Chapter 305: The Knowledge Star’s Evil Smiting Hall

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“Young Lord, you are so quick!”

Su Xing and Gongsun Huang emerging so quickly honestly made Wu Xinjie somewhat surprised at this turn of events. Because she pertained to dragons, the Dragon in the Clouds Gongsun Sheng’s nickname was the hardest to seize. In no more than ten days, this truly was unreasonably fast. Originally, Wu Xinjie had thought there would be two more days at the bare minimum before they came out.

“Su Xing, and what Star General did you bump into this time?” Shi Yuan curiously asked. To be able to return so quickly could only be because they joined hands with another Star Master or Star General. Not only did Shi Yuan think of this, the other girls also felt as such.

Their excitement did not persist for too long, for when they saw Su Xing’s bitter smile, all of the girls stopped.

“Just what the hell happened?” Shi Yuan blinked: “Elder Sister Little Huang, just what sort of Star Beast did you catch??”

“Gave up.” Gongsun Huang expressionlessly spat out these two words.


The inside of the Immortal’s Abode was suddenly greatly shocked.

“Give up? Why? Could it be Master encountered a formidable Star General??” Yan Yizhen this time was incapable of understanding.

All of them directed their gazes at the two.

“This was something I decided without asking.” Gongsun Huang seemed not at all inclined to explain much.

Wu Xinjie also forced a smile: “Little Huang, perhaps you felt because there was not enough time that you would do this?”

The distance to the Buddha Kingdom’s Feast of All Souls was only a short several days, leaving perhaps not much time for Su Xing’s Meditative Mind Lotus, and Gongsun Huang’s Star Beast was considerably difficult to capture. Ten days’ time was far from enough. If she gave up like this, it was forgivable, but it somewhat made them regretful.

“Then it seems we can only think of something after we go to the Buddha Kingdom.” Wu Xinjie said.

Evil Smiting Hall’s rules were that Evil Smiting Hall would be open for three months’ time. Any Star General that entered Evil Smiting Hall was unable to leave before three days had passed. After three days passed, if they still were in a situation where they had not captured a Star Beast, then they could still enter in the second month. In other words, each Star General had three chances to enter Evil Smiting Hall. Although Gongsun Huang gave up this time, it could not be said she did not have a chance.

But succeeding upon entering once, reportedly, the level of agreement between Star Generals and Star Beasts would be even more psychic. Of course, this was only a legend.

But the Star Duels inherently would not slip up on any details. Since this was a legend, many Star Generals still were willing to capture a Star Beast within the first month. Seeing the ranked fourth Gongsun Huang unexpectedly so resolute in giving up on a Star Beast, this was contrary to reason.

Wu Siyou gazed at Gongsun Huang, feeling incredulous. Opposite her, Chai Ling shot Su Xing a meaningful glance.

The two Star Maidens that kept themselves uninvolved had gazes that were completely different from one another, but the mood in their hearts still was very much the same.

“Since Little Huang has given up, then Xinjie shall also give up.” Wu Xinjie smiled. “The remaining time shall be left to Little Sister Chai Ling.”

“No can do.”

Before the other beautiful ladies spoke, Su Xing was the first to oppose.

“Young Lord, why not?”

Wu Xinjie smiled and asked.

“If you want, we can just go to Evil Smiting Hall together. First go take a look, no need to capture at all.” Su Xing wrinkled his brow.

“Yes, we’ve all gone. If Sister Xinjie doesn’t go, we’d feel very apologetic.” Shi Yuan approved.

The other girls also agreed, and even Lin Yingmei nodded.

“Sister Xinjie, go with Big Brother once. Elder Sister’s Star Beast could perhaps not be so difficult to capture.” An Suwen said.

“But I can go together with Little Huang next time. The current time is not enough.” Wu Xinjie’s brows rose.

“We don’t know what will happen when we go to the Buddha Kingdom. Since this is already in front of us, don’t delay.” Su Xing said. Then, his gaze looked at Chai Ling, and he asked: “Chai Ling, what do you feel? Wait for me to go with you later?”

“What opinion can This Palace have. In short, This Palace simply does not want to leave empty-handed this time.” Chai Ling seemed to smile yet not.

Su Xing nodded.

“Alright, then Xinjie shall go with Young Lord to first take a look in Evil Smiting Hall. After three days, regardless of whether or not we succeeded, we will exit. Young Lord, will this do?” Wu Xinjie asked carefully. Star Generals obtaining Star Beasts still would have to weigh the good and bad of the Star Duels. If she could, Wu Xinjie still wanted to resolve this as soon as she could.

“Xinjie, I also know the severity and pace of things.” Su Xing smiled.

Wu Xinjie stuck out her tongue, somewhat apologetic.

Then, Su Xing and Wu Xinjie took out the Evil Smiting Writ. An instant later, the two disappeared from the Void Immortal’s Abode.

The scene all around was light and darkness, dark and bright, alternating with each other.

Instantly, the two appeared on the grounds of verdant hills and limpid water, not as misty as the Fairyland Spirit Platform, and neither was it as majestic and spectacular. Faraway, there were countless rising and falling hills, ordinary and mediocre.

The place the ranked third Knowledge Star wanted to capture her Star Beast was even more nondescript than Su Xing had imagined.

Just as Su Xing wanted to talk to Wu Xinjie about the matters of her Star Beast, all of a sudden, there was a fragrance pouncing right into his face. A nephrite and warm body pushed Su Xing onto the grass.

“Finally, it is Xinjie’s turn to spend alone time with Young Lord.” Wu Xinjie straddled Su Xing’s body, smiling attractively.

The Knowledge Star lowered her body and kissed Su Xing. Their tongues intertwined for a long while. Su Xing’s hands wandered over the girl’s body, engaging in dubious activity like this for some time. Su Xing certainly did not forget the important thing, and he smiled: “Alright, let’s go find your Star Beast first.”

“Xinjie is fine as long as she has Young Lord. Star Beasts are all floating clouds.” Wu Xinjie licked her lips, and her expression hung a lewd smile.

Su Xing began to sweat when he heard that.

“Young Lord, are you hiding something from Xinjie.” Wu Xinjie ambiguously winked.

“What could I ever hide from you?” Su Xing smiled.

“Young Lord, do you still remember the matter when we originally found the Noble Star Little Whirlwind Chai Ling…” Wu Xinjie’s charming eyes were like silk.

Su Xing nodded.

Wu Xinjie’s tone was increasingly lovely: “Chai Ling has spoken about the affairs of that day. Young Lord is so cruel for hiding it from Xinjie.”

The affairs of that day?

Su Xing for a time was unable to react. Wu Xinjie feigned coquettish anger: “Young Lord, the Yin Yang Lovemaking Powder.”


Su Xing was mute.

“Young Lord, it would better for us to use it. Maybe it can help Young Lord blossom that Meditative Mind Lotus.” Wu Xinjie chuckled, her cheeks slightly red, her eyes craftily roaming.

“This is a bit too bad!” Su Xing somewhat awkwardly laughed.

“Why is it too bad?” Wu Xinjie was confused.

“Because…So…That…” Su Xing fake coughed several times, his expression full of, “You understand.”

Wu Xinjie’s mouth hung open, tongue-tied. She lifelessly asked: “Could it be that Young Lord truly used it with Yingmei first?”

Su Xing nodded.

Although Lin Yingmei did not want other people to know about this matter, paper could not smother fire. Hiding this any longer was not too possible.

“How could this be…” Wu Xinjie was somewhat dejected, somewhat complex. She originally had even wanted to be the early bird that caught the worm. Little did she know, a wise person that reflected a hundred times could still make a mistake. How could she not have thought that the ordinarily most reserved Lin Yingmei would be this bold. Wu Xinjie’s thoughts rapidly turned. Lin Yingmei being called the First Wife was not for nothing. In normal times, her relationship with Young Lord was also the best. This was only logical.

Wu Xinjie gloomily sighed.

“Alright, don’t be dejected. Finding your Star Beast first is more urgent.” Su Xing kneaded her face, consoling her. Only then did Wu Xinjie have no choice but to get up off of Su Xing’s body, her mouth still grumbling about going to seek out Chai Ling for another bottle.

Su Xing could not help but laugh.

“Young Lord, then can you tell Xinjie about the thing between you and Little Sister Yingmei? Xinjie truly somewhat cannot imagine it.” Wu Xinjie smiled.

Along the road, Su Xing summarized the encounter he and Lin Yingmei had in Evil Smiting Hall.

Finding out about the whole story, Wu Xinjie could only sob that everything was destined. Originally, when she knew that Su Xing had the Yin Yang Lovemaking Powder, she was even secretly delighted, thinking that Lin Yingmei would not be a problem at all, “Little Sister Yingmei honestly is worthy of being called Young Lord’s First Wife.”

Without the Yin Yang Lovemaking Powder, Wu Xinjie did not think of this sort of thing any further. The top priority was still to first go find her Star Beast.

The Knowledge Star’s Star Beasts were considerably interesting. In actuality, during the previous Eighth Generation Star Duels, the Knowledge Star’s captured Star Beast always was the Phoenix Feather Unicorn Horn. There naturally was a reason connected to the one who was ranked third.

The Star Beasts of the single digit Heavenly Stars were always very difficult to capture, regardless of whether it was the extreme ice environment of Lin Yingmei’s Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast or Gongsun Huang’s Clear Skies Storm Dragon, capturing them would require maximum favorable circumstances. Furthermore, the ranked third Knowledge Star also was so. Although she was not a martial force Star General and was without the slightest bit of magic, the Knowledge Star’s Star Beast completely did not lose out to any of the Sisters.

However, this time, Wu Xinjie actually completed ample preparations. Beforehand, she had investigated all of the materials of her own Star Beasts.

The same evening they arrived in Evil Smiting Hall, Wu Xinjie raised her head to survey the Stars. Although the Knowledge Star was not too good at laying down magic circles, as for the sun, moon and stars, the Knowledge Star possessed certainly clear understanding. Thus, she used the stars to plan.

On the second day, Wu Xinjie found the Star Beast.

In the mountain forest, there was a white shadow moving back and forth, leaving afterimages in succession.

Su Xing and Wu Xinjie urged the Flying Sword hastily in pursuit. The white shadow’s speed was extremely quick. It was wrapped in a fog, its shape practically obscured, but it occasionally spat out a white fox-fire that glared into their eyes.

The white fox-fire soared, transforming into a vortex, rumbling as it it approached to strike them.

Langya was called forth, emitting a clear sound.

The fox-fire and Flying Swords entangled each other, immediately rolling out a white pillar of fire.

A fox cry poured into their ears. That white light all of a sudden let out several fox shadows that pounced right towards them. Su Xing struck a hand seal, and a clear hand of purple qi directly grabbed it. The white fox shadows let out several howls. Immediately, the specters were ripped apart.

And at this time, the white light escape, already running down the mountain.

“Is this one of your Star Beasts, Xinjie?” Su Xing let out a breath.

“En, the White Shadow Demon Fox.1 This is one of the few Star Beasts Xinjie knows. It is the easiest to capture.” Wu Xinjie forced a smile. The data on the Star Beasts the previous Knowledge Stars capture honestly was too lacking. The reason was that Knowledge was impermanent, and the Star Beasts were also elusive. The several two or three Star Beasts that were captured were all ordinary. The best was this White Shadow Demon Fox, which was also one of the most rarely seen for the Knowledge Star.

But they did not expect that the White Shadow Demon Fox considered the most ordinary would be such a wily fox.

“Careful, Young Lord, this White Shadow Demon Fox is somewhat not too suitable.” Wu Xinjie suddenly said gravely.

Su Xing nodded, also noticing this White Shadow Demon Fox was somewhat odd. Although it was being hunted down, it seemed to stop and attack from time to time, occasionally fleeing as if it was luring Su Xing into entering hell.

Before he could think any more, suddenly, the surrounding scene immediately opened up, and a giant waterfall appeared in front of him.

Just at this moment, an extremely powerful pressure came pressing down onto Su Xing and Wu Xinjie from the skies.

“This is bad, this place has a space restricting forbiddance.” Su Xing froze.

Suddenly, Su Xing and Wu Xinjie fell into the waterfall.

Author’s Note:

PS: The thing where I was under heavy pressure from my father being hospitalized has finally been resolved, but I still need to go to the hospital to take care of him. Tonight, there probably won’t be a chapter. I don’t know when I can arrange for time. I can only complete new chapters in the morning for the next seven days. After this time period, there will be another burst. Honest apologies.

I had originally wanted to keep posting new chapters until there was a pile. It seems truly there is no chance.

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