Chapter 276: The “Guardian Star” Mu Duiying

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Several days afterwards, very late at night.

Shining moonlight, twinkling stars and a face-caressing gentle breeze. Any way it was looked at, the jungle’s late night tranquility was very suitable for dreaming, but some people nevertheless did not feel like this. At least Su Xing did not feel this way. If he truly was dreaming, dreaming inside Evil Smiting Hall definitely was a nightmare.

Su Xing ran unbridled in the forest. Through the moonlight, his agilely and nimbly dodged obstacles of all sorts. Behind him was a pursuing shadow. If it was not for that faint breathing and practically inaudible movements, it was simply hard to distinguish that was a living being.

Su Xing named this shadow, “assassin.” In reality, this assassin was considerably faithful to its instincts.


A beastly shout broke the silence.

The shadow spared no effort to pounce over. The moonlight tore its camouflage. That was a dark and swarthy black panther. Su Xing whirled around, using the forest as a screen. He rapidly climbed over a tree, carefully concealing his own breathing.

“Truly, think of something and you’ll bump into it.” Su Xing felt even more helpless about his current situation.

Several days before, his search with Tang Lianxin in Evil Smiting Hall for “Gold, jade and red everywhere” was fruitless. At night, Su Xing was carried away by a whim to prepare dinner for Tang Lianxin. Star Generals were indifferent to hunger, but since he nevertheless wanted to eat something, having himself crossed through the culinary delicacies of East and West, it was too sinful for Su Xing to not eat anything. As a result, Su Xing searched for prey in Evil Smiting Hall, for besides Star Beasts, every sort of beast was present in large numbers.

A beast then became a meal, and they gorged on it that same evening.

Tang Lianxin’s expressionless face even exclaimed at the savory smell of pork. Just before Su Xing could be proud of himself, a black panther similarly had been lured over – a black panther that was clearly a Star Beast.

Heaven knew whether this black panther fancied fried meat or whether it fancied Su Xing. Ever since that night, the black panther would rapidly, precisely, and silently find him. Immediately afterwards was a hunt and deadly pursuit. This sort of hunt actually made Su Xing reminisce about a particular training scenario when he was previously in the army.

This black panther not only held a grudge, it was also considerably intelligent. It always knew how it should hide itself. Regardless of whether it was a tree, the surrounding shrubs or even a cave, it could exploit any environment to avail itself an advantageous surprise attack, worthy of a Star Beast.

However, each time the black panther suddenly launched a confident attack, he sensed it, and each danger was easily dodged by Su Xing, also making this bizarre game of assassin continue for several days.

Because of that frightening concealment technique and noiseless killing intent of the black panther, Su Xing named it “assassin.”

Su Xing watched his surroundings attentively, carefully observing even the movement of grass blown by the wind. Yesterday’s experience informed him – the assassin before him completely was able to hide the probes of its Divine Sense. He did not know what pet of which family’s child could be so unreasonable.

“Let me guess where you’re hiding this time?” Beneath the tree was very calm, and Su Xing suddenly leapt down, “Are you above?” Before he finished, a shadow pounced down from a tree above.

“Roar.” The black panther let out an indignant sound after it was defeated again.

The assassin rapidly chased. Up ahead was a cliff and waterfall. The black panther increased its speed, and after it rushed out of the forest, it saw that its prey was currently at a loss, hesitating at the shore.

This time, the assassin did not rush. It slowly crept, as if it was enjoying its prey that had reached the end of its rope.

Only then did Su Xing size up this hunting panther for the first time.

Its first-rate body brimmed with the beauty of a Greek sculpture, its muscles rippling like waves. It had a pair of purple eyes, and especially interesting was that this black panther apparently dissolved into the shadows. Its whole body emitted a gorgeous shadow that was just like running water.

“You wouldn’t happen to be that Investigative Star’s Star Beast?” Su Xing suddenly thought of something.

If it truly was that Investigative Star Mu Hong’s Star Beast, Su Xing did not mind first settling this himself.

The black panther’s purple eyes released a cold light. It flashed its deathly pale fangs, wildly pounced, and its paws also revealed sharp claws. The flowing shadows of fur on its whole body in that instant suddenly swelled, becoming nothingness.

Disappearing, then reappearing.

Astonishingly it arrived right in front of Su Xing.

“Originally, I wanted to get myself a Star Beast. It seems there’s no chance.” Su Xing sighed.

In the instant the black panther was close, Su Xing’s fingers flicked, and the twelve Langya’s green light linked together, becoming a green flying sword, shooting straight up.

In the end, “assassin” was an “assassin.” Just at the time it knocked against the tree trunk, the black panther unexpectedly could control its body’s nerves to leap from the tree trunk and dash up. The green sword light that Langya rippled out unexpectedly had been seen as nothing and was avoided.

“No way.” Su Xing was astonished at this cleverness.

“Roar, roar,” the black panther’s  language translated into human words was probably “Die, idiot.”

Su Xing’s hands came together. True Star Purple Cloud slapped down in one palm. Immediately afterwards, the ground and trees rapidly scattered. A golden net was lifted up from the ground and firmly trapped the black panther within, suspending it between several trees. This net was an Astral Treasure Chai Ling specially lent – “Wrapping Star Net.”1 No matter how the black panther howled and tore, it was no use.

“Finally, it’s caught.” Su Xing wiped his sweat.

Tang Lianxin walked out from a nook.

“Elder Brother, there is no need to gain experience from this Star Beast.” Tang Lianxin was apathetic.

“Can I take this Star Beast back to be a pet?” Su Xing’s eyes glowed. Since Evil Smiting Hall had this many Star Beasts, he wondered whether or not he could take one or two. For this reason did he try as much.

“It will not work.” Tang Lianxin shook her head, “A Star General’s Star Beast is one in body. That is why they can capture one, and other people absolutely cannot.”

“Is that so?”

Su Xing still wanted to try. Staring at the struggling black panther, he struck several hand seals, and he launched the Star Crest on his forehead.

This provoked the black panther into howling.

Just at this moment, Su Xing suddenly sensed danger. He pulled Tang Lianxin and stamped his foot, flying into the air, and an afterimage just happened to flit by.

“Elder Brother?”

Su Xing firmly stared at the ground, striking hand seals, circulating the purple cloud.

“Star Master, you truly are loathsome, unexpectedly thinking of snatching This Lady’s Star Beast.”

The opponent did not give chase, standing where she was. Wrapped in black night clothes, her posture was graceful, her hands and feet equipped with fishnet style pads and stockings, and she had a pair of gleaming purple eyes.

Su Xing flipped out the Birth Treasure Outline and looked.

Characters slowly revealed themselves.

Star Position: Guardian Star2

Star Name: Mu Chun3

Nickname: Little Restrained4

True Name: ???

Rank: Eightieth

Star Weapon: Frost Moon Ruinous Light5 (Three Star)

Star Beast: ???? (? Rank)

Realm: Ten Thousand Techniques First Stage

Innate Skill: Perception6

Five Elements: Metal

Yellow Rank Special Move: Dark Attack7

Dark Rank Special Move: Flickering Light Passing Shadows8

Current Status: No Contractor (can be conquered)

Detailed Materials: …

“Little Restrained? Aren’t you the little sister of last time’s Unrestrained?” Su Xing was stunned.

“The Birth Treasure Outline?” The Guardian Star was startled. She did not expect the Star Master she ran into would be one that possessed the Birth Treasure Outline. To be able to possess the Second Phase’s divine item, she had taken it for granted they were some level of characters.

Before Su Xing could say anything, Guarding Star Mu Chun shouted: “This Lady does not wish to fight you.”

“Is this Star Beast yours?”

“The Yin Room Black Panther.9 If not This Lady’s, could it be yours.” Guardian Star Mu Chun’s arms and legs were nimble. Seeing that the black panther had been trapped, she took the opportunity to flip out the Evil Smiting Writ.

Tang Lianxin’s hand gestured, and the Wrapping Star Net retracted.

“Ah?” Mu Chun was dumbstruck.

“To reap without sowing is always bad.” Su Xing chuckled.

Its figure flashed, and the Yin Room Black Panther roared. The ground suddenly leaked a stifling shadowy wall. The Yin Room Black Panther had launched an attack. Little Restrained’s reactions were very quick, and her figure dispersed into the night, the dual sabers Frost Moon Ruinous Light hooking out two lines of red and green that twisted towards the Yin Room Black Panther.

A shadowy light just like a sabertip brushed open the double sabers’ red line.

Unexpected at this time, the Yin Room Black Panther had already arrived in front of Mu Chun, its big mouth wide open. The girl was calm, her double sabers faced head on, the red line intensively growing.

The Yin Room Black Panther’s roar was like thunder, and the flying red light was ripped apart by a visible shadow. The created shadow was just like a viper in its vicious pursuit, not giving the slightest chance for a breather. Shadowy killing intent pressure from all four directions.

The assassin melted into the darkness pounced, seemingly blending together with the Yin Room Black Panther’s shadow, unable to distinguish between what was real and not.

It seemed that it indeed was her Star Beast.

“Elder Brother?” Tang Lianxin directed an inquisitive gaze at Su Xing.

Su Xing observed for a while. The Guardian Star Little Restrained was somewhat inferior compared to the Investigative Star Unrestrained, but she was very calm. Su Xing thought that a sneak attack inevitably would not yield results. Let alone the girl was battling the Yin Room Black Panther, she was still at the same time alert of Su Xing the Star Master. To seize the opportunity to killer was not possible.

However, he could not feel that he could walk away like this from a problem.

“Do you need help?” Su Xing asked to feel her out.

“Fine!” The girl’s consent was considerably straightforward.

“So quick? Could it be you plan to exploit me capturing the Star Beast to come kill me?” Su Xing smiled.

“To kill you, huh. If This Lady wanted to kill you, the Flickering Light Passing Shadow This Lady used just now could kill off that Elder Sister, or Little Sister.” Little Restrained retreated, her double sabers dancing.

Su Xing nodded. Her words actually were fact, so Su Xing did not move against her.

“If worst comes to worst, This Lady shall help you obtain a Star Beast, how is that?” Little Restrained was an assassin, after all, not very good at direct confrontations. If it was not for Su Xing previously exhausting the Yin Room Black Panther considerably, she basically could not persist for too long.

Su Xing inquisitively looked to Tang Lianxin.

Tang Lianxin did not have any opinion.

“Right, how is your relationship with your Elder Sister Investigative Star?” Su Xing asked.

“Why are you so pesky.” The Guarding Star clicked her tongue, “The Investigative Star? Hmph, do you know where she is? This Lady is currently looking for her to settle which of us is better.”


“What would This Lady fool you for.”

“Alright then!”

Su Xing did not need much time to decide to help her. Lightly raising a hand, the Flying Swords he called forth slashed. Tang Lianxin again released the Wrapping Star Net, however, while the Wrapping Star Net was incredible at capturing things, its speed was slightly slow, particularly when the Yin Room Black Panther’s speed was considerably quick. In the end, it was only with the combined efforts of Su Xing and Mu Chun10 that they trapped it.

“Ha, ha, ha, ha, in This Lady’s capacity as an assassin, she has obtained a Star Beast without having signed a Duel Covenant. Ha, ha, ha, ha, I, Mu Duiying,11 truly am a genius, ya, ya, ya, ya.” The girl was excited to madness as she looked at the docile Yin Room Black Panther, having entirely forgotten Su Xing had helped her.

Seeing her so excited, Su Xing wiped his sweat as he watched from nearby.

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  1. 兜星網
  2.  地鎮星, the Earthly Guardian Star
  3.  穆春
  4.  小遮攔
  5.  霜月殘光
  6.  感知
  7.  暗襲
  8.  浮光掠影
  9.  室陰黑豹
  10. Raws state Mu Hong, but that’s the Investigative Star.
  11.  穆對影


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