Chapter 300: Lord Husband

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Suo Qingshuang spurred the Raging Inferno Snow Leopard Horse, taking up the Hundred Thousand Dragon Flame Axe and plunging forth. The flames of the Raging Inferno Snow Leopard Horse’s hooves swelled, becoming a dragon-like being baring its fangs and claws in the surroundings. At the same time, the Hundred Thousand Dragon Flame Axe’s fire-light curled up, its qi flame fierce.

Lin Yingmei’s eyes were like ice, tranquil as water. The Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast roared, first spitting out a ray of hoar frost covering the skies and immediately flew forth quickly. Two top-notch Heavenly Star Generals each clenched a polearm, slashing at one another.

Interlocking with each other, they only heard clangs.

Cold light flit around, flames suddenly breaking out.

The corner of Suo Qingshuang’s lips hung a smile, the strength of single hand clutching the Hundred Thousand Dragon Flame Axe no longer able to contend. Even if she had additional pressure with the Raging Inferno Snow Leopard Horse, the Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast that Lin Yingmei straddled clearly was at an even greater level. It could be said the Impatient Vanguard completely lacked the advantage. Suo Qingshuang’s wrist sunk, feeling the Arctic Star Serpent Spear’s pressure. Her two hands clenched tight, and shouting furiously, she hefted the long-axe and swept horizontally.

Lin Yingmei single-handedly swung her spear, directly intercepting Suo Qingshuang’s attack.

“Raging Inferno, advance!” Suo Qingshuang’s thighs squeezed, and the Raging Inferno Snow Leaopard Horse was as if it had received a divine decree, suddenly spraying out a Raging Inferno Ice Snow Blizzard that enveloped Lin Yingmei. The Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast’s wings of light unfurled, blue light twinkled, and they became sword-lights that directly slashed downwards.

Suo Qingshuang was greatly startled, spurring the horse into a narrow escape.

But the Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast’s mouth roared with a cold wind, forcing the Raging Inferno Snow Leopard Horse into retreating several dozen steps.

“A good trick.” Suo Qingshuang took in a deep breath, her smiling expression vanishing.


Lin Yingmei did not say a word. The Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast immediately attacked forth. How could Suo Qingshuang ever admit defeat. She simultaneously advanced as well.

Both sides simultaneously crossed polearms in several dozen exchanges, the Star Beasts they mounted also each using their abilities, back and forth. Ice and frost and blazes emerging in succession, reflecting each other.

On the other side, Su Xing did not leisurely watch the battle. He controlled the twelve Langya to go attack Zhao Heng. Zhao Heng’s thirty-three Clinging Fire Swords became a fire rainbow that rose from the heavens. After whirling around at high altitudes, its fire-light was greatly unleashed, instantly swelling madly. In the blink of an eye, a five or six zhang long giant golden sword took form. Zhao Heng’s Ten Thousand Fire Star Breaking Writ also was formidable. Fire-light flowing over his whole body formed a light screen. That surging flame was just like a fierce beast that could counterattack. Instantly, Su Xing also had no way to take him out.

“Sword Array, rise!”

Zhao Heng had met with the legendary Purple Thunder Monster, not daring to underestimate him. Immediately, he used a Flying Sword Sword Array. The thirty-three Flying Swords transformed into a bold of flame that continuously pierced towards Su Xing, and Su Xing controlled Langya to tear it down.

Zhao Heng was nearly mad with fury. Seeing those twelve jadeite Flying Swords of Su Xing’s, he was practically incomparably envious. His Underworld Heavenly Clinging Fire Swords all were forged from expensive materials, spending several billion for each one. Only a crown prince highness of the Great Liang Dynasty like himself had the qualifications. Across all of the Azure Dragon Territory, he was considered first-rate, but what was hard to imagine was that thirty-three unstoppable Flying Swords like these would each be trapped by those green Flying Swords, completely incapable of slamming them open. Honestly, this was inconceivable.

And seeing the green light of those Flying Swords hover about, the jadeite glistening, it seemed to not be simple. This Purple Thunder Monster had issues, as expected.

It was a pity he could not use that Prehistoric Spirit Treasure, “Seven Feathers Karma Fire Fan,”1 otherwise, he definitely could dispatch these Flying Swords. Zhao Heng was inwardly resentful, thinking that this Purple Thunder Monster also had a Miraculous Bodhi Tree that was defiant of the natural order. Zhao Heng quickly turned lucky again.

Suddenly, Zhao Heng’s eyes flashed with an essence light.

His fingers flicked, and the Earthly Fiend Grade Astral Treasure “Flying Star Shuttle” zoomed out, becoming a seven-colored starlight that struck towards Su Xing.

When Zhao Heng flicked out the Flying Star Shuttle, Su Xing had already known. His fingers all flicked at the same time, and two Purple Thunder Dragon Capture burst out and captured the Flying Star Shuttle, but this Earthly Fiend Astral Treasure honestly was not easy to handle, only being blocked for several breaths. Promptly, it struggled free of the Purple Thunder, however, at this time, when he wanted to attack Su Xing again, he basically was unable to.

While Su Xing and Zhao Heng were having a great battle, the others involved, Deng Rongxin and Tuoba Yan both were somewhat flabbergasted. Tuoba Yan absolutely did not expect such a scene would occur, even calling forth the Purple Thunder Monster.

Seeing them fight a war, Tuoba Yan also was hesitant for a time.

The Fiery Eyed Suan’ni Deng Rongxin stared at Suo Qingshuang and ganshed her teeth, itching to rip this Elder Sister to shreds, but the battle between two Star Beasts and Star Generals basically did not give her any chance to interfere. Then, the violently enraged lion again directed its furious gaze at Zhao Heng.

“Rongxin, we are leaving first!” Tuoba Yan thought carefully over and over again. In the end, she surreptitiously used Sound Transmission, not daring to stop in this place.

Deng Rongxin was stunned, somewhat displeased, but she also understood Tuoba Yan’s decision. As they were now, the two of them had not come into Evil Smiting Hall for three days. According to the rules, they had no way of leaving, which meant that encountering danger could only mean resigning themselves to fate. If this Purple Thunder Monster and Zhao Heng were the same kind, it was hard to say where or not they would turn to kill them after finishing. After all, the Third Phase Evil Smiting Hall was when Starfalls were seen too often.

Especially this Purple Thunder Monster who was the Azure Dragon Territory’s monster. It was obvious to Tuoba Yan that she absolutely could not face this danger.

Tuoba Yan released Flying Swords light to first obstruct Zhao Heng’s Flying Star Shuttle. Immediately afterwards, her riding sword quickly flew towards the east to leave, not minding the fight between these two.

Suo Qingshuang saw out of the corner of her eye the escaping Tuoba Yan, yet she did not make any expressions. Being suppressed by every single move of Lin Yingmei’s swift and fierce spearmanship, how could the Flight Star still be distracted. She saw the fighting strength of her mount grow more and more feeble. The Impatient Vanguard also was rushed. A spear-light suddenly stabbed, and Suo Chao was caught off guard. The Arctic Star Serpent Spear stabbed into the Raging Inferno Snow Leopard Horse.

The Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast clawed at the same time.

The Raging Inferno Snow Leopard Horse howled. Suo Qingshuang urgently retreated, immediately afterwards leaping off the mount and retrieving the Star Beast. If it was to die like this, then the Flight Star would truly have the thought to die. Sensing Lin Yingmei had already reached the Matchless Realm, her own Ten Thousand Techniques Realm basically could not get a leg over the Majestic Star. Suo Qingshuang suddenly yelled.

“Lin Chong!!”

Gripping the Hundred Thousand Dragons Flame Axe with both hands, she slashed down. The fire dragon on the axehead all of a sudden appeared, becoming countless fire dragons to devour Lin Yingmei.

This was the Hundred Thousand Fire Dragons Rapid Kill.

Fire dragons filled the skies and engulfed the earth. The surroundings were completely a sea of fire.

The Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast flapped its wings to fly, the myriad and multitude of fire dragons following close behind. The Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast incessantly fly around in the sky, its light wings firing streams of light that complemented Lin Yingmei’s ice-breaking and chilly spearmanship.

Not a moment later, more than a hundred fire dragon unexpectedly were struck apart by Lin Yingmei blow after blow.

Seeing her own certain-kill technique completely lack usefulness, the Impatient Vanguard was angered into gritting her teeth to the point they were about to grind apart.

Lin Yingmei somersaulted, leaping off the Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast.

“Elder Sister seems to be somewhat unordinary.” Suo Qingshuan smiled.

Lin Yingmei ran, stabbing with her spear.

A cold light shot out.

Suo Qingshuang’s smile immediately turned grave, and the Hundred Thousand Dragons Flame Axe shook out a fire dragon.

The Majestic Star pressed hard step by step. The second stab after the first completely lacked gaps in follow-up, the third, and the fourth…Suo Qingshuang retreated step by step.


Her spear retracted.

Before the Flight Star could even react, Lin Yingmei once again flourished. Her spear-light was just like a viper that drilled in from another angle. This time, she stabbed through the Impatient Vanguard’s arm. Suo Qingshuang groaned. Without retreating, she clenched the Hundred Thousand Dragons Flame Axe with one hand and slashed down, forcing Lin Yingmei outside of the danger zone around her body.

Lin Yingmei retreated several steps, her gaze still cold as ice.

Watching the Lin Yingmei completely in an advantageous position, the insides of Suo Qingshuang’s eyes were very unreconciled, yet seeing her own master also was being suppressed, she was even more resentful to the extreme.

Suo Qingshuang’s arm sunk. Her whole body burned with crimson light, and her eyes slightly glowed, the Star Crest on her forehead twinkling.


The Flight Star, completely without warning, suddenly turned and shot straight towards Su Xing.

The Impatient Vanguard Suo Chao’s Innate Skill was Forward Charge. Suddenly speeding up in a rush attack, even a top-notch Heavenly Star Martial General would be far inferior. It was a pity the consequences of successive use of this type of Innate Skill were greatly harmful, otherwise, Suo Chao becoming a Star General that surpassed the Five Tigers would not be impossible.

Forward Charge activated.

The earth rumbled, and a qi flame tyrannically surged to form an enormous oppressive feeling. Lin Yingmei wanted to chase but she was unable to catch up. The girl strode forward in pursuit, expressionlessly looking at Suo Chao as she went to attack Su Xing. The calm in her eyes demonstrated her absolute confidence.

The Su Xing currently thinking of a way to break open the Ten Thousand Fires Star Breaking Writ sidestepped to dodge the first moment he could.

Due to Suo Qingshuang and Lin Yingmei’s battle line being pulled too long, even if she wanted to use Forward Charge to get rid of the famed and astonishing Purple Thunder Monster in one strike, the Flight Star did not hold onto too great a hope. But so long as she could force Su Xing to evade, she could be considered to have achieved her objective. Suo Qingshuang’s long-axe first slashed down at Su Xing’s head, then she thought to continuously slash when it was blocked by Heaven Tearing

Lin Yingmei at this time had already arrived.

“Your Highness, let us leave first!”

Suo Qingshuang could only give up, and she promptly spoke.

Zhao Heng did not dare be overconfident. He chanted an incantation. The Evil Smiting Writ shattered, and he immediately transformed into smoke.

“What a pity, what a pity.” Su Xing clucked his tongue. Being unable to make Zhao Heng Starfall honestly was somewhat of a pity. It was basically very difficult to make a Star General that could survive since the Second Phase undergo Starfall. Only until after the Fourth Phase passed, at that time, you die, I live truly were the only two paths that could be uttered.

Su Xing immediately had second thoughts, for he recalled this Zhao Heng seemed to be Zhao Hanyan’s little brother. If he truly killed him, he did not know what impressions he would make.

“Still, Yingmei, you are amazing.”

Recalling the first time they originally encountered the Flight Star Impatient Vanguard in the Purple Rose Birth Outline, a single Hundred Thousand Fire Dragons Rapid Kill attack made Yan Yizhen directly return to the Star Nest. A Three Star Destined Weapon’s might honestly was vivid in their minds. Now, with the Third Phase, they did not expect that Suo Chao would still be at Three Star, yet Lin Yingmei’s Star Weapon had upgraded to Three Star as well. When the two sides had equal Star Weapons, she basically lacked pressure.

It seemed that for a Star General to break open the chains of strength, upgrading Star Weapons was necessary.

“If only that Tuoba Yan could no longer encounter danger.” Su Xing originally wanted to help Tuoba Yan capture a Star Beast if he had a bit of time. In any case, he was already incomparably familiar from doing this sort of thing the several previous times. Moreover, any way it was put, Tuoba Yan could count as a helping hand in the future with the Nether River Blood Oath. It was a pity the girl was too cautious and left without a word. If Tuoba Yan knew that she had thrown away such a good opportunity without good cause, she probably would definitely be angered to vomiting blood.

Lin Yingmei nodded.

Still with some time, Su Xing piloted the Fire Beacon Chariot and scanned Evil Smiting Hall with Lin Yingmei, to see whether or not they could find Tuoba Yan, or discover other Star Masters with errant ideas or other Star Generals. It was just that encountering this many already counted as pretty good luck. Continuously up until the time limit was about to expire, Su Xing did not find the figure of a Star General, yet he sensed in the several ten thousand li outside of Evil Smiting Hall there was a vague spectacular scene. A golden light soared, appearing extraordinary, but Su Xing did not have time to go seek out the truth.

“Yingmei, before we leave Evil Smiting Hall, I still want to do something.” Su Xing suddenly turned his head and smiled craftily.

Lin Yingmei’s face subconsciously reddened.

“What are you thinking of, there will be lots of time for that later after we leave Evil Smiting Hall…” Su Xing asked curiously.

Lin Yingmei hesitated.

Su Xing was inwardly helpless, but he did not want to force her: “Wifey, can you call out hubby?”

“Lord Husband!”

Lin Yingmei softly shouted, this time without hesitation.

Su Xing was carefree and relaxed.

Author’s Note:

Still owe two chapters if there’s time tomorrow. Will post. Before the Lantern Festival, every day with have at least one new chapter. If there’s time, there will be as many as possible. Next month, everyday will have a ten thousand character count to make up. Lucky New Year’s.

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  1. 七翎業火扇


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