Chapter 277: This Assassin Is A Bit Dumb

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“Then you completely can sign a Star Duel Covenant.” Su Xing was confused at her. Since she wanted a Star Beast so much, and since it was an Earthly Star’s Star Beast, she could easily settle it with a Star Master.

“Hm, hm, a Star Master?” Little Restrained Mu Duiying showed disdain: “Have you seen my Elder Sister?”

“En.” Su Xing nodded.

“Has she signed a Star Duel Covenant?” Mu Duiying asked.

Su Xing did not conceal anything, not only speaking of which sect she contracted with, but he even said who she was with.

“Hm, hm, hm. As expected, she has contracted.” Mu Duiying hooked a smile, her eyes somewhat frenzied: “This Lady wants to kill her without having signed a contract. Only like this will it show that I am a step higher than the Investigative Star. Why is This Lady rank eightieth, truly this is disappointing.”

Su Xing’s cold sweat overflowed. Having seen many grounds for killing someone, he had not seen a reason like this. Merely out of higher ranking, this Elder Sister truly was a cold and gloomy assassin in name and reality. Although the Little Restrained in front of him appeared to be much more meek than her Elder Sister, inside her bones still was an assassin’s ruthlessness.

“You, without a Star Master, want to kill her?” Su Xing felt this was a joke.

“This Lady is an assassin. Assassins never needed contractors, this is a disgrace. I definitely will wash away Elder Sister’s disgrace!” When Mu Duiying spoke of her assassin’s status, she appeared rather proud, and her chest that had been bound tightly jutted out.

“Admirable.” Su Xing smiled. He did not know whether he should be happy or sad there was an  assassin Star General in the Star Duels with this understanding.

Mu Duiying said: “I shall not chat with you further. This Lady cannot stay in Evil Smiting Hall for too long now that she has obtained a Star Beast. What Star Beast do you want to find, quickly speak.”

Su Xing did not speak idle chatter, however, Tang Lianxin’s Star Beast honestly was hard to find. The Solitary Star was not that good at finding things compared to the Thief Star. These past few days had been fruitless, and relying on the clue Wu Xinjie, they were completely lost. “Gold, jade and red everywhere, do you know which place in Evil Smiting Hall has this?”

“Gold, jade and red everywhere?!” Mu Duiying sunk into long contemplation, and then she struck her palm: “This Lady remembers where she has seen it before.”


Su Xing was stunned.

“Yes. However, it is somewhat far, and we will need to fly. Wu, no matter how good this Yin Room Black Panther is, it cannot fly at all.” Mu Duiying coyly said.

Seeing the grand assassin so girly, the Gold Coin Spotted Leopard Tang Lianxin was speechless.

“Just get on the Flying Sword.”

Su Xing was very familiar with this, for not that long ago, he and Shi Yuan took care of the Damage Star White Stripe in the Waves. He did not expect he would have to take care of the Guardian Star assassin so quickly.

Seeing Su Xing open his chest wide open, Mu Duiying was not like the White Stripe in the Waves who was so willing to have sex, “You want to have This Lady stick to you? This Lady wants to stand behind you.”

Su Xing said, “Beauty, what are you kidding. What idiot would let an assassin stand behind him.”

Mu Duiying thought for a moment and agreed, but to have her lean against a man’s chest, there was no need to raise any more awkwardness. What she, Mu Duiying, most hated was to touch a repulsive man, “Quickly, in a moment, you won’t have enough time.” Su Xing impatiently prompted.

Mu Duiying steeled herself. Her heart said, Today, This Lady will treat it as entering a pig’s den. If Su Xing heard such thoughts, he definitely would have kicked her off less than halfway through. “You are not allowed to take advantage of This Lady.” Mu Duiying’s words were righteous.

“Take advantage of you, my ass.” Su Xing truly was somewhat impatient, grabbing her and pulling her on.

The girl cried out, “You rogue,” and the Yin Room Black Panther bared its fangs in threat.

Tang Lianxin was silent as she watched this.

“Lianxin, do you want to say something?” Su Xing inquisitively asked.

Tang Lianxin shook her head: “Elder Brother, we had better go find it as soon as possible. We have delayed for too long a time.”

“En, exactly.” Su Xing nodded.

“Evil Smiting Hall has three months, and it has only been several days. Hmph, This Lady ought to be the first to have captured a Star Beast. Wa-ha-ha-ha-ha…you need to be gentler…ah…gentler…this is still my first time, ahhh…”1 When Mu Duiying saw Su Xing did not take advantage of her, she vigorously spoke.

Su Xing thought, How can there be such a lively assassin. If he were to sign a contract with her, wasn’t that courting death. Su Xing ascended the flying sword, skyrocketing. Mu Duiying’s complacency was immediately replaced by a screech.

Tang Lianxin silently leaned against Su Xing’s back, making him nearly overlook her.

The contrast between the two girls was considerably distinct.

“Ohhh…so good, oh…”

“Doing this for the first time turned out to be so pleasurable, if This Lady knew earlier, she would also have sought out a man.”1

“Ahh…slower…let This Lady enjoy it for a bit, ah. How are you so ungentle, ah. Truly, I do not know what that Elder Sister or Little Sister sees in you…”


Su Xing felt he had truly made a gargantuan mistake allowing the Little Restrained in front of him onto the sword. The Little Restrained before his eyes should have been called Unrestrained. To speak of it, her mouth was truly unrestrained, incoherently speaking in excitement. Those who knew would believe this was happiness that grew from the bottom of her heart from soaring through the skies on a Flying Sword for the first time. Those who did not know would believe a lifelong spinster had encountered a rapist.

“I say, beauty, can you not shout so ambiguously? Even if you were to shout this ambiguously, can you not make your tone this charming? Alright then, even if you were so charming, then can your body not be so obscene??” Su Xing had not yet touched her, yet he felt somewhat uneasy all over.

This Mu Duiying shouted when she wanted, even writhed about. Did this little girl not realize that the place that tight butt rubbed against was becoming harder and harder?

“You rogue, you shameless, you lecher!” Mu Duiying cursed.

Su Xing scratched his ear..

Rogue, shameless, lecher. Much better than her random shouts in heat just now.

Flying for a moment, Mu Duiying truly was willing to stay like this for a time. Then, she was regretful about the Yin Room Black Panther and wanted to go grab a Star Beast that could fly, and then she chatted up Su Xing again. Su Xing truly did not expect a Star General who was even an assassin would say be so talkative.

“Where is that gold, jade and red everywhere. Don’t hold us up.” Su Xing reminded.

Mu Duiying went “oh,” and directed her gaze below to search.

“Go around that mountain, and you will be able to see it.”

Su Xing increased his speed.

Rounding the mountain, he saw an extensive golden light spread across the ground. In the night, at first glance of the dazzling light, it looked like a dark red from afar.

Gold, jade and red everywhere. What Wu Xinjie spoke of was this?

Su Xing added speed to the Flying Sword and descended.

“This place is all gold, jade and red stone…” Tang Lianxin looked at this enormous plain and was astonished it was a natural mine. Every sort of uncovered stone emitted a golden color, red with light rays. The gold and red intertwined, appearing very fantastic.

“Can these gold and red stones be used to forge Star Weapons?” Su Xing asked.

“Impossible. One of these can be sold for several liang.” Tang Lianxin replied.

When he heard, he was somewhat regretful, and Su Xing lost his interest. To sell one piece for several hundred liang of gold, this place probably had several dozen tons, but the quantity was too much. Excavating all of this would be exceptionally wasteful of time, and Su Xing did not have this sort of time at all.

“Duiying, what Star Beasts did you see in this place?” Su Xing asked Mu Duiying.

“Did not notice. This Lady was catching the Yin Room Black Panther.” Mu Duiying said.

“Let’s take a look first.”

Su Xing pondered, and he could only do this.

“Right, you still have not told This Lady what your name is?” Mu Duiying asked.

“Su Xing.”

“Tang Lianxin.”

“Su Xing?? Tang Lianxin??” Mu Duiying said doubtfully: “You two are very embarrassing, to unexpectedly have taken names like this.”

Su Xing: “…”

Tang Lianxin: “…”

“Surname Tang…Tang…” Mu Duiying racked her brains, “This Lady seems to remember there was a surname Tang among the Sisters? Who was it.”

“Are you Lin Chong?” Mu Duiying asked.

“You just said Lin Chong, obviously that is surname Lin. You’re quite dumb.” Su Xing ruthlessly criticized her.

Tang Lianxin could not help but smile, yet she immediately recovered her calm afterwards. “Solitary Star Tang Long!”

“Oh, Tang Long, the Solitary Star…” Mu Duiying nodded her head in agreement.

Su Xing felt she completely did not recall who that was.

“What rank?” Mu Duiying asked, as expected.

“Eighty-eight.” Tang Lianxin very patiently answered.

Mu Duiying put her hands on her hips and laughed: “Ha, ha, ha, ha, so you are a Little Sister, ha, ha, ha, ha. This Lady has finally encountered a Little Sister.”

“You don’t remember even this?” Su Xing sympathized with whichever Star Master was about to die contracted to her.

Little Restrained Mu Duiying said disgruntled: “One hundred and seven sisters, how can This Lady remember. So long as This Lady defeats that one Elder Sister, this is fine.”

Seeing her speak so confidently, Su Xing did not know whether to laugh or cry.

Walking around the grounds of the gold and jade, Mu Duiying was somewhat bored. She yawned and let out the Yin Room Black Panther. Suddenly, Little Restrained Mu Duiying’s eyes shone, and her whole body recovered its vigor. She shouted in amazement: “That butterfly is so pretty, This Lady wants to catch it for her collection!”

Following her line of sight, several hundred meters ahead was an odd butterfly fluttering about.

To say it was odd was because this butterfly was the size of an adult person, its wings like belts of light, piece by piece, with wing marks showing. It clearly was considerably bright, and its center was a warm scarlet color with its surroundings a divine gold light. That light burned like a fire. All the while it was flying, it was extremely fantastical.

“Great Sun Essence Flame Butterfly!”3

Tang Lianxin spoke these five words.

“It is Little Sister Tang Lianxin’s Star Beast?” Mu Duiying was somewhat regretful.

Tang Lianxin nodded, for this was exactly the Star Beast the Solitary Star was searching for.

“This Lady shall go capture her.” Mu Duiying hefted the Frost Moon Ruinous Light double saber and was about to advance.

Su Xing grabbed her: “Don’t go first!”

“Why? Is that Great Sun Essence Flame Butterfly or whatever not Little Sister Tang Lianxin’s Star Beast?” Mu Duiying was confused.

“Don’t startle the butterfly. Let’s hide first.” Su Xing said.

Mu Duiying shrugged her shoulders. As far as she was concerned, hiding was very easy. Her silhouette immediately hid into the night, completely invisible. Su Xing basically could not see her. Fearing she would go startle that butterfly, Su Xing grabbed at empty air, thinking of grabbing onto her hand.

Suddenly, he felt a soft thing that jutted out.

“You rogue, you shameless, you lecher!”

Her invisibility broke, and Mu Duiying’s dumbstruck appearance appeared before Su Xing.

“…” Su Xing.

“…” Mu Duiying.

“You rogue, you lecher, you shameless!!” Mu Duiying raised her double saber and was about to slash.

Just at this moment, the Great Sun Essence Flame Butterfly made a noise. A golden flame rolled about, covering the sky and earth.

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  3. 太陽精焰蝶, really it’s just Sun Essence Flame Butterfly, but I need its name to be five words.


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