Chapter 313: The Peaceful Queen

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An unexpected great satisfaction!

When Su Xing and Wu Xinjie emerged from Evil Smiting Hall, even the Knowledge Star had never thought she would capture a Star Beast. Not only that, the Eight Gates Black Gold Chain also finally manifested its form. Of course, what most made Wu Xinjie satisfied was that her relationship with Su Xing had finally broken through that final layer. Luckily, after capturing the Nine-tailed Spirit Fox, the price of losing her virginity was negated. The three days of time in Evil Smiting Hall truly made Wu Xinjie wish these days could continue. Her lips’ smile never faded.

The Nine-tailed Spirit Fox followed after the Knowledge Star, its fur a snow-white, its pupils bewitching, making the beauties in the Void Immortal’s Abode greatly shocked. Even the gaze of the most cold and indifferent Wu Siyou was attracted by the Nine-tailed Spirit Fox.

Confronted with their curious expressions, Wu Xinjie naturally knew what the sisters wanted to ask, but now, their time was nevertheless short – the very long Evil Smiting Hall finally reached a close. The seven beauties, besides Gongsun Huang’s temporary abandonment, each obtained the Star Beast of their dreams, but there was still one final one.

The Noble Star Little Whirlwind Chai Ling gracefully stood up. Her hair was bound in a cloud bun, stuck with a phoenix hairpin and tassels, her steps graceful; her blue court long-skirt outlined her charming curves. The corners of her skirt were piled like waves, dragging gently along the ground. Her blue pupils were like clear lakewater, yet they also carried a feeling of mocking arrogance.

“Truly, your luck with women is not lacking, unexpectedly making This Palace wait so long for you.” Her Highness Queen Chai Ling already was a bit impatient. After Su Xing emerged, she did not waste words nor did she spend time wasting words, for she wanted to enter Evil Smiting Hall.

Su Xing and Chai Ling did not have a contract, but Chai Ling and Su Xing did ingest the “Together to Hell.” This sort of rarely seen Spirit Medicine could create the facade of a contract.

“Little Sister Siyou, next we will have to trouble you.” Wu Xinjie said.

Wu Siyou nodded her head cold as frost. Her expression indifferently swept across. She stepped forward, and her myriad strands of flowing hair billowed, “Is one day’s time enough?” Wu Siyou calmly said. Acting as the Wu Song who had already obtained her Star Beast, the White and Black Unicorn Tiger, she could only stay in Evil Smiting Hall for one day.

All of the girls turned their inquisitive gazes to Chai Ling.

“Be at ease, This Palace also does not wish to stay in Evil Smiting Hall for too long a time, so as to avoid dirtying This Palace.” Chai Ling faintly smiled. Then, she looked to Su Xing: “Have you prepared? Or will you say that you need to catch your breath?”

A rarely seen bit of concern. Although she was a bit concerned, she was more derisive.

Passing through seven continuous Evil Smiting Hall battles, this consumption was not something an ordinary person could bear. Furthermore, each time he entered Evil Smiting Hall, the difficulties Su Xing faced were severe. If it was an average person, they long would already have been unable to continue.

Su Xing was quite exhausted, a sort of fatigue with his energy being sucked clean. Fortunately, dual cultivation with Wu Xinjie replenished much of his vigor, barely enough to be able to cope.

Su Xing did not want to bear any more side issues. Nodding without any objection, for there was no point in discussing further. In any case, they still had Wu Siyou.

Looking around from atop a cliff face, below there was an emerald green grassland, land to gallop straight across, without limit. The bright blue skies spread through their surroundings, and on the horizon was a vaguely visible palace in the clouds.

The enormous bright moon gently enshrouded it. Even if it was daytime, this was exceptionally dazzling.

The place Su Xing and Chai Ling appeared at was very special and very warm.

“I can’t tell what place is a mirage or what is real.” Su Xing surveyed the distant thousand miles. In the mist was a vaguely visible palace. That palace seemingly was set into the middle of the bright moon, completely mysterious. He did not know whether it was an illusion or not. If it was real, it appeared that the influence of the Star Beast of the palace in the clouds was considerably great. If it was not for his time being short, Su Xing was very interested in exploring.

His thoughts returned to Chai Ling’s body. At this time, the queen stood on the cliffside, looking down the like the sovereign of the world. The Chai Ling wearing a palace dress swaying gently on the ground appeared very beautiful, her charming figure ample, particularly those several pieces of blue Starlight jewelry that made her appear even more noble.

Chai Ling quietly and slowly breathed, as if she was savoring Evil Smiting Hall’s air.

It made Su Xing unable to help but smile. “Chai Ling, to be frank, why don’t you find a Star Master. With your vast wealth and your connections, are the Star Duels a problem for you? I can’t see it.”

Chai Ling shot a glance at Su Xing, twitched her thin lips, showing disdain.

“What the end of the Star Duels relies on is still the compatibility between Star General and Star Master. Even if one possesses wealth equal to that of a nation, that is merely a jest…Relationships, even more laughable. In the Star Duels, you die and I live. Only a man as sluggish as you would idiotically think of creating a harem that accepts all of the Sisters.”

Su Xing dripped with cold sweat.

“You misunderstand, if they don’t offend me, then I won’t offend them.”

Chai Ling opened the Golden Thread Feather Fan, hid her red lips and let out a soft chuckle: “The Ninth Generation Star Duels. Unexpectedly, that there would be a Star Master like you with a naive way of thinking is truly unimaginable. This Palace wonders what your identity is in the end, for This Palace is suddenly very curious.” The Little Whirlwind also knew that although that the man before her currently showed no will to harm man or beast, at the critical moment, he was still quite reliable. Chai Ling could see this clue from the seven Sisters following him.

In this month staying at the Void Immortal’s Abode, Chai Ling was given a profound impression. Every time Su Xing emerged from Evil Smiting Hall, the joy of the Sisters remained fresh in her memory. Watching the Sisters share their joys and sorrows, who said this sort of scene did not move Chai Ling to have the thought of a contract. Compared to acting as an observer of the Star Duels, the ninth Noble Star had even more interest in participating, otherwise, she would not face such enormous danger coming to Evil Smiting Hall.

But Chai Ling also knew, that even if she truly wanted to sign a contract, perhaps the man in front of her would hesitate. Participating in the Star Duels signified the Noble Star would have nothing at all. Not only would this bring Su Xing another calamity, putting herself in his shoes, even Chai Ling would not do this sort of unprofitable exchange.

“Chai Ling, what are you thinking of? Are you truly thinking of signing a Star Duel Covenant?” Chai Ling always was paying attention to him, making Su Xing somewhat embarrassed. “I’m just saying, don’t take it seriously, I certainly don’t want to become enemies with you.” Su Xing earnestly said.

Chai Ling used a seeming smile to cover her heart’s indescribable disappointment.

“You had better mind yourself first, properly look after the Sisters…”

Su Xing nodded.

Walking several steps, Chai Ling turned her head back and suddenly asked. “Was the Yin Yang Lovemaking Powder This Palace gifted you of use?”

“Do you have any more?” Su Xing twitched his lips, chuckling.

Chai Ling had an expression of “sure enough, it was this”: “For the Ninth Generation Star Duels to be able to have a Star Master like you, no wonder that Chao Gai wants to punish you.”


“Can you tell This Palace how you got to know the other Sisters? This Palace is very curious why you can break the rules, contract so many Sisters.” Chai Ling asked.

Su Xing walked to her side, walked shoulder to shoulder with her. The fragrance of Chai Ling’s queenly elegance made him dazzled and stunned, particularly those plump and towering breasts stretching that snow-white bodice to the point of breaking out of her clothes. Looking further would make him unable to help but want to tenderly love it. Combined with the current Chai Ling’s charm and her noble enticing manner, compared to the Nine-tailed Spirit Fox possessed Wu Xinjie, she was not to be outdone.

Su Xing calmed his mind. Seeing his slightly narrow appearance, the smile on Chai Ling’s lips was even more amused.

Su Xing then narrated to Chai Ling the course of events of how he knew the girls. He was also very curious why he was able to break the rules, but he did not know whether or not these rules had a limit.

Slowly, Chai Ling grew more engrossed as she listened, and her body could not help but involuntarily draw ever closer. Su Xing did not notice either, for speaking of the very long circumstances of how he came to know Lin Yingmei and the rest was seemingly a never-ending story. He completely recalled everything, but his excellent storytelling always could not avoid adding some romantic plots.

Chai Ling’s expression turned from mockery to curiosity and then to concentration. Leaning in, her pace gracefully accompanied him.

The atmosphere was continuously very peaceful.

And the path the two walked down the mountain seemed to have no end.

Listening to Su Xing’s eloquence, Chai Ling suddenly felt that staying in Evil Smiting Hall for just a bit longer was not a bad thing at all.

Evil Smiting Hall, under the palace in the clouds.

The clanging sounds of battle endlessly entered the ear. On a lush mountain and green waters, a thin, black swan-like figure fluttered amidst the scenery. A young girl with white clothes surpassing snow waved a brandished a profound Sword Technique, blocking with difficulty, her more than a dozen icy Flying Swords  revolving in support.

She naturally was Gong Caiwei.


Black sword-light heavily struck, and the Flying Swords simultaneously went to block.


There was an eerie roar.

The Flying Swords were shaken aside. When Gong Caiwei saw, her face expressionless, she rapidly withdrew, her steps light as smoke, dodging away.

What appeared was a woman of tall stature and wheat-colored skin. Her sloppy black hair displayed a woman’s coarseness, her eyes a glossy black that displayed cruelty indicating her frenzy.

She rode atop a black and odd ferocious beast. That beast was like an enormous lizard, but its whole body was of black scales, pervasive with an evil presence. It exuded a gloomy strangeness. The woman’s hand hefted a double hatchet of dense Ghost Qi, her murderous aura skyrocketing.

Astonishingly, she was the Killer Star Black Whirlwind Li Longkui.

“Black Whirlwind Li Kui!” Gong Caiwei spat out several ice-cold words, her eyes completely lacking fear.


The black ferocious beast below her hips made an ear-piercing bellow, rushed over, its aggression violent without equal.

“Dark Rank Magic Circle, Family Shifting Sea Filling Array!!”1

The Leader Star Resourceful Strategist Zhu Sha pointed a finger, and the Five Elements Weather Banner revolved to envelop their target. An array appeared under Li Longkui’s feet, and an enormous mountain suddenly pressed down on her. In the center of the array, churning seas that overflowed the heavens crammed into a radius of ten li.

Black qi soared into the skies.

Zhu Sha’s eyes moved. Li Longkui still rushed out out the array, however, the Star Beast beneath her legs nevertheless did not know when to stop. Killing intent manifested in Li Longkui’s eyes as she lifted the axehead to chop.

The Five Elements Weather Banner turned and protected Zhu Sha.

At this time, Gong Caiwei also raised “Tracing Snow” to attack. The girl cultivated sword techniques ever since she was small, the Tracing Snow in her hand having gone through thousands of hammer strikes and hundreds of refinements, even injected with the soul of a dragon. It could barely contend against a Star Weapon for a short time. Even if she was not like Su Xing who had inherited Lin Chong’s Battle Doctrine, her fighting still was methodical.

Her sword moves repeatedly flashed.

Zhu Sha pointed her finger, and the magic circle simultaneously did not stop.

“Seeking your own doom!!!”

Li Longkui blossomed with a grim smile. Bereaved Immortal Lofty Slaughter wildly danced, and everything in the world changed color. The sky was hidden beneath the bright moon, and the faintly discernible palace also was washed.

Ghosts wept and cried.

Su Xing turned his head to gaze a thousand li away where there was apparently an evil cloud, the hazy palace indistinct.

“En?” Chai Ling’s expression was inquisitive.

“It seems there is indeed a powerful Star Beast over there.” Su Xing’s heart had a anxiousness that was impossible to get rid of.

Chai Ling also looked and gave a seeming smile: “Then it seems truly that is misfortunate.”

“Why do you say this?”

“Because This Palace has decided to capture her Star Beast here.”

Chai Ling faintly answered.

Author’s Note:

Three at the bare minimum tomorrow. In short, at the end of two months, Evil Smiting Hall will have ended.

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