Chapter 336: If You Do Not Enter Hell, Then Who Will Enter Hell

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The Chan Master was surprised by this turn of events. He did not foresee the man before him would unexpectedly have this sort of comprehension.

“Not bad, Benefactor proves himself by his words, even making Old Monk gratified.” The Chan Master recovered his composure, slightly smiling. However, he was unwilling to show he had been convinced by the words of a superficial young master. His mouth nevertheless was unwilling to let what Su Xing said slip by: “But a deluge of flowers is nevertheless incapable of comprehending Buddha nature.”

At this, even Wu Siyou was dissatisfied. This monk clearly was mocking Su Xing in order to talk big.

Just as Wu Siyou wanted to speak, how could she have anticipated Su Xing would carefreely laugh aloud. “Chan Master spoke of Buddha nature just now? Indeed?”

“Precisely. My Buddha of compassion does not tell a lie.” The Chan Master was stern.

An expression of mockery hung on Su Xing’s face. Glancing at his surroundings, those masses of Buddhist disciples currently wore jeering smiles, as if they laughing at him overestimating his capabilities. Su Xing abruptly used a Shifting Movement Escape Technique to instantly arrive atop the platform. Everyone was in an uproar, the eyes of each Vajra Arhat bulging.

Yan Yizhen, Gongsun Huang and Wu Siyou simultaneously flashed over and appeared around Su Xing, apathetically facing the millions of Buddhist disciples.

The Chan Master of the Sal Tree World showed a triumphant expression, saying calmly: “Why is Benefactor angry?”

Su Xing suddenly coughed, and then he spat on the statue of Buddha.


This spitting suddenly shook the hall.

From top to bottom, the masses of Buddhist disciples were each dumb as wooden chickens.

“Su Xing, what are you doing.” Wu Siyou’s complexion changed. This man of hers was unavoidably too unreasonable, unexpectedly spitting on a statue of Buddha.

The Pilgrim’s heart was somewhat unhappy, much less the Vajra Arhats of the hall. Killing intent suddenly shuddered, and the millions of disciples nearly wanted to tear Su Xing apart. As the old saying goes, if looks could kill, then Su Xing’s group would long already have been scattered ash.

The Chan Master was also furious: “How could this be, you unexpectedly would dare to spit upon Buddha’s body.”

Su Xing coughed again. He calmly clapped his hands in prayer towards the Chan Master: “Then Your Servant asks you, sir, Chan Master, inform where Buddha is not present within the Void? I have to spit again right now, would you please tell me which place does not have Buddha?”

The Chan Master was stunned, speechless.

The killing intent that originally pervaded the hall seemed to have been doused in a bucket of cold water, even more chilling than the icy plains of deathly stillness. All of the disciples, Vajra and Arhats looked at each other. For a time, they were shaken by Su Xing’s counterquestion.

The three girls beside Su Xing also showed shocked expressions. Su Xing appeared irrational in bearing, but his counterquestion nevertheless made people unable to reply.

“Buddha nature is everywhere and fills the void, the Buddhist body congests the universe.”

This was Buddhism’s supreme truth.

The Chan Master was bewildered Su Xing would spit on the statue of Buddha. He thought himself reverent of Buddha, but in fact, this precisely demonstrated the Chan Master did not understand what a Buddha was. Buddha’s truth body pervades the void, filling the truth world, so Su Xing said: “Please tell me, sir, where is there not Buddha?” He had aligned himself with the truth of Buddhism by chance, making the Chan Master’s face become liver-colored and speechless for the longest time.

Since he was a famous Chan Master of the Buddha Kingdom’s Eighteen Celestials, his mood naturally recovered far quicker than the average person’s. The Chan Master put his hands together in prayer and chanted, “Amitabha, sadhu, sadhu, Old Monk’s eyes are dull. This Benefactor is related to my Buddha, please take the seat.”

Gongsun Huang could not help but laugh. Su Xing spat on the statue of Buddha, so for this monk to praise him actually was quite funny.

“Your Servant only shallowly shows sense. That spit just now was an offense.” Su Xing still was deferential. In someone else’s domain, rank was always to be yielded to. “Great Master, Your Servant asks for forgiveness.”

“No matter, no matter. Benefactor’s words have made Old Monk enlightened with perfect wisdom.” The Chan Master smiled.

Su Xing’s group sat on that Buddhist seat. Those with him were Arhat Vajra Great Masters famous in Buddhism, and the four appeared particularly dazzling. The Chan Master asked: “Does Benefactor intend to propagate the Dharma?”

“I am ashamed, I am ashamed. Your Servant sincerely asks for guidance. That just now was a sudden epiphany courtesy of what Great Master said. Great Master must not feel that I am very capable, ha, ha.” Su Xing was not very apologetic.

Wu Siyou rolled her eyes.

“Poor Monk’s monastic name is Withered Leaf. Benefactor can address Poor Monk as Withered Leaf.”

Su Xing announced his surname.

The hall was still discussing spiritedly. As far as Su Xing’s group suddenly sitting on the seat, they were unaccustomed to such a thing, however, no one dared to say anything. To be able to talk Chan Master Withered Leaf into feeling inferior, any way it was put, Su Xing had the qualifications to do so.

“Elder Sister, can Big Brother truly blossom the Meditative Mind Lotus Seed by listening to dharma?”

An Suwen asked.

Su Xing’s side went to listen to dharma while Wu Xinjie’s group strolled around Buddha Kingdom’s market square.

“Submit to the will of Heaven.” Wu Xinjie replied instantly.

“Submit to the will of Heaven?”

These words clearly made Lin Yingmei very bewildered.

“Does Senior Sister have something arranged?” Tang Lianxin spoke. The taciturn Solitary Star’s observation was very sharp, for she saw that Wu Xinjie’s manner was not at all as if she was prepared to submit to the will of Heaven.

“There is. Actually, Xinjie plans to go help Young Lord collect the Three Universal Truths while Young Lord listens to dharma.”

Wu Xinjie fiddled with the string of beads in her hand, her expression bright.

“Does collecting these Three Existence Marks not need us to find those Ancestors?” An Suwen was confused. Even if they were any more powerful, they had no way to contend against the entire Buddha Kingdom, right?”

“If Xinjie cannot even settle a matter like this, then how can she be worthy of the name Knowledge Star.” Wu Xinjie self-confidently replied. It seemed she already had a countermeasure.

“How does Elder Sister plan to do this?”

“Buddhism’s Three Existence Marks are split into the Mark of All Things Are Impermanent, the Mark of All Dharmas Are Not Self, and the Mark of Nirvana Silence.1 Each of these marks reportedly can only appear in a Supervoid cultivator. What is known at present is that the Buddha Kingdom has at least six Supervoid Stages. Are the Three Existence Marks still unreachable? As for angering Buddha Kingdom…Xinjie naturally has a way to assist.”

“En, then it is for the best we do not let this slip by.” Lin Yingmei nodded.

Tang Lianxin asked: “What do we need to do now.”

“Just being like this is fine.”

After a while, the group passed through a bustling market. They saw a deserted temple that was very cold and cheerless compared to the others. “Is this temple somewhat not too ordinary?” Lin Yingmei warned.

Wu Xinjie smiled. She lifted her head towards the signboard “Honey Ripple Temple,” pondered for a moment, and just when she was about to leave, suddenly at this moment, the temple’s main gate slowly opened. Several monks walked out in greeting.

“Lady Benefactors, please do not be so hasty to leave.”

A monk called out.

“Please, Great Master, is there something the matter.” Wu Xinjie turned her head back, seemingly smiling.

“Since you are passing by This Temple, there is fate. Since there is fate, why not enter and have a seat. This Temple’s overseer Wonderful Place is currently explaining the dharma without bounds and invites those with fate to take a look.”

The monk spoke so pompously he made Wu Xinjie unable to help but laugh, “Buddhism tastefully begs. This fate word is honestly clever, however, I just happened to have something to request counsel. I ask for Great Master for guidance.”


Passing through the back mountain, they directly arrived at the main hall.

An old man of white hair and brows currently sitting upright and still on a prayer mat.

“Elder Wonderful Place”

The monk deferentially clasped his hands together.

“You may retire. Follow Poor Monk to receive these Lady Benefactors.” Elder Wonderful Place said.

The main gates shut, and the inside of the temple was dark, “What temple is this?” Lin Yingmei saw those utterly dirt-covered statues, and her brow wrinkled.

“Great Master, please speak.” Wu Xinjie faintly said.

Elder Wonderful Place’s eyes had an odd glint, feeling bewilderment towards these women who came to their door. His expression was gentle as he said: “What Old Monk shall speak of today is the ‘Western Paradise Extreme Happiness Chan.’”2

“Wait a moment, before this, if it possible for Little Girl to ask a question.” Wu Xinjie pondered.

“Please ask.”

“May Little Girl be so bold as to ask if this Western Paradise Extreme Happiness Chan is one of the Happiness Chan? Little Girl most recently is currently cultivating dual cultivation arts with her Young Lord, but progress is increasingly slow. May we ask what guidance the Happiness Chan Sect can provide?”

Elder Wonderful Place was stunned, not having anticipated Wu Xinjie to ask this so directly.

“Old Monk fears that the Azure Dragon Territory’s Dual Cultivation Arts are not able to help.” Elder Wonderful Place faintly smiled.

“Is that so?” Wu Xinjie’s face was regretful, “Then Little Girl asks Great Master to propagate the dharma. Perhaps there is something we can find to be helpful.”

“Then listen well, Lady Benefactors…” Elder Wonderful Place’s hand suddenly squeezed a prayer bead, formed a hand seal, and a Buddhist light flew out. The entire main hall lit up, suddenly shedding the filth on the statues of Buddha, on the contrary, they now contained a hard to imagine solemnity. They listened to Elder Wonderful Place speak slowly of the path, shifting a bead with each word, emitting a life awakening, like thunder in their ears.

Lin Yingmei’s expression changed.

She only felt the dharma linger nearby, the surroundings revealing goddesses and arhats of the Buddha Kingdom Pure Land.

Wu Xinjie and the rest first stared in surprise, and then they slowly lost focus, replaced with an emptiness.

Outside the main hall.

Joyous Jia, Joyous Qing and several dozen of the Happiness Together Courtyard’s monks stood guard outside, arranging the Western Sky Extreme Happiness Chan Array.

“Hm, hm, these women truly are stupid, unexpectedly coming voluntarily to the Honey Ripple Temple, a lamb entering the tiger’s den. This actually saved us a lot of trouble.” Joyous Jia sensed the scene inside the room, showing a sneer.

“Those women are somewhat strange. They seem to have deliberately done so.” Joyouse Qing said in concern.

“What is there to be afraid of. We observed them for so long. In my eyes, that long-haired white-clothed woman among them was the greatest threat. The others were threats and still went to listen to the dharma. Truly, Buddha is helping us. We have already set down the Western Sky Extreme Happiness Great Array, and due to Great Elder’s ‘Western Sky Extreme Happiness Chan Dharma Record,’ these women will obediently become cauldrons for our Happiness Together Courtyard. Ha, ha.” Joyous Jia was very pleased with himself.  

Joyous Jia nodded. On second thought, he was right. Great Elder was of Supercluster Middle Stage cultivation at any rate, his magic energy boundless. This place also was the Happiness Together Courtyard’s domain. It seemed these women could not fly, even with wings. Thinking of this, Joyous Qing also showed an evil grin. “In the future, I truly hope Senior Monk can share these cauldrons with us…”

“Even if they are ruined cauldrons, they would be worth it.” Joyous Jia sinisterly smiled.

The Buddhist light circulated, and countless Extreme Happiness fairies flocked about. Each word Elder Wonderful Place spoke seemingly carried a magnetic force.

After Elder Wonderful Place finished a round of the prayer beads, he slowly stopped chanting. He saw that the four girls in front of him each were unconscious. He showed a satisfied smile.

“My Buddha of compassion, since these Lady Benefactors came to our gate of their own accord, then they have fate with Senior Monk, sadhu, sadhu.”

Elder Wonderful Place stood up, “Joyous Jia, Joyous Qing, have people quickly bring these women to Senior Monk to act as cauldrons. Remember, do not allow other people to find out.”

The main gate opened, and several dozen monks stepped out. Just as they were about to grab some people.

Suddenly, an intense chill spread everywhere, jolting these monks back.

Elder Wonderful Place was greatly surprised.

“Great Master, is this how you treat guests? Cauldrons? No wonder the Happiness Together Courtyard is so cold and cheerless.” Wu Xinjie clicked her tongue.

Everyone was shocked.

Lin Yingmei, Wu Xinjie, An Suwen and Tang Lianxin each opened their eyes one after another, their eyes glittering with an apathetic light. They were not bewitched in the slightest.

“How is this possible.” Elder Wonderful Place was overwhelmed with surprise.

“Using this sort of despicable method, Buddha would cry tears for you.” An Suwen coldly said.

“Do not think you women can leave today.”

“Leave?” Wu Xinjie had an expression that asked if they were joking: “Buddha has a saying: If you do not enter hell, then who will enter hell…”3

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  1. 諸行無常印, 諸法無我印, 涅槃寂靜印
  2.  西天極樂禪
  3. We’re not trapped in here with you, you’re trapped in here with us!!!


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