Chapter 327: The “Divine Mathematician” Jiang Shuishui

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Each and every one of the Ecliptic Palace’s cultivators kept quiet out of fear. Wei Guang watched that swift and severe intimidation, the cool and elegant Wu Siyou, with his heart in dread.

“We had no intention to offend you, and we ask that you understand.”

Su Xing smiled, breaking off this practically frozen to suffocating atmosphere.

Only then did those cultivators feel the pressure alleviate.

Wei Guang forced a smile. Su Xing glanced at that majestic Ecliptic Palace. One of the sky-piercing pagodas was particularly attention-worthy. Su Xing did not think too much, directing the Fire Beacon Chariot to then leave the Ecliptic Palace’s forbidden area.

After they left, the female cultivator angrily said: “They truly do not place us Ecliptic Palace in their eyes. They dare make a show of force before the ‘Imperial Empress.’ We must report this to the Imperial Empress, make those people know who is stronger.”

“You are making trouble.” Wei Guang scolded.

The female cultivator was stunned, stammering: “Senior Brother, did Junior Sister say something wrong?”

The other Senior and Junior Brothers inwardly shook their heads.

“Are you still unable to discern it?” Wei Guang’s voice sunk.

“Discern what?” The female cultivator was at a loss.

“Those women at the male cultivator’s side…one of them is a Star General!”

The female cultivator was shocked.

“Star General? It cannot be, that man had a beauty in each arm, how can a Star General fancy such a frivolous man. Senior Brother, are you mistaken?” The female cultivator was stunned. It was for this reason that no matter how she saw Su Xing, she felt this man was the scourge of women, a public enemy.

“How can I be mistaken about that imposing air.”

“Then is that not even better? A Star General has run up to our Ecliptic Palace to die, a perfect opportunity for Junior Brother Huang Yan. The Imperial Empress will reward us.” The female cultivator smiled. Ecliptic Palace’s Junior Brother Huang Yan was also a Star Master and was the direct disciple of the Ecliptic Palace’s Imperial Empress. Now that someone was sent to their door during the Star Duels, that sort of opportunity naturally could not be let go.

Wei Guang did not reply. His brows twisted very deeply. His heart had always felt somewhat uneasy. That man’s Star General was somewhat complex. Just her air of intimidation alone could push down his Galaxy Late Stage cultivation. Wei Guang truly was unwilling to make a move against them.

However, for a Star Master to appear before the Ecliptic Palace was not something he could possibly pretend to not see.

“I will go report to Imperial Empress, and we will follow Imperial Empress’ decision. You are to not make any moves.”

They nodded. Who were they kidding. Against a Star Master with a cultivation that reached Galaxy Middle Stage, even if they were given absolute guts they would not dare make a move.

“Should we monitor him?” The female cultivator said.

“No need, so as to avoid alerting them. So long as we assign someone to carefully monitor enter and exit patterns inside the city, that is enough.” Wei Guang ordered.

“As you bid.”

“This Ecliptic Palace honestly thinks itself the Great Liang Dynasty.”

Su XIng and the rest walked on the limestone street, the half-Buddhist, half-Daoist atmosphere particularly lively. A feast for the eyes, the Shi Yuan with a tickled mind emerged from the Star Nest, still brooding over what happened earlier.

The Thief Star was still angry about the Ecliptic Palace’s arrogance. The best thief under Heaven had plans to rob that Ecliptic Palace clean as punishment.

“Don’t mind small things like this.” Su Xing carefreely said.

Since the Ecliptic Palace was someone else’s territory, a strong dragon naturally would find hard to avoid arrogance. However, those Ecliptic Palace cultivators were somewhat of pushovers. In the end, they were defeated under Wu Siyou’s chilly expression. There was no need to act, so he was friendly.

“Using ‘Palace’ to name the sect, this Ecliptic Palace is somewhat interesting.” Wu Xinjie muttered. The Azure Dragon Territory had “One Path,1Two Halls, Three Palaces, Four Sword Sects.” Ever since the Alliance of Ten Conference, the Azure Dragon Territory’s sects had an invisible rule. Any sect when choosing a name would meticulously use “Path, Hall, Palace, Sword Sect.” Old schools need not be mentioned, but new schools would invisibly comply because that One Path, Two Halls was the Azure Dragon Territory’s proof of strength.

After a skirmish with the Alliance of Ten Conference, those with the qualifications did not need to change their names. The Azure Dragon Territory would tacitly agree to address them as that.

This Ecliptic Palace showing off like this actually made Wu Xinjie feel very curious.

“Has Your Servant brought trouble to Hubby?” Wu Siyou wrinkled her brow.

“Siyou is oversensitive.” Wu Xinjie smiled.

“Elder Sister Siyou, why did you call Su Xing ‘Hubby?’ Is there some meaning? And Su Xing calls Wu Siyou ‘Wifey,’ it’s a bit unfair.” Shi Yuan pouted.

Hearing Shi Yuan’s words, Wu Siyou’s face was slightly red. She turned away her gaze, not speaking.

“Our Yuan’er is jealous.” Wu Xinjie covered her mouth.

Su Xing perspired, changing the topic: “It’s better to first go find Jiang Shuishui. The Feast of All Souls is already beginning.”

Mentioning the Meditative Mind Lotus Seed, all of the girls knew the severity of the situation. Shi Yuan put away her thoughts. Chai Ling said that Jiang Shuishui opened a “Four Seas Guest House”2 in Ecliptic City. Asking around, they did not expect this tavern to seemingly have a name despite being small in Ecliptic City.

“Great Shopkeeper Hai,3 why have you come out to buy soy sauce yourself? Not going to call your assistant? Tsk! The Four Seas Guest House currently has pretty good business, why are you so reluctant to call for a servant girl?”

Just as Su Xing was searching, he abruptly heard a voice come from a soy sauce shop across the street.

Hearing the Four Seas Guest House’s name, Su Xing and the group looked at each other, then looked over.

There was a beautifully dressed man full of sharp and unkind words. The one he called Great Shopkeeper Hai was a more than thirty year old man, slovenly in appearance with beard and stubble, a gentle appearance wearing very normal clothing.

“So it’s Shopkeeper Yu, ha, hah. Nice to see you, nice to see you.” The man smiled.

“Hmph, poor people are poor people. Even if you give poor people a gold ingot that fell from the sky, they would only hide it out of fear of others finding out.” The paunchy shopkeeper Yu sneered. The underlings beside him laughed in agreement.

His counterpart did not mind him, foolishly smiling.

Shopkeeper Yu was displeased. Flinging his sleeve, he entered his store.

The shopkeeper of the Four Seas Guest House lifted a bottle of soy sauce and left.

“Zhi Hai.4 Chai Ling seemed to have said he is the Divine Mathematician’s contractor?” Lin Yingmei wrinkled her brow.

The strange thing was that this Star Master named Zhi Hai seemed rather too weak.

Unexpectedly, he was Stardust level cultivation.

“Shall we greet him?”

“Yuan’er, you…” Su Xing whispered orders into Shi Yuan’s ear.

“Fellow, you dropped your purse.”

Su Xing grabbed the purse that Shi Yuan “picked up,” shouting aloud.

Zhi Hai turned his head. When he saw the purse, then looked to his waist, he immediately walked over, “Your Servant is truly careless. Truly, many thanks, Brother. However, calling Your Servant Fellow is somewhat odd. I don’t cultivate!”

“You do not cultivate?” These words made Su Xing and the group startled.

“I’m just a commoner, how can I have the chance to cultivate.” Zhi Hai laughed.

What was the meaning of this.

Su Xing felt it was odd that this Star Master was somewhat strange, however, the other party’s honesty made Su Xing feel he was worth fostering a connection. Steadying his mind, “I just heard what that Shopkeeper Yu said. You opened the Four Seas Guest House? My wives and I just so happened to be be going to Four Seas Guest House to search for a friend. Can we travel together?”

“Of course there’s no problem.”

Zhi Hai could not help showing a shocked expression when he saw Su Xing’s beautiful wives. His gaze actually did not have bad intentions like other men. Pausing for a bit longer, he seemed to be looking at a very important character.

“I wonder what sort of person that Shopkeeper Yu was just now? The man is somewhat of a bully.”

“Oh, we’re of the same profession. I got used to it long ago.” Zhi Hai said.

Su Xing nodded.

Walking along a street, while Su Xing chatted with Zhi Hai on one hand, on the other he first surreptitiously understood information on the Divine Mathematician. However, he did not know whether this middle-aged man was too shrewd or if he was too thoughtless. If there was a question, he needed to answer, but this exchange was perfect.

A while later.

A tavern appeared before them.

The four characters “Four Seas Guest House” on the board had a gentleness that did not lose strength, modest yet straight to the heart.

Its appearance as a tavern was decorated very simply but very appealing. The arrangement of the tables inside the main room was neat and tidy, brightly lit, with many customers. The restaurant of the three floor tavern was seated full. The waiters serving food entered and exited one after another, singing folk tunes, reading books, very lively.

“Your business is so great.” Su Xing exclaimed.

“All of it is Shuishui’s labors. These four characters Four Seas Guest House were written by Shuishui. How is it, pretty good, right?” Zhi Hai pointed to the board with a face full of pride.

“Skillful and great characters. The writing appears to clearly understand this mortal life!” Su Xing praised.

“I wonder where your friend is?”

Zhi Hai asked. “Shall I help ask for you.”

Just as Su Xing was about to reply.

Suddenly, they heard a gentle, bird-like graceful voice.

“Uncle Hai,5 why did you go buy soy sauce yourself. This sort of matter ought to be left to Shop Assistant to do.”

A pretty girl leisurely walked over.

The girl was beautiful. Her thin and long hair cascaded over her shoulders, and she wore a gorgeous dress, her head was bound with a dull red cover.

She showed a sort of approachable manner.

Zhi Hai showed a gentle smile: “I was idle anyways. I do not need to trouble you over something as small as this. The tavern’s business is already tiring enough for you.”

“Are these guests staying or…?”

The girl looked at Su Xing and showed a tender smile. When she saw Wu Xinjie and the other girls, her smile froze.

“Shuishui, let me help introduce you. This is Su Xing. I wasn’t careful and dropped my purse. Many thanks to him for picking it up for me. I am truly useless, dropping my purse just buying soy sauce.” Zhi Hai blamed himself.

Su Xing, the originator of this evil plan, perspired.

“These are his wives…”


Shuishui blinked, her expression somewhat shocked.

“Right. Brother Su Xing, didn’t say you were looking for a friend? I wonder where your friend is? Did they leave a message?” Zhi Hai asked.

“Ah, no need.” Su Xing glanced at Shuishui, smiling as he replied.

Shuishui’s gaze was somewhat confused.

“This Four Seas Guest House was actually introduced by Little Sister Ling. As expected, its business is not bad.” Wu Xinjie thoughtfully concentrated on their counterpart.

The brooding Shuishui seemed to loose a sigh of relief, extending her previous smile.

“Since this is so, Shuishui shall take you to look at rooms in the Four Seas Guest House?”

“Many thanks.”

“Uncle Hai, the tavern will be left to you first.” Shuishui said.

“I don’t understand how to operate a tavern, do you want me to take Brother Su Xing?”

“No need.” Shuishui shook her head.

Zhi Hai did not say anything.

Shuishui took Su Xing straight to a room on the third floor, “This room is This Tavern’s largest. Please take a look.”

Pushing the door and entering.

The room was decorated classically, spacious and well-lit.

“Not bad, this room, then.” Su Xing nodded.

“Do you not wish to look further?” Shuishui said as she entered the room, closing the door.

The atmosphere immediately changed.

“Are you truly sent by Elder Sister Chai Ling?” Shuishui’s tone was nervous.

“We are not under her orders. We only wanted to come here to find someone to calculate the future.” Wu Xinjie gently answered.

“Calculate the future?”

“Are you truly the Divine Mathematician?” Wu Siyou furrowed her brow, speaking. She was somewhat skeptical a Star General would go open some tavern.

“I am Meet Star Divine Mathematician Jiang Jing!” The girl was somewhat restless: “True name Jiang Shuishui.”

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  1. Previously “One Clear,” author has changed it.
  2. 四海客棧
  3.  之海
  4.  海叔


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