Chapter 326: The Ecliptic Palace

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Chai Ling bade farewell to Su Xing as she stepped onto a Star Fragrant Chariot and flew towards Great Circle Castle.

At this moment, the Little Whirlwind sat quietly inside the cart, a purple kitten currently sound asleep in her bosom. Gazing at this thing that could only be called the Noble Star Little Whirlwind’s Star Beast, the corner of Chai Ling’s lips curled with a hard to conceal smile. The queen gracefully stroked it. Her gaze gradually lost its focus, and she turned her head.

Recalling this trip to Evil Smiting Hall, it was extremely thrilling yet not fantastic. Not only did she become a complete Star General, she witnessed the top-notch martial general Brave Star Guan Sheng and the Harm Star Wu Song’s Star Duel. The sparks that saber and sword stirred still up to this moment made Chai Ling’s blood boil.

That was a Star Duel.

The final karma of the Star Maiden!!

Although Chai Ling was placed outside of the Star Duels, regardless of how it was put, in the end,  she had the status of a Star General. In her veins flowed still the desire to scale Maiden Mountain, to see with her own eyes the place that gave birth to them.

“The Star Duels, huh. Perhaps This Palace should participate as well…” Chai Ling muttered.

The Riches And Honor Persia in her bosom seemingly sensed its mistress’ adventurous and uncontrollable intentions. It opened its two eyes, letting out a meow of agreement. Chai Ling seemingly smiled, tenderly petting it: “Xing’er,1 it seems you also feel we should have some conduct…”

The purple kitten mewed and purred.

“Su Xing, huh…Actually, that is not bad…” Chai Ling gazed outside the cart, the winds and clouds rushing by, multi-colored light nascent.

The Star Fragrant Chariot very quickly returned to the Great Circle Castle.

Jinzhi and Yuye pulled open the curtains, supporting Chai Ling’s dignified bearing as she left the chariot.

“Congratulations Milady on obtaining your Star Beast!”

The maids of the Great Circle Castle deferentially made their greetings, naturally blending together.

Chai Ling faintly nodded, directly entering the castle interior.

Passing through the dazzling white jade corridors, Chai Ling entered a palace hall.

Opening the gates, the books became a sea, a terrible mess.

It seemed she would have to call someone to tidy up again.

“Konghou, have you died yet. Come take a look at my Xing’er.”

Chai Ling charmingly sat on a colored glass chair. Jinzhi and Yuye again gave Chai Ling a cup of tea.

The sea of books flipped open, and a carefree woman seemingly having just woken up stretched. Her firm and plump twin peaks made Chai Ling unable to help but raise her eyebrows.

“Truly, your luck is pretty good. Chai Ling, you unexpectedly came back alive!”

Konghou closed one eye, as if she was feigning sleep.

Seeing the purple kitten on the table, her eyes glowed: “The Three-eyed Wealth Inviting Beast, it is honestly an adorable Star Beast!”

“This Palace’s luck is indeed pretty good.” The tea moistened her throat, and Chai Ling even smiled.

“Oh? Has that man made a move against you?” Konghou sat on another chair, very curious.

“Elder Sister Konghou will not ever expect the things that happened during This Palace’s trip to Evil Smiting Hall.” The haughty queen faced the woman in front of her, showing a rarely seen humble expression.

Konghou put her legs up, grabbed the teapot, and drank from the teaspout. Her expression of black radiance glancing at Chai Ling, as if saying: All ears.

“Su Xing did not make a move against This Palace, but This Palace and Wu Siyou have encountered Guan Sheng…” Chai Ling recounted, not leaving a single detail, even including Wu Siyou addressing Su Xing as Lord Husband, even the matter of the pair’s mental link producing the Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Skill “Do Not Laugh Laying Drunk On Battlefield.”

An exclamation of surprise.

Konghou completely forgot to drink her tea, water flowing out the corner of her mouth, nearly choking her.

“No way? Something this brilliant? Just who is that Su Xing? Your Servant is somewhat curious.” Konghou’s eyes lit up. “Could it be Wu Siyou truly did not sign a contract??”

Chai Ling elegantly nodded.

Konghou clicked her tongue.

She did not dare believe.

“Wu Siyou apparently is unable to break free of the previous Wu Song’s fetters. Elder Sister Konghou, you must have your thoughts?” Chai Ling asked. “Or should it be said that Wu Siyou’s considerations are correct, that signing a contract disgraces the Harm Star’s military glory.”

“’Correct,’ fuck that. Military glory is false fame. That my heart is free is the truth. Truly, she is too stubborn, to unexpectedly have this sort of thinking.” Konghou yawned, her expression considerably bored.

“To find a man to her liking is something that is considerably more difficult than the Star Duels.”

Konghou’s tone was somewhat isolated and lonely.

Chai Ling was pensive.

“The Noble Star did not participate in eight generations of Star Duels, and one among them actually nearly signed a contract. What a pity…In these Ninth Generation Star Duels, Chai Ling, you have already accomplished the dream of those predecessors and became a complete Star General…Heh, heh, do you have a man that you fancy?” Konghou chuckled.

“And how could This Palace ever fancy those vulgar characters.” Chai Ling snorted disdainfully.

“The Su Xing you spoke of, any way Your Servant looks, he is not an ordinary character.” Konghou laughed aloud: “In this Evil Smiting Hall, he unexpectedly thought of protecting another Star Master…This is actually strange…He seems to also be capable of signing unlimited contracts. As Your Servant sees it, Chai Ling, you ought to obediently enter his harem…He already has Lin Chong, Wu Song. Chai Ling, you would not disgrace the name of Little Whirlwind.”

Chai Ling’s brows rose. To say she was not moved was to be lying to herself. Su Xing’s current Star Generals were a sight never seen in a thousand years. This generation’s Star Duels basically was in his bag. Chai Ling wholeheartedly wished to scale Maiden Mountain, and signing a contract with Su Xing was simply perfect, let alone that that man was actually to her liking; but the sole reason that dispelled this thinking was the unhappiness in her heart.

She could not say why. In a word, she felt that if she signed a contract with Su Xing for this reason, she generally could not lift her head to face Su Xing’s seven other beauties. There was no face.

She, Chai Ling, any way it was said, was a queen.

How could she lower her own status in front of the Sisters.

“This Palace cannot see through that man…This Palace had best avoid it. Do not talk about him for now. Chao Gai has descended, bestowed a calamity, and This Palace shall see how he goes through it.” Chai Ling slightly smiled.

Konghou threw her head back to drink the tea, the corner of her lips smiling at the hidden meaning of Chai Ling’s words.

The Great Liang Dynasty had a vassal state known as the Cold Tang.2 At a border of Cold Tang was a Yellow Gate Mountain, and below the mountain was a city known as Ecliptic City.3

Although Ecliptic City was located at the farthest periphery and very isolated, it nevertheless was exceptionally prosperous compared to Cold Tang Kingdom’s capital, “Yong’an.”4 The roads within the city criss-crossed, the shops stood in great numbers, and the merchants and customers dealt back and forth endlessly. The majority among them were adorned in the attire of monks.

Ecliptic City and the Far West Buddha Kingdom were separated by about five hundred li. It was located at the Pure Land World and the Azure Dragon Territory’s border. The Far West Buddha Kingdom’s cultivation and Buddhist magics ran counter to the Azure Dragon Territory’s mainstream “Star Magic.” The two were considered separate schools, and Ecliptic City just happened to rely on its natural geographic environment to become the hub of the two places.

Not only could dharmas be heard in the city, the sounds of Star Magic could also be heard, which was a major characteristic.

On this day, a chariot of rolling flame flew to the airspace above Ecliptic City.

Inside the chariot was a man and three women.

The man was immaculately dressed, a person of talent, and the three women at his side were even more eye-catching. One wore a white palace dress over her whole body, untainted by even a speck of dust, cool and elegant. One wore a skin-tight silk brocade, her figure wonderful without equal, her pupils chillier than ice, emitting a vigorous heroic spirit. The other woman was dressed in a dull blue one-piece shirt and short skirt. Her slender jade thighs and impressive figure fully displayed her beauty.

“Looks like this city is actually very big.” The man furrowed his brow, looking down from the sky. He could not see the ends of Ecliptic City, and the palace halls and pavilions inside the city were innumerable. The Buddhist treasure halls and Star Cultivator palaces blended, somewhat curiously.

“Chai Ling said Jiang Jing seems to be currently living in Huge Volume Pavilion.5 She should be easy to find.” The girl in the one-piece swept her gaze. On her shoulder lay a snow-white fox.


“Wifey Siyou, what’s the matter?” The man nodded. Noticing the cool and elegant woman was preoccupied, he asked.

“Nothing at all.” Wu Siyou calmly answered.

No need to say it.

The man and three women were Su Xing, Lin Yingmei, Wu Xinjie and Wu Siyou.

After learning from the information Chai Ling gave them, Su Xing and the group rushed over without stopping. Fortunately, the place Jiang Jing lived at was near the Buddha Kingdom’s border, which would not make Su Xing waste time. It was just that he did not expect Ecliptic City to be abnormally huge.

He never thought the Divine Mathematician Jiang Jing would live in this place.

“Do you want to use Wind From Empty Cave to scout for information?” Wu Xinjie cocked her head.

“We’d better not do it like this.” Su Xing shook his head.

For a city so large, even if they used Wind From Empty Cave, it would be of no use.

“Then Your Servant shall go ask around.” Lin Yingmei.

“It’s enough to leave this to me.” Su Xing smiled, preparing to first have the Fire Beacon Chariot loop around the city. Not only did Ecliptic City have many powerful Star Cultivators, it had even more Senior Buddhist Monks that he could not be careless around.

Steering the Fire Beacon Chariot to fly, he caught sight of several magnificent palace halls.

Suddenly at this moment, from one of Ecliptic City’s glorious palaces cam several streaks of escape light that flew towards them.

A moment later, they stopped in front of Su Xing.

What appeared were three men and a woman.

All of them wore brown gowns, and upon the gowns were pinned several stars. They wore brown caps and glowed with yellow light.

The three men and woman were at first shocked to see that Su Xing’s cultivation was Galaxy Middle Stage, and they were not too careless. However, when they saw Lin Yingmei and the other girls, they immediately showed startled expressions. The highest cultivation out of the four of them was a gentle and refined male cultivator reaching Galaxy Late Stage, who stepped forward and cupped his fist, respectfully saying: “Your Servant is Wei Guang6 of the Ecliptic Palace. This must be the first time Fellows has come to Ecliptic City.”

Ecliptic Palace??

Su Xing glanced at Wu Xinjie. Using the city as its name, this Ecliptic Palace seemed to have some influence. Wu Xinjie surreptitiously nodded. Clearly, she did not know this. The Azure Dragon Territory’s sects were uncountable, and the Knowledge Star could not possibly grasp them all, let alone that Cold Tang Kingdom was but a vassal of Liangshan Continent. Compared to the Great Liang Dynasty, it was not worth a mention. These small sects that were far removed from the Great Liang naturally were not too clear.

“Your Servant is Yun Youzi, and these are Your Servant’s wives. Indeed, this is the first time we have come to your esteemed city. Does the Ecliptic Palace have business with me?” Su Xing opened his mouth and asked.

“It is nothing big at all, but we hope it is possible for Fellow to drop the artifact and slowly tour Ecliptic City.”


“If Fellow enters, you will be in Ecliptic Palace. If Fellow wishes to pay Our Sect a visit, please inform us and enter from the front gate.” Wei Guang smiled. Obviously, they were the same cultivation, even in his own domain. His attitude actually was exceptionally respectful, making the others who followed him resentful.

“Do not blame us for not warning you. This is the Eceliptic Palace’s territory. Insignificant people must not approach with Riding Swords, otherwise the Ecliptic Palace shall treat that as an enemy in wait.” The female cultivator said icily.

Any way it was put, there was no need to be so modest to this frivolous man that barged into the Ecliptic Palace’s domain. This simply was losing face.

The female cultivator still wanted to say something, but suddenly a bone-chilling coldness pervaded her limbs, and her whole body was unable to budge.

The female cultivator’s face greatly changed. A pair of cold eyes immediately made her keep silent out of fear. Under those eyes, she seemingly became a sheep awaiting slaughter, her previous domineering manner instantly vanished.

The Ecliptic Palace’s other cultivators immediately were stunned.

Author’s Note:

Entering a new plot, it requires plans to be arranged. Tonight will be one chapter for now, at least three tomorrow.

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  1. 星兒, seems she named it after Su Xing.
  2. 涼唐
  3. 黃道城, this could also be translated as Zodiac City. For now, I’ll keep it Ecliptic.
  4. 永安
  5. 海量樓
  6. 衛廣


  1. Thanks for the chapter Schwarze_Kreuz! Funny that his star generals didn’t warn him about that. In any xianxia universe you’re not allowed to fly above cities unless you’re of a certain status or relationship with the ruling faction.

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