Chapter 294: Hanyan Enters A Dream

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Su Xing and Zhao Hanyan conspicuously stared at one another. This counted as the first time they genuinely saw each other ever since after the Purple Rose Birth Outline. What made Zhao Hanyan very angry was that the two times they had met, her shameful side had been seen. If it was not because of the Intertwined Branch Swords, Princess Ling Yan absolutely would have turned Su Xing into ground dust and scattered ash.

“Hmph, it has been so long since we last met, Su Xing. You still like to be a voyeur.” Zhao Hanyan’s tone sunk.

“What does this have to do with me being a voyeur…If it wasn’t for Zhao Hanyan being fond of polishing mirrors, how could I have seen it.” Su Xing also felt very innocent. He had never thought of wanting to see this kind of performance.

“You!” Su Xing saying this so directly made Zhao Hanyan’s face turn red and glare.

In actuality, these two times made Zhao Hanyan feel very wronged. The first time in the Void Liangshan was done only because no one would go for the Purple Rose Grade. Who would have known that Su Xing, as it turned out, was present, and this was the result. Now, the second time in Evil Smiting Hall, Zhao Hanyan and Dong Junqing had specially learned their lesson when they were searching for the Yin Yang Lake. In advance, they had activated the “Star Concealing Canopy” to cover a range of a thousand meters so as to avoid being peeped on again. However, they truly wondered if it was fate provoking this guy, for Su Xing unexpectedly was already present at this lake.

Fortunately, they had experience. Zhao Hanyan was somewhat thick in skin, so she made herself calm down.

“Why are you in this place?” Su Xing wrinkled his brow.

Was Evil Smiting Hall not large and without limit? Unexpectedly, to be able to run into Zhao Hanyan made Su Xing feel very perplexed.

“Of course it is to find a Star Beast.” Zhao Hanyan replied matter of factly. Then she glanced at Yan Yizhen, thoughtfully saying: “The Yin Yang Pisces Fists. Skilful Star Wanderer Yan Qing, huh. Last time in the Void Liangshan, was your Star General not Panther Head Lin Chong? And there seemed to also be the Knowledge Star and others in accompaniment…What? Could it be you ceased being faithful?”

“Ceased being faithful?” Su Xing twitched his lips disdainfully: “Have you never seen someone that signed multiple contracts?”

“Is that so? This Princess is actually very curious. Are those Star Generals following you not suffering right now?” Zhao Hanyan did not accept this.

“With this sort of attitude, you will suffer in the future, heh, heh.” Su Xing’s tone was profound, not clearly replying.

Zhao Hanyan fixed her gaze onto Su Xing, as if she wanted to discern a clue, but in the end, she only saw a pair of deep, crafty and roguish eyes. “Speaking of suffering? Hmph, Su Xing, you certainly owe This Princess a favor.”

“A favor? Since when did I owe a favor?” Su Xing suddenly understood: “Don’t tell me it’s Emperor Liang?”

“You are unavoidably too haughty, to unexpectedly dare to even offend This Princess’ Father Emperor. Purple Thunder Monster, you truly are fond of seeking fame.” Zhao Hanyan slowly said: “You took the Ten Thousand Year Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo. This Princess wonders what you were thinking of doing? If it was not for This Princess helping put in a good word for you, how could the Ten Thousand Year Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo allow you to be safe and sound.”

“Then thanks.” Su Xing shrugged his shoulders, helplessly saying: “Actually, I didn’t want to become enemies with Emperor Liang, but this Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo had already been discovered by the Devil Cults. They certainly would have stopped at nothing. It was better to let me settle things. As the Buddha says, if I do not enter hell, who will? Heh, heh.”

These words to Zhao Hanyan were the same as the ones he said to Emperor Liang, however, how could the Ling Yan Princess ever be deceived by these words. She twitched her thin lips, showing disdain.

“After that time with Purple Rose Birth Outline, what have you been doing? The Vermilion Bird Territory, just what the hell happened with Wu Siyou?” Princess Ling Yan was very curious. The affair at the Vermilion Bird Territory’s Five Poisons Mountain shook the Azure Dragon Territory. The Ten Great Sects’ bad reputations nevertheless brought up the reputation of the Purple Thunder Saint. After the affair, the Xuan Zhenzi of True Immortal Hall returned to the sect, and there was not one word mentioned of this matter. He only said that the Purple Thunder Monster and Harm Star Wu Song had committed adultery.

He did not utter a word about anything else.

Even the Supervoid Stage Enviless of the East had met a tragic end. It was but a pity that outsiders were not privy to the inside details. They already had been made somewhat confused by the information/ They could not accurately surmise just what Star General the Purple Thunder Monster had following him because regardless of what was said, not seeing the Majestic Star yet seeing the Harm Star in the Vermilion Bird Territory was somewhat against common sense. Guesses differed, however, if it was really the Harm Star, that was somewhat not too likely.

Zhao Hanyan was one of the few that knew the identity of the man known as the Purple Thunder Monster, so she was even more curious about this matter.

The ranked third Knowledge Star Wu Yong, the ranked sixth Majestic Star Lin Chong, the ranked fourteenth Harm Star Wu Song and the ranked thirty-sixth Skilful Star Yan Qing…Laying eyes on these four Star Generals would make anyone envious to death. As it turned out, they had an unclear relationship to the Purple Thunder Monster. Zhao Hanyan doubted this cheat-like existence that was Su Xing came on orders from Maiden Mountain – if she had not known about Chao Gai’s emergence, that is.

Su Xing gave a reply that stayed silent about the major details and only admitted the minor ones, having quite the confidence in Zhao Hanyan. He had no need to conceal anything. Since Chao Gai had appeared anyways, him signing two top-notch Star Generals would be exposed sooner or later.

At this time, the atmosphere of the Yin Yang Lake was considerably fascinating.

A man and woman were flirting as they discussed. If outsiders saw this scene, they definitely would have been startled. How was this the “you die, I live” that should take place between Star Masters. Clearly, this was a pair of young lovers.

The two Star Maidens had not yet relaxed their guard, each warily eyeing the other. What made Su Xing feel disdainful was that Dong Junqing’s gaze at Yan Yizhen was full of a sort of lily flavor.

“Just now, you were actually doing that sort of thing with the Skilful Star?” Zhao Hanyan noticed at this time. Her pupils glanced very astonished at the somewhat disorderly dressed Yan Yizhen. The hickeys there were somewhat inconceivable in number.

“Only you are allowed to do that?” Su Xing asked in return.

“You truly are an uncultivated brute.” Zhao Hanyan twitched her lips.

“What, can’t Little Yi and I be harmonious with each other?” Su Xing had a pure expression.

Zhao Hanyan whistled. Harmonious with each other, a little further than that would have been more accurate.

At this time, Evil Smiting Hall was slowly glooming. The sky began to turn dark, and the Time of Yin and Yang was about to appear.

The Steadfast Star Dong Junqing wrinkled her brow at Zhao Hanyan and Su Xing’s endless chat, reminding: “Princess Highness, please do not forget our objective.”

“Oh, right. To capture a Star Beast. This Princess does not have any time to waste.” Zhao Hanyan nodded in agreement. She gazed at Su Xing: “Su Xing, This Princess wonders what Star Beast you want to capture for the Skilful Star?”

“Can’t you tell from looking at this Yin Yang Lake.”

“It seems we are about to return to facing off as foes again.” Dong Junqing took out her double spears, speaking in excitement.

“You also came to capture the Yin Yang Carps?” Su Xing furrowed his brow. The Yin Yang Lake only had one pair of Yin Yang Carps. If Zhao Hanyan wanted this, too, then they actually would have to compete.

“Of course.” Zhao Hanyan faintly smiled.

“If it’s the Steadfast Star, a mount is even more suitable some.” Su Xing was silent. As the Double Spears Martial General, a mount clearly could allow her to display even greater power. In the future, the majority of martial generals would all be martial force mounts that could hold the advantage.

“The Yin Yang Carps can allow Yin Yang sets of Destined Weapons to be even more effective. Sometimes, it is the unconventional gambit, the alternate route that does not have a harmful effect.” Zhao Hanyan gracefully replied.

“First come, first served. Zhao Hanyan, aren’t you supposed to yield?”

“As a man, could it be you will not yield for This Princess?” Zhao Hanyan made a wry grin.

“Between you and my woman, isn’t this choice very clear?” Su Xing chuckled.

Zhao Hanyan grumbled: “Heartless man!”

“Princess Highness, less nonsense with this unfaithful man. Let This General go directly.” Dong Junqing raised her double spears, already somewhat impatient.

Su Xing’s pupils flashed with light, and the Birth Treasure Outline flipped out.

Star Position: Steadfast Star

Star Name: Dong Ping

Nickname: General of Double Spears

True Name: Dong Junqing

Rank: Fifteenth

Star Weapon: Dragon And Phoenix Yin Yang Double Spears (Three Star)

Star Beast: ??? (? Rank)

Realm: Ten Thousand Techniques Ninth Stage

Innate Skill: Double Swords

Five Elements: Fire

Yellow Rank Special Move: Dragon And Phoenix Cross Slash1

Dark Rank Special Move: Top Luan Inverted Phoenix2

Current Status: Contractor (Zhao Hanyan)

Detailed Materials: …

“Ten Thousand Techniques Ninth Stage?” Su Xing looked and nodded. In the Third Phase Evil Smiting Hall, this should be a first-rate martial general’s realm. Actually, it was the Steadfast Star’s Innate Skill, “Double Swords,” that made Su Xing very curious. What Innate Skill was this, even its name was truly odd.

“There is only one pair of these Yin Yang Carps. Although you and This Princess have the Intertwined Branch Swords, This Princess does not want to yield so easily.” Zhao Hanyan slightly smiled, her expression poised.

“How do you want to do this?” Su Xing asked.

“The Intertwined Branch Swords are present. This Princess does not wish to do anything. Although you and I cannot fight against each other, we can have our Star Generals battle. The loser renounces the Yin Yang Carps, what do you think?”

“No problem.”

Su Xing inquired Yan Yizhen. The maid expressionlessly nodded her head, fearless: “I’ll add on a condition then. Whoever uses a Heaven, Earth, Dark, Yellow technique also counts as the loser.”

“That is fair.”

“It would be better to add another condition. If you lose, how about this Little Sister allows Elder Sister to love her dearly for a round?” Steadfast Star Dong Junqing lewdly smiled, her double spears suddenly rising up and thrusting out. The Dragon And Phoenix Yin Yang Double Spears transformed into Yin Yang Dragon Phoenix Void Light Spears that attacked Yan Yizhen. The Skilful Star rushed forward, the Star Energy on her fists flowing out with the very same two light of Yin and Yang. The fists seemed to become sharper than weapons, emitting a succession of metallic clangs.

“Elder Sister will love you even more dearly than that man.” Dong Junqing loudly asserted. Her offensive madly swelled, covering the skies and earth. The Steadfast Star rapidly spun, and her double spears seemingly was a tornado of attacks, endlessly attacking the maid at different high speeds and angles.

Yan Yizhen was not at all puzzled by this type of attack pattern. The maid rapidly retreated already to the lake’s surface, her fast and nimble footsteps always able to timely bring her out of Dong Junqing’s attack range, making her imposing air seem somewhat wan.

“Slave Servant does not have an Elder Sister like you.”

Yan Yizhen coldly said. The Skilful Star’s body emitted afterimages. In terms of high speed, the Wanderer Yan Qing was certainly not inferior.

“Spoken beautifully, you truly make Elder Sister moved!” A laugh accompanied Dong Junqing’s lightning-like body that pounced forwards. One spear attacked from the top, the other from the bottom. The double spears crossed and sealed firmly all of the servant’s escape routes.


Two fists pushed through, entering Dong Junqing’s chest.

The Steadfast Star was stunned. Immediately, she withdrew, then sprung everywhere.

The Steadfast Star General of Double Spears Dong Junqing and Skilful Star Wanderer Yan Yizhen became two kinds of different light that battled up and down the lake’s surface. The tranquil lakewater was broken by tall splashes. The cold light representing yin and the burning heat of Yang endlessly whirled around, displaying a hair-raising battle.

The ones known as their contractors nevertheless showed an unordinary calm.

“Su Xing, just how the hell were you able to hook up with the Skilful Star?” Ling Yan Princess Zhao Hanyan walked to Su Xing’s side, frowning as she asked. She knew the difficulties of signing a contract with the Skilful Star were not easier than the Majestic Star.

Su Xing was disdainful at her “hook up.” Suddenly, he recalled something. His lips curled with a crafty smile. “Right, Zhao Hanyan, I suddenly remembered something.”

“What is that?” Zhao Hanyan saw the evil designs in Su Xing’s eye and was somewhat cautious.

Su Xing drew near her, and a manly qi made Zhao Hanyan’s mind fall into disorder.

“Do you still remember that time originally in the Void Liangshan, the words I said?” Su Xing leisurely said.

“What words?” Zhao Hanyan froze.

“Definitely do not forget to fulfill the duties you have in the capacity of a wife!”


When those words fell, Su Xing suddenly embraced Zhao Hanyan, lowered his head and kissed Zhao Hanyan’s lips. Their lips joined together, and there was a fiery and passionate sensation. The Zhao Hanyan who was deep kissing with a man for the first time opened her eyes wide to look at this man taking possession of her red lips. She had a sort of feeling this was unreal.

She was dreaming this, right?

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  1. 龍鳳交合斬, this can also be translated as Dragon and Phoenix Sex Slash
  2. 顛鸞倒鳳, literally, it means “sex.” There’s some confusion with her Dark Rank Special Move. Later in the series, it has a completely different name.


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