Chapter 301: “Dragon In The Clouds” Gongsun Huang

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The sixth beautiful lady he would help capture her Star Beast was the ranked fourth Leisure Star Gongsun Huang. Rather than say she was a beautiful lady, it was even more appropriate to say she was an exceedingly refined loli.

After Su Xing and Lin Yingmei returned to the Void Immortal’s Abode, Gongsun Huang then sat upon Su Xing’s shoulder without saying a word, calmly watching everyone comment on Lin Yingmei’s Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast. Up until they finished chatting about her Star Beast, she still was aloof.

The Su Xing who set aside a month of time already had a shorter than ten day period, yet there were still another three Star Beasts to capture. Without wasting too much time, Su Xing and Gongsun Huang entered Evil Smiting Hall together.

Nevertheless, the scene in front of them changed, and they suddenly appeared at one of Evil Smiting Hall’s locales, different from the time he and Lin Yingmei emerged in a nasty world of ice and snow. The surroundings were blue skies and vivacious waters. The blue skies seemed washed, ten thousand li of hanging clouds.

Seeing the environment was quiet and secluded, the gentle winds and soft clouds gave one a picturesque painting, but Su Xing did not dare relax because Gongsun Huang’s Star Beast was considered the most difficult to capture of the Star Maiden’s.

The Leisure Star Dragon In the Clouds Gongsun Sheng’s Star Beast was known as a “storm dragon” type. This type of Star Beast was even more difficult compared to the Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast. Known as the Star General number one in magic energy, it was obvious how ferocious it was.

Gongsun Huang’s Star Beast only appeared inside the clouds. Su Xing positioned the Fire Beacon Chariot among the clouds and searched. Gongsun Huang quietly sat on his shoulder, just like a cute doll.

Su Xing helping the previous five beauties capture their Star Beasts was not a great tenderness between lovers, but when it came to Gongsun Huang, this was actually an awkward silence. The Dragon in the Clouds Leisure Star disliked speaking, keeping silent. Su Xing was somewhat not too used to such an awkward atmosphere. He thought of raising a conversation to pull the relationship between the two of them closer, to change the atmosphere. As he searched, he made considerations.

“Little Huang, don’t you want to say anything to me?” Su Xing fake coughed, sternly asking.

Gongsun Huang shook her head.

“Why did you save me before?” When Su Xing saw that Gongsun Huang did not speak, he could only start the conversation himself first. To be frank, among the seven beauties, the bewilderment that the ranked fourth Leisure Star in front of him gave was the greatest. She made him the most confused because regardless of the degree of familiarity between them, the way they signed a contract also had its reasons. The other girls did not require twists and turns, yet Gongsun Huang was much too silent. Up to now, everything that came was seemingly very unreal.

And what made Su Xing the most perplexed was that there were two times that Gongsun Huant acted.

“No reason.” Gongsun Huang opened her mouth and softly said.

“Is it not easy to answer?” Su Xing smiled.

Gongsun Huang seemed to be pondering. Her round eyes rolled about, “Is it important to Your Highness?”

Your Highness?

Su Xing was made somewhat embarrassed by Gongsun Huang’s form of address: “Very important.”

The corner of Gongsun Huang’s mouth slightly rose, revealing a very faint sort of smile, making Su Xing feel somewhat stunned. In the blink of an eye, the girl had again restored her expressionless face, gazing at the faraway horizon, absolutely silent.

When Su Xing saw she did not talk, he sighed. Whether or not this sigh was the cause, he heard Gongsun Huang’s voice that was thinner than a cicada’s wing say: “This Huang found you twice fighting for the Little Sisters. Why?”

The little girl’s counter question made Su Xing stunned.

“Why?” Su Xing looked at Gongsun Huang’s twinkling pupils, unable to reply for a moment, “There is no so-called why, right?” In Su Xing’s perspective, this was like something not worth concern over. If a swindler came to his door, then he would greet them with fist and foot. If a friend came, then he would send fine wine. If an enemy came, then he would send a shotgun. Su Xing still knew this bit of logic. As far as fighting battles for the Star Maidens, that was only natural.

Su Xing actually did not expect just these two points would make Gongsun Huang take these to heart.

Gongsun Huang hummed, her gaze once again returning to the sky. It seemed Su Xing’s reply made her very satisfied.

Su Xing understood, and he could not help but laugh.

“Little Huang, you honestly are somewhat extraordinary.”

Seeing that the atmosphere was finally not as stiff as before, Su Xing again recalled something, “Right, I heard Xinjie say you once personally sought out Gong Caiwei to sign a contract, is that so?”

Gongsun Huang nodded.

“Why did she refuse you?” Su Xing felt very confused about this point. It was rare for the Star General number one in magic energy to personally search for a Star Master, and it was even rarer that the counterpart would unexpectedly decline, which was honestly unbelievable.

“She could not contract me.” Gongsun Huang said.

“Why?” Su Xing asked in astonishment.

“She said that if she contracted me, others would bring us trouble.” Gongsun Huang tilted her neck, remembering as she replied.

Su Xing somewhat understood. In the current Star Duels, each and every one of the Azure Dragon Territory’s sects had a mysterious and inexorable balance between them. If Gong Caiwei were to contract the Star General number one in magic energy, then that would inevitably destroy this equilibrium, and they would suffer the envy and pursuit of others. The Ten Great Sects, the Great Liang Dynasty, which of these would Gong Caiwei not be able to handle alone. Recalling in his memory that young woman whose clothes surpassed snow, the impression Su Xing had of Gong Caiwei again had new changes –  to be able to so resolutely give this up, this courage was amazing.

However, for Gong Caiwei to still be able to contract the Resourceful Strategist Zhu Wu number one in magic circles was not shabby.

“Was it a very big shock to you, Little Huang? To unexpectedly be rejected?” Su Xing asked.

Gongsun Huang shook her head. She turned her gaze to look at Su Xing, that pair of eyes darker than ink, thicker than the starry skies seemed to say: To be able to sign a contract with Your Highness has made Little Huang extremely happy.

Which made Su Xing feel as if his chest was blocked by something. Happy and astonished, this was somewhat complex.

Inside the Void Immortal’s Abode

All of the girls surrounded Lin Yingmei, seeking the long and short of the things that occurred inside Evil Smiting Hall.

“Sister Yingmei, which Sister did you encounter this time? Was it Elder Sister Jade Qilin?”

“The Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast, to capture this beast was not simple, correct?”

“Elder SIster Yingmei appears as if something is a bit different.”

“It feels she is more beautiful than before?”

Shi Yuan and the other girls were abuzz as they chatted incessantly. To be able to be with Su Xing alone and intimately inside Evil Smiting Hall was an opportunity bestowed by Heaven. The story between the First Wife and Su Xing naturally tugged at their hearts. Even Wu Siyou somewhat curiously gathered round.

Lin Yingmei was expressionless, her reply very concise. Only when they mentioned that she was somewhat different did her face slightly turn red.

Wu Siyou’s eyes narrowed, and she coldly said: “Yingmei, Su Xing has not done anything to you, has he?”

“Siyou, you are too worried.”

Lin Yingmei calmly answered.

“Exactly, Young Lord loves Yingmei so dearly.” Wu Xinjie tenderly smiled.

Wu Siyou’s brows rose.

Yet it was the faraway Chai Ling who silently smirked.

“Right now, Su Xing has gone to Evil Smiting Hall with Little Huang. Who knows what will happen.” Shi Yuan at this time said nervously. Everyone knew the difficulty of settling the Star Beast of the Leisure Star number one in magic energy.

“Right, is there still time? Suwen wonders how Big Brother’s Meditative Mind Lotus Seed is?” An Suwen also showed worry. She was more afraid that Su Xing was meticulously hiding the the matter of the withering Meditative Mind Lotus Seed, not speaking of delayed timing.

Wu Xinjie shook her head, resolutely saying: “Young Lord knows the severity of things. Little Sister can relax on this point. Right now, what Xinjie is more worried about is Little Huang’s Star Beast that Little Sister Yuan’er spoke of.”

Looking from the current situation, the Star Beasts that Su Xing gave the beauties were all first-rate. Just this was enough for them, but if the Leisure Star also was to capture a top-notch Star Beast, that would be somewhat of a headache. According to Wu Xinjie’s conjecture, Su Xing and Gongsun Huang going to Evil Smiting Hall this time would certainly encounter the “Clear Skies Storm Dragon.”1 If they were to completely rely on only two people to capture Star Beasts such as the Holy Beast-like “Storm Dragon,” that would be extremely difficult. They would need to spend a very long time and patience to do so, yet the importance of time was not something Wu Xinjie needed to think about any more.

After capturing five Star Beasts, Su Xing had altogether used twenty days. This sort of speed across any and all of the Star Masters was amazingly rapid. Among these included two Heavenly Stars’ but as far as Su Xing was concerned, this was still slow somewhat.

“Knowledge Star, can you say that for this time when Su Xing and Gongsun Huang went to Evil Smiting Hall together, can he still make it in time to give This Palace’s Star Beast a chance? This Palace certainly does not want to waste time.” Chai Ling opened the Golden Thread Feather Fan, seemingly smiling yet not as she asked.

The Knowledge Star Resourceful Star Wu Xinjie smiled: “Chai Ling, if we truly cannot make it in time, then we will have to ask you to be more patient, but there is not enough time. There is no harm in Xinjie giving her turn to you.”

“This Palace has just heard the Efficacious Star mention the Meditative Mind Lotus Seed? How did this happen?” Chai Ling curiously asked.

Wu Siyou also showed a bewildered expression.

Concerning Su Xing’s encounter with Chao Gai and the matters of the trials of calamities, the two of them were unaware of this. Now, hearing this, they knew there was a great amount of inside information.

“It’s Chao Gai.” Shi Yuan puffed her cheeks as she unhappily spoke.

“What does this have anything to do with Chao Gai?”

An Suwen thus briefly explained the matters.

“As expected, Maiden Mountain has become angry, testing him with trial after trial is actually interesting. It seems your Young Master is a dangerous character. This Palace must plan earlier to dispel the Together To Hell with him.” Chao Ling ruthlessly said. That pair of charming and seductive eyes flashed with a peculiar light.

When she said this, Wu Xinjie was a bit surprised, but to actually see the Noble Star Little Whirlwind still be able to be so calm was rather rare.

“Little Sister Siyou, do you have any interest to join hands together with Yingmei to ascend that Maiden Mountain in challenge?” Wu Xinjie thoughtfully looked at the pensive Harm Star to the side, not forgetting to psychologically target her.

“This type of challenge is even more interesting than the Star Duels.”

The others agreed, and Lin Yingmei also flung an expectant expression at Wu Siyou.

“For now, do not mention this further. Your Servant is willing to lend him a helping hand to take the Star Duels, but she will not sign a contract with him.” Wu Siyou showed extreme determination.

Wu Xinjie smirked: “But Young Lord will not be so willing to allow Siyou suffer harm in the Star Duels.”

Wu Siyou was taken aback and said nothing more.

Su Xing currently brought Gongsun Huang in the Fire Beacon Chariot in search of the Star Beast’s tracks. Due to being high in the sky, they also saw many of the other Star Masters. It was just that they did not have any time whatsoever, so Su Xing did not take note of them.

Fire Beacon Chariot ascended above the white clouds, seeing a hanging sea of clouds, the sky a great expanse of pure white.

Absolutely silent.

Approximately half a day later, inside the sea of clouds, they finally discovered an azure storm dragon rolling. That azure dragon’s whole body was of azure scales, with a young dragon’s horns. Clear and penetrating, it had an immortal light that was immaculate. With just a look, it was completely incomparable to the Star Beasts Su Xing previously saw. Just this imposing aura made him feel that it was out of reach. It was precisely that Clear Sky Storm Dragon that was close to a Holy Beast.

Using it as Gongsun Huang’s Star Beast practically was perfect.

“Little Huang, that’s it.” Su Xing said.

“The Clear Skies Dragon?”

Gongsun Huang was still somewhat hesitant. Su Xing at this time already immediately called forth Flying Swords.

Author’s Note:

PS: This is make-up chapter 4. Still owe 3 chapters. Tomorrow, make-ups will be finished. On the 29, we ate New Yerar’s Dinner, but I didn’t remember that I ate it yesterday, too.

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