Chapter 304: Dragon Breaking Bloody Slaughter Saber

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The skies and seas suddenly restored their tranquility. The duel between the River Dragon and the Dragon in the Clouds finally ended in Gongsun Sheng’s victory. Li Xiangfei wanted to use this chance to surprise attack and kill Gongsun Huang, but how could she have anticipated that she would be counterattacked and even be counterkilled by Gongsun Huang. By the time that Li Xiangfei recovered her senses, it was already too late.

The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon’s eyes stared at his own Star General being killed, and his insides seemed to tear. He looked at Su Xing, resentful to the bone. His mouth loudly called out the four words, “Damned! Purple! Thunder! Monster!” His mouth spat out Essence Blood, and the Essence Blood congealed and transformed into a long saber. Then, he raised that long saber to attack the Su Xing in front of him.

That saber was quite thick and broad, its edge slashing with a golden crack and inlaid with bloody gems.

The large saber slashed, and immediately they heard sinister ghostly weeping.

Astonishingly, it was the ranked ninety-fourth Level Star Iron Arm Cai Fu’s1 Destined Star Weapon – Dragon Breaking Bloody Slaughter Saber!2

The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon was nearly driven mad by Su Xing. If he knew that Su Xing had Lin Chong’s “Battle Doctrine” Innate Skill, this close quarters battle would undoubtedly bring shame upon himself. Not just him, but even an average Earthly Star could not help it.

Seeing the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon deliver himself to his doorstep, Su Xing was not in the least courteous. Langya appeared, and he raised up the sword.

The Flying Sword’s sword-light was dazzling.

The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon shouted, that Dragon Breaking Bloody Slaughter Saber slashing. A powerful force just like a mighty heaven overflowing sword slashed horizontally, powerful as a thousand galloping cavalry, insufferably arrogant.

The air suddenly shook, and immediately afterwards, the Evil Suppressing Clear Light was completely shaken apart by the sword’s imposing air.

To be able to possess such tyrannical power, no wonder the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon would dare to stake everything.


Seeing Su Xing rush over, the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon shouted in contortment, his figure swaying, leaping and slashing, his sneer mighty.

The airflow concentrated on the saber immediately was seemingly substantial, its saber-qi sweeping across.

When it drew near Su Xing, a saber qi like an arrow lossed from a bow rushed in. Superb battle instincts could let him avoid these qi. His eyes flashed with lightning, and instantly, Su Xing already was beside the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon.

The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon waved his palm, and a black fire crackled. The cold light following the blade violently fired, forming the shape of a rolling dragon, with power violent as wildly swelling waters. It had a mettle that swallowed the mountains and rivers. In an instant, it seemed to arrange an incorporeal defense around the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon’s whole body.

Su Xing formed hand seals, and his Flying Swords simultaneously slashed, shaking the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon’s Dragon Breaking Bloody Slaughter Saber backwards to no end. His finger flicked, and Purple Thunder linked together, bombarding in assault. The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon raised the Dragon Breaking Bloody Slaughter Saber, and a blood-colored light suddenly burst forth. The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon also knew that he was too impulsive, unexpectedly thinking of staking everything against the Purple Thunder Monster. He sobered up, immediately pulled back, and he then placed the Dragon Breaking Bloody Slaughter Saber in front of his chest.

He slashed.

All of a sudden, blood-light blossomed. The sounds of breaking dragons echoed, and the space in front of him was a pouncing blood shadow.

Yellow Rank Saber Technique.

Blood Dragon Edge Dance!!3

When Su Xing saw it was a Destined Star Weapon’s technique, he did not dare be careless. Just as he thought of putting his hands together to use his Flying Swords as a shield to block this, just at this moment, Gongsun Huang’s Pinebrand Ancient Sword flicked. It shook out multi-colored light, which wound about and battled the “Bloody Dragon Edge Dance.” The ninety-fourth ranked Iron Arm Cai Fu’s Yellow Rank Saber Technique was easily broken apart. Su Xing took advantage of this to link his sword together.

The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon turned pale with fright. Anxiously, the Demon Smoke activated, yet his shoulder was run through. By the time Su Xing fired Langya, the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon no longer dared to delay any longer, shattering the Evil Smiting Writ and escaping without a trace.

Su Xing shook his head, somewhat regretful about having such an opportunity, but since this was the ocean, which was the River Dragon Li Jun’s home turf, to be able to strike her down already was considered a surprise. The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon fleeing was within reason.

Nevertheless, Gongsun Huang and Li Xiangfei’s duel made Su Xing feast his eyes. With the superb maneuvers of two Star Generals, Su Xing in comparison was a bit terrible.

“Little Huang, let’s go find the Clear Skies Dragon.” Su Xing called, again readying himself.

Gongsun Huang stowed the Pinebrand Ancient Sword, landing very softly back onto Su Xing’s shoulder. Her body was light as a feather, virtually weightless.


Su Xing saw that Gongsun Huang was somewhat hesitant, leaving him feeling confused.

“Don’t worry, I naturally have a plan for the Meditative Mind Lotus thing.” Su Xing comforted her.

“Let us go back.” Gongsun Huang softly said.

“Don’t say this sort of talk anymore. If I don’t help you capture the Clear Skies Dragon, I won’t go out.” Su Xing was resolute, absolutely determined.

Gongsun Huang pondered for a moment. Suddenly, she flipped out the Evil Smiting Writ. Su Xing froze, and the little girl abruptly lowered her head to lightly kiss Su Xing’s cheek. Then, the Evil Smiting Writ shattered, not giving Su Xing any time to react. Suddenly, the Evil Smiting Writ flew into a Star Array. These peculiar scripts whirled around the two’s bodies, and the space opened with a distortion.

“Little Huang?” Su Xing was greatly astonished.

In the end, Gongsun Huang only shook her head.

Then, the two disappeared from Evil Smiting Hall without a trace.

Void Immortal’s Abode.

Lin Yingmei straddled the Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast, her hand hefting the Arctic Star Serpent Spear. In front of her similarly sat Wu Siyou, riding atop the White and Black Unicorn Tiger.

The two faced each other, each of their polearms flickering with cold light. The entire Void Immortal’s Abode air was chilly, immediately thickening.


Wu Siyou shouted, and the White and Black Unicorn Tiger rushed over, becoming a streak of white light.

Lin Yingmei was expressionless. The Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast’s light wings extended, simultaneously manifesting an illusory figure. Two rays of white light crossed, and immediately, the Star Weapons fast to the extreme knocked against each other.

After a Star General possessed a Star Beast, using a mount to launch attacks would be even more overpowering than normal, but this would restrict many of their techniques. Despite this, the contest between Lin Yingmei and Wu Siyou’s Star Beasts still made changes. Phantoms alternated in the air. White light flit away, cutting a hundred times. The two Star Beasts opposed each other with equal harshness, their imposing airs harshly forcing them to retreat slightly.

“Elder Sister Yingmei’s Realm has already reached the Matchless Realm, so quick.” An Suwen could discern that Lin Yingmei’s realm was unexpectedly only a bit inferior, somewhat unexpected.

Regardless of how it was put, a Star Maiden that signed a contract would generally lag behind a top-notch Heavenly Star that had not signed a contract during the Third Phase, particularly the Majestic Star and Harm Star that were too close to call.4

“She must have met with some lucky encounter when she went with Young Lord into Evil Smiting Hall.” Wu Xinjie was pensive.

“Lucky encounter? What lucky encounter could the Evil Smiting Hall have that is able to make Sister Yingmei raise her Realm so quickly?” Shi Yuan expressed doubt.

Evil Smiting Hall was the place they could most likely encounter Star Maidens, but even so, a single battle could not possibly increase her realm.

An Suwen abruptly thought of some other possibility, and her face suddenly reddened.

“Could it be said that…”

“They consumed the Yin Yang Lovemaking Powder?” Chai Ling derisively said.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

Even the most apathetic Yan Yizhen’s pupils contracted the moment she heard this information, showing a flabbergasted expression.

“Sister Yingmei wouldn’t be so bold…” Shi Yuan stared wide-eyed.

Let alone the Thief Star, perhaps no one would have believed it.

Wu Xinjie smiled, silent, gazing at Lin Yingmei somewhat thoughtfully.

As if she had heard their conversation, Wu Siyou was briefly unsteady and nearly was knocked off her mount by the Arctic Star Serpent Spear. The Harm Star stared at Lin Yingmei. The girl completely lacked expression, and Wu Siyou suddenly leapt and slashed.

Her intimidating air was like a rainbow.

Just at this moment, the Void Immortal’s Abode cracked.

Su Xing and Gongsun Huang simultaneously returned.

“You returned so quickly?” Wu Xinjie was hoarse.

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  1.  地平星鐵臂膀蔡福
  2.  破龍屠戮刀
  3.  血龍刃舞
  4. Makes no sense, but this was in the raws.


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