Chapter 273: Urgent Sea White Spirit Python

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“It can’t be only because of this that you would believe in me this much?” Su Xing asked.

“Of course not.” Zhang Yuqi snapped a crisp finger snap, smiling with narrowed eyes: “Did you think me watching for that long was only because I wanted to enjoy an erotic scene moving back and forth? Please, that is as boring as fish copulating.”

Su Xing: “…”

Shi Yuan: “…”

This girl appeared so joyous and cute, yet her speech was “damage” not just in name but in reality.

“I saw that Little Sister Shi Yuan unexpectedly helped do that sort of thing. This demonstrated you were at the very least worthy of believing in, worthy for a sister to go trust…Speaking from a certain perspective, you would not be Yuqi’s enemy…because a man that can make a sister go trust him for all her life must be very gentle. Yuqi surmises, Su Xing, that you even do not wish to initiate a Star Duel. If someday you are fortunate enough to obtain Maiden Mountain’s wish, it cannot be said for certain that you would allow us sisters to end the Star Duels.” Zhang Yuqi calmly analyzed. Not a single word she said was off, making Su Xing and Shi Yuan listen tongue-tied, inwardly praising her.

Shi Yuan was even somewhat suspicious of whether or not the White Stripe in the Waves before them from the very beginning had been spying on Su Xing.

In actuality, there was another reason that the Damage Star White Stripe in the Waves Zhang Yuqi could be this confident, and that was her Star Weapon, “White Water Mirror Heart.” Acting as the rarely seen ring Star Weapon in the one hundred and eight, the White Water Mirror Heart also possessed the ability to see through a person’s feelings. It was able to more or less appraise the good and evil of a person’s heart, so Zhang Yuqi then dared to have discourse with Su Xing the Star Master in Evil Smiting Hall. And it was precisely because of this White Water Mirror Heart, having reached the Third Phase, that Damage Star Zhang Shun still did not find a single man she took to her fancy.

“You can test gold by using fire, test a woman by using gold, test a man by using a woman. How is this? Has Yuqi felt you out correctly?” Zhang Yuqi smiled. “If, Su Xing, you truly want to betray Yuqi, then Yuqi can only admit it.”

Su Xing heard that the final phrase Zhang Yuqi still had some worry.

Su Xing inwardly laughed and nodded. “I shall do my utmost.”

“Su Xing??” Shi Yuan twitched her lips. “The other Elder Sisters are still waiting.”

“We won’t use much time.” Su Xing smiled. The White Stripe in the Waves analyzed very correctly. To say the least, something like betrayal, Su Xing truly did not wish to do that. It was only helping her capture the Urgent Sea White Spirit Python, nothing more. It was not at all something serious. Actually, Su Xing did not lack another way of thinking – not killing them underwater and on the contrary helping them clearly demonstrated the girl’s heart was not bad. It could not be said for certain that someday she could help in the Star Duels.

“The road is a bit far. If I were to go by water, it would be somewhat slow, and I fear it will require some time. Do you mind?” Zhang Yuqi said.

“Are you not thinking of having me take you there?” Su Xing could not help smiling. “Get on the Flying Sword.”

Zhang Yuqi gently smiled, not hesitating in the slightest to hop onto the Flying Sword, coming on more naturally than Shi Yuan. A sea wave’s fragrance soaked into his lungs. The girl’s hair was velvety, slightly more gentle than water. Her butt stuck against Su Xing without caring in the slightest.

Shi Yuan behind wrapped her arms around Su Xing.

Su Xing took in a deep breath, and the Flying Sword skyrocketed.

“How did you find me?” Su Xing asked curiously as he flew. Overlooking Evil Smiting Hall, so large and boundless, Evil Smiting Hall was the place Star Generals caught Star Beasts, but it appeared simply completely uninhabited, a suffocating quiet.

“Did you think that I am called White Stripe in the Waves for nothing? Let alone your movements that were so fierce.” Zhang Yuqi slightly raised her neck, the corner of her mouth holding back a smile. She deliberately stepped backwards, making her body stick to Su Xing’s chest. He clearly felt the girl’s lustrous skin.

“Acting as a good man, you meet the standard. But as a good Star Master, you completely fail.” Zhang Yuqi continued to speak.

“I’m all ears.”

“Although Little Sister Shi Yuan is neither a Martial General nor a Magic General, the Thief Star has very formidable concealment arts. Yet Little Sister’s Star Weapon is merely Two Star. At the Third Stage, not reaching Four Star is disappointing, and your Galaxy Middle Stage is somewhat lacking. Do not blame Yuqi for speaking so unpleasantly. Current Star Masters are subpar, and Galaxy Middle Stage Star Masters are the most low class…”

How did Su Xing feel this was so awkward.

“Elder Sister, you’re the one that’s low class, you voyeur…” Shi Yuan saw that Zhang Yuqi was underestimating Su Xing, unhappily saying: “That I do not upgrade my Star Weapon is because Su Xing wants to help Elder Sister Yingmei, Elder Sister Little Yi, Elder Sister Little Huang…Elder Sister Yingmei is a Heavenly Star, and her Star Weapon is already Three Star!”


Shi Yuan realized her slip of the tongue and fell silent.

Zhang Yuqi blinked, yet she only felt Shi Yuan was kidding. A Star Master having two of the Sisters was the limit. She would not believe one would have three. Seeing Shi Yuan so very in love with Su Xing, she only took it to be her being unaccepting and angry.

“If there truly is a Heavenly Star at Three Star, that can be considered middle class.”

“You sound like you know a lot?” Su Xing smiled. “Then I’m actually very curious who can be upper class.”

“There is only one who is upper class. If you see a fifteen to sixteen year old youth Star Master in the future, the farther you are from him, the better. This is Yuqi’s advice.”

“A fifteen to sixteen year old youth?” Su Xing seemed to have seen one somewhere.

“En. Yuqi hears his Star General is already Four Star!”

“Four Star. An Earthly Star then.” Shi Yuan was unconvinced.

“She is a Heavenly Star, and she is also a super powerful Star General. In martial force, she ranks in the top three!”

“Impossible. Four Star? This is too quick. Elder Sister must be joking.” According to Shi Yuan’s understanding, the Elder Sister before her must be two-faced. Destined Star Weapons used Three Star as a threshold. Four Star materials often were extremely rare and expensive. Four Star in the current phase as well as being a Heavenly Star basically was unrivaled. Shi Yuan knew that even if it was that Eighth Generation Star Duel obsessed with Star Weapon upgrades, the previous frightening Nine Star Destined Weapon Harm Star reportedly had only reached Four Star at the Third Phase. However, that she could reach Four Star was more or less somewhat lucky.

Could it be this generation would again turn out another Nine Star Wu Song??

Su Xing was pensive.

Zhang Yuqi’s face wore a slight smile as she shrugged. Her gaze was looking ahead, at green mountains and clear waters, the flickering lights and passing shadows, at the white clouds and horizon. Evil Smiting Hall seemed to have become incomparably tiny, and she was in amazement.

“Stop over there.” Zhang Yuqi pointed at a valley.

This valley had a small lake. That lake was somewhat odd, slowly squirming and rolling with an eddy.

“That is a Star Beast?” Shi Yuan’s good eyes saw that.

“It is my Star Beast.” Zhang Yuqi corrected.

“That is the Urgent Sea White Spirit Python?” Su Xing was stunned. It was completely formed from water. Coiled up, it basically was a lake if one did not carefully look.

“As long as its outer water screen is broken, that will do.” Zhang Yuqi said.

“Wu, it looks really big.” Shi Yuan was somewhat anxious when she saw that lakewater that could suck people down.

Zhang Yuqi aiya’d: “Are men not fond of being ‘big’? Only then would a woman be satisfied.”

“What are you saying.” Shi Yuan clicked her tongue.

“Don’t say senseless words. We only need to break its outer water cover?” Su Xing asked.

Zhang Yuqi nodded. For a Star General to capture a Star Beast, generally there were particular conditions. Shi Yuan’s was destroy the three Crafty Rabbit’s dens, and this Urgent Sea White Spirit Python was not very difficult either. After breaking the outer water cover, Zhang Yuqi naturally had a way to capture it. “In the water, I already was close to capturing it. But this brute unexpectedly escaped onto the shore, and I was at wit’s end.” The White Stripe in the Waves was a Water General. In the water, she could stir up havoc, but if she broke away from the water, Zhang Yu probably would be no better than Shi Yuan.

“It is already somewhat weak. Your man ought to very easily undo it, or perhaps driving it back into the water can work.”

Su Xing beckoned with his hand, and the twelve Langya stuck beside him, their green lights hovering.

Zhang Yuqi saw that the Flying Swords were out of the ordinary, and she showed an astonished expression.

“Zhang Yuqi, if you were a bit gentler, I think your Star Beast wouldn’t have run ashore.” Su Xing smiled. Shi Yuan could not help but guffaw.

The Flying Swords rushed down, and the two girls also ran after the Flying Swords.

The Urgent Sea White Spirit Python noticed the group. The valley’s river suddenly wriggled continuously, becoming a body. A fantastical python head appeared. It opened its mouth, and more than a thousand water snakes sprayed out from its mouth, just like blooming algae. It turned into hurricane-like arrows that simultaneously rushed Su Xing and the girls.

It was the first time he faced this sort of torrential oppression, and Su Xing felt a heavy pressure push down on his whole body.

The White Stripe in the Waves somersaulted in midair. She waved her hand, and the White Water Mirror Heart released a brilliant light.

The thousand water snakes rushing over promptly exploded and turned into a downpour.

The Urgent Sea White Spirit Python knew that this was useless against her. It hissed, opened its mouth, and its whole body flowed like a river, like boiling water. It was very hard to imagine what sort of tyrannical power it would release. It seemed to suck the rainwater into its chest, and the strong winds and waves immediately made the movements of Zhang Yuqi and the others end.

The entire valley already became a hell of violent winds and rain. The group’s movements began to grow more difficult. Waves suddenly pounced, and Zhang Yuqi was unable to instantly dispatch them. She could only use the White Water Mirror Heart to block. The Urgent Sea White Spirit Python released a roar, transmitting an ear-splitting sound. Instantly, several dozen meteors with trailing mists broke the surface, dropping from its body.

Consecutively pounding towards Zhang Yuqi.

Twelve Flying Swords formed an enormous shield to protect her front, blocking the water meteors.

“I am preparing to use All Rivers Reach Seas. Can you obstruct it for a bit?” Zhang Yuqi said.


Su Xing nodded. It was a pity that he could only use Astral Tools and Astral Treasures as well as Life-cast Sword Chants inside Evil Smiting Hall. His oridinarily seemingly very powerful Prehistoric Spirit Treasures had lost their scope for abilities. Otherwise, handling the Urgent Sea White Spirit Python actually would be very easy.

The Urgent Sea White Spirit Python roared. The waves shook the sky, and it rushed towards them.

Without saying a word, Su Xing and Shi Yuan glanced at each other.

The two suddenly leapt into the air, flying towards the Urgent Sea White Spirit Python, Star Weapon and Flying Sword glimmering with light. In Evil Smiting Hall, all Spirit Treasures had already lost their usefulness, and he could only count on his own strength. Shi Yuan released the Hoodwinking Flying Claws, the chains locking the Urgent Sea White Spirit Python.

Su Xing also concentrated the Heaven Sealing Stillness Hand, and a large hand of purple cloud appeared to grab the Star Beast.

Then Su Xing did not hesitate at all to use Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder to create more than a dozen purple lotus flowers. Immediately afterwards, they struck to the Urgent Sea White Spirit Python, and the Flying Swords slashed.

The White Stripe in the Waves Zhang Shun began to point at the Urgent Sea White Spirit Python. The White Water Mirror Heart’s three stars dazzled, and that pearl in the middle flashed with light, from dim to powerful. Zhang Yuqi currently was charging to full power her Dark Rank Magic; the girl was somewhat amazed, for Su Xing and Shi Yuan’s tacit understanding corresponded. The two of them were like intertwined phantoms, instantly attacking countless times in the surroundings.

That man’s martial force particularly did not seem bad, and his thoughts were very fine. The Urgent Sea White Spirit Python sensed danger, endlessly releasing water meteors to attack Zhang Yuqi, but each one was blocked by the twelve Langya.

“En. So he is not just a lower half man.” Zhang Yuqi smiled with some interest.

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  1. The girl’s ability to judge is keen… but she’s hampered by her ego as a Heavenly Star and “resident” of Liangshan. Assumptions can kill you. This is especially true when you have an edge in reading ppl. Conceit like that is the worst(a warning to myself included).

    In that sense, she falls short of Xinjie, Xiao’er, Little Huang, Shi Yuan, and Little Yi in judging men.

    Those ladies had far more concerning eyes imo.
    Still. She’s not a bad lady.

    1. I’m just waiting on the “It (well she) followed me home, can we keep it (her)?”-chapter

  2. Thanks for the chapter Schwarze_Kreuz! Su Xing can’t help, but fall behind on upgrades and his own cultivation. Supporting that many generals without strong backing is nearly impossible haha.

    1. Yeah, but Yuqi doesn’t know about that.

      Plus, even when Shi Yuan almost blurted it out, the Damage Star didn’t take it seriously.
      Most still think that 2 is the absolute limit… but I did find something interesting out about limits concerning that though.

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