Chapter 325: Passionate

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The blue mountains were a continuous green, a sea of trees becoming a tidal wave.

Regardless of how the outside was, the Void Immortal’s Abode generally was situated in an environment most suitable and most perfect for a cultivator. The qi of endless opportunity swelled unpredictably as spreading mist, as if it was being controlled by an invisible hand, floating towards the building inside the Immortal’s Abode.

Outside the door.

It was the same everywhere, each millennial beauty stricken with worry.

It would make anyone feel jealous.

“The Brave Star Guan Sheng? She has signed a contract with Great Saint Starkiller of the Netherworld?”1 Wu Xinjie turned her head, quite astonished.

Chai Ling gracefully sipped her tea, immersing her lips and teeth in the fragrance. Her pink lips hooked with a smile, with slight mockery and slight mystery.

“Xinjie never thought the Brave Star would sign a contract with Great Saint Starkiller.” It was somewhat contrary to Wu Xinjie’s reason. She truly did not expect this, for the Brave Star’s loyalty and ferocity were famous, and in fact, the Martial Feneral that stood at the peak of the pyramid often did not hold good will towards Star Cultivators of the Netherworld’s Devil Palaces. However, considering the prestige of the Brave Stars of previous Star Duels, for Guan Ying to make such a decision, Wu Xinjie could understand.

After nine generations, the name of the “Star Duels” had already been deeply etched into Liangshan Continent.

Victory or defeat had already become its most important embodiment.

“Great Saint Starkiller. Xinjie actually did not think that Guan Ying would find such a Star Master. Yingmei definitely will be very disappointed when she hears this.” Wu Xinjie bitterly smiled: “However, for Guan Ying to unexpectedly forge to Four Star honestly is incredible. Fortunately, Wu Song went together with you.”

Chai Ling already informed the girls of the matters inside Evil Smiting Hall. Under Wu Siyou’s insistence, the matter of Lord Husband was left out, and she only spoke of that Wu Siyou had finally comprehended a new technique that defeated Guan Sheng.

As far as this new technique that could defeat a Four Star Destined Weapon was concerned, Wu Xinjie did not believe it. However, she felt there was a deeper meaning within. Wu Xinjie did not ask any further, for it was alright so long as Su Xing was unhurt.

“To speak of it, are you not angry?” Chai Ling seemingly smiled, casting a glance at Wu Xinjie. “This man surprisingly in spite of all of you, placed himself in danger for the sake of one Immortal Hero Princess. This honestly is unlike a Star Master’s style.”

“Hee, hee, Little Sister Chai Ling, do not tell Xinjie, were you not moved when My Young Lord protected Gong Caiwei.” Wu Xinjie chuckled.

Chai Ling opened the Golden Thread Feather Fan as if to cover herself: “Why would This Palace be moved over this? Knowledge Star, such a Star Master, This Palace was too late to avoid him, to sacrifice his life for a woman.”

“Gong Caiwei and My Young Lord are somewhat in a relationship,”

Wu Xinjie shook her head. Girls that were very understanding of Su Xing’s personality would not be a bit surprised he would do this. On the contrary, if Su Xing actually disregarded Gong Caiwei, Wu Xinjie would feel puzzled.

In Su Xing’s heart, friends worth believing in were more important than his life.

Although Wu Xinjie very much did not understand just what sort of environment could be so incompatible with Liangshan Continent’s beliefs, regardless, some profound story happened with Gong Caiwei in Flower Dragon Cave that perhaps made Su Xing treat Gong Caiwei as a friend.

Wu Xinjie remembered that Su Xing mentioned it after the Purple Rose Birth Treasure Outline. At that time, he was facing the encirclement of multiple sects. Gong Caiwei not only did not treat Su Xing as an enemy, she even helped him. Just by this fact, treating her as a friend was inevitable. Perhaps it was precisely because of this personality that he would attract so many Sisters to follow him?

“Let alone…I am very aware that My Young Lord would never do something like throw his life away.” Wu Xinjie softly chuckled.

Saying this, Chai Ling recalled that bizarre Escape Technique at the very end, and she asked a question.

Hearing Wu Xinjie’s explanation, Chai Ling was moved.

The Little Whirlwind had actually heard of an Escape Technique abnormal enough to be detestable as the Chaotic Tail Escape.

“Knowledge Star, can This Palace ask you about something?” Chai Ling put away her ruminating smile, asking seriously.

“Please do.”

“Su Xing, just what is his background?” Chai Ling wrinkled her brow.

Wu Xinjie laughed: “It cannot be, could it be that the wealthiest noblewoman in the world does not know?”

“This Palace has investigated the Purple Thunder Monster.” Chai Ling spoke bluntly. As the partner that could ingest the Together To Hell, the Noble Star could not have possibly not known anything about her partner after the fact, but no matter how large the Little Whirlwind cast her net of information, the news she received in the end was still pitifully sparse.

Su Xing had seemingly dropped from Heaven.2 Background, influence, he had never even been heard of.

In the end, Chai Ling thought that Su Xing had emerged from some mountain that he could have a sort of “simple and honest” mentality.

But after leaving Evil Smiting Hall, Chai Ling again turned over her verdict. How could a man that had emerged from a mountain have this sort of cunning. Having seven Sisters follow him based on simplicity and honesty, to have Harm Star Wu Siyou address him as Lord Husband to bring about a defeat in a millennium, how was this simple and honest at all. This was practically cheating.

“Come to think of it, Chai Ling, do you not feel that My Young Lord is very familiar?” Wu Xinjie ineffably said.


Wu Xinjie looked pensively “After being in contact with Young Lord for a while, you would feel as if you had met Young Lord very long ago. It makes Xinjie feel particularly at ease.”

“You also feel this way?” Chai Ling was startled.

“It seem Chai Ling, you, too?”

Chai Ling said: “Thinking carefully, indeed This Palace feels somewhat odd.” The first time she met Su Xing, the reason why Chai Ling would so boldly be at ease with ingesting the Together To Hell with Su Xing was that her heart possessed some indescribable relief towards him. Feeling as if Su Xing had intruded into her heart, Chai Ling naturally would not speak aloud about this sort of feeling that would make her lose face, but she thought that she was mistaken. Now, hearing Wu Xinjie say this, she felt there was something not too normal.

To be able to break the rules to sign so many Sisters, there always was a reason here.

“Could it be that Su Xing actually came from Maiden Mountain?”

Chai Ling happened upon an audacious idea, but she immediately dismissed it. If that was true, the Chao Gai that came from Maiden Mountain would not be difficult on Su Xing.

Just what change had happened to this generation’s Star Duels. Truly, this was odd.

Chai Ling inwardly wrinkled her brow, determining in her mind that she needed to investigate.

Meanwhile, Wu Siyou alone sought out Lin Yingmei for a discussion.

The first three words of “Your Servant apologizes” right out of the Harm Star’s mouth made Lin Yingmei stunned.

“This time, Your Servant ought to thank you, Siyou.” Lin Yingmei shook her head.

Wu Siyou wanted to say something but hesitated. The cool and elegant Pilgrim bit her lip, the words in her heart unable to leave her mouth. To address her best friend’s contractor as Lord Husband, Wu Siyou’s heart had a sort of betrayal feeling. Although she knew that Lin Yingmei would not necessarily care, Wu Siyou’s heart still was not too comfortable.

“If it is possible…Your Servant wishes to ascend Maiden Mountain shoulder to shoulder with you, Siyou!!” Lin Yingmei stared at Wu Siyou. The Majestic Star had sharply sensed something.

“Your Servant naturally will help Hubby…Su Xing and Yingmei, you can scale the summit…As for the things afterwards, that can come later…” Wu Siyou slightly smiled, to the greatest extent of making her smile appear tranquil.

Seeing Wu Siyou stil was unable to struggle free of the invisible chains of “previous overlord,” Lin Yingmei was somewhat disappointed but could understand. Hearing Wu Siyou already was no longer that reserved as she was originally, her tone began to soften. Lin Yingmei’s heart was consoled

She did not know what had happened in Evil Smiting Hall between Young Master and Siyou.

A moment later.

The door to the Immortal’s Abode opened. A while later, the beauties surrounded it.

Diving Physician An Suwen wiped the sweat upon her brow, indicating to the Sisters they could enter the room.

Inside the room, Su Xing lay atop the bed. The first terrifying wounds that had made all the girls choke had already recovered under the Divine Physician’s Life Returning Magic Hands until only a faint scar remained. With An Suwen present, the condition of Su Xing’s injuries would recover with twice the effect but half the effort.

“Su Xing, worthy of being the man This Young Lady has looked upon. Hee-hee, the number one Star Masters of the Three Territories cannot match you.” Shi Yuan complacently leaned on the head of the bed.

Only when the Thief Star said as much did they recall the ones acclaimed as the Azure Dragon Territory’s number one Star Master, Xie Zhenyuan, the Vermilion Bird Territory’s acclaimed number one Star Master Lady Snake Scorpion, and the Netherworld’s acclaimed number one Star Master Great Saint Starkiller had all been defeated at Su Xing’s hand. Now it seemed, this generation’s Star Duels were completely within Su Xing’s hands.

“Tsk, our wills cannot be full of arrogance. Now is only the Third Phase. Do not forget about the Fourth Phase. This Fourth Phase is but full of variable, any weaker Star Generals can possibly thereby stun the world with one amazing act!!” Wu Xinjie cautiously warned.

When the Knowledge Star spoke of the Fourth Phase, Shi Yuan was fully aware of it formidability.

The Star Duels were composed of Five Phases. The Fourth Phase that followed after Star Generals became Complete Star Maidens was the last place they could expand their own strength. In this Phase, the variables were too numerous.

“What Sister Xinjie said is right, and perhaps many Star Masters that have been hiding will emerge.” An Suwen also said, like the Crystal Dragon Palace and the Purple Night Immortal Palace. For two of the Azure Dragon Territory’s renowned sects, their Star Master have not been seen, particularly the latter Purple Night Immortal Palace, a tyrannical sect which had once produced an overlord.

“Master, how is the Meditative Mind Lotus Seed?” Yan Yizhen spoke.

Su Xing sensed it. Its withering was somewhat severe: “It seems we need to go to the Buddha Kingdom.”

All of the girls showed serious expressions.

The very long Evil Smiting Hall had now at last come to the end of its period, but there basically was no time to relax. Chao Gai and Maiden Mountain’s trial currently was like a tiger eyeing its prey.

“Little Huang, regarding your Star Beast, it seems you must go again only after we go to the Buddha Kingdom.” The girls gazed at the exceedingly refined Gongsun Huang.

Gongsun Huang’s gaze never left Su Xing. The little loli nodded her head.

The Meditative Mind Lotus Seed was in a state of emergency. It was unknown how long this trip would take, and recalling Chao Gai’s test made the beauties frown, worry in their hearts. Evil Smiting Hall had three months’ time, and now, one month had already gone with two more months left. Afterwards, Maiden Mountain would make a move against Su Xing.

As far as Maiden Mountain’s test was concerned, all of the girls would carry it without any regard.

Even Chai Ling to the side felt astonished as she watched – the Star Duels having reached this sort of territory could count as unprecedented for all time.

“Could it be Elder Sister Chai Ling does not have any way to help bloom Elder Brother’s Meditative Mind Lotus Seed?” The reclusive Tang Lianxin also was secretly worried when she came upon Su Xing’s critical state.

All of the girls shifted their gazes to Chai Ling – outside of these outstanding Star Duels, in all of Liangshan Continent, she was the Sister that was most likely to pierce the Heavens.

Noble Star Little Whirlwind was powerless.

“This Palace shall help investigate the Meditative Mind Lotus Seed, however, do you need to be anxious? Among us Sisters, there is one Sister that is but one we can call on for the Meditative Mind. Perhaps she can make the lotus seed bloom.” Chai Ling smiled.

“Chai Ling, you must be speaking of Heavenly Solitary Star Flowery Monk Lu Zhishen?”3 Wu Xinjie sighed.

The Heavenly Solitary Star and the Earthly Solitary Star were the same, both with the word Solitary. Although her Meditative Mind was superb, the variable were too great. Wu Xinjie could not bet on this, and for this reason, they could only find the Buddha Kingdom’s senior monks to enlighten the seed.

Chai Ling thought so as well.

“Since this is the case, This Palace shall help the Sisters…”

Everyone thought that Chai Ling had some magic weapon, and they showed expectation.

Chai Ling gracefully closed the fan, shook her head, and gazed at Su Xing with an expression somewhat passionate: “This Palace naturally has no way to help you open that Lotus Seed, but perhaps she can give you an opportunity to open the seed. Not as bad as leaving you out of your wits.”

“Your meaning is?”

“Naturally, that is to find Meet Star Jiang Jing to perform a Divine Calculation.”

Chai Ling looked at Su Xing, her attitude a charming smile.

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