Chapter 320: Trials And Tribulations Can Reveal The Heart

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“I cannot leave!”

Su Xing’s tone was serious.

Even the Chai Ling who handled affairs without getting flustered felt goosebumps of surprise when she heard Su Xing’s exclamation. “Su Xing, have you gone insane??”

Su Xing did not answer. He only glanced at Gong Caiwei, the contents inside his expression very clear – he could not allow Gong Caiwei to remain here alone. This was not at all the so-called heart of beauty, and neither did his brain go mad. As one who had a soldier’s blood down to the bone, abandoning comrades absolutely could not be permitted.

Gong Caiwei’s heart was flustered. She clearly was more astonished than Chai Ling.

“I still do not need you to come take pity on me.” Gong Caiwei revealed Tracing Snow. Because the girl’s consciousness was expanding, the feeble snowy wind flowed with a colorful splendor.

“Su Xing, are you thinking with your penis?1 Can one woman so easily dominate your life? This is too disappointing to This Palace.” Chai Ling’s expression was very disdainful. Her eyes had an unconcealable feeling of disappointment. She had originally felt that Su Xing was different from all the other Star Masters she had seen and known, and she had a considerably favorable feeling. However, Su Xing’s current conduct unavoidably made Chai Ling feel that the men under Heaven were animals that thought with their lower halves – a revolting behavior.

“Are you a Star Master or not? To unexpectedly care about the life and death of other Star Masters?”

Chai Ling sneered, and she was just about to pinch apart the Evil Smiting Writ.

“If they knew, they definitely would be thoroughly disappointed.”

“Hey, hey, hey, Chai Ling, don’t make it seem like I want to die?” How could Su Xing’s expression have felt any bit of urgency. His eyes completely lacked fear. On the contrary, it was filled with resolution.

“Gong Caiwei, although you aren’t my woman, you are my friend. Whoever is willing to abandon a friend and flee with his tail between his legs can go do so.” Su Xing’s tone of voice did not have the least bit of leeway. This made Little Whirlwind Chai Ling and Gong Caiwei dumbstruck.

“You…” Chai Ling was rendered speechless by Su Xing’s words. The Noble Star chuckled and actually did not shatter the Evil Smiting Writ. Rather, she had a sort of seeming smile, aiming a seemingly curious expression at Su Xing.

As expected, he still made her feel something somewhat special about him.

“Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!”

The Great Saint Starkiller who had just thought of despairing now howled with laughter. Originally, when Chai Jin captured the Star Beast he had already given up hope on the Red Ink Iron Certificate. He did not expect the mountain path would wind back. This number one Star Master of the Azure Dragon Territory truly was thoroughly stupid, ridiculous to the extreme.

“Friend? Truly you are pedantic. If the uprightness of the Azure Dragon Territory is like this, that truly is to the satisfaction of everyone.” Great Saint Starkiller disdainfully laughed. The Star Duels could only have one victor, and friends were but a legend.

“Ying’er, what are you still hesitating for!!!”

Great Saint Starkiller’s tone changed, severely shouting.


The sound of thunder jolted. With a crisp ring, Wu Siyou was sent flying. Brave Star Guan Ying raised the Frost Fair Blade and already rushed over.

A powerful intimidating aura was just like a surging tide.

“This One actually wants to see if this Xie Zhenyuan is all big talk or truly does not wish to abandon his friend. Let This One see.” Great Saint Starkiller’s attitude was arrogant, his tone filled with mockery. He attempted to use words to trap Su Xing from changing his ideas.

Seeing Su Xing’s manner of not changing countenance even if Mount Tai were to collapse, Great Saint Starkiller sneered.

He did not care one bit for the “justice” of the opponent in front of him. The Noble Star showing such ignorance made him even happier.

Wu Song seemed to have found an old-fashioned Star Master.

This One will make you pay the price.

“You deserve praise for your courage, yet there is merely nothing more. Do you believe you can protect her???” Chai Ling’s tone was stern. To be able to be looked upon by the Knowledge Star, Su Xing clearly was not that sort of impulsive person. The Little Whirlwind still truly did not believe anyone could abandon seven sweet ladies for one woman on the verge of death.

“You need not mind me, we do not owe each other debts.” Gong Caiwei’s whole body had been jolted into trembling by Guan Ying’s intimidating aura. Her expression was unwilling to concede defeat.

“Relax, Gong Caiwei, I naturally will not die together with you for love.” Su Xing tried to lighten the mood.

Gong Caiwei’s brows rose, somewhat speechless. What time was it now, yet he still was cracking jokes. Gong Caiwei truly could not fathom how the mind of the man in front of her worked. Seeing Su Xing’s resolute profile, Gong Caiwei only felt her heart was very disordered.

Wu Siyou’s sword blocked Guan Ying.

The sword’s edge blew with frost.

Guan Ying clenched both her hands, and the Frost Fair Blade heavily slashed down.

A figure flashed by.

Great Blade swiftly flew, jolting with the imposing air of thousands of soldiers and tens of thousands of horses. Wu Siyou was directly sent flying, and with a light somersault, she landed near Su Xing.

“Siyou, you leave first, leave this place to me.” Su Xing promptly said.

Wu Siyou seemed to have not heard, for she was motionless. “How can Your Servant abandon Lord Husband!”

“Lord Husband??”

Her cool and elegant address made everyone present shocked.

“Lord Husband?” Great Saint Starkiller was incredulous. He could not help but be somewhat envious.

Although this Lord Husband address made Su Xing’s heart taste honey, it was too late to savor. Su Xing nervously shouted: “Wifey, if you truly do not leave, then we genuinely will die together for love.”

Wu Siyou was blank upon hearing his words.

“Did you forget the matter that time with the Roc Demon King? I have my own means.” Su Xing hinted.

Wu Siyou immediately understood Su Xing’s plan.

Chaotic Tail Escape.

In actuality, Su Xing’s plan was very simple. The Guan Sheng that had captured a Star Beast could only remain in Evil Smiting Hall for a day. So long as he could sustain for this one day, that would be all. By the time Wu Siyou left Evil Smiting Hall, Su Xing would rely on the Chaotic Tail Escape to escape left and right. To break away from Guan Sheng still was not as easy as turning over his hand.

This forbidden technique, the Chaotic Tail Escape, had already been strictly prohibited by the beauties after experiencing the Three Burrows Crafty Rabbit. The Chaotic Tail Escape’s usage frequency was increasing, and the burden on himself also turned more severe. The so-called “self-defeat eight hundred, kill a thousand enemies” was thus. If because he used the Chaotic Tail Escape and landed in an Undefeated of the East situation, that would be a gain that did not make up for the losses.

However, with the situation having reached this stage, he believed they would make an exception.

“Lord Husband is unwilling to abandon a friend, and how can Your Servant oppose Lord Husband.” Wu Siyou was not joking. The Pilgrim abandoning her Lord Husband and fleeing alone was something she absolutely could not do.

Things at this time became considerably contradictory and comical.

Su Xing did not want to abandon Gong Caiwei, and thus, he could not leave Evil Smiting Hall.

And Wu Siyou could not abandon her Lord Husband to leave alone.

“Then allow This One to send all of you to your deaths!” Great Saint Starkiller was intimidating.

At this time, Guan Ying already was imposingly and brilliantly standing in front of him.

“Is this man worthy of dying for?” Brave Star Guan Ying’s tone was hard as steel.

“Compared to the Brave Star who would act against a Sister that placed herself outside of the Star Duels, how would Your Servant need you to warn us.” Wu Siyou snorted disdainfully.

These words hurt Guan Ying, making the girl’s smile turn cold.

That was just like a tiger or wolf-like expression glaring at Su Xing.

“Ying’er, quickly kill them, make them know the price of playing the hero, the cruelty of the Star Duels!!” Great Saint Starkiller said.

Guan Ying gripped tight the Frost Fair Blade, her five knuckles tight enough to turn white.

But she nevertheless did not act.

“Brave Star Guan Ying!!! What are you doing, This One orders you, kill Chai Jin!!” Great Saint Starkiller’s tone sunk, and he was furious.

The two’s Star Crests flickered. The contract’s command enforcement made the blood of Guan Ying’s whole body boil.

They could see that Guan Ying had already shook off the idea of facing Chai Jin, but the Star Master’s orders made her appear very conflicted.

“If you want to kill Chai Jin, then you will have to first step over Your Servant’s corpse.” Wu Siyou’s eyes flickered with a regretful sigh. Suddenly, she shouted, and swiftly attacking, she just happened to help Guan Ying out of her predicament.

“This General obeys your command.”

Guan Ying’s tone was serious.

They repeated the already unknown several hundred exchanges of blows.

Things currently were considerably hard on Su Xing. On one hand, he could not possibly abandon Gong Caiwei and escape. On the other, he even more could not possibly allow Wu Siyou to place herself in danger. Su Xing’s heart honestly was torn to pieces, and Gong Caiwei wanting to seize a chance to flee was not likely. There was still a Great Saint Starkiller staring. Although the Langya suppressed his Flying Sword ability, he was the Netherworld’s number one, after all. If he only had to trap them here to death, Great Saint Starkiller was capable of doing so.

Great Saint Starkiller actually began to steady. He looked at Su Xing with an expression full of mockery, thinking to himself that he was truly fortunate today. To have encountered such a stupid Star Master, it seemed Heaven itself was helping him through the Ninth Generation Star Duels. This was destiny.

So long as he waited for Guan Ying to kill the most problematic Wu Song, by that time, the other two Star Masters with the Noble Star would be fish meat on the chopping board, helpless to his slaughter.

“Our hero Su Xing, what good countermeasure do you have right now?” Chai Ling pet the Riches And Honors Persia sitting in her bosom as she seemingly smiled.

“…Chai Ling, do you have any way that can persuade Siyou?” Su Xing was somewhat anxious.

“To persuade her to leave, This Palace does not know what means you used to make Wu Siyou unexpectedly recognize you as Lord Husband, but since you can make her say as much…Do you feel that the Harm Star will abandon you? Under Heaven, you are not the only one willing to abandon certain people.” Chai Ling said these words as she looked at the completely powerless Gong Caiwei.

This woman actually was somewhat of an incorruptible beauty. No wonder she could make men pity her.

Chai Ling tightly pursed her lips.

Gong Caiwei was taciturn.

“Right, Chai Ling, you come a bit closer, I have something to say to you.” Su Xing suddenly mysteriously smiled. He pulled Chai Ling over and drew near her ear. Their bodies pressed close, and an especially masculine air poured into her ear, making Chai Ling lose her gracefulness, her face turn red.

Even Gong Caiwei’s gaze was drawn by the pair’s intimate whispering, disturbing her heart which calmed only with great difficulty.

Wu Siyou currently was struggling hard for him, yet he unexpectedly was flirting with another woman. This made Gong Caiwei’s heart somewhat sour.

“A gap!”

Great Saint Starkiller saw Chai Ling was inattentive. Abruptly forming a hand seal, his Flying Swords transformed into countless circles of qi that wound around Su Xing. Then, he used an escape technique to rush over, his fingertips trembling in excitement.

“Just when I was worried you wouldn’t come.”

Su Xing long had been monitoring Great Saint Starkiller’s each and every movement. He could not overcome the Four Star Guan Ying, but he nevertheless had one hundred percent confidence about Great Saint Starkiller. Blue light criss-crossed, a Purple Thunder Lightning Net formed, and then a Purple Cloud Hand grabbed.

Three abilities simultaneously appeared.

Great Saint Starkiller’s expression changed. The Heavenly Cycle Changing Holy Sword blocked but Chai Ling smiled. Curling a white finger, an object flew out from her cloud bun. At the same time, the Riches And Honor Persia opened its third eye, firing a Milky Way-like blinding light of gold. Instantly, it annihilated Great Saint Starkiller’s black qi.

Not good, this was a trap.

Great Saint Starkiller’s pupils shrunk.

The hairpin that flew out of Chai Ling’s hair firmly pinned him.

Then, trapped by the purple lightning net, the hand grabbed him. Great Saint Starkiller already was without a way out.

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