Star Beast, could it be you are still preparing alone?”

Zhang Yuqi teased: “Could it be you have designs on Yuqi. A man like you truly cannot help but be patronizing.” She turned her head, softly chuckling: “Just forgetting about the Little Sister Shi Yuan behind you?”

Su Xing was left at a loss for words by her. He wanted to say that he did not have restrictions on signing contracts, but just as he was on the verge of saying so, it truly seemed he would just be resentful if he did and merely swallowed it back down.

“If you are willing, Yuan’er would not mind.” Su Xing seemed truthful and facetious.

“Don’t be too greedy being a man, that will invite everyone’s fury.” Zhang Yuqi winked, slightly smiling.

Shi Yuan was annoyed: “Su Xing has several of the Elder Sisters that he wouldn’t be greedy for you.”

“Could it be you truly have several of the sisters. If that is true, Yuqi actually wishes to see.”

Su Xing remained silent.

The Urgent Sea White Spirit Python spun several times. Due to using the Evil Smiting Writ to capture Star Beasts, Star General could not linger here for too long. The two again chatted for a time. Su Xing learned that Zhang Yuqi continuously stayed in the Black Turtle Territory. The Black Turtle Territory was a vast land with abundant resources with numerous islands. In addition it possessed countless treasures that had yet to be excavated, unlike the Azure Dragon Territory dominated by sects standing out in great numbers. Thus, many Star Generals would congregate in the Black Turtle Territory.

Someday, Su Xing would also need to go to this Black Turtle Territory.

Because the Fourth Phase began in the Black Turtle Territory.

Bidding farewell to this mermaid-like two-faced Star General, Su Xing was not in a hurry to leave. Seldom could he be alone with Shi Yuan. Shi Yuan also was somewhat wished to continue, and the two once again went sightseeing in the green mountains and waters. Only when the Thief Star was fully satisfied did they leave Evil Smiting Hall.

“The activity of there just now was quite large. It seems an Elder Sister has obtained a Star Beast.”

Upon a green mountain, there were three girls currently stopped as they looked into the distance, at the boundless mist faraway in the distance, at the mountain ranges folded over one another, a beautiful sight.

The girl in the center looked down to flip through a treasure book in her hand, her hair flowing, in a state of contemplation. Beside her was a girl with a tall stature, her skin the color of wheat, her pupils demonic though she was dressed in a refined manner.1 Her whole body had an aura that did not allow anyone to get close.

She was the Black Whirlwind Li Longkui!

As Living Goddess of Lightning Jingzhi spoke, a white light flashed in the air and then rapidly disappeared. Clearly, a sister obtained her Star Beast.

“Elder Sister Qingci, do you truly feel those Elder Sisters and Little Sisters would be willing to come accompany you to sign a Star Duel Covenant? This is very insane. In the Star Duels’ Ninth Generation, Elder Sister Qingci unexpectedly wishes to attract several dozen Sisters to attack Maiden Mountain?” Wang Jingzhi giggled.

Though Qingci did not raise her head, that tender corner of her mouth hooked with a curve, as if she was gently smiling.

“However, now is the Third Phase. I can understand that Elder Sister Qingci wishes to seek Sisters in Evil Smiting Hall to accompany her, but they mostly would have all signed contracts.” Wang Jingzhi regretfully pursed her lips.

“Your Servant certainly does not feel they would be this way.” Qingci closed the book, sinking into contemplation.

“Oh, then who is Qingci preparing to find? Is it Elder Sister Hua Rong, or is it Big Sis Lu Junyi? Perhaps that legendary Wu Song is also very good. But she would not come to Evil Smiting Hall.” Wang Jingzhi said.

“Of course it is her…A Little Sister that plays a pivotal role in the Star Duels that has nevertheless been overlooked.”

“But Elder Sister very much feels other Sisters will follow. Jingzhi is not too convinced. This practically is unprecedented, a shocking matter.”

“All rivers reach seas, let alone that what Your Servant wants to do is even larger than the sea!”

Qingci gently smiled. Though her voice was quiet, her ambitions were nevertheless big.

Author’s Note:

There was a blizzard in my room. At this time, I’m really about freeze~ Tomorrow, there will be 5 chapters, including this chapter.

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