Chapter 303: Duel Of Two Dragons

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The twenty-four Flying Swords of two colors whirled around his surroundings, spurting forth a hard to imagine pressure, especially the green Flying Swords.

Ten Thousand Year Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo?

The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon’s pupils contracted, and he immediately noticed the origins of Su Xing’s Flying Swords. The Evil Suppressing Clear Light the Ten Thousand Year Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo gave rise to could completely exorcise evil. Only if the difference between the two of them was too large, otherwise, this practically could be said to be able to restrain all evil under the Heavens; originally, it was because the Underworld Heavenly Sect knew that the Heavenly Gem Valley had such a Ten Thousand Year Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo that they braved the dangers of raiding Heavenly Gem Valley, for the sake of obtaining this Ten Thousand Year Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo to take over the Black Turtle Territory.

The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon had heard that after Emperor Liang appeared at Heavenly Gem Valley, it had been snatched away by the emperor himself, yet he never expected that it would appear in the hands of the man in front of him.

“Just who the hell are you?” The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon’s tone sunk, shocked and furious. Shocked because he recognized the Leisure Star Dragon in the Clouds Gongsun Huang, for he was incapable of thinking of just where this man popped out of. To be able to contract the supreme in magic energy Gongsun Sheng after contracting the supreme in martial force Yan Qing, this honestly was too far outside of common sense. And he was angry because in any case, he was ranked the best or second best Star Master in the Black Turtle Territory. He unexpectedly suffered defeat several times, and even the two cracks in his Purple Rose Jade Pendant were bestowed upon him by his counterpart.

The corner of Su Xing’s mouth curled into a smile, and he formed a hand seal.

The twelve Langya’s sword shadows combined, releasing clear light, twisting in all directions towards the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon. In handling evil things, Langya was far more effective than Heaven Tearing. How could the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon dare go directly come into contact. Hurriedly withdrawing, he did not care for the Mixed Seas Giant Dragon. It was a pity that Evil Smiting Hall restricted the absolute majority of most of a Star Master’s magic weapons. The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon rushed to counter, but when Langya saw the Nine Phantasms Ten Banes Capital Heavenly Demon Sword’s master, it practically was like seeing a supreme treat. Its sword qi was unstoppable, inconceivable.

The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon’s face turned pale. He was in a fluster, losing his mind.

The River Dragon Li Xiangfei also was unable to handle the Mixed Seas Storm Dragon. The White Night Dragon Carving Lance hooked, and the seawater flooded into a large water barrier that covered the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon, cutting off Langya. Only then was the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon’s life safe.

Su Xing again launched Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder.

Purple Thunder covered, and it immediately surrounded the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon’s whole body. Purple lightning like golden snakes danced wildly. Li Xiangfei’s Star Crest glowed brightly, and with a loud and clear shout, the White Night Dragon Carving Lance slashed out several white lights to break the Purple Thunder.

Gongsun Huang snorted, expressionlessly waving the Pinebrand Ancient Sword.

In a split second.

A hurricane screamed, overturning the seas and waves.

Li Xiangfei taking the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon into consideration was only blind defense, the layers of rolling sea battling against Gongsun Huang’s Star Magic.

Seizing the fact the two were dueling, the Mixed Seas Giant Dragon took the opportunity to escape into the sea. Li Xiangfei’s eyes stared at the Star Beast within her hand flee, her beauty exhibiting slight anger: “Gongsun Sheng, if you have the ability, then fight with This Fei to decide a victor.”

“If you have the capability, then decide a victor with your Star Master.” Su Xing craftily smiled.

With Langya in hand, because the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon’s grand Nine Phantasms Ten Banes Capital Heavenly Demon Sword had already been restrained to death, it basically could not exert power. It practically wasted an arm of the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon. The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon angrily shouted, using the “Devil Smoke Shapeshifting” to whirl around Su Xing. Li Xiangfei coldly grinned continuously. The ocean raised waves a hundred zhang, explosively rising.

“You do not hesitate to use a flashy move.” Gongsun Sheng calmly answered.

Astonishingly, she accepted Li Xiangfei’s challenge.

The Longevity Star River Dragon Li Xiangfei’s long skirt floated. She waved the White Night Dragon Carving Lance. Immediately, she threw the Destined Weapon, giving a swift shout, and a point of white light like a bright moon in a dark night flickered. That white light was increasingly bright, and when it arrived in front of Gongsun Huang, it unexpectedly was large as a mountain, with a length of a hundred meters. It was seemingly a mountain pressing down on her, a white dragon emitting the Starlight of the sun and moon, directly striking at Su Xing’s side.

The moment the White Night Dragon Carving Lance went out, the seawater immediately sensed an immense pressure and sunk to reveal an abyss. A gale blew in their faces, forcing them to be unable to open their eyes.

Li Xiangfei muttered to herself.

The seawater rolled up the White Night Dragon Carving Lance, and the weapon promptly transformed into a giant white dragon that seemingly could swallow the sea and devour the moon.

Against this imposing air, Su Xing was about to admire her.

Gongsun Huang was composed. The Pinebrand Ancient Sword in her hand rolled with a cloud-light. Multi-colored clouds emerged in large numbers, and the seas were tinged with multi-colored light a cross ten thousand zhang, as if sunset had arrived. The Pinebrand Ancient Sword immediately answered the white dragon, striking it. That white dragon was slashed in the head, unsteadily shaking its head and retreating.

Li Xiangfei snorted.

The seawater seemed to boil, rolling over and over. Under the gesture of the River Dragon, it soared and became a thousand sharp swords.

Gongsun Huang followed a set pattern. Multi-colored light again shot out of the sky, condensing into a lotus flower. The petals blossomed and emitted light, battling against the soaring water swords. Gongsun Huang struck another hand seal, and the blue skies and white clouds again shot out two bolts of green qi. One condensed into a green dragon treasure sword, breaking open space, preceding the other’s arrival. The other formed a lotus flower green shield, blocking in front of her.

Gongsun Huang’s Star Magic emerged, with Li Xiangfei’s Star Magic just arriving immediately after.

Countless streams of water endlessly struck against Gongsun Huang’s defensive lotus flower, the entire seas becoming such a deadly place.

The two people, one in the sky, one on the ground, each launched Star Magic. The two were both Star Generals with peak magical energy, particularly the Dragon in the Clouds Gongsun Huang’s Star Magic that wrapped the skies and earth, omnipotent. Her Star Magic was robust enough to be able to directly make top-notch martial generals unable to cope with her; and the Longevity Star River Dragon’s Innate Skill was “Mixed Seas,” which controlled the water streams, was the best in the world. No one could compare, and relying on the home terrain of the sea, she actually could compete evenly with Gongsun Huang. This was too close to call.

The Dragon in the Clouds and the River Dragon’s two dragons dueled, making Su Xing and the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon broaden their own horizons.

The Pinebrand Ancient Sword show multi-colored light that enveloped the sky, its sword-qi a long rainbow, linking together in a stretch to cut down Li Xiangfei. The White Night Dragon Carving Lance rose. The white dragon on the lance seemed to do its utmost, spitting out light light endlessly to contend against the multi-colored light. The White Night Dragon Carving Lance launched a deep white qi bolt after bolt. Several hundred rays of thick to the extreme white rainbows suddenly appeared, tangling against those auspicious lights and ensnaring the Pinebrand Ancient Sword.

The two Heavenly Stars’ Star Weapons were back and forth, stop and go, battling without rest.

At this time, waterfalls fell from the sky, accompanied still by a screaming gale, suddenly opening then closing. It blew Li Xiangfei like a surging storm. Li Xiangfei was calm and steady, her sea-qi gathering at once, her surroundings controlled to the peak using Mixed Seas. A sea barrier in layers formed an immense airtight flowerbud. No matter how Gongsun Huang’s Sky Star Magic fought, they were blocked by Li Xiangfei’s vast and boundless sea waves.

However, it appeared that Li Xiangfei was very clearly at a bit of a disadvantage. The sky’s pressure was limitless, endless. That ocean bud flashed, and then was split apart bit by bit. Li Xiangfei endlessly read an incantation, the Star Crest on her forehead dazzling, continuously resisting Gongsun Huang’s attack. The thousand li of ocean seemed to combine into one with her, impervious. Those shattered flower petals again gathered, restoring themselves, propagating without end. Although she was at a disadvantage, she actually could persist.

In the end, Gongsun Huang’s Star Magic was even more swift and severe. The green dragon sword became increasingly sharp. Mid-transformation, one became ten thousand, in a flash, there were countless sword shadows, forcing the stormy seas again and again into being suppressed.

Basically no one would interfere in between two Star Magics dueling at full power. The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon was about the same. He currently was staring foolishly at the Ten Thousand Year Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo. The current him completely was not an opponent. Li Xiangfei staking everything like this seemed even more like she was secretly protecting him.

Although Su Xing knew, he had no choice. The nickname of River Dragon certainly was not for nothing. Li Xiangfei directed her fury at him, her Star Magic completely unrestrained. As far as Su Xing was concerned, being in the limitless ocean was like he had fallen into hell. The Three Star Destined Weapon on the sea wreaked havoc, killing intent everywhere.

“A good trick, Gongsun Sheng!”

Li Xiangfei suddenly shouted. The White Night Dragon Carving Lance abruptly pulled back, moving backwards for an attack.

The Pinebrand Ancient Sword immediately slashed down.

Though Li Xiangfei’s attack had not yet ended, the White Night Dragon Carving Lance was flung, and it transformed into a bolt of white light. That white light scattered in the sky, then transforming into several hundred white dragons. The breath the white dragons spat froze the green rays and cloud-light. Then, countless white dragon specters swelled, twisting down to attack, as if to rip Gongsun Huang to shreds.

This was the Dark Rank Technique

White Dragon In Dream!!

Dark Rank Techniques with a name like this were much stronger than the average Star Magic, and it also meant the River Dragon was ready to put everything into this fight.

Gongsun Huang was calm as a dry well. It appeared that the little girl was no more than seven, eight, or nine years old, but her natural disposition was steady, something that even eighty or ninety year old elders would feel inferior to. The Dragon in the Clouds stuck her tongue against her palate,1 and she burst forth with pure thunder. The Pinebrand Ancient Sword’s multi-colored light stirred and scratched. The azure skies and white clouds seemed to be poured into her spiritual powers and become a screaming storm dragon that shook its head and plunged down.

Similarly, this was the Yellow Rank Technique.

Cloud Wandering Azure Dragon Turn.

This scene truly was extremely beautiful.

In the sky above Gongsun Huang, more than a thousand white clouds shaped like storm dragons pounced down. On the sea, the white dragons moved all over the waters, splitting off myriad shadows that identically bit at her.

The world was a piece of pale white.

The densely packed clouds and sea exploded. On the seas, a massive wave shook and rose. The ripples on the ocean were shaken apart, spreading a hundred li far; relying on every sort of method, Gongsun Huang unexpectedly used her Yellow Rank Star Magic Cloud Traveling Azure Dragon Turn to resist the River Dragon’s Dark Rank White Dragon In Dream.

The white qi spreading as far as the eye could see dispersed. Suddenly, a cold light flashed.


The River Dragon Li Jun suddenly rushed forth. The White Night Dragon Carving Lance suddenly became a cold light sword – the White Night Dragon Carving Sword. As one of the few Star Generals among the Star Maidens with several Star Weapons in one, Li Jun’s “White Night Dragon Carving” Star Weapon was particularly formidable. In the White Night Dragon Carving Lance, she could control powerful Star Magic, and when the White Night Dragon Carving Lance instantly changed into the White Night Dragon Carving Sword, she could immediately transform into a martial general.

The Longevity Star’s martial force was not too high, but if she relied on a Star Magic surprise attack, then attacked with her Star Weapon, also borrowing the Mixed Seas Innate Skill, even the Jade Qilin Lu Junyi would have to be slightly careful.

Li Xiangfei was very confident that by relying on her Star Magic and attack, she could suppress Gongsun Huang.

How could she have anticipated that things would be completely outside her expectations.

The Leisure Star Dragon in the Clouds Gongsun Huang faintly shot her a glance. That expression was extremely indifferent, so indifferent that it made Li Xiangfei nearly somewhat angry.

Her figure flashed.

And Gongsun Huang immediately disappeared.

Li Xiangfei’s slash caught empty space.

Gongsun Huang appeared at a space a hundred meters higher. A multi-colored sword was already in her hands. Gongsun Huang waved the sword, however, it was the speed of the blink of an eye, even faster than breathing. A multi-colored light wound around, instantly slashing towards Li Jun’s body.

Li Xiangfei turned pale from fright, hastily raising her sword to go block.

That multi-colored light split apart and became two. Gongsun Huang’s words came with the magic, and the two severed multi-colored lights transformed into two short swords that intersected with each other and bit into Li Xiangfei’s body. The River Dragon’s beautiful body practically squirmed. Gongsun Huang poked the sword, the multi-colored light burned, and she chopped Li Xiangfei’s body in half. The bodies of Star Generals were indestructible, so of course these two pieces that should have been halves did not separate, but immediately afterwards, azure light surged. The moment they combined, it wrapped around Li Xiangfei’s whole body. Again, it burned, and before Li Xiangfei could react, with a groan, she was then killed off by Gongsun Huang.

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  1. 舌抵上齶, doesn’t really translate well. Basically, she’s putting her tongue against the roof of her mouth. In terms of qi control, this gesture connects a couple meridians for the flow of qi.
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