Chapter 321: End Of The Road

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He saw that Great Saint Starkiller was about to flee a calamity, but…But the moment that what Su Xing loathed the most appeared, Great Saint Starkiller shouted with only the severe yell of “Primordial Chaos Of Origin, assist My Great Path!”1 That voice instantly ended. A dragon cry rose through the Nine Firmaments, surging over.

A purple talisman jumped out from top of his head.

This talisman’s tadpole-like characters transformed into countless pieces that swam away.

The Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder Net and the Purple Cloud Heaven Suppressing Stillness Hand were run through with a crash by the pervasive purple light. The remaining sharpness expanded all around, forcing Su Xing and Chai Ling to retreat step by step. By the time they adjusted, Great Saint Starkiller already used the Heavenly Cycle Changing Holy Sword and a Supreme Grade Talisman – “Primal Origin Primordial Chaos Talisman”2 to set up a powerful “Origin Of The Universe Heavenly Cycle Sword Array.”3 By doing so, Great Saint Starkiller could not exit, but Su Xing and the others could not enter.

“Truly damnable.” Great Saint Starkiller cursed. He had never felt so humiliated.

The tailwind and smooth sailing of the previous ten years seemingly was not complete misfortune at this moment, to be forced to use even his life-protecting Primal Origin Primordial Chaos Talisman, this was an enormous stroke of bad luck. No, so long as he could kill the Noble Star and obtain the Red Ink Iron Certificate, let alone a Supreme Grade Talisman, even ten Primal Origin Primordial Chaos Talismans were worth it.

But, he needed to kill the Noble Star to make it worthwhile.

Watching Su Xing’s damned Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo Langya, Great Saint Starkiller inwardly seethed.

“Ying’er, what are you still dawdling for, quickly dispatch Wu Song and dispose of the Noble Star.”

In the center of the array, Great Saint Starkiller currently had ample time to calm himself. Seeing that Guan Ying unexpectedly still was entangled with Wu Siyou, his heart was somewhat infuriated.

At this moment, Great Saint Starkiller actually wanted to look at just what Wu Song’s background was. Flipping open the Birth Treasure Outline, the record that appeared on the surface left Great Saint Starkiller dumbstruck.


No contract?!!

“How could it be that there is no contract, just who are you??” Great Saint Starkiller stared at Su Xing in shock, at this man who made the Harm Star Pilgrim address him as Lord Husband.

Was this bastard a monster?

He did not contract the Noble Star, did not contract the Harm Star, yet this motherfucker was this intimate with two Heavenly Stars.

On that side, hearing Great Saint Starkiller’s envious cry, Great Blade Guan Ying no longer neglected Wu Siyou.

“Little Sister, you have not signed a contract?” Guan Ying was astonished.

“Why? To even be hell-bent on addressing that man as Lord Husband…Compared to This General, are you not an even greater disgrace, Wu Song?” Guan Ying was furious. Her hand lifted the blade and fell, a cold light manifesting.

A wound deep enough to show bone appeared on Wu Siyou’s body, yet the Pilgrim’s cool elegance did not diminish.

“The Noble Star can allow Your Servant to follow Lord Husband into Evil Smiting Hall, can your master achieve the same?” Wu Siyou waved her sword.

On the basis of the current Su Xing exhibiting bold conduct and deeds inside Evil Smiting Hall, Wu Siyou recognized he was her Lord Husband without question, and compared to Great Saint Starkiller wholeheartedly obsessed with killing the Noble Star to obtain the Red Ink Iron Certificate, the superior of the two was obvious.

On this point, Guan Ying was incapable of refuting yet she was somewhat indignant.

“That man’s graceful words and flowery speech are merely exploiting you. In the previous generations of Star Duels, Wu Song, have you ever heard of a Star Master that dared not pursue fame and riches. This is merely the trend of the Star Duels. If your man is not extremely stupid, then he has other plans.”

Wu Siyou showed an expression of “Elder Sister, how lamentable.” Without any reply, Wu Siyou did not at all think further of taking an advantage with words. Noble Frost Demonic Lotus was wielded with all her strength. Several hundred threads of sword qi like scattered snow lotus petals covered the skies and earth and pounced towards Brave Star Guan Ying. Each flower petal bore a ray of black light, a mournful black light.

These sword qi became flower petals that seemingly were raindrops, sprinkling forth in enormous torrents from the swordtip. After colliding with each other, the fragments became even smaller fragments, but each droplets was still deadly as before. In the case there was a cut, perhaps even steel would be cut in two.

Under these sorts of circumstances, it was possible for even Guan Ying to be injured enough to be defeated because of a careless gap. However, Great Blade was experienced, unparalleled in battle. With a Four Star Destined Weapon in hand, the most supreme divine weapon at the current phase, any one Star General would shudder.

The entire earth shuddered with a storm.

The petals completely fragmented.

Wu Siyou grit her teeth. Her forehead overflowed with cold sweat, raising the shuddering double-ended sword with an even quicker speed. A sword qi in unbroken succession instantly constructed an inescapable net. Not only did this control Guan YIng’s entire blade qi, it also sealed shut her path of retreat.

Truly worthy of the Harm Star!

A top-notch Martial General!

To be able to be so unruffled before a Four Star Destined Weapon, locked in a stalemate for so long, but that should end soon…

After an expression of praise, there was endless exclamation. Guan Ying’s pupils were cool, yet in a split second, the flower petals fluttering across the whole sky nevertheless suddenly all shattered! A sharp sword qi whimpered and became a dissipating wind, and a Frost Fair Blade completely slashed them apart.


Wu Siyou simply did not dare believe her own eyes, but before she could question this, the Blade Qi directly attacked her. A sharp airflow already was at her ear. The Pilgrim relied on her intuition and immediately sidestepped. Her hair nevertheless still had been cut, and her back scorched with pain.

Figures criss-crossed.

Wu Siyou spat a mouthful of blood, sent flying by a slash. Her figure drew a beautiful arc.

In midair, Wu Siyou completely lost the ability to resist.

“I will expose that man’s hypocritical mask…In the Star Duels, there is only victory or defeat!” Guan Ying was ruthless. She jumped high, and the great blade directly slashed at Wu Siyou’s abdomen. At the level of not having signed a contract, this time, Wu Siyou already was unable to escape/

But someone said, “No.”

A figure dove out, and a Clinging Fire Star Domain Sword to stop the great blade. The originally already critical weapon directly faced the Four Star Purple Brilliant Moon Slashing Blade and immediately broke. Su Xing was unable to help a Heavenly Spirit Astral Treasure becoming pieces. He seized this obstruction to immediately bring Wu Siyou out of danger, but Guan Ying already was like a ferocious lion. With a powerful intimidating air, the blade again used an Azure Dragon Slash.

Directly at Su Xing.

Wu Siyou seized Su Xing and blocked Guan Ying’s Azure Dragon Slash herself.

A powerful force directly sent them to the ground.

The world was immediately silent.

Guan Ying descended to the ground, already beginning to pant. Battling with Wu Song for a long time was extremely taxing on her. The blood on that wound on her stomach had already coagulated, but the hand gripping her weapon already slightly trembled.

Wu Siyou knelt on the ground, the double-ended sword Noble Frost Demonic Lotus stuck into the ground. Propping herself up on one arm, her whole body’s clothes were ripped apart with countless cuts, with blood already dying those white clothes red.

Let alone that Guan Ying’s Star Energy was beginning to decline, that Azure Dragon Slash’s might was greatly diminished. Otherwise, in that moment, Wu Siyou feared she would not have got up.

However, even so, anyone with eyes could see the Harm Star was already an arrow at the end of its path.

“Siyou, leave. The road afterwards is still quite long.” Su Xing patted her shoulder, giving Wu Siyou some pills to ingest.

Hearing the deeper meaning in these words, Wu Siyou’s lips curled with a weak curve.

“Leave? Have you finally decided to disguise yourself no longer?” Guan Ying gripped her blade with both hands. Su Xing feared that even if he wanted to leave, it perhaps would not be so easy.

“Ying’er, nicely done, now quickly kill Chai Jin!”

Great Saitn Starkiller coldly said.

Guan Ying calmly glanced at Great Saint Starkiller, pretending to not hear him. Her gaze returned to Su Xing: “You are called Su Xing, correct? Do you dare to make a bet with This General?”


“This General heard your words just now. Interesting. Nowadays, Star Masters that can not abandon their partners are honestly rare to see. This General is very curious, whether your words or false or true.” Guan Ying said.

“So what if it’s true, so what if it’s false? Your judgment is not worth a mention to me.”

Su Xing sneered.

Guan Ying laughed: “To be speak to This General like this, This General will have faith that you are indeed special.”

“Ying’er, you??” Great Saint Starkiller furrowed his brow.

“Young Master, please permit Ying’er to retain that sliver of a Martial General’s honor.” Guan Ying calmly said, her eyes very gentle, gentle enough to make Great Saint Starkiller even somewhat dissatisfied.

But Great Saint Starkiller uttered no sound. He nodded.

“Many thanks to Young Master.”

“Your current conduct and deeds indeed earn This General’s praise, but…This General has always disdained ignorant loyalty…Perhaps you have some method that can break through This General’s blade, but This General can guarantee that this price is your wife. This General’s Little Sister that has morality high as the heavens will become your Starfall…” Guan Ying’s words completely lacked pretense. An imposing air that was on the edge stirred about upon the Brave Star’s body.

“Just what do you want to say?”

Su Xing asked.

“This General will give you a chance. Make This General genuinely and sincerely admire you as a man that can support Heaven and Earth!” Guan Ying curled her lips.

Envy surfaced from the bottom of Great Saint Starkiller’s heart. Guan Ying had never said these words to him before.

“What chance?”

“Use your strength to withstand three strokes of This General’s blade. After three slashes, if you still can stand, This General shall let you all go!”

“Ying’er?” Great Saint Starkiller was stunned.

“Absolutely not!”

Chai Ling firmly refused.

“Elder Sister truly can crack a joke. You are the Brave Star Guan Sheng, a top-notch Martial General, and with a Four Star Destined Weapon in your hands. For you to make a Star Master go suffer three of your slashes, this basically is a gargantuan joke.” Chai Ling’s expression was ice-cold.

“This General merely asks you, do you dare take this upon yourself?” Guan Ying only looked at Su Xing.

“Su Xing, do not acquiesce.”

“You cannot!”

Gong Caiwei and Wu Siyou simultaneously uttered.

Su Xing laughed, but then he was immediately cold: “What a grand yet empty three slashes.4 You are the grand Brave Star. The ranked fifth Guan Sheng unexpectedly wants a Star Master to face three of your slashes. Let alone me, even Supercluster Ancestors cannot endure a single one.”

Guan Ying smiled, as if she had wanted to see Su Xing answer as such.

No matter how much more you feign righteousness, when it truly came to your turn, your true identity will be revealed in the end. Even if this chance was any easier, you would not be willing to face danger with your body.

Wu Song, do you see?

This is your Lord Husband.

This is the true face of the Star Master.

The past has always been like this.

There have never been changes.

But, Guan Sheng’s smile immediately disappeared.

She saw that man suddenly rush at her, empty-handed, but his intimidating air was like the fierce tiger of a mountain, unexcelled in all the world. “Put away that opinionated pity of yours. Don’t use three, go ahead and use thirty, three hundred slashes even. Your Servant shall keep you company!!”

Guan Ying’s expression moved.

“This General actually wants to see with what virtue or capability can make Wu Siyou recognize you as her husband!”

Great Blade Guan Sheng shouted, slashing without the least bit of hesitation.

A biting cold wind ran through the Frost Fair Blade. The aggression of this first slash was unparalleled in its tyranny.

Besides Chai Ling, everyone was dumb as a wooden chicken.

Wu Siyou suddenly understood – Su Xing only wanted to stall for time to allow her to leave Evil Smiting Hall…

Is Your Servant truly to flee?

Wu Siyou faintly sighed.

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  1. 混沌原始,助吾大道
  2. 原始混沌符
  3. 原始混元週天劍陣
  4. 冠名堂皇, describes something as magnificent in appearance but is actually not that impressive.


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