Chapter 358: The Other Shore

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Waves appeared on the surface of the sea of bitterness.

A white-haired monk took up his nine-ringed staff, releasing a bright light. The Chan Staff manifested a golden winged hawk that spread its sky-covering wings and stirred a billowing gale, causing pain in the eyes.

In this old monk’s surroundings were two others, one dressed in a golden kasaya, the other with his chest exposed. The pair’s cultivations were entirely exceptional at around Supercluster Middle Stage, more or less. Their chanting grew loud, a Buddhist aura lingering, and several Buddhist tools became mighty and fierce.

“The Dafan Temple, Wisdom King Sect, Chan School, what is the intent of the three Chan Masters?” Chan Xin’s expression sunk.

Having ferried across these seven Distresses of the boundless sea of bitterness with great difficulty, now, having encountered this Eighth Distress realm, three of Buddha Kingdom’s Supercluster Ancestral Chan Masters suddenly hopped out without warning and obstructed their front, using Buddhist incantations and magic weapons, a tumultuous momentum.

“Benefactors, the Holy Monk’s Chan Technique is a holy object of our Buddha Kingdom. Star Masters and Star General inherently should not stick their hands in this matter. We ask for Benefactors to quickly return.” The Chan Master Great Enlightenment1 of the Dafan Temple put his hands together, his expression courteous and deferential, but below the surface was a rejection without the slightest hesitation.

The masters of the Wisdom King Sect and the Chan School also coldly stared at them.

After this, two Chan Masters approached from the sea of bitterness. There was no need to say they were all Supercluster Ancestor cultivation, each the principal of a Buddhist sect.

Five Supercluster Ancestors inside the Seven Floor Stupa Pagoda’s sea of bitterness surrounded Su Xing, Wu Siyou, Qingci, and Chan Xin in the blink of an eye. These Chan Masters normally spoke of cultivating Buddha-natures, of ferrying all living things, but if things actually involved the Buddha Kingdom’s holy objects, those temperaments and Chan comprehensions were fleeting.

“Five Chan Masters really is giving face.” Su Xing laughed.

This battle formation of more or less peak Supercluster Ancestors in the Buddha Kingdom had more or less assembled for the sake of thwarting his plans. Su Xing did not believe them. If this place did not have the traces of the Buddha Kingdom’s Six Ancestors, how could Su Xing have possibly ever believed them. “Your Servant wonders which Six Ancestor made you surprisingly give up in the sea of bitterness and instead obstruct us? Are the Great Masters honestly willing to do something like helping someone else make a bridal gown?”

Chan Master Great Enlightenment and the others looked at each other in dismay. Su Xing had guessed correctly. Before his group had come to the sea of bitterness, Aratha suggested that the Chan Masters thwart Heavenly Solitary Star Chan Xin. The Heavenly Solitary Star was known as a legendary Star General that was also unique and unmatched in Buddhism. Buddha Kingdom’s Six Ancestors had difficulty giving rise to ill feeling, and for this reason, they wanted to have others force Chan Xin out of the Seven Floor Stupa Pagoda.

Let alone that the Dafan Temple and the other Chan Master’s were all overseers, even the words uttered by a Buddha Kingdom Six Ancestor had never needed consideration. Besides, even the chief Great Master Still Void also vaguely approved. The Chan Masters were without a way out, however, Aratha and the other Six Ancestors hinted that they would propagate to them the Holy Monk’s Chan Technique. It was for this reason they would be perfectly willing to do this. After all, these Great Masters also understood that the Holy Monk’s Chan Technique was not something they could go comprehend.

Chan Master Great Enlightenment’s tone sunk: “Benefactor, Poor Monk is also thinking of you all. Buddha says: All living things follow an unattainable true realm of dharma, only recognizing the mark of all dharmas, the reason for distinguishing the sickness of attachment. We ask that Benefactors do not cling to the Holy Monk’s Chan Technique nor the Five Dragons Colored Glass Lamp. We also ask you leave this place.”

“That’s pompous.” Su Xing sneered.

“Everything of the body is reflected in the mirror, all is empty as flowers and a moon in the water, confused about arguments, the disciple is angry.” Another Chan School Chan Master also warned them without much Chan logic.

“Is this the Meditative Mind Dharma that you seek, Chan Xin?” Su Xing seemingly smiled, directing his gaze at the Heavenly Solitary Star.

“This dharma is not my dharma,” Chan Xin was calm.

“Well spoken.” Su Xing struck his palm, praising.

The Chan Masters’ expressions were sharp. Facing the Heavenly Solitary Star and others, they did not dare be careless. Persuasive at the same, every sort of ability and artifact already were fully charged. “Benefactors are incapable of abandoning thought, how could you possibly seek the Holy Monk’s great Way. If you insist on refusing, Poor Monks will ferry Benefactors in this sea of bitterness.”

“Do the Great Masters insist on driving us away?” Qingci lightly smiled.

“We are not driving you away at all…Rather, we are thinking of Benefactors…This is not an item Benefactor can obtain. Excessive insistence will contrarily hurt yourself.”

“Your mouth bursts with lilies, however, so mediocre.” Wu Siyou coldly said. The Harm Star instantly acted, losing all interest in conversing with these Great Masters. The moment Wu Siyou made her move, Su Xing and Qingci also no longer hesitated.

Chan Master Great Enlightenment and the others long already had defenses. Practically from the start of Wu Siyou’s attack, a brewing power smashed through.

“Heavenly Dance Treasure Wheel.”2

“Nine Ringed Staff Of The Acala Wisdom King”3

“Sound of Thunder Sutra.”

Chan Master Great Enlightenment chanted. A Six Paths Treasure Wheel appeared, its multi-colored light radiating everywhere. Upon it were interweaving incantations of Brahmanistic scripts and Buddhist characters. The spiritual power of the Six Paths was carved upon it, flickering with light. It also vaguely had asuras and arhats, a yellow turban strong man.

That nine-ringed Chan staff also had bright Buddhist light. Showing itself off, the nine rings jingled, releasing a Buddhist hawk, its pressure seemingly squeezing the great sea of bitterness very violently.

Besides this, the other three Chan Master’s Sound of Thunder Sutra and others also were abnormally powerful. With five Supercluster Buddhist cultivators mountain a union attack, even a Supervoid Stage cultivator would not necessarily be able to handle this. Even if the legendary Star Generals were any more powerful, this was only the Third Phase after all.

The powers and Buddhist aura of the five Great Chan Masters immediately pressed down without any gaps. A range of a hundred li in the sea of bitterness was suddenly enveloped within. The oppressive sea of bitterness world drizzled at that time with various Buddhist light, changing the atmosphere.

The other shore of the sea of bitterness was a small island. There was a set of stone gates, and in front of the stone gates sat a yellow-browed boy.

Aratha, Great Master Still Void, Senior Monk Extreme Happiness, and Chan Master Jia Ye stepped foot onto the shore in succession. The Eight Distresses of the body was also abnormally difficult for these Buddha Kingdom Six Ancestors with peak cultivation, However, in the end, they had endured the trial.

“As expected of Great Master Still Void, the Eight Distresses truly was not the least bit useful against Great Master.” Aratha laughed aloud, praising him.

Great Master Still Void was aloof, calm as water, only staring at the gate of the shore.

“Only when everyone who is capable of scaling the shore have arrived will this gate open.” The yellow-browed boy indifferently explained.

Great Master Still Void bowed his head in understanding, sitting in meditation to the side.


A dazzling Buddhist light suddenly flashed above the sea of bitterness.

Immediately, several of the ancestors sitting in meditation had their gazes drawn away. Aratha happily said: “This truly is too good. If I do not enter hell, then who will enter hell. Truly, Your Servant must thank the Great Masters. This Heavenly Solitary Star will not be able to come.”

“Aratha, you made the other Great Masters go face the Heavenly Solitary Star?” Chan Master Jia Ye’s expression sunk.

“Great Master Jia Ye, why do you say these words? Chan Master Great Enlightenment and the others grasped the realization of ‘If I do not enter hell, then who will enter hell,’ and have gone to prevent the Holy Monk’s robe and bowl from falling into Maiden Mountain’s hand. This is a meritorious deed, do you wish to discuss how to act?” Aratha was also nonchalant.

Senior Monk Extreme Happiness agreed: “What Aratha says is true.”

Chan Master Jia Ye shook his head, shutting his eyes in contemplation.

“However, Star Generals are not easy to handle, and there is also that Harm Star and Star Master. Poor Monk actually is somewhat anxious for those Great Masters.” Senior Monk Extreme Happiness was grave. He had fought with Wu Siyou and the others and naturally knew that five Supercluster Ancestors would not necessarily be able seize the advantage. It was even possible they possibly could lose the whole chicken over a bit of rice.

Aratha smiled in disagreement, bowing his head towards Great Master Still Void: “This matter is thanks to Great Master Still Void.”

“What do you mean?” Senior Monk Extreme Happiness asked.

“The five Great Masters have carved their flesh to feed the hawk. Even if they cannot handle the Star General, so long as the Heavenly Solitary Star makes a move, she will lose the qualifications to succeed the Holy Monk’s robe and bowl.

Senior Monk Extreme Happiness’ Chan nature was not high. He clearly did not understand.

“What this sea of bitterness tests is a hardship. Buddha says: The sea of bitterness is boundless, turn your head and there is the other shore, lay down the butcher’s knife, become Buddha on the spot. Since we have ferried across the sea of bitterness, if in the sea of bitterness one takes up angry karma, they will not have the qualifications. Yellow-browed boy, what Poor Monk says must be?” Aratha laughed aloud.

That boy indifferently answered. “Precisely.”

Senior Monk Extreme Happiness struck his palm, then wiped his cold sweat in passin, “Wonderful, truly wonderful.” He originally had thought to seize the sea of bitterness as a chance to fight Su Xing. Fortunately, he knew he was not an opponent. Otherwise, he would have made a serious mistake.

“This is but what Great Master Still Void inadvertently leaked.” Aratha laughed, the two words “inadvertently leaked” were very intriguing.

“Great Master Still Void is worthy of being the chief of the Buddha Kingdom’s Six Ancestors. Obtaining the Holy Monk’s robe and bowl, obtaining the great Way, this is imminent.” Senior Monk Extreme Happiness boot-licked.4

Great Master Still Void did not care one bit.

Senior Monk Extreme Happiness laughed out of embarrassment.

“Happiness Monk, you truly are stupid. Have you not seen that Great Master Still Void has borrowed a blade to kill someone, out of not wishing to stain his own karma? Your boot licking has licked his ass instead.”5

A mocking voice resounded.

They saw the Mirror Flower Nunnery’s Abbess Water Moon and a yellow-clothed person walked onto the shore.

The derisive laugh was from the one in yellow clothes. Due to the hood concealing him, they could not see his appearance, but they could imagine his jeering expression. This yellow clothed man’s words were especially daring. The moment he spoke, he offended both Senior Monk Extreme Happiness and Great Master Still Void.

The Senior Monk Extreme Happiness that just happened to be annoyed bubbled with rage, however, thinking of the sea of bitterness karma, he forcibly suppressed his anger.


Great Master Still Void opened his eyes, shooting a beam of light, seemingly displeased.

“A cultivator of the Azure Dragon Territory.” When Aratha saw the yellow-clothed person, he immediately showed dissatisfaction towards Abbess Water Moon. “Abbess Water Moon, how could you bring an Azure Dragon Territory cultivator here. Does he have the qualifications to come to this Stupa Pagoda Pure Land.”

“This is one of Poor Nun’s good friends from the Azure Dragon. Today, Poor Nun has specially brought him to pay a visit to Buddha West Approaches. There is no other purpose at all.” Abbess Water Moon explained.

“This Benefactor spoke off the cuff just now. This matter will be forgiven with an apology.” Aratha looked down on the other party.

The yellow-clothed man laughed: “The Buddhist Six Ancestors are slick and sly, as expected, and you wish to act a good person. Are you selling a favor to us two?”

The plans in his heart having been revealed by the yellow-clothed man’s words, Aratha’s expression was very unsightly. The Dharma Sect’s Buddha nearly wanted to make a move, when he similarly barely suppressed his fury like Senior Monk Extreme Happiness did upon thinking of the sea of bitterness karma, “Azure Dragon Territory cultivators are fond of taking advantage of misunderstandings.”

“Man,6 if you can get within three chi of Your Servant, Your Servant will immediately leave this Seven Floor Stupa Pagoda, how about it?” The yellow-clothed person laughed.

These words were practically a naked provocation.

“Brazen.” Aratha laughed. Practically the moment the yellow-clothed person finished speaking, he pounced at the yellow-robed person.

But just when he approached the three chi mark, there was suddenly a resistance that stiffly forze Aratha outside three chi. He was unable to move an inch closer, and the complexion of the Buddhist Six Ancestor greatly changed.

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  1.  大覺禪師
  2. 天舞寶輪
  3. 不動明王九環禪杖
  4. 拍馬屁, to flatter or kiss up.
  5. Original phrase was 你這馬屁可是拍到馬腿上了, “Your patting the horse’s rear has instead patted its leg.”
  6. A form of address.


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