Chapter 298: Ice And Snow Bloomed ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Freezing Frost Of Nine Provinces!!1

The cold light of the Arctic Star Serpent Spear was released everywhere, becoming nine blots of spear-light. Falling like the moon, they attacked the Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast from nine directions. The Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast basically had no way to dodge it. The nine streaks of spear-light stuck into its body at the same time. A sky-shaking, earth-rending cry sounded out. The Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast violently vomited ice and frost cold flames that shook apart Lin Yingmei’s close quarters attack, but immediately afterwards, a giant hand of purple qi grabbed hold of it from the front and squeezed.

The Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast’s wings of light flapped. The two wings layered upon each other, forming an enormous light sword that clashed with the Purple Cloud Great Hand.

Seizing this chance to abruptly scream out a blizzard, the Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast immediately rose with the wind, escaping high into the skies.

How could Su Xing allow it to escape again. If it escaped this time, he feared they would not know until when they would find it again. Although Star General and Star Beasts had reactions, these ice and snow world Star Beasts honestly were too many. If it actually hid, it would truly be finding a needle in a haystack.

Su Xing urged the Fire Beacon Chariot into pursuit. Lin Yingmei leapt with a graceful posture, lightly and nimbly landing onto a Flying Sword.

Chasing for approximately several thousand meters, the Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast abruptly dove down into a ice and snow covered valley.

When Su Xing saw that boundless white forest, he cursed. He basically could not see the slightest bit of the Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast’s silhouette. Su Xing released his Divine Intent to scan, and Lin Yingmei stared at the range of several dozen li for the slightest movement. With the Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast’s build and those illusionary wings, to hide right before their eyes and slip away basically was an impossible thing. As expected, in the middle of the valley was a cave.

The Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast clearly hid inside the cave.

But that cave emitted an ice-cold air that was even colder than the ice and snow they encountered the previous night. That cave mouth was like a gaping maw continuously swallowing and spitting up an ice-cold qi that froze their four limbs, causing them to be somewhat timid. Just its appearance made people that feel unease.

If this was the Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast’s den, that honestly was a natural pair.

“Let’s go in.” Su Xing said.

“En.” Lin Yingmei nodded.

Without thinking, they instantly flew into the cave. Immediately, the cold air threw itself into their faces. This sort of cold qi really was not that sort of naturally low temperature. It was more like a sort of ice-cold to the bone chill that came from their innermost parts. Su Xing rubbed his hands. The ice-cold airflow froze him into shuddering from head to toe. He raised his head and looked, seeing that icicles were suspended above his head, crisscrossing layer upon layer. Furthermore, this cave interior also had countless forks. They completely did not know where they should have looked.

The places the Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast flew past nevertheless left a clear trail. This ice cave was just like an enormous maze. Su Xing followed the trail the Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast left as it went about. It was worthy of being called a peak Star Beast, for its intelligence was considerably high. If it was a normal Star Cultivator, they honestly would never catch it.

As the path grew wider and wider, the temperature turned colder and colder. Su Xing only felt that his teeth were beginning to chatter.

“Young Master, are you alright?” Lin Yingmei saw Su Xing was not too well off, knitting her brows and asking.

Su Xing shook his head.

“Shall we give up on the Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast?” Lin Yingmei could also tell that this beast was not too easy to capture. The most main point was that the Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast was too astute. It could not defeat them, so it hid. If this continued, they definitely could capture it, but they would squander a lot of time. To the current Su Xing, this was extremely unfavorable.

Lin Yingmei already had the idea to withdraw.

“If I can’t give my First Wife a good Star Beast, wouldn’t that be too embarrassing.” Su Xing patted Lin Yingmei’s shoulder and smiled.

Lin Yingmei knew Su Xing’s personality, and she did not say anything more.

A while later.

The pair finally found the Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast.

But without waiting for Su Xing and Lin Yingmei to coordinate, the Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast’s flashed with an ominous glint. Suddenly, it released a tremendous to the extreme ice-cold air from head to foot. Afterwards, it opened its mouth towards the two of them. The might of the light wings seemed to concentrate in its mouth…

There was a muffled “bang.”

Su Xing and Lin Yingmei both froze. They then heard a rumbling sound reverberate from the entire ice cave. The ice cave’s icicles immediately fell, the kilotons of heavy objects booming down as they pressed down upon the pair.

A cold light flashed through Su Xing’s eyes. His fingers flicked, and a giant purple cloud suddenly form and slowly raise this mountain up into a stall. Lin Yingmei strode forward, swiftly rushing forth, her long spear speedily hacking out flash that was quick as lightning. The Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast angrily bellowed. Its two wings flapped, and its figure was instantly right upon Lin Yingmei’s front, disappearing without a trace from where it was.

But in the next instant, the Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast nevertheless unexpectedly appeared once again beside Su Xing. It wanted to kill Su Xing first.

Without even looking, Su Xing’s great expanse of thunder-light violently struck at it.

This moment aroused the Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast’s fearful nature. Its eyes opened wide, and its wings suddenly waved. Instantly, countless light rays shot out from its wings, just perfectly slamming into the Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder.

“Let’s see where you run to this time.” Su Xing formed hand seals. The Flying Swords simultaneously buzzed. Green shadows formed layers, and every Flying Sword instantly became a wide area of green light that rolled towards the Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast.

Having received the two techniques of Lin Yingmei, “Long Blizzard Nights” and “Freezing Frost Of Nine Provinces,” that the Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast could resist up until now was thanks to this extremely cold environment, but it was an arrow at the end of its path. Now, Su Xing’s Flying Swords attacked and could barely contain it. Nevertheless, it was unable to struggle in the slightest.

Lin Yingmei flashed forth. The Arctic Star Serpent Spear suddenly twinkled with cold light, attacking the Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast into retreat little by little.

“Beast, still you do not swear allegiance!” Lin Yingmei coldly shouted, breaking ice and slicing snow.

Her spear thrust in.

The Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast howled, its fangs finally retracting. Its four limbs crept along the ground, completely showing a submissive posture.

When Su Xing saw, he could not help but smile.

Lin Yingmei took out the Evil Smiting Writ. The Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast’s white forehead flashed a Star Crest, and its whole body flashed with a glittering blue light; finally, it was captured.

Su Xing heaved a great sigh.

“Young Master, let us leave.” Lin Yingmei walked to Su Xing’s front, speaking calmly.

“Leave now?” Su Xing saw that the Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast had been beaten black and blue. It was captured, but perhaps not a single cultivator could defeat it. Evil Smiting Hall’s rules were that after a Star General captured a Star Beast, she had twenty-four hours to remain inside Evil Smiting Hall, and these twenty-four hours were in order to deal with such a situation occurring, making use of the Evil Smiting Hall’s characteristics to give these Star Beasts of “friendship after conflict” to nurture them back to their best state.

Lin Yingmei’s brows wrinkled.

Su Xing knew that the girl wanted to say something, “Don’t worry about the Meditative Mind Lotus Seed, just listen to me. First nurture the Star Beast, and then we’ll go.”

Facing Su Xing’s clinging expression, Lin Yingmei obviously was incapable of convincing him. She could only silently nod.

The Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast’s best cultivation location was these extreme cold ice caves, but as far as Su Xing and Lin Yingmei were concerned, it certainly was not that wonderful. While the Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast was still breathing in and out the Dark Ice of the ice cave as much as it liked, Su Xing then felt more and more cold. However, for the sake of Lin Yingmei’s Star Beast, he could endure this bit of hardship. When Lin Yingmei saw this, she walked to Su Xing’s side without leaving a trace, clasping Su Xing’s hand.

The warmth in her palm made Su Xing’s chills abate.

“The First Wife still is great.” Su Xing laughed aloud.

Lin Yingmei harrumphed, declining to comment.

The Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast rose, suddenly turning its head towards Su Xing to shout a few times. Lin Yingmei’s eyelids jumped, and she said: “Young Master, Ti Shuang2 says it wants to take us to a place. That place is very warm.”

“Ti Shuang?” Su Xing smiled: “Yingmei, you’ve chosen a name for the Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast?”

“En.” Lin Yingmei nodded.

“Let’s go take a look.”

Su Xing did not let release his hand as he followed the Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast a distance. Finally, they passed through this ice cave, arriving at an even bigger cave.

This cave was unexpectedly big, and in the middle was an ice lake.

What was surprising was that this ice lake did not freeze under an environment with such low temperatures. The rivers slowly flowed, and looking from far away, this ice lake was just like starry sky fitted with azure stars, twinkling with a blue starlight.

“This water is not too frigid.” Testing the water temperature, Lin Yingmei turned her head back and said to Su Xing.

“Really?” Su Xing walked over and stroked the water. As expected, the temperature was pleasant. Compared to that extreme cold temperature of the ice cave, this lakewater truly was warm.

Su Xing chuckled: “Yingmei, shall we take a married couple’s bath together?”

Lin Yingmei stiffened, somewhat not reacting.

“We’re husband and wife now, don’t be shy.” Su Xing allowed no refusal as he pulled Lin Yingmei over.

Under Lin Yingmei’s hesitation, Su Xing shouted at that far-off Crying Frost: “You go outside and properly stand guard. Don’t let anyone disturb us.”

Crying Frost growled, then walked out of the cave.

The heat of Lin Yingmei’s that place went through to Su Xing’s cheeks. Moreover, the relationship between the two last night was just like it had reached the peak, and being shy was not Lin Yingmei’s style. Lin Yingmei snorted, her cheeks slightly red. She turned her back to Su Xing and undressed.

A sweet, fair, graceful, incapable of being described with even countless words naked body was exposed in front of Su Xing.

Her supple and smooth skin was even softer than snow, even whiter than snow, even more crystalline than ice.

“Yingmei, let hubby see if you have any injuries.” Su Xing craftily clasped Lin Yingmei’s hand and made the girl spin around. When he saw that strap come undone, her fine, long hairs were just like ribbons that fell onto her shoulders, making Lin Yingmei appear to have a whole other charming taste.

“Young Master!” Lin Yingmei stared at those amorous eyes. She appeared to still have not let go. The charm of that position where she covered her chest with her hands need not be mentioned.

“Call me hubby!” Su Xing hugged Lin Yingmei against his chest.

The girl’s body then lost any resistance.

“What is hubby?” Lin Yingmei asked.

“It’s Lord Husband.” Su Xing smiled.


The lakewater was warm, and that chill on their bodies then greatly alleviated. Now, by the time the couple’s bodies were tightly embracing, they only felt their whole bodies burn. Lin Yingmei clearly cherished very much these days inside Evil Smiting Hall when she could be with Su Xing in such close contact alone. After leaving Evil Smiting Hall, with that many Sisters in close contact, to have the girl do such a bold activity was something undoubtedly more difficult than ascending the heavens.

Su Xing knew this point, as did Lin Yingmei.

Here and now, this was just the perfect chance for Lin Yingmei to let out her feelings.

Their lips kissed passionately. Without needing a moment, Lin Yingmei’s hands very quickly embraced Su Xing’s neck while Su Xing kissed every place on Lin Yingmei’s body that captivated him. The girl restrained her moans. Very quickly, she spread open her slender legs and tightly clamped them around Su Xing’s waist.

Along with Su Xing propping up the girl’s supple butt, the two of them once again joined into a union.

The lakewater crashed around from being stirred, from shallow waves to intense tsunamis. At last, they turned the heavens and earth, and that spotlessly white world of ice and snow seemingly caught a bashful pink. Ice and snow bloomed, witnessing this scene overflowing with love.

Author’s Notes:

I was late~~~Wishing everyone a fortunate New Year’s~~~Little Ice very recently has truly been unlucky. I hope to give all of you good luck =.=!

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  1. 霜寒凍九州
  2.  啼霜, lit. Crying Frost


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