Chapter 337: The Man Who Dared To Spit At Buddha

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Elder Wonderful Place disdainfully laughed: “It is up to you. Let us see whether or not you can pass through Old Monk’s Channel Attracting Extreme Happiness,1 then be arrogant.” He clapped his hands together. Suddenly, chanting manifested, and several rays of blinding Buddhist light wound around Lin Yingmei and the others, a brainwashing Buddhist chanting simultaneously ringing like a bell.

Elder Wonderful Place’s full power Extreme Happiness Wonderful Chan Record Dharma combined with the array was very hard to resist even for a cultivator of profound practice. Elder Wonderful Place did not believe the weak girls in front of him could break out of this.

How could he have anticipated that the four girls were seemingly watching a clown’s clumsy act. Their eyes were full of indifference, mockery. Those beauties did not rock in the slightest.

“This, impossible.” Elder Wonderful Place was incapable of believing his own powers unexpectedly were not the least bit useful.

Wu Xinjie smiled.

At this time, light rays suddenly glinted, and the pure white foreheads of the four flashed with glaring, gorgeous Star Crests. A layer of clear water-like starlight flowed around their bodies, carrying an air of mystery. In the eyes of all the monks, in that moment, the four girls too weak to stand against the wind seemed to suddenly transform into things taller than even Mount Tai, something they could only look up at.

“Star Generals.”

Joyous Jia spat out these two words in dread.

The several dozen monks showed expressions of shock.

Star Generals descended from Maiden Mountain, how could Bewitching Soul Techniques have any effect. It was just that Elder Wonderful Place did not think that the four girls in front of him unexpectedly would all be Star Generals. This honestly was unfathomable. Did the Azure Dragon Territory not say seeing one was most common, that two was already the limit? Just what was going on? The frightening fact made Elder Wonderful Place stupefied.

“Since you have come to our doorstep, then it is only natural for us to act.” Wu Xinjie smiled harmlessly. White light flashed, and a beautiful white fox appeared on her shoulder, spreading apart nine tails, glowing with a completely white light.


Retreat further.

For four Fiend Stars of legend to simultaneously appear, this honestly made the Happiness Together Courtyard’s monks grief-stricken.

“Do not retreat.” Elder Wonderful Place was worthy of being a Supercluster Middle Stage senior monk who had achieved the Dao. How could his frame of mind be compared to the others. Confronted with four Fiend Stars, Elder Wonderful Place very quickly recovered his cool. His voice was like a bell, and immediately, he stopped the several dozen monks.

“In This Temple, could it be you still fear them. Since the Star Generals have come to provoke us, Old Monk shall keep them company. All Disciples listen to Old Monk’s orders. Those that can take on a Star General shall be conferred a first-rate cauldron.” Each word that Elder Wonderful Place said carried thick magic. Those monks very quickly were aroused with completely red eyes.

“In the case a person has a greedy heart, being exploited is very easily done.” Wu Xinjie cheerfully asserted.

“Western Paradise Eternal Happiness Record.”2

“Great Sorrow Extreme Happiness Palm.”3

“Evil Smiting Staff.”4

“Vajra’s Curse.”5

How could these monks dare be careless. One after another, they used their special abilities. Buddhist cultivators were not like those in the Azure Dragon Territory. Due to cultivating Buddhism and sarira, it was because they carried on Buddha natures that they renounced nurturing Flying Swords in their dantian. They were without the most powerful Sword Chant, but there was counterpart, which was that in artifacts, the Buddhist Cultivators had even greater achievement. Furthermore, Buddhism also developed a system of martial arts not inferior to Sword Chants.

Relying on their strong corporeal bodies and excellent dharma, they completely were not inferior to Flying Swords.

A dozen monks using artifacts, boxing techniques, or grasping staffs pounced at the four.

Elder Wonderful Place did not hold back at all. In his hand appeared a Vajra Chan Staff, and he slashed the air.

A Buddhist chanting stirred in the surroundings, and every sort of solemn expression appeared. If one’s mental fortitude was any weaker, it was possible they could be easily trapped.

But to a Star General, these attacks could only be described using two words.

— Utterly laughable.

Lin Yingmei’s hands sunk, and an invisible spear wrapped in wind appeared in her hand. The Panther Head swept her spear, and her spear shot a biting-cold wind, sweeping back all of the monks.

The seemingly fierce pounce was unable to bear Lin Yingmei’s attack.

Elder Wonderful Place’s face changed. He immediately raised the prayer beads, dispersing hundreds of golden light to hit Wu Xinjie and the rest. Each bead carried Elder Wonderful Place’s pure magic energy.

The Buddhist light was blinding.

Lin Yingmei coldly shouted.

With a bang, the prayer beads were immediately all scattered.

Elder Wonderful Place shot a glance at the other monks already showing fear. He promptly activated a Buddhist magic, shouting: “All Disciples, hear Old Monk’s orders. Since the four Star Generals are gathered together simultaneously, they are definitely trash Star Generals. The Happiness Together Courtyard’s disciples are not to be fooled by their bluff. Immediately use full power to dispose of them.”

“Hua Xue, it is time for you to act.” Wu Xinjie faintly said.

The Nine-tailed Spirit Fox unfurled its nine enchanting tails, the watching Elder Wonderful Place staring with hate.

Dazzling Light Mind Image was released, and all of the monks promptly felt a white light shoot towards their craniums. They wanted to defend without the slightest hesitation, but it was a pity that they could do so if only they were a true Buddhist sect. This Happiness Together Courtyard’s Happiness Chan specially cultivated the Extreme Happiness realms of Yin Yang exchange, which just happened to respond to Hua Xue’s Dazzling Light Mind Image. Divine light flashed, and countless Yin illusions overcame those monks.

The Joyous Jia and Joyous Qing of slightly higher magic energy wanted to flee, but Tang Lianxin’s and An Suwen’s Destined Star Weapons emerged. One was the Great Void Golden Lotus, the other Child Mother Linked Hearts Needles, which changed rapidly. Both of them successively released alms bowls, prayer beads and artifacts that all were incapable of stopping the Destined Weapons. There was a scream, and then it immediately ended.

Elder Wonderful Place at this moment opened his mouth, spitting out a sarira the size of a chicken egg. The sarira was completely golden red, a Buddhist light gushing out from within it, as if it was enveloped in mist. This golden red light happened to be the Happiness Chan’s orthodox Happiness Nirvana Chan Light. In the case it was released, it would immediately suck away a woman’s True Yin, leaving nothing left.

Elder Wonderful Place did not dare continue fighting. He wanted to borrow the orthodox Happiness Nirvana Chan Light to cover his escape.

Wu Xinjie and the others did not dare directly touch this Happiness Chan Light. They immediately released Starlight to protect themselves, watching as the Elder Wonderful Place’s escape light fled.

“Yingmei…” Wu Xinjie called.

Lin Yingmei nodded. She sat on the Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast, her Arctic Star Serpent Spear revealed. The Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast roared, flapped its translucent wings and leisurely moved. Immediately, it chased after that hundred li away escape light in the blink of an eye.

Elder Wonderful Place was startled. He hastily raised his Life-cast magic weapon “Nine Wonderful Chan Staff”6 to defend, thinking of blocking Lin Yingmei.

There was a sneer. The Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast opened its mouth, its Cold Frost Void spattering, freezing the Nine Wonderful Chan Staff in layers. Elder Wonderful Place once again released the Happiness Nirvana Chan Light. Just at this moment, that Chan light was like ice splitting open. A cold murderous aura directly eliminated the Happiness Chan Light as Lin Yingmei emerged.

Her panther-like fearless eyes were lethal.

Lin Yingmei shook the spear, and Elder Wonderful Place screamed as he was run through by the spear. At this moment, Wonderful Place finally saw clearly the appearance of this divine spear, however, he rathered that he had not.

“Majestic Star Lin Chong…”

Returning from the Shala Treasure Hall, Su Xing managed to squirm free of Chan Master Withered Leaf’s invitations to speak about Chan. Who was he kidding, to have him go discuss some dharma or some Buddha nature with Chan Masters, his own Meditative Mind Lotus Flower had not opened. It seemed this Chan Master Withered Leaf was slightly angling for fame. Su Xing sensed that the Meditative Mind Lotus Seed had already ceased its withering, but it did not have traces of blooming.

On the road, Wu Siyou and Gongsun Huang actually shot Su Xing increasingly adoring expressions. Although Yan Yizhen was still expressionless, her gaze also more or less showed something different.

“Master convinced those monks so quickly. Little Yi truly feels inferior.” Yan Yizhen praised.

It was very rare to see someone who could make the Skilful Star unparalleled in civility and martial arts. Even when she originally signed a contract with Su Xing, what truly made Yan Yizhen moved really was not his literary talent.

“Little Yi, you are also my wife. Don’t say something about inferiority, that just now was only luck.” Su Xing pulled on Yan Yizhen’s bare snow-white shoulder, intimately drawing her close.

Yan Yizhen’s face was slightly hot, and she grunted.

“Since Your Highness is more formidable than that Chan Master, why did that Lotus Flower not bloom?” Gongsun Huang already treated Su Xing’s shoulder as a chair. The little loli was very confused about the reasons.

“That is not necessarily true Meditative Mind.” Wu Siyou glanced at Su Xing. She was also unable to understand how this man could speak that general truth, to spit on a statue of Buddha in front of millions of Buddhists. Now when Wu Siyou recalled it, she still felt things were somewhat outrageous.  

Gongsun Huang cocked her head, wrinkled her brow, as if she was saying, “Is that not very terrible?

“Will you still listen to dharma?” Yan Yizhen felt this way was already a dead-end.

They already listened for five days, and after five days, Su Xing had instead become Shala Tree World’s “Chan Master.”

“No need, Xinjie should have finished things.” Su Xing smiled.


Returning to the guest house, what welcomed him was Wu Xinjie’s passionate hug.

“What about Yuan’er?” Su Xing did not see Shi Yuan.

“Yuan’er has some matters to attend to. She will return in several days.”

Su Xing nodded, and neither did Su Xing ask what Shi Yuan went to do.

“How was Big Brother’s dharma?” An Suwen curiously asked. “When we came back, we heard someone seemed to have spat at a statue of Buddha? Who could be so bold?”

“Who else could it be.”

Wu Siyou shrugged her shoulders, indifferently sat in a chair and poured a cup of tea.


Gongsun Huang used her small finger to point at Su Xing.


An Suwen and Tang Lianxin were greatly shocked.

“Elder Brother is that man that dared to spit at an image of Buddha?” Tang Lianxin was powerless.

“Young Lord, just what happened?” Wu Xinjie was curious.

Su Xing summarized what had happened.

When he spoke about confronting millions of disciples, An Suwen and the rest somewhat regretted not going to hear dharma.

“Young Lord, you are so powerful, worthy of being the man Xinjie has looked upon. Hee, hee, too awesome. A pity Xinjie did not personally see it.” Wu Xinjie kissed Su Xing’s cheek.

“If this is so, Young Master listening to dharma is already a dead-end.” Lin Yingmei said.

“Knowledge Star, Young Master said to Slave Servant on the road that you finished things?” Yan Yizhen asked.

“Young Lord knew?” Wu Xinjie cutely laughed.

“With Xinjie’s temperament, she wouldn’t sit and do nothing. Didn’t you plan to go gather the Three Existence Marks? Furthermore, you had Yuan’er go seek information on Heavenly Solitary Star Lu Zhishen?” Su Xing guessed.

“Xinjie cannot hide anything from Young Lord.” Wu Xinjie proudly said.

“Then, Wu Xinjie, you must plan clearly. Gathering the Three Existence Marks undoubtedly will offend the entire Buddha Kingdom.” Wu Siyou warned.

“In actuality, the first Existence Mark is about to be personally delivered to our door?” Wu Xinjie self-confidently replied. She spun to ask Su Xing: “Can Young Lord guess how Xinjie accomplished this?”

Su Xing also sat on a chair and drank the tea Wu Siyou poured. Gongsun Huang also jumped down from his shoulder, her gaze nevertheless did not leave His Highness, like a magnet.

“No need to guess. First of all, you definitely sought out the Happiness Together Courtyard of Happiness Chan and acted.” Su Xing indifferently took a sip. “The Happiness Chan’s desire is too vigorous, very easy to exploit. Furthermore, their position in the Buddha Kingdom is not very popular. Taking action against them, so long as it was a righteous person, the other sects will stay uninvolved.

“Big Brother and Sister Xinjie think alike.” An Suwen smiled.

“Is it because of Dual Cultivation?” Gongsun Huang blurted.

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  1.  引經極樂
  2. 西天永樂經
  3. 大悲極樂掌
  4. 伏魔杖
  5. 金剛咒
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