Chapter 297: This Feeling Is The Most Intimate ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Su Xing and Yan Yizhen glanced at each other, then faced Zhao Hanyan without uttering a word.

After obtaining the Void Dragon False Phoenix, the Ling Yan Princess and Steadfast Star Dong Junqing did not delay for too long. The two women in the end each somewhat profoundly looked at Su Xing, and then they left this place.

Su Xing also did not waste time, swiftly leaving Evil Smiting Hall.

In the Void Immortal’s Abode, the beauties already were waiting for a long time, waiting for Su Xing and Yan Yizhen to come out. Naturally, they could not avoid but curiously ask questions. When they saw the Yin Yang Carps swimming around Yan Yizhen’s body, they felt even more surprised. This time, Wu Xinjie followed routine and asked about Su Xing’s and Yan Yizhen’s encounters in Evil Smiting Hall.

Su Xing introduced very simply the matter with Zhao Hanyan, warning that Dong Junqing had unexpectedly obtained the Void Dragon False Phoenix, which was somewhat astonishing. However, Zhao Hanyan’s birthday banquet and the Bright Moon Longevity Palace’s invitation made them even more shocked.

“The Bright Moon Longevity Palace, it is one of the Liangshan Continent’s seven great tombs. Legend has it that the inside has things like the Tears of Vega, Thousand Year Tears of Empress Wa, however, up until now, no one has solved this puzzle.”

“What sort of puzzle could be this hard?” Shi Yuan curiously asked.

“Legend says the Bright Moon Longevity Palace conceals a palace hall, but always, no one can find this palace hall.” Wu Xinjie slowly said. The Knowledge Star brimmed with interested for every sort of ancient ruin, however, the Seven Great Tombs were hidden very deep. Actually, no one had found out about them at the present time.

“If we have time, then we’ll go and take a look.” Su Xing nodded.

Wu Xinjie agreed.

“Next should be Elder Sister Yingmei going to Evil Smiting Hall.” An Suwen said.

The Efficacious Star’s words immediately made everyone gaze at Lin Yingmei.

Su Xing looked at the expressionless Lin Yingmei and smiled. Walking over, Lin Yingmei had a serious expression. She raised the Evil SMiting Writ, and the gazes of the two looked at each other. Compared to the first time he saw Yingmei, the girl right now had greatly changed. Her eyes no longer had a deep wariness and detachment. What made Su Xing’s heart move even more was the luster they were filled with, all of it entirely indescribable.

Instantly, the two disappeared from the Void Immortal’s Abode.

“I wonder what sort of Star Beast Su Xing will capture for Yingmei?” Shi Yuan guessed.

“The Majestic Star’s Star Beasts are all very formidable.” An Suwen showed a bit of worry. She saw the Hero Star capture the Heavenly Hero Red Luan and naturally realized the Star Beasts these top ten ranked Elder Sisters had certainly were not easy. Generally, for these Star Generals to capture the Star Beasts, they would use very long times to go waste the Star Beast’s energy, in the end capturing them. However, currently, Su Xing’s time was not much. To capture them like this truly was somewhat difficult.

Wu Siyou grunted: “Your Servant actually wishes to see how he will treat Yingmei.”

All of the girls smiled.

A biting cold northern wind like a blade cut against their faces. This world of ice and snow carried a frigid roar. This roaring sound ravaged their wills over and over. The air it breathed out could instantly freeze anything. Exposed skin would instantly necrotize and fall off. In the ice and frost, every sort of thing cold to the extreme often was named for the cold. As far as the eye could see, the sky was an entire expanse of whiteness.

Su Xing looked at the surrounding world of ice and snow, taking in a long breath of icy air.

This place was the coldest region of Evil Smiting Hall. It was colder than the Silent Path some. Although he knew Lin Yingmei’s Star Beast appeared in places with ice and snow, he did not expect the environment to be so vile. The ice-cold northern wind was bone-chilling enough to cause pain.

“Young Master?” A voice penetrated the blizzard. Lin Yingmei’s eyes were somewhat worried.

“I’m fine, what about you?” Su Xing asked.

Lin Yingmei nodded.

“Let’s go look for it first.” Su Xing looked around this land of ice. Vaguely, he could hear the cries of every sort of beast. Clearly, this place had many Star Beasts.

The Majestic Star’s Star Beast was much easier to find than he had imagined, just after several hours.

On a mountain range, completely bundled up figures appeared. In their surroundings, lay more than a dozen Spirit Beast corpses with black fur and blue eyes that were seemingly wolf-like yet also seemingly tiger-like. One animal still alive spat out a green phosphoric flame. This flame instantly died out. A leg planted into its body and ground its head to pieces.

The youth lifted his head, just happening to see a young girl wrapped in white ruthlessly kill one of these Star Beasts.

This beast was known as “Black Snow.”1 It spat a blue phosphorescent flame, had a whole body of black. It was very frightening, and it was considered a relatively rare Star Beast. Once rode upon, these beasts would bring powerful pressure to anyone.

“Young Master, do we not want these Black Snow?” Lin Yingmei raised the Arctic Star Serpent Spear.

The Majestic Star could take the Black Snow for capture.

“It’s too wretched.” Su Xing shook his head, wrapped his body tighter. The deeper into the ice world they went, the colder it became. Even with a constitution like Su Xing’s, he was somewhat suffering.

“Actually, Your Servant is not at all concerned with Star Beasts. There are still the other Sisters. Young Master first of all must struggle for time.” Lin Yingmei let out a cold and chattering tone.

“In any case, Yingmei is the First Wife. How can I treat you unfairly.” Su Xing smiled and said.


Lin Yingmei wanted to say something, but she was immediately interrupted by Su Xing, “I know it’s very hard to capture. It’s precisely because of this that it’s suitable for you. Even if we used a month, I wouldn’t mind.”

Lin Yingmei slightly knit her brow. Seeing Su Xing apparently somewhat coldt, the girl walked over. The Majestic Star took out the Arctic Star Serpent Spear. This Three Star Star Weapon emitted a warm light that made the surrounding snowstorm falling in several meters greatly alleviate.

Su Xing clasped Lin Yingmei’s hand. The girl faintly struggled, yet she did not oppose.

The two supported each other in the blizzard, staggering forward. En route, they encountered many Star Beasts, but not a single one made Su Xing feel satisfied. An unknown amount of time passed when finally, a towering mountain range appeared inside the blizzard. This mountain range was just like a gigantic creeping dragon, layer upon layer, winding and twisting. At first glance, it seemingly did not have an end.

“Finally, we can see the mountains!” Su Xing let out a breath. No wonder he was so happy. Walking for so long across these icy plains that stretched as far as the eye could see, they finally could be considered to have seen something fresh.

Legend said Star Beasts were even more prevalent in this mountain range.

The two quickly advanced towards the mountain range.

Suddenly, an enormous noise came from some unknown place. An iceberg up ahead violently trembled. The two were shocked, promptly stopping their footsteps. They then saw a huge light fly down from the mountain.

The entire iceberg suddenly shuddered violently, and an enormous amount of chunks of ice endlessly fell from the top. When this beast flew, the power it gave rise to made the iceberg begin to shake apart. Immediately afterwards, a huge body slowly revealed its true form from within the mist.

The two were shocked and dumbstruck.

That was an enormous giant ice creature. Just its gigantic build alone was enough to give rise to a terrifying pressure. Cowards perhaps would have directly been scared to death. Its body seemingly had been made of ten thousand years of ice, pure and limpid, inconceivable. It flickered with the radiance of ice and snow. Su Xing saw it had a kind of feeling of being deeply astonished.

What was particularly noteworthy was that this beast had two ice wings that seemingly were formed from light. This beast’s head was panther-like yet not, wolf-like yet not. Its forehead was like it was wearing a crown of ice, full of a ruler’s august might.

“The Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast?”2 Lin Yingmei gasped.

“What? The Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast?” Su Xing’s expression also changed.

The Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast spotted the pair inside the snowstorm. Those frost-white pupils released light. Those fantastical wings were then even more unbelievable.

The first time he saw it, Su Xing’s interest was piqued. He looked at Lin Yingmei, and the Majestic Star also flashed with a bit of excitement.

The Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast stared at them, that proud expression seemingly saying: “Insignificant human, leave this place at once!! Here is not a place thou canst enter!”

Su Xing sensed this beast’s valiant aspect. Compared to the Heavenly Hero Red Luan and the WHite and Black Unicorn Tiger, it was at the same level.

The Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast strutted around as a hint. Seeing Su Xing and Lin Yingmei unconcerned, the Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast opened its mouth wide open. Immediately, it was furious, spitting out a cold wind.

The world changed colors, and a cold wind swept everything away.

The entire mountain area gave rise to a powerful freezing feeling. Immediately, an illusory world of ice and snow appeared, leaving them unable to differentiate where the border was between the worlds.

“Then it’s you!!” Su Xing coldly shouted, and twenty four Flying Swords arose, displaying a fierce glow in the snowstorm.

Lin Yingmei raised the Arctic Star Serpent Spear to launch an attack at the same time.

Behind the Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast dragged a long trail of ice, as if it wanted to dye the entire dome of heaven with an icy color, yet that dreamy body, its sharp fangs as well as the bursts of rain-like frost it emitted, occupied the pair’s entire line of sight.

All of a sudden, a giant iceball spat out from the Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast’s mouth. The chilliness penetrated bone, mixing with the gale’s bellows. Once again, the originally extreme cold that reached the limit was brought to an even colder place.

That dazzling light was like a comet, dragging a flaming tail. On the ground, it plowed open an ugly trench. A second, a third shooting star followed close behind. The flowers cold to freezing at this place suddenly cheerfully burst forth on the ground.

They endlessly boomed towards the pair.

The Flying Swords attacked with a whoosh, linking together into one. Every impact of the shooting stars they sustained made Su Xing’s expression change. Such powerful strength. Taking advantage of the Flying Swords and every sort of power to pin down the Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast, the other things were left to the Majestic Star Panther Head to take responsibility for.

Lin Yingmei dodged and weaved her way through the ice boulders booming throughout the whole sky. Her figure released an illusory silhouette. Something like this truly could fool the Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast’s eyes.

The Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast wildly spat out a fire of ice and frost.

An ice-cold dragon breath ripped apart the shield of Flying Swords. Su Xing seemingly was like a tree in the wind, shuddering in that tidal wave-like airflow. The defenses the Flying Swords constructed were immediately blown to pieces by the Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast. The ice and snow surrounding the Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast’s body then released a hissing noise.

Lin Yingmei pushed against the hissing air pressure and the bone-chilling cold, lifting her head to face her target, and when the Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast returned to its senses, the girl’s ice-cold body already drew near in front of it.

A shadow flit past it to the side.

In their fleeting contact, it caused a violent sonic boom. Instantly, it ran through the entire world of ice and snow, echoing with booms. A blood-curdling scream without any warning sounded out that made people’s hearts shrink back.

The Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast was somewhat startled as it looked at that Arctic Star Serpent Spear of Lin Yingmei’s with cold light leaping about. This beast evidently knew this Destined Star Weapon’s might. After several exchanges, its claws were riddled with injuries.

While the Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast was angry, a figure already appeared in front of it.

Lin Yingmei raised the spear and slashed straight down.

The cold light was devastating.

An ice-cold light flowed inside the eyes of the Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast’s two dragon heads, and the ice-cold air enveloping its whole body pervaded the area. It very quickly recovered from its state of shock, its expression no longer underestimating them.

The Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast’s crystalline body flashed with a limpid light. Particularly, those blinding light wings sliced apart the thin icy mist. Those silvery-white light rays were just like a provoked viper, pouncing towards Lin Yingmei without the least bit of reservation.

Lin Yingmei promptly sidestepped, but from that bulky lightning, it very quickly bit at her. The Arctic Star Serpent Spear horizontally blocked. It was not an electric current, but rather a kind of chilliness that invaded her bones and organs, making the girl’s body incapable of suppressing her shivers.

Not good!!

The Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast’s fangs were bared, and its other claw scratched at Lin Yingmei, to fell this girl in one slash.

However, just on the verge of making contact with Lin Yingmei, the Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast’s claws were suddenly forcibly halted. A golden stream of light pounced towards it, and the strong wings stirred up by the burning flames became a dragon of light.

The golden dragon’s figure slammed into the Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast, producing an explosion.

The Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast let out a furious roar. Its gaze turned, spotting the person that disturbed it.

Su Xing’s hands flipped through hand seals. The Flying Swords shuttled back and forth. Although the cold light shooting stars that the Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast spat out stopped the Flying Swords, Su Xing still sent them out.

“Heaven Suppressing Stillness Hand!!”

In the next moment, the Purple Cloud light flowed from low altitudes upwards. Following a phoenix cry, it transformed into an enormous heaven concealing hand, climbing the ice-cold skies above the mountains to press towards the Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast.

Endless ice and frost covered and instantly destroyed the Heaven Suppressing Stillness Hand.

Su Xing then somersaulted in midair, sweeping aside an icicle, but the Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast already bit at him.


The Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast astonishingly found that the youth in front of it disappeared without a trace. By the time it notices, he had already appeared on the other side. The spear-light of the Arctic Star Serpent Spear clasped in extreme cold suddenly slashed. That Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast attempting to attack Su Xing howled, for an abyss-like cut appeared, its watery blood freezing.

“Young Master, we must be careful!”

Lin Yingmei knew this beast’s valiance was absolutely not something a Star Cultivator could go contend against.

Su Xing nodded, not daring to be careless.

The Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast roared, and a cold light shuddered into formation.

“Hè,” Lin Yingmei shouted, her pupils suddenly becoming even colder than ice. The Majestic Star clenched the Arctic Star Serpent Spear with both hands, her death god-like intimidating aura causing the Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast to be suddenly frightened.

How could this be!!

“Now it is my turn!!”

Spear-light rose, blood rain formed!

Lin Yingmei was just like a ghost conducting a blitz on the Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast. This haughty Star Beast used its full power, battling. Its illusory wings suddenly extended, and it flew into the skies.

Lin Yingmei did not hesitate at all to soar into the sky as well.

The Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast still was proud, still with an appearance of contempt, still with a scoffing expression. Inside its mouth, it showed rows of sharp teeth, its face filled with a merciless smile.

Sharp and long spines appeared on the Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast’s claws. These sharp claws were just like long sabers, and under the baptism of this snowstorm, it reflected a dull purple cold light. Behind it, its two giant illusory wings slightly extending. The light on the wings circulated freely. Looking on from afar, in this black world of snowstorms devoid of light, it was like a sun.

The Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast’s transformation made Su Xing smell danger.

A shrill cry all of a sudden came from the air. An icy light abruptly appeared beside Su Xing, as if it already existed in that place. The cold light of the Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast’s claws flashed, and it flew towards his neck.

This Star Beast naturally knew that compared to contending against Lin Yingmei, to first get rid of the Star Cultivator would be an even greater advantage.

Such fast speed!!

Su Xing’s pupils suddenly contracted. As if he had been affected by an incorporeal giant hand, without bending his knees, his entire figure suddenly moved backwards, and a Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder boomed forth.


It was just like a sudden explosion, a crisp and clear sound. That ice-cold light instantly was shattered by Su Xing’s Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder. Countless thin shards shot in all direction.

And at the same time Su Xing saw the Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast’s pupils, a pair of completely passionless ice-cold eyes that seemed to live in hell, the deathly gaze of the Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast’s hoar frost eyes were full of an extreme apathy. Then, its other claw immediately clawed forth.

Cold air greatly flourished, and cold light swept through. Instantly, the Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast’s figure was just like a ghost that came from hell, unexpectedly ignoring the distance between the two of them, directly appearing in front of Su Xing, its figure practically stuck completely against the ground.

Before the ice-light loosely hanging on its body disappeared, the sharp sword-lights those illusionary wings brought already slashed forth!

A lightning-like sword-light!!

Since the counterpart already was using its final strength in a life or death struggle, then Su Xing also no longer was lax. The twelve Heaven Tearings sparkled forth and clashed with the Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast.

The Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast immediately afterwards was about to counterattack, when at this time, an even deeper ice-cold approached.

An instant’s spear-light advanced and covered forth.

Lin Yingmei already attacked. It was basically impossible to describe the terror of this sort of spear-light. In actuality, when this spear-light burst forth, the blizzard world seemingly feel silent. That perfect spear-light was just like the most beautiful thing in the world, grasping the hearts of everyone in a split second.

Even making people forget the meaning that it represented.


Lin Yingmei’s spear swept aside the Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast’s attack, but this was merely the beginning. All kinds of movement were completed at practically the same time. The girl’s sharp figure instantly became a blurry mirror image.

A rippling spear-light like a tidal wave rose up, and an ice-plain with a range of three zhang was lifted by this sort of frightening power at the same time. Again, it was pressed back by the incorporeal force. Layer upon layer, countless spear edges and blizzards instantly wrapped the Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast firmly within. Looking from afar, it was like a ball of light.

Yellow Rank Spear Technique

Long Blizzard Nights.

The Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast cried out several times and was continuously pushed back a hundred meters, but Lin Yingmei was far from done.

After the Majestic Star leaned, her afterimages appeared in a multitude. Her attack flowed smoothly, like running water, not giving the Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast any chances to react. After using Long Blizzard Nights was used, Lin Yingmei persisted, the Arctic Star Serpent Spear not daring to let the Star Beast go as it continued its chase. The sky was filled with dazzling spear images, and the surrounding space practically was crammed full of this sort of unstoppable sword qi.

The entire ice world was peeled layer after layer by this sort of power, endlessly.

The Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast’s figure suddenly stopped, pausing in midair then withdrawing. It turned around, its two claws attacking. The illusionary wings carried a cold-light, releasing a demonic roar. Its light wings rolled up, and in Su Xing’s line of sight, the light wings ground against each other, forming an enormous long sword that nearly reached several dozen meters that slashed at Lin Yingmei. At the same time, through its twisting power, from bottom upwards, a seemingly heaven splitting and earth rending terrifying sword of light suddenly rose!!


The concentrated sword-light of these light wings were poignant beyond compare. Perhaps even Su Xing did not dare contend against it directly.

This concentrated all of the Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast’s strength into a terrifying attack, as if it truly possessed the capability to sever everything. Immediately, the sword-light flashed, and a clear ray of light appeared even in the space of nothingness. Although this instant was fleeting, it still left people with an incomparable shock.

Was this the Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast’s strongest attack?

Su XIng did not dare be careless, controlling his Flying Swords to attack at the same time.

Lin Yingmei was still expressionless, hardly fearful as she advanced.


A crisp sound suddenly entered Su Xing’s ear, and following this sound, five rays of light suddenly flashed and appeared. It was only a moment, and then it slammed the Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast’s sword qi and barrier, afterwards ripping each other apart.

At the same time, a jade-white hand appeared in the Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast’s eyes.

That was a beautiful to the extreme palm. Let alone any calluses, not even a single wrinkle was on it. The whiteness seemed to be the most perfect art piece.

This palm boomed against the Star Beast’s body.

The Snow Walking Frost Eyed Beast simultaneously opened its mouth and sprayed a frost that covered Lin Yingmei.

The figure flung through an arc. The Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast flapped its wings and soared high, indignantly roaring. It shook the mountains, as if it was expressing furing. Then, it released hail, sleet, cold winds and wildly rising ice waters seemingly to absolutely cover this area.

Following a flash of its light wings, in the blink of an eye, the Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast’s body then was submerged by the world of ice and snow.

Su Xing promptly was about to urge his Flying Swords forth in pursuit when at this time, he suddenly felt his whole body chill to the bone. It immediately made him tumble down. Then, he saw Lin Yingmei was motionless like a sculpture.

“Yingmei, are you alright?” Su Xing hastily asked, but the moment the words left his mouth, he was stunned.

Lin Yingmei’s lips were frozen purple, and her whole body shivered incessantly. Their battle just now was too overwhelming, and the ice and frost the Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast spat at the end immediately swept aside Lin Yingmei’s defenses.

In such temperatures, it was obvious what her whole body being covered in ice and frost meant.

Not good!

Su Xing looked at the sky and screamed.

Night descended, and the storm was even more fierce, the temperature suddenly dropping. Legend said that the Evil Smiting Hall’s icy regions deepest night extended to the time of morning, and the temperature would plummet to the lowest point and simultaneously scrape up the cold wind and ice. With the two of them having just received the Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast’s attack, they needed to find a place to get rid of the frost clinging to them, otherwise, after a long time, this would stick to them like gangrene.

“En…” Lin Yingmei groaned. Her complexion was somewhat pale. That sort of ice-cold that could freeze the soul could not be described. Instantly, she had felt her mind turn blank, muddled. She very much wanted to sleep.

Su Xing also was cold all over, frozen that his consciousness was rapidly fading. The Astral Tools on his person had lost their usefulness, but Su Xing’s willpower was very strong. Hugging Lin Yingmei, he made the last of his temperature maintain her consciousness.

The temperature suddenly fell, and the wind abruptly stilled, yet this signalled that an even more terrifying blizzard had arrived.

Evil Smiting Hall’s chill basically was not something the average Star Cultivator could endure. They needed to to find a place to take shelter.

Su Xing scanned to the side, walking towards a cliff-face. He raised his hands against the direction of the wind, and the Flying Swords carved a cave into the mountain.

A thunderclap sounded in the cold night.

Su Xing carried the girl with two hands and sent her into this bunker. Then, he immediately activated the Fire Spirit Magic Sarira. Warmth appeared in the cave.

“Hurry and take off your clothes.” Su Xing hasitly shouted.

Lin Yingmei also knew what wet clothes meant under this weather, yet her Star Energy basically was incapable of use. However, she had only undone a few buttons before she was unable to move. Su Xing saw this and, without the slightest hesitation, ripped apart her outerwear. Instantly, Lin Yingmei’s cute bodice was exposed. The girl’s skin surpassed snow, and losing the shelter of clothes, her impressive mountains, her smooth belly, her body’s fluid curves were all made visible. Even Su Xing was taken aback.

However, at this time, Su Xing no longer cared that much.

Taking off each other’s clothes, their bodies still shivered. At the same time Su Xing took off his own clothes, he brought out a cloak to cover them. Two completely naked bodies were suddenly hugged each other. Lin Yingmei’s cheeks were slightly red, letting out a soft moan.

Feeling the slight shivers of Lin Yingmei’s body, Su Xing opened his mouth and tenderly spoke. “Wife, don’t be too nervous.”


Lin Yingmei nodded.

The two of them were each naked, with only the cloak covering their scene of spring, but the Su Xing currently using the Fire Spirit Magic Sarira to drive away the cold frost on their skins did not care at all the eroticness of the current moment. In his mind, there was only tenderness.

Outside, the blizzard covering the skies currently mixed with the chill blustering over a thousand li, yet the warmed inside the cave nevertheless began to raise bit by bit.

The bone-chilling snow and frost very quickly disappeared. Only at this time did Su Xing notice their embarrassing position, but embracing Lin Yingmei’s body had a sort of unclear warmth. Su Xing was somewhat reluctant to let go.

Lin Yingmei’s ears were already somewhat hot, and her breathing became heavy.

“Young Master…”


Lin Yingmei wanted to say something but hesitated. Recalling all sorts of things about the girl, Su Xing’s mind grew hot. He whispered: “Yingmei, are you willing to be my First Wife or not?”

Lin Yingmei softly hummed.

His two hands wrapped around the girl’s perfect body, and his Yang Fire immediately ignited and burned.

Lin Yingmei felt that hard and stiff feeling between her butt.3 Her body stiffened, and she blushed.

“Young Master…” Lin Yingmei turned her head, the ice-cold in pride in her pupils already replaced by a passionate gleam.

Su Xing’s heart had a sort of warm current. He gazed at Lin Yingmei, then kissed her all of a sudden.

Lin Yingmei froze, her lips somewhat rigid, however, following Su Xing’s wanton kissing movements, Lin Yingmei immediately could not help but extend her tongue.

Her tongue crossed over.

His two hands passed over the protrusions on Lin Yingmei’s chest, making Lin Yingmei’s pupils show alarm, and her mind exploded.

The cloak covering them fell off.

Revealing two bodies.

Su Xing practically instinctively lowered his head and lightly bit a mouthful of her plumpness.3

“Young Master…” Lin Yingmei softly moaned, her whole body going limp.

Sensing the girl did not reject his proposal, Su Xing’s hands tantalized Lin Yingmei. From the moment he began sucking, he uncontrollably sucked her.

Sucked by Su Xing like this, the strength in Lin Yingmei’s whole body seemed to have been sucked away, she weakly and limply sat down. How could the Majestic Star still have any dignity. Seeing Su Xing reluctant to part like a child sucking her most sensitive place, Lin Yingmei’s eyes suddenly had a kind of motherly glow.

The two of them panted, and their gazes looked at each other. Lin Yingmei’s eyes seemingly seemed able to passionately leak water. Each of their faces turned completely red.

“Are you willing??” Su Xing tenderly said.

Lin Yingmei suddenly recalled the words Wu Xinjie once said. It could not be said for certain that sex perhaps could help Su Xing. If it was before, she still would have had some hesitation. This was just like a self-comforting excuse. Lin Yingmei whispered. “Does Young Master want to?”

“I want you.”5 Su Xing licked her back, forcing a smile. “But we’d better forget about capturing a Star Beast.”

The girl’s body was very soft.

“Use that from Chai Ling…” Lin Yingmei said.

“En?” Su Xing was confused. He suddenly remembered Chai Ling’s Yin Yang Lovemaking Powder. Seeing Lin Yingmei bite her lip, her pupils retaining passion, his heart was immediately happy.

The Yin Yang Lovemaking Powder was brought out.

When the two bottles emerged, it made the cave brim with a deep blurriness.

“Is this alright?”

Opening the Yin Yang Lovemaking Powder, the bottles released the two lights of Yin and Yang, and then were sucked into their mouths by Su Xing and Lin Yingmei.

Immediately, Su Xing felt the Yang Fire in his whole body wildly burn.

Lin Yingmei nodded and with strength from who knows where, she stuck tightly against Su Xing like an octopus. She had already fixed her determination, and her stiff body began to pander to him.

Under the Yin Yang Lovemaking Powder, the two fondled each other very intensely.

Lin Yingmei straddled Su Xing’s body. She looked at that tall and erect lethal weapon. Lin Yingmei showed slight cowardice. Her hands hung on Su Xing’s shoulders, and her supple rear slowly sat down.

Along with little Su Xing penetrating deep inside her body, Lin Yingmei’s brows tightly locked. Until that sort of hardness entirely entered inside her body, Lin Yingmei felt a strange satisfaction, a sort of unprecedented fullness.3 Striking into the deepest part of her, the pleasant feeling made Lin Yingmei let out a pained and happy groan.

The painful feeling made Lin Yingmei tightly close her legs. In order to not make herself let out any noises, she passionately kissed Su Xing.

Su Xing then used one hand to grasp her perfectly round butt, and the other caressed Lin Yingmei’s plump chest, stimulating Lin Yingmei into slowly relaxing her legs. Her body could not help but automatically shake itself up and down. The two lights of Yin and Yang appeared on the  two’s bodies, wrapping each of them as if they were combining.

Inside the cave was displayed a shameful scene.

This was

Passionate to the depths undoing garments below

Lilac darkness passing through before wind and snow

Yin and Yang intercourse pains the beauty,

Powerless moans beg her lord for pity.7

The love between Yin and Yang was ceaseless. The renowned Majestic Star Lin Yingmei tactfully pandered to Su Xing’s whims. If Wu Siyou was made aware, she definitely would have been angered to death.

The second day, the blizzard gradually stopped, and sunlight poured down.

Lin Yingmei struggled to open her eyes. Seeing her completely threadbare body being embraced by Su Xing, she recalled her frenzied manner the night before. Lin Yingmei’s face turned red.

Su Xing opened his eyes and kissed her. Feeling that the man’s Yang Fire had rose again, Lin Yingmei said in a low voice: “Young Master, you are fine?”

Su Xing checked for a moment. His whole body brimmed with energy, better than last night. “What about you?” What Su Xing worried most was Lin Yingmei.

Lin Yingmei shook her head, for there was no harm at all. As expected, the Yin Yang Lovemaking Powder was amazing, not only allowing the two to enjoy a place of unending bliss, that Star Energy was seemingly even more full, brimming with power.

“Young Master, we still had better go find the Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast.” Lin Yingmei said.

Su Xing thought so as well. Last night, they wasted a lot of effort only to drive off the Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast. If someone else took the chance to steal it, that was too unfortunate. Su Xing wiped away his stirring desire. Tenderly, he helped Lin Yingmei put on her bodice, her outer clothes and made the girl still somewhat stiff.

Once again, when they found the injured Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast. This Star Beast currently was currently licking its wound. At this time, the weather in the world of ice was good. Sunlight was released, also making the Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast’s wings of light appear especially fascinating.

“You’d better obediently come along with us.”  Su Xing opened his mouth and said.

The Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast stood its body up, bared its fangs, a frightening posture revealed.

Lin Yingmei wasted no time talking, rushing forward with a great stride.

The Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast pounced. The girl disappeared from its front, and by the time it reacted, Lin Yingmei already was behind it once again violently attacking the Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast. Exploding with a white light at the same time, Lin Yingmei flipped backwards to dodge.

Her nimble movements allowed her to dodge the Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast’s attack.

Having passed through the first time experience of last night, Lin Yingmei appeared even better than before. Her brows were full of a heroism that made people submit to her. The Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast was confused, and then it roared afterwards.

Lin Yingmei’s body stopped in midair for an instant. Then, she drew a perfect arc, seemingly as if she was capable of flying, and she directly drew close to the Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast again. Expertly attacking, although the Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast did not have efficacy, that did not mean it had no weaknesses..

Lin Yingmei’s whole body in midair was like a bolt of white lightning. Perhaps using the word “thunderbolt” to describe her was more apt, a thunderbolt with the intimidation of ten thousand catties, and Lin Yingmei’s figure already was completely unclear. There was only a wildly whirling tornado in the air rolling about, slashing violently at the Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast’s figure.

That terrifying scene was practically indescribable.

It was in line with that berserk intimidating air of Lin Yingmei’s. That instant described as the might of a thunderbolt could also be described as terrifying.

It basically did not know what movements Lin Yingmei did, but that shocking imposing aura was just like a python in the air, fiercely biting down on the Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast’s knees. Its figure surprisingly gave rise to a sort of vivid feeling of being ripped apart. Visible to the naked eye, the Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast’s silhouette was chewed on under the “python” Lin Yingmei formed, currently rapidly having a big hole chewed out of it.

An ear-splitting chafing and ripping noise echoed through the sky. Even a body like the Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast apparently felt bitter pain. It opened its mouth wide and released a sharp scream.

The painful result was immediate.

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