Chapter 319: Entering An Ecstasy, Disturbing The Heart

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Guan Ying raised the Frost Fair Blade in her hand, vigorously dispersing a keen spirit. In all the world, nothing could surpass this in violence.

Her tyrannical spirit was powerful as an unrivalled god of war. When Guan Ying brandished her blade, the great blade’s intimidating air ravaged even time until nothing was left. In the world, there only remained a sort of absolute overbearing aura, a sort of unstoppable force, a wild display of power.

Dark Rank Blade Technique – Total Annihilation!!

This is bad.

The moment Total Annihilation activated, Guan Ying’s Reclining Moon Blade Technique had already arrived at a realm that no one could reach. In Su Xing’s eyes, he already could not see what slash Guan Ying made. He only had a kind of complete coldness wrap around his whole body, as if he had fallen into an icehouse.

Frightening enough to make them directly dribble cold sweat.

Guan Ying’s Total Annihilation was a super powerful technique allowing her to instantly attack several thousands of times in a single instant, forcing surrounding soldiers and cavalry into a complete wipeout, leaving not a single thing alive. After Four Star, let alone Su Xing, even a Supercluster Ancestral Master would die without doubt, unless there was a fluke.

But there was a woman that actually far above the so-called Supercluster Ancestral Masters in terms of close combat.

She was also the sole person capable of maintaining her calm inside Total Annihilation.


Was none other than Wu Song.

Noble Frost Demonic Lotus displayed its power at the most critical moment, clashing brilliantly with Purple Brilliant Moon Slashing Blade.

Heroic sparks burst forth from the two top-notch Star Generals.

The double-ended sword became countless phantoms, splitting off from each other, just like snow lotuses blossoming in pitch-blackness. Similarly also instantly increasing her attack to the limit, the exhausted Wu Siyou who previously used a Dark Rank already completely did not hold back, but in the end, she was somewhat lacking.

“Little Sister, still you do not quickly leave!!”

Before the sparks could scatter, Guan Ying’s Purple Brilliant Moon Slashing Blade already blew by with a wind.

The force of that blade technique powerful enough to make people nearly despair sent Wu Siyou sliding pitifully back.

Wu Siyou’s face was colorless, the double-ended sword’s defense already unable to be maintained.

“Guan Sheng, eat my sword!”

Su Xing shouted out loud, his hand raising the Clinging Fire Star Domain Sword. Within Guan Ying’s Total Annihilation, Su Xing’s Flying Swords already lost any usefulness. They could only be swept aside in disarray. Although the Clinging Fire Star Domain Sword was not necessarily able to take the dominant position, he would fight with everything he had to help lessen the burden on Wu Siyou.

The Clinging Fire Star Domain Sword directly slashed downwards. A completely red blaze engulfed the sky, becoming several dozen fire dragons.

Guan Ying’s eyes were red. As if she was cackling, her Frost Fair Blade once again rising and returning.

Powerful and unyielding, the several dozen fire dragon were like laughable scraps of paper. Within the might of Total Annihilation, they easily were ground to pieces. Su Xing did not retreat. Though the fire dragons shattered, his swordtip nevertheless did not withdraw, pointing directly at Guan Ying’s chest.

Guan Ying’s wrist moved. Before her Blade Technique executed, the Blade Qi of Total Annihilation already wildly swelled and surged.

She attacked Su Xing, leaving him battered and bruised.

At this moment, the Su Xing covered in dirt basically was too busy to go think about this. In his mind, there was only one thought – he absolutely could not allow Wu Siyou to take on Guan Ying’s Dark Rank Technique alone. The Purple Brilliant Moon Slashing Blade carried an endless intense wind that cut apart the Clinging Fire, sweeping away Su Xing’s attack, thus easily cutting it down.

Countless afterimages of the Purple Brilliant Moon Slashing Blade appeared in the air, all of them just like the real thing, indistinguishable.

Each of the afterimages was full of a sharp murderous spirit, yet hollow enough that it would disappear at any time on its own.

Su Xing watched dumbstruck. For a Star Master to go contend against the Brave Star’s Dark Rank Technique, the end result could not be more clear.

The countless indistinguishable afterimages of the Purple Brilliant Moon Slashing Blade attacked Su Xing from the front. They looked as if they were about to pierce Su Xing into honeycomb. Su Xing yelled, and the Clinging Fire Star Domain Sword flew out, its fire burning the heavens. However, in the blink of an eye, it was extinguished by Guan Ying’s Blade Qi. The sword’s edge cracked. The Clinging Fire Star Domain Sword split apart again and again. Soon, this Heavenly Spirit Astral Treasure was about to be destroyed under Total Annihilation.

Suddenly, someone pulled him. Before he could react, he was pulled aside to evade the Blade Technique.

“That is enough already.”

Wu Siyou’s white clothes blocked his line of sight. The Pilgrim engaged in a sword dance, very flowing and smooth.

A cracking sound.

A piece of Seven Colored Rainbow Jade cracked on the spot before Tang Lianxin’s eyes.

“Little Sister Lianxin, you are alright?”

“What is the matter?”

The girls inside the Immortal’s Abode drew close in astonishment.

Tang Lianxin had been helping the Sisters refine the “Iridescent Rainbow Colored Glass Jade.”1 With the Great Sun Essence Flame Butterfly, the Solitary Star’s tool refinement was even more perfect than ever before. What her heart wished for, her hands accomplished. It was just that she did not know why when she was refining one piece of Colored Glass Jade, Tang Lianxin felt ill at ease. Tool refinement required a tool refinement master’s highest concentration. They absolutely could not be distracted. With this distraction, that piece of Colored Glass Jade immediately shattered.

“Apologies.” Tang Lianxin lowered her head in guilt.

“It is rare for Little Sister Lianxin to show this sort of mistake, is it because of Su Xing?” Shi Yuan said. She turned her head to gaze at Wu Xinjie: “I was also somewhat uneasy refining the Five Poisons Banner just now. My heart always has been somewhat not too at ease.”

In actuality, it was not just her. How could the brows of An Suwen, Yan Yizhen, Gongsun Huang and Lin Yingmei also not knit somewhat in worry.

All of the girls turned their gazes to look at the mastermind Knowledge Star.

Although they did not know of Wu Song’s aid, Su XIng could not possibly have had something happen to him. Even so, their hearts generally were somewhat not too relaxed. Upon entering Evil Smiting Hall, the link between Star Contractor and Star General was blocked, however, they occasionally still could sense something.

“Be at ease, with Chai Ling present, there definitely will not be anything.”

Wu Xinjie said.

“Why would Sister Xinjie say with Chai Ling present?” An Suwen softly said, somewhat confused. Compared to the Noble Star, the Harm Star clearly was even more worthy of confidence.

The other girls were also puzzled by the mystery of Wu Xinjie’s words.

“Could it be because of Chai Ling’s Red Ink Iron Certificate? However, she is unable to use it.”


“What Astral Treasure does she have?”

Wu Xinjie slightly smiled, saying: “Let alone that Chai Ling and Young Lord ingested the Together To Hell, by entering Evil Smiting Hall, she will not be so reckless. If Xinji has not guessed wrongly…” Wu Xinjie directed her gaze to the maids Jinzhi and Yuye that accompanied Chai Ling. “Noblewoman Chai ought to have sought out the Divine Mathematician Jiang Jing for a divination, correct?”

“En.” Jinzhi and Yuye nodded.

“Chai Ling has found the Divine Mathematician?”

“Lin Yingmei’s brow slightly furrowed.

If this was true, then indeed, this could let them relax a little bit. Regardless of how it was put, Jiang Jing’s “Divine Calculation” was famous far and wide.

“It seems we were too worried, ha, ha.” The girls breathed a sigh of relief.

Wu Xinjie smiled, though her eyes nevertheless had a trace of graveness.

Heavy breathing penetrated the air. Each breath carried total suffering.

Su Xing and Wu Siyou both withdrew. The two already were beaten black and blue. Slightly shuddering, they gazed at Guan Ying’s great blade with grave and stern expressions.

“Wu Song, you still do not leave? Could it be you truly wish to die?” Guan Ying was confused. Shouting aloud, she flipped her great blade around, already adopting a second attack stance.

Wu Siyou gripped the already not so steady Noble Frost Demonic Lotus. The weapon followed its master’s thoughts and did not lose its cool grace.

In her eyes was an indifference that did not retreat.

Her answer was very clear.

“This General truly does not understand you!!!” Guan Ying was angry. Wu Song already was clearly at a disadvantage. She had with her a Four Star Destined Weapon, so Wu Song basically did not have the slightest chance of victory. Even if it was that sort of clingy battle, she ought to stop before going to far.

“Guan Sheng, of course you would not understand. Having lost the spirit of the warrior, the Brave Star already is no longer the Brave Stars of past.” Wu Siyou was resolute.

“Ying’er, do not listen to her deluded lies. Quickly kill Chai Jin!!”

Chai Ling was already at the final moments of capturing her Star Beast. The light rays of the Evil Smiting Token already became even brighter. In fewer than several dozen seconds, any hopes of obtaining the Red Ink Iron Certificate would be thoroughly lost. At such a chance bestowed by Heaven, the ordinarily calm Great Saint Starkiller was somewhat worried crazy.

Seeing his attitude, Wu Siyou sneered.

“This must be your master?”

Guan Ying grit her teeth, angrily shouting.

“Then Star Duel!!”

Guan Ying raised her great blade and once again rushed at Wu Siyou.

“You go protect Chai Ling!” Wu Siyou ordered.

Su Xing nodded. He knew that he had no chance at all of victory should he continue facing the Brave Star.

Dragging her heavy body, Wu Siyou forged on with hardly any fear. The soul of the warrior burned, making Guan Ying feel scorched. The great blade and the double sword once again clashed and emitted gorgeous sparks.

The two figures immediately sunk into the lights and shadows of blade and sword.

“Bastard, how can This One allow you to escape!!”

Great Saint Starkiller was mad. He could not let Chai Ling go. His figure bolted, directly rushing forward to attack. Chai Ling’s expression slightly cooled. Her Moon Seizing Star Taking had already lost its light. Circulating the Evil Smiting Writ, she nevertheless did not care for Great Saint Starkiller’s attack. She knew there was a man who would fulfill his promise.

“Great Saint Starkiller, your opponent is me!”

Su Xing shouted.

Although his whole body was injured, his aggression did not falter.


Flying Swords each twisted in battle, their powers incessant.

Relying on the Eight Desolate Heavenly Demon Body, Great Saint Starkiller madly charged onwards, prepared to use his corporeal body to directly beat Su Xing back. Great Saint Starkiller’s offensive was like howling wind and torrential rain that struck upon Su Xing’s body.

Relying on his formidable speed to instantly approach his target, that rush’s impact force was sufficient to rip apart powerful defenses. Add on that the moment he drew close, Great Saint Starkiller’s battle style was ferocious and tyrannical.

Black qi wildly materialized, baring claws and fangs.

But Great Saint Starkiller clearly forgot there was another person present. At practically the moment he launched his attack, he instinctively sensed a type of extremely dangerous feeling.

Suddenly at that moment.

Cold ice suddenly rose.

An ice-cold freezing frost like a blade stabbed with a whistle.

Great Saint Starkiller was startled. The skin of his whole body immediately caught the cold frost, and a bone-chilling cold dug inside his body, and his body’s reactions gradually became slow. How could Gong Caiwei stare blankly as Su Xing gave his all to go against the wind. Originally, she had ran to this shiny place to divert a calamity. She did not expect to actually encounter Su Xing, and the slight guilt in her heart transformed into strength.

Su Xing and Gong Caiwei worked together.

Great Saint Starkiller was battered and exhausted.

A meow resounded in all four directions. This sound made Great Saint Starkiller feel indignant and unreconciled.

“Su Xing, This Palace has captured the Star Beast. We are leaving!!”

Chai Ling’s heart was delighted. Her sleeve waved as she immediately spoke.

Facing Guan Sheng, the Little Whirlwind recognized she was not currently an opponent. It was not advisable to linger here for too long.


Su Xing also had this plan.


Wu Siyou heard and nodded.


Great Saint Starkiller was furious.

Just when Su Xing and Chai Ling prepared for the opportunity to leave Evil Smiting Hall, suddenly, Su Xing saw the motionless Gong Caiwei. His heart abruptly jumped. “Caiwei, you…”

“You leave first. There is no need to mind me, I have my own means!”

Gong Caiwei said.

“Su Xing!!”

Chai Ling already finished the preparations to leave. The Wu Siyou on that saide was close to being unable to bear Guan Sheng. She looked at the hesitating Su Xing, and in those elegant eyes, a surprised expression appeared.

“What is the matter…”

“I cannot leave.”

Su Xing looked at Gong Caiwei, softly answering.

Someone’s heart was disturb.

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