Chapter 295: Top Luan Inverted Phoenix

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The devastation of her lips was all the more burning. Zhao Yan was sucked powerfully, and her arms struggled to push away Su Xing. However, just how could her strength struggle free, and the odd feeling of her red lips being sucked was completely different from when Dong Junqing kissed her. That kind of breath full of masculinity completely crammed into her soul, making Zhao Hanyan’s body somewhat limp. An electric current gushed through her, about to choke her into immobility.

Suddenly, her supple butt was attacked. Princess Ling Yan pushed Su Xing away with both hands, shouting with her eyes wide open: “You, you, you pervert…unexpectedly daring to disrespect This Princess…”

“What disrespect, we’re intertwined, isn’t this a matter of course.” Su Xing chuckled.

“You had best die for This Princess a thousand times, you had best…wu, wu…” Before Zhao Hanyan could finish saying her next sentence, Su Xing again embraced her, tyrannically seizing her delicate lips. The pitiful Ling Yan Princess had no way of exerting strength against Su Xing. She was just like a lamb; Su Xing also was quite familiar with deep kisses, easily hooking onto Zhao Hanyan’s feelings. In no more than an instant, the Ling Yan Princess could not help but then well up with a fantastic feeling through her whole body that extended to her flower, and she subconsciously kissed back.

Just as Su Xing and Zhao Hanyan were putting on a display of “intimacy,” on the other side, Yan Yizhen’s and Dong Junqing’s intimacy was like wildfire.


A cold shout rose, and a warm laugh continuously sounded.

“Little Sister, there is no need to follow that frivolous man, Elder Sister can make Little Sister satisfied.”

Dong Junqing made a frivolous grin. She raised her double spears, imbuing Star Energy into them without the slightest hesitation. The dragon and phoenix cried, and two bolts of spear-light were launched brilliantly.

Yan Yizhen’s fists blocked, spreading open an incorporeal defense. Even though Yan Yizhen defended with all her strength, still, her footsteps unavoidably manifested being forced back. Dong Junqing’s wrist sunk, and the power of the Dragon And Phoenix Yin Yang Double Spears was even greater. The double spears endlessly swept, the two spear-lights of Yin and Yang like enormous chunks, aggressively wreaking havoc. The air at the sides let out a mournful wail of being torn to shreds.

Although Su Xing had already said that using a Heaven, Earth, Dark, or Yellow Technique would count as defeat, why would Dong Junqing listen to his request. How would a battle between Star Generals have any slack. Even if she actually meticulously suppressed her techniques, the Star Energy these double spears exerted was not necessarily any bit inferior to “Yin Yang Cross Slash.”

Two flames of berserk Yin and Yang tyrannically slammed into Yan Yizhen’s upraised defenses.

The Steadfast Star Dong Junqing was worthy of being labeled Maiden Mountain’s Five Tiger Generals’ top-notch martial general, for her power was indeed fearsome and domineering.

Each strike made Yan Yizhen feel a sort of heavy pressure. Her body could not help but continuously slide backwards along the lake’s surface.


The successive strike of the Yin Yang double flames already was close to completely surrounding Yan Yizhen,1 swallowing her.

Yan Yizhen’s expression was still indifferent as before. Her legs abruptly exerted strength, and a violent power like a tsunami instantly extinguished the blaze. She bluntly launched a fatal attack. The Skilful Star rushed through Dong Junqing’s spear encirclement, her figure appearing before her instantly already like a flash of lightning.

“Heh, heh, heh, heh!”

Dong Junqing laughed softly. Her double spears shook, and a clump of surging flame and a clump of cold light erupted from her spears. Her attack was far from over.

Yan Yizhen’s line of sight immediately was covered by the spears. Dong Junqing was at Ten Thousand Techniques Ninth Stage. Her figure seemingly twinkled, and she promptly attacked before the maid, basically not giving Yan Yizhen the chance to evade.

The double spears’ attack range was very wide. The entire space had seemingly been covered, giving Yan Yizhen no place to hide.

The flames quickly spread.

Yan Yizhen was not to be outdone. The lights from her fists similarly blossomed with the two shades of Yin and Yang, their imposing air overflowing the Heavens and gushing forth. The maid’s fists gracefully danced, and a vigorous power was immediately unleashed.


The Yin Yang Lake’s surface suddenly shook with a spectacular sight. In the range of a thousand meters, the lights of Yin and Yang spread unbounded, as if they were blossoming flower buds, blossoming layer upon layer, opening with breathtaking petals.

“Interesting.” Dong Junqing smiled. Yan Yizhen’s eyes burned with an ice-cold flame. This was an expression she would possess only at her most powerful state. This was an ice-cold brimming with might, the heavy fist directly breaking open all of Dong Junqing’s imposing air and booming into her face.

Dong Junqing’s mocking smile showed a grave expression, and she promptly gripped tight her double spears.

“Come again!!”

The Steadfast Star laughed aloud. In a spurt of energy, she suddenly rushed forth, rapidly brandishing the double spears. In the air, she carved out several dazzling arcs. Yan Yizhen instantly used her hands as a shield, using the Star Energy of her fists block the slashes of the long spear. Although her hands had been jolted numb by Dong Junqing’s attacks, the person herself completely did not care. The instant the Yin Yang Pisces Fists and Dragon And Phoenix Yin Yang Spear made contact, Yan Yizhen seized the chance to hook upwards with her other fist, even more glittering than a lightning strike.

The speed was like a white blur flitting by, transient.

Afterimages propagated without limit.

Dong Junqing’s double spears adopted a defensive stance that blocked these heavy punches. Then, the two weapons suddenly shook, seemingly like a dragon and phoenix crying.

A terrifying power quickly bit out from the weapon’s tip. Dong Junqing basically did not expect Yan Yizhen’s fist to still carry a strange power during the time of attack. The Dragon And Phoenix Yin Yang Spear shook and shuddered.

A powerful impulse once again forced the two apart to a safe distance.

Dong Junqing shook her spears, offloading the power that made the double spears ring. Somewhat in shock, she stared at this Little Sister that was at the limit of the Heavenly Stars. Although she knew Yan Yizhen was top-notch in boxing, she did not expect to be able to still reach this stage.

“You truly are able to make Elder Sister increasingly moved.” Dong Junqing licked her lips. “Following that man actually is a pity.”

Yan Yizhen pursed tight her lips, cold and detached. Her ten fingers stretched, for this was not at all easy to endure. Dong Junqing after all was Liangshan’s Five Tigers Generals, and her realm was Ten Thousand Techniques Ninth Stage. Double spears against double fists, Yan Yizhen first of all was at a disadvantage, to think of prevailing honestly was somewhat difficult.

Dong Junqing took in a deep breath, and she was just about to once again attack.

Just at this moment, she suddenly heard a suppressed moan.

Although the sound nearly inaudible, the battle between them completely stopped. The air was silent enough to hear a pin drop. Dong Junqing turned her head around, stunned. Immediately, she seethed in anger.

On the beach, the adulterous couple of Su Xing and Zhao Hanyan were currently tightly deep-kissing. The Ling Yan Princess’ body was being embraced, her ten white fingers gripping Su Xing’s clothes, showing her innermost confusion and oddity, but the movements of this kiss were nevertheless a bit explicit. Dong Junqing could clearly see Su Xing’s hands – they unexpectedly were kneading Zhao Hanyan’s butt.

“Accept death!!”

Dong Junqing was suddenly furious, turning around to rush towards Su Xing.

Zhao Hanyan let loose a pained moan, turning limp inside Su Xing’s embrace. Originally, she and Dong Junqing had contracted into one. If Dong Junqing wanted to attack Su Xing, the Intertwined Branch Swords, that intertwined abnormality, would similarly make the Ling Yan Princess suffer the recoil.

How could the infuriated Dong Junqing care that much. Her double spears slashed, the dragon and phoenix crying. One Yin and one Yang interwove as Dong Junqing’s figure flashed, practically reaching Su Xing’s front. Afterwards, without holding back in the least bit, the Dragon And Phoenix Yin Yang Spears’ imposing air was fierce, and the double spears swept over.

Su Xing apparently had been long waiting for this moment. He raised a hand, and the twelve Langya flew out to obstruct Dong Junqing.

She made a footstep forward, and in the next second, Dong Junqing’s attack was even more berserk. The light that the dragon and phoenix spears shook out interwove, the spear-lights dragging a brilliant trajectory, breaking apart the air on the verge of freezing. And under that tempo of frequently changing attacks, because of the powerful collisions, the spears raised wind, enveloping the two’s figures within.

Flitting past the cold spear-light, Su Xing could clearly see the Steadfast Star’s two murderous pupils. There was a kind of peculiar illusion. Dong Junqing’s seemingly intimidating and fierce attack also seemed to be waver indeterminately. The path of attack for Dong Junqing’s pair of short spears was extremely swift.

It was unable to be seized with the naked eye.

Langya spun around Dong Junqing’s surroundings to trap her. Upon seeing that, Dong Junqing raised her short spears. Each time she struck, she apparently could hit from any angle, her speed quick to the limit. The dragon and phoenix on the double spears whistled forth as if they had substance, whirling around her surroundings to break apart every attack. The mighty Langya had been struck into having no leeway at all.

Su Xing formed a hand seal, and twelve golden swords simultaneously whooshed out.

The Flying Swords did not have killing intent, yet they had quite the powerful defense.

The golden and green lights overlapped like a giant cage. The golden lights cried, the green lights roared, crisscrossing. A golden light was on the brink of drowning Dong Junqing. Astonishingly, this was the “Essence Metal Divine Wood Array.”2 If it was any other cultivator, had they fallen in, they definitely would die.

So amazing.

Su Xing was slightly astonished.

Dong Junqing unexpectedly relied on her own self and was able to block.

The pressure transmitted through the Flying Swords made Su Xing’s heart tremble. He hardly hesitated to retreat backwards. Just at this moment, the Sword Array scattered like the petals the goddesses threw. The twenty-four Immemorial Five Elements Swords were defeated. Dong Junqing instantly attacked, the two spears just happening to sweep by the place Su Xing stood. The dragon and phoenix in her hand flipped and rolled, making it difficult for people to approach.

Astonishingly, this was the Steadfast Star General of Double Spear’s Dark Rank Special Move.

Top Luan Inverted Phoenix!!


Su Xing’s teeth hurt. This Five Tigers General’s Dark Rank Move honestly was fucking terrifying. He had some understanding originally when the Little Marquis of Wen Lü Fang once said those seemingly venting words. No wonder the Aid Star was this hateful. The distance between a Heavenly Star and Earthly Star was too great. Both had Dark Rank Techniques, but the Steadfast Star was probably able to beat back a Supercluster Cultivator. Su Xing did not stand a chance.


Dong Junqing panted. Her foot kicked, and she once again rushed forward.

Su Xing chuckled.

Yan Yizhen flashed to Su Xing’s front, adopting a battle stance as easily as lifting weights. Evidently, she was preparing to use her own Dark Rank Boxing.

Just at this moment.

The Zhao Hanyan that returned to her senses shouted. “Stop!!”

Having been ordered by her contractor, Dong Junqing could not help but stop. Her intimidating aura immediately vanished. She somewhat slowly looked at Zhao Hanyan, her expression brimming with displeasure that the Ling Yan Princess would stop her from killing this shameless pervert.

“Princess Highness, this man is too hateful.” It was unclear whether the “hateful” Dong Junqing spoke of referred to Su Xing’s being frivolous with a Sister or with Zhao Hanyan.

Zhao Hanyan also recovered her calm, and she shook her head saying: “Junqing, forget about it.”

“Dong Junqing, this time, you lost.” Su Xing softly said.

The provision was that whoever used their Heaven, Earth, Dark or Yellow Rank Move first would lose. Just now, Dong Junqing clearly was the first to use one.

“This General lost, what nonsense do you speak of.” Dong Junqing disdainfully said.

“Junqing, you used your Heaven Earth Dark Yellow first. We indeed lost.” Zhao Hanyan twitched her lips.


“Junqing, this time, you were too rash. In the future, do not do things like this. This Princess herself will look after herself.” The Ling Yan Princess’ smile was very tender: “Su Xing, many thanks for the lesson you gave.”

Seeing the Ling Yan Princess speak like this, Su Xing actually was somewhat embarrassed.

Zhao Hanyan then said: “Fine then, those Yin Yang Carps will be given to you. This Princess did not truly have much interest.”

“Then many thanks for your help.” Su Xing nodded. He knew if Yan Yizhen truly fought with Dong Junqing, then certainly he would be at a disadvantage. Thus, would he talk about using a Heaven Earth Dark Yellow first, thus would he deliberately provoke Dong Junqing into using this technique.

“However, This Princess actually wishes to see how you will take the Yin Yang Carps.” Zhao Hanyan mysteriously smiled.

Su Xing’s brows rose.

The sun set, and evening tinged the earth. The fallen speech of smelted gold, the evening clouds matched harmoniously.

Gleaming reflection suddenly appeared on the lake’s surface. A golden flame seemed to burn. Looking over from the center of the island, half of the lakewater that parted became a gold color. Upon first glance, it seemed their whole body had been enveloped in warmth; at this moment, the cold moon ascended. The ice-cold moonlight poured down, sprinkling onto the other half of the lakewater. That portion of lakewater was piled up with blue light, emitting wisps of chilly air, becoming a completely blue deep cold.

Two types of odd figures slowly appeared just like a water and ink painting being slowly sketched, displaying a hard to imagine scene.

Everyone was amazed.

When night completely enshrouded Evil Smiting Hall, an inconceivable scene appeared before Su Xing’s eyes. The originally ordinary and mediocre lake then became a perfect Yin Yang diagram.

“So this is Yin Yang Lake, amazing.” Su Xing exclaimed.

His gaze looked, and at this time, two clumps of dazzling light appeared in the midst of the schools of carps inside the lake. In the scorching golden light rays on the lake’s surface, a golden carp currently swam gracefully. On the other half of the lake frozen with cold light, a blue carp similarly swam around leisurely, showing a stark contrast to the rest of the carps. Its whole body was glowing extraordinarily.

They were the legendary Yin Yang Carps!

“The legendary Yin Yang Carps are born at the center of the lakewater where the sun and moonlight intersect. Only one pair can possibly appear in a hundred years. Because one is Yin and the other Yang, thus were they named the Yin Yang Carps. This Star Beast, if paired with a Yin Yang type weapon, would become even sharper. It was necessary to draw this pair of Yin Yang Carps into the center of the intersection of Yin and Yang to form a couple. However, Su Xing, how will you go attract them.

Zhao Hanyan gently smiled to the side. Although she agreed to yield the Yin Yang Carps to Su Xing, the Ling Yan Princess appeared interested in what Su Xing would do next.

Su Xing also knew the legends of the Yin Yang Carp. Yan Yizhen had mentioned before the subjugation process for this beast. If it was compared to a powerful Star Beast like the Void Dragon False Phoenix, the Yin Yang Carp could be considered to be incomparably gentler, but a problem was that they had to simultaneously draw the Yin Yang Carps together, which was comparably thorny. Furthermore, the time this Yin Yang Lake existed was approximately only four hours. When the Yin Yang Lake lost its light, the Yin Yang Carps would disappear.

This was why the Yin Yang Carps would become a legend in Liangshan.

“Little Yi, have you finished preparing?” Su Xing said.

Yan Yizhen extended her hand, “Master, please take this.” In her palm was the Nüwa Jade.

“You take it.” Su Xing shook his head in refusal.

Zhao Hanyan was shocked the moment she looked at that magic weapon. She faintly smiled: “This is an Ancient Lost Treasure refined into an Astral Treasure? Unexpectedly, it is Heavenly Spirit Grade. Su Xing, I feel you had better take it. By the time you go corral the Yin Yang Carps, the Yin Yang Lake will make you suffer.”

“No need, Little Yi, keep it for yourself. This is my order.” Su Xing knew the power of the Yin Yang Lake, otherwise, the Yin Yang Carps would not appear so rarely. However, Su Xing cared even more for Yan Yizhen’s safety, “Just a bit of lakewater. If I can’t dodge it, how would I have the qualifications to become your Master.”

“Slave Servant does not care about this at all.” Yan Yizhen calmly answered.

“I care.” Su Xing smiled.

Yan Yizhen was silent.

Zhao Hanyan was taken aback. She laughed: “Su Xing, you actually are a man!”

The Dong Junqing standing next to Zhao Hanyan snorted, her gaze watched Su Xing and itched to carve his flesh.

Yan Yizhen did not say anything more. She was very clear about Su Xing’s personality.

Su Xing took in a deep breath. The two each picked a side. Su Xing chose “Yang,” and Yan Yizhen chose “Yin.” At practically the same time, the two people jumped into the lake.


When they entered the water, Su Xing suddenly felt an extreme burning scorch his whole body’s organs. Su Xing believed that he could endure every sort of pain very well. Just the Chaotic Tail Escape was enough to make people terrified, but compared to this suffering, the pain of this moment seemed to evolve from deep within. A powerful heat burned his muscle and bone, as if it was about to melt Su Xing.

Besides the acute pain, his lower half expanded even more and was about to burst.

Su Xing knew this was a characteristic of the “Yin Yang Lake.” Yang Water was fire, Yin Water was cold. One side was an extreme burning and body breaking Yang Fire, and the other side was a deep frigidity that could not be underestimated in any way. With the Nüwa Jade’s protection, temporarily, Yan Yizhen should have no problems. Su Xing also calmed down. The strong burning pain still did not count as anything to Su Xing, but that Yang Fire of desire bursting forth was practically torment for the male sex. Su Xing activated the Absolute Sincerity Soul Technique to barely suppress it, and he seized whatever willpower he could to persevere, immediately searching for the Yang Carp.

In the water, the Yang Carp giving off warm light was very easy to lock onto. Su Xing swam over, starting to corral it.

The process of herding the Yang Carp was not difficult. Besides dodging the annoying water thistles, there were no difficulties, but the Yang Carp’s speed was extremely fast that having it forced to the border of the Yin Lake to meet the Yin Carp just happened to be a very difficult mission. It required the two people to have extremely high tacit understanding, otherwise, with the slightest mistake, the two carps would brush past each other in an enormous waste of time, leaving Su Xing and Yan Yizhen without much time from the four hours they had.

On the other side, the Nüwa Jade on Yan Yizhen’s forehead emitted a lustrous treasure light that enveloped the Skilful Star within. The surrounding chill was alleviated greatly by the Heavenly Spirit Grade Astral Treasure. The remaining cold did not affect the maid in the slightest.

The ice-cold swimming Yin Carp very quickly was discovered.

Yan Yizhen promptly swam over there.

Zhao Hanyan spectated as she stood on the islet, showing a surprised expression. In her eyes, she saw that although the two were each separated a great distance, their teamwork nevertheless was exceptionally precise. Regardless of where they were driven from, their herding was the same, as if they were reflections. The Yin Yang Carps incessantly swam about and looped around in the lakewater, their paths almost identical.

“A most surprising tacit understanding. This Purple Thunder Monster actually has merit.” Zhao Hanyan smiled.

Dong Junqing twitched her lips in displeasure. She was somewhat gloomy that Zhao Hanyan would be so undisturbed from having her first kiss stolen by a man just a moment ago. “Princess Highness, this Purple Thunder Monster is a Star Master. Your Highness must not be confused by him.

“This Princess naturally realizes this point. Junqing, you need not be so concerned.” Zhao Hanyan understood.

“That is for the best.” Dong Junqing twitched her lips, unconvinced. “Princess Highness, what are your plans to go find those Tears of Vega to undo the Intertwined Branch Swords?”

“Oh, just wait until after This Princess’ birthday banquet passes, and then we will go. If only the Bright Moon Longevity Palace had the Tears of Vega.” Zhao Hanyan smiled, her eyes rolled. The Ling Yan Princess said: “We just so happen to be able to summon call Su Xing to go.”

“We do not know where this Purple Thunder Monster hails from. It is so strange. How would he have so many Heavenly Stars? Junqing, can you discern any of his background?” Zhao Hanyan inquisitively asked. “Just now, Su Xing’s twenty-four Flying Swords seemed to be very powerful, however, This Princess was unable to see its sect. It seems to be an Ancient Sword Chant, but the materials it is forged from are very formidable. This Princess surmises the golden Flying Swords should be forged from dragon scales, the Wood Swords from the Ten Thousand Year Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo…The Purple Thunder Monster truly is ostentatious. Across all of Liangshan Continent, he is so extravagant.”

Dong Junqing shook her head. To be frank: she also was completely unable to deduce any of his background. “This General feels he must be bragging.” The Steadfast Star’s eyes were somewhat jealous, unwilling to believe Su Xing could have that many Sisters attending to him.

Zhao Hanyan smiled yet did not speak.

“This man definitely will be a formidable foe in the Star Duels someday. Right now is the perfect chance to root out…” Dong Junqing’s tone had some killing intent.

“And when the Intertwined Branch Swords manifest their effects afterwards, This Princess is to withdraw from the Star Duels? To give others a convenience?” Zhao Hanyan mocked: “This Princess does not have any interest in this at all. Su Xing indeed is powerful, but Junqing need not worry like this. Has Chao Gai not appeared. It cannot be said for certain that she came to nab the Purple Thunder Monster, ha, ha.”

“To have the Intertwined Branch Swords with him appears not be a bad thing at all…” Zhao Hanyan muttered.

Dong Junqing was startled upon hearing this. “Princess Highness, how can you have these sorts of thoughts.”

Zhao Hanyan faintly smiled.

At this moment, Su Xing and Yan Yizhen herded the Yin Yang Carps to the end. Originally, the Yin Yang Lake’s greatest difficulty was that Yang and Yin lakewater. Fortunately, Su Xing and Yan Yizhen had their own ways to resist. Continuing to rely on the tacit understanding between the two of them, this supreme undertaking’s completion was only to be expected.

In the split second Su Xing’s and Yan Yizhen’s eyes met, each of their hearts emitted a fantastic warmth.

The two carps at this moment saw their own counterparts. As if they were pulled together like magnets, they began to swim around in circles. When Yan Yizhen saw this, she knew she had subdued the Yin Yang Carps to the optimal timing. She immediately brought out the Evil Smiting Writ, formed a hand seal, and the Yin Yang Carps immediately crisscrossed in their swimming as they began to slowly blend into a capture. In this process that required absolute silence without being disturbed, Su Xing took responsibility of guarding her.

When Zhao Hanyan saw that the capture of the Yin Yang Carps was this successful, she slightly sighed and rose.

Just at this moment, a gigantic shadow suddenly flew out of the forest.

A dragon roared, a phoenix cried.

A gale blew in all directions, blowing the Yin Yang Lake into a cluttered mess.

Su Xing immediately used his Star Energy to form a barrier that protected the Yin Yang Carps currently crossing their Yin and Yang, so as to avoid being disturbed. He lifted his head and immediately cursed to himself, Fuck.

An enormous Spirit Beast flew out. This beast was like a dragon, like a phoenix, appearing quite strange, but its build was tremendous. Two wings like blades carved open the night.

Astonishingly, it was.

Void Dragon False Phoenix!!

“Damn.” Su Xing suddenly recalled that the Void Dragon False Phoenix took the Yin Yang Carps to be food. Clearly, the difference in the Yin Yang Lake also simultaneously drew this powerful Star Beast over.

The Void Dragon False Phoenix took aim at the Yin Yang Carps and immediately lunged. When Su Xing saw, how could he allow it to succeed. He immediately met it head on.

Twenty-four Flying Swords whooshed out.

“This man is out of luck.” Dong Junqing was somewhat passive as she watched.

How could she have anticipated that the Ling Yan Princess would fly out, making Dong Junqing startled.

“For him to be out of luck, This Princess certainly is not pleased.”

Zhao Hanyan softly laughed.

“This General definitely does not want to aid the enemy!”

Dong Junqing snorted.

The Void Dragon False Phoenix’s intimidating air was not the least bit inferior to the legendary Holy Beasts. Multi-colored light sparkled across its whole body, and when it saw the Yin Yang Lake, it appeared even more sinister than when he first saw it. The multi-colored light show down like a whip.

This terrifying Star Beast merely barely opened its mouth. Each type of the Five Spirits Immortal Magic of Su Xing’s True Star Purple Qi and Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder were turned into whimpers and scattered dust. Countless Purple Thunders, talismans, Astral Tools, Flying Swords, whatever abilities Su Xing could think of was totally offered. In short, so long as he could draw the Void Dragon False Phoenix’s aggression to turn it towards himself, Su Xing was not stingy at all to fight for time for Yan Yizhen to capture the Yin Yang Carps. What made Su Xing very gloomy was that his powerful attacks unexpectedly were incapable of bringing about any effects.

Each of the Void Dragon False Phoenix’s cries that shook the earth made a power turn to dust and ash.

“Hey, Zhao Hanyan, you won’t help hubby?” Su Xing raised his Flying Sword, and the twenty-four Flying Swords descended. He turned his head around and spoke helplessly to the spectating Ling Yan Princess.

“Is this a begging tone?” Zhao Hanyan smiled.

“There’s no need to be so heartless.” Su Xing chuckled: “This Void Dragon False Phoenix should be very useful to Steadfast Star Dong Junqing, right? How about this, I’ll help you, and we’ll capture it together.”

“You speak truly so pleasantly. Obviously you need to fight for time.” Zhao Hanyan snorted.

“Can you achieve what you claim?” Dong Junqing’s eyelips jumped, thoughtfully speaking.

“One word worth nine sacred pots.”3

The Void Dragon False Phoenix fiercely swooped down. Su Xing blocked it with great difficulty. The two Yin Yang Carps required a lot of time to combine, and Yan Yizhen was incapable of protecting herself. To have him alone go obstruct the Void Dragon False Phoenix honestly was somewhat too difficult.


Dong Junqing pondered for a moment, as if she was weighing the pros and cons of this matter. The Void Dragon False Phoenix indeed was one of Dong Junqing’s Star Beasts. This beast given to a martial general like Dong Junqing actually was very suitable.

“This General shall help Little Sister.” The Steadfast Star smiled and raised her Dragon and Phoenix Yin Yang Spears.

Dong Junqing and Zhao Hanyan’s eyes instantly contracted to reveal Essence Light. The Star Crests on their foreheads twinkled, and in the next instant, they suddenly skyrocketed. They gracefully launched their attacks.

Dong Junqing’s gentle and beautiful body suddenly leapt a distance of several thousand meters, faster than even light. Su Xing practically only felt something flash past him. He saw the Dragon and Phoenix Yin Yang Spears in her hand cut down that Void Dragon False Phoenix with power that could topple mountains and overturn seas.

A shocking radiance appeared in the sky!!

The Void Dragon False Phoenix’s defenses could be rated as tyrannical and magnificent. The flame-like rays of light on its whole body painstakingly resisted this strike, as if there could only be such a tyrannical battle style that could pour out the pride of a legendary Star Beast.

In the instant the standoff reached its peak, a dazzling light finally exploded between them. The air above the lake’s surface suddenly rose with a pervasive mist. Dong Junqing’s expression was serious and solemn.

The Dragon and Phoenix Yin Yang Double Spears made an all-out effort, sufficient to easily kill a powerful Star Cultivator, endlessly sweeping out spear-light.

The Void Dragon False Phoenix angrily screeched, annoyed that someone would interrupt its rush. Finally, it felt pain. That gentle and beautiful body’s attacks were abnormally fast. A range of several hundred meters suddenly burned with a bright flame, yet this attack nevertheless sunk into empty space – long before the Void Dragon False Phoenix launched its attack, Dong Junqing already evaded to a sufficiently safe place.

The Void Dragon False Phoenix opened its enormous mouth. All of a sudden, the violent gale it brought easily created a super hurricane.

Dong Junqing was like rapid in the middle of an ocean. At a low altitude, she recklessly charged. Dragging behind her was a long and continuous light golden trail. Upon the simple lake, these bright flames and Yin Yang blazes were especially eye-catching. Until the Void Dragon False Phoenix’s third attack was launched, only then did the Steadfast Star suddenly pull her body up, cutting past a tightly curved trajectory. Afterwards, she brought enormous energy again to slam into the Void Dragon False Phoenix’s huge body.

While Maiden Mountain’s most powerful Five Tigers General and the Void Dragon False Phoenix fought an all-out close quarters battle, Su Xing and Zhao Hanyan were not idle. Flying Swords emerged, releasing even more sword-light, rising and falling like waves.

A dazzling Yang-light gleamed, forcing the originally utterly chaotic lake surface to gradually turn into an endless light ray.

A magnificent flame gulped as if it were alive, pouncing over. The wings on the Void Dragon False Phoenix flapped and launched an attack at Dong Junqing. A golden disc opened around Dong Junqing, immediately reflecting the attack.

A beautiful figure arrived. She was Zhao Hanyan!

As the Steadfast Star’s Star Master, Zhao Hanyan naturally had sufficient means and tacit understanding, taking up guard of the Steadfast Star.

“Be a bit more careful, Junqing!” Zhao Hanyan said.

Dong Junqing slightly smiled.

The woman suddenly left her. In practically an instant, the body of the General of Double Spears used a speed that transcended consciousness to move about. In the instant she leaned, she felt an extremely sharp blade fly past her head. A thin but matchlessly dazzling white line appeared by her head, sweeping across the entire lake’s surface. An enormous pattern was carved out of the earth.

When Su Xing saw, he immediately dodged and blocked, descending in front of the Yin Yang Carps to stop this sharp light.

Then, a sharp buzzing in the air filled everyone’s eardrums. The lake’s surface drawn on by the ray of light showed a melting state due to the high temperatures. The glossy surface reflected this light, appearing very brilliant.

Afterwards, on the two sides of this scratch, there nevertheless were countless large trees and schools of carp cut open by this.

“What is this thing?” Dong Junqing looked bewildered at the earth that had been cut apart, exceptionally surprised. She licked her lips: “This General wants it even more.”

The Void Dragon False Phoenix raised its head towards the sparkling skies, gazing towards that burning red point at the zenith, where its prey was.

Then, its whole body suddenly raised a red pillar of flame straight through the clouds, as if it was an enormous sword that could even cut down gods. Countless swathes of raging flames cut apart the air, coiling and twining up the scarlet sword. Very quickly, it formed a heaven concealing vortex.

The hot wind of the fragments instantly wrapped the mountain range, and on the peak of this red wave, the Void Dragon False Phoenix currently braved the winds and billows. The flames infiltrating its figure instantly broke straight through the skies. The entire night was seemingly illuminated by the Void Dragon False Phoenix’s dazzling body. Brightly lit, its majestic wings were similar to two sharp arrows, cutting apart the flaring air, cutting apart the gloomy skies, cutting apart the line of vision of the three.

One look showed it was about to use full power.

Su Xing and the other two did not dare be careless.

An instant after this blaze that practically evolved seemingly with life, the Yin Yang Lake was close to being evaporated away. A graveyard was already visible in its interior. The incomparably tyrannical destructive power of the Void Dragon False Phoenix seemingly was declaring its power.

Dong Junqing and Zhao Hanyan were sent flying by the Void Dragon False Phoenix.

At this time, this type of Star Beast already was absolutely not something the an ordinary Star Master could capture.

Countless fire serpents flew out from the Void Dragon False Phoenix’s body. These scarlet bright lines similar to wild vines weaved into a gigantic net, dyeing the entire sky in its color of fresh blood.

“The true first wave of attacks is about to come.” Su Xing’s expression was grave as he stared at each and every one of the Void Dragon False Phoenix’s moves.

Then, a figure flashed.

Twenty-four flying swords flew out and battled the tongues of flame filling the skies, but the main point was still to protect a bit of lakewater to the end.

“We do not need your concern. Protect Little Sister’s Star Beast.” Dong Junqing’s lovely magnetic voice came as she was pulled around at high altitudes, at life and death speeds. Under the inescapable net the Void Dragon False Phoenix spread open, Dong Junqing suddenly raised her cloak, unimaginably streaking past the sky, leaving behind only an awe-inspiring trail of red light among the curtain of five colors.

And at the tip of this trail, a flock of fire snakes flocked over by the tens of thousands, like fireworks blooming across the whole sky, each one among them pervading a fatal aura, but although this imposing air was great, the speedily moving group of snakes basically were incapable of catching that fuzzy target. It was just a moment in the blink of an eye, and they were already ripped to shreds by the Dragon and Phoenix Yin Yang Spear’s light. The extended bodies were tangled together due to their blind chase, twisting them together into a massive fireball.

“Her speed is so fast, and her dodges are quite awesome.” Su Xing slightly exclaimed.

Dong Junqing was worthy of being called a Five Tiger. This level of awareness made Su Xing see only dust from being left far behind. Every evasion left him practically dazzled. The Void Dragon False Phoenix’s countless tongues of flame seemingly were regarded as nothing.

But the Void Dragon False Phoenix’s close quarters attacks was far from just that. At the same time, a large expanse of flame once again soared up from the enormous wings on its back. Thick to opaqueness layers of heat waves emerged one after another. The fire snakes crowded together, baring their fangs as they threw themselves over.

“This is not good, if this continues, sooner or later, we will be hit!” Zhao Hanyan’s tranquil pupils fiercely contracted, “We must…”

“We must counterattack!” Dong Junqing sternly took hold of the discussion. Her pupils were just like the northernmost ice that reflected sunlight. A piercing light wandered her grave expression.

Zhao Hanyan’s whole body began to radiate with an elegant brilliance, indeed very pretty and dazzling.

Zhao Hanyan formed several hand seals in succession, and the True Immortals Swords psychically surrounded Dong Junqing, revolving in a group.

This was a powerful protective Sword Array!

At the same time, the twelve Langya appeared at her side to defend her. Dong Junqing was somewhat surprised. Glancing at Su Xing, she did not say anything.

Seizing the opportunity the protective Flying Sword Arrays of Zhao Hanyan and Su Xing brought her, she moved with unprecedented force. Dong Junqing furiously shouted, drawing an enormous half-circle in midair. She raised that Dragon and Phoenix Yin Yang Spear, her figure breaking through the fire snakes with a speed incapable of perception to the naked eye. Like a shooting star flitting across the darkness, she plunged straight from the heavens to the Void Dragon False Phoenix’s crest.

Her double spears released a light more scorching than the sun, an ice-cold light more freezing than the moon!

In the next instant, two colliding boundaries burst forth with an acute and dense wave pattern. A powerful force swallowed and disappeared with each other at the point of impact, releasing a sort of ringing that arose when metal was scraped.

A burning hot gale suddenly rolled across the entire battlefield, and even the chain of mountains seemed to tremble slightly.

Piercing through the storm of flames, Dong Junqing’s double spears slashed.


Countless rays of Yin Yang spear-light seemed to shatter, falling in large pieces. These fragments became phantoms of falling dragons and phoenixes. A blizzard that directly covered, it practically made the sky and earth split open. A powerful disintegration attacked the Void Dragon False Phoenix and hindered it.

Su Xing was greatly shocked.

This was a Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Technique?

“Top Luan Inverted Phoenix Slash!!”

Dong Junqing shouted.

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  1. Raws say Su Xing
  2. 精金神木劍陣
  3. 一言九鼎, means words with enormous weight.


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