Chapter 359: Can’t Say

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“If you are unable to come within three chi, you will go call off those belligerents, how about it?” The yellow-clothed man put both his hands behind his back, the epitome of calm.

Aratha was humiliated, activating his Vajra Dharma Characteristic.

But regardless of how hard he tried, that range of three chi was like a celestial moat, completely impregnable. The yellow-clothed man yelled in seeming rebuke, sending Aratha flying. The Ancestral Masters alongside Great Master Still Void one by one felt disbelief. To be able to make the Supervoid Aratha completely unable to fight back, only a Supervoid Late Stage Great Cultivator could achieve this.

Aratha’s fury turned into shock and caution.

“What Adept is this Benefactor?”

Great Master Still Void respectfully asked.

“Do not tell them.” The yellow-clothed man was bored.

Abbess Water Moon was without a choice, but her eyes clearly told the rest of her compatriots: It was best to not provoke the yellow-clothed person.

The group was silent, astonished within their thoughts.

“Since you have lost, are you not going to invite that Star General over? Your Servant actually is very curious.” The yellow-robed person said to Aratha.

“Hmph, when did Poor Monk ever promise you.”

Aratha merely pretended to not have heard.

The yellow-clothed person shook his head, very disappointed.

Because this Azure Dragon Territory Cultivator had arrived, the Buddha Kingdom Six Ancestors on the other shore that originally had a relaxed atmosphere immediately felt very unsettled and odd, heavy as a mountain, more oppressive than the sea of bitterness.

Actually, the yellow-clothed person seemed indifferent. The originally arrogant and egotistical Aratha and Senior Monk Extreme Happiness did not say anything more, only focusing on meditating on reciting scripture nearby. Calming their minds, receiving the final trial, that former pride of not allowing that holy object of Buddha Kingdom to touch the fingers of others had been turned into a clownish joke before overwhelming might.

Not long after, another monk reached the other shore.

Everyone opened their eyes.

“Great Master Shen Hui, you have also come.”

Great Master Still Void bowed his head.

The other Six Ancestors were all exceptionally deferential. Great Master Shen Hui was Cold Tang Kingdom’s state teacher, assisting Emperor Tang.1 His cultivation was Supervoid Middle Stage. If he was in the Buddha Kingdom, he was a character equivalent to a Six Ancestor Chief. It was only because that he was to assist Emperor Tang declare Dharma that he left the Buddha Kingdom.

Inside Buddha Kingdom, he could be promoted to a character truly like a Holy Monk.

“Great Masters are all here.” Great Master Shen Hui slightly smiled and put his hands together.

Upon seeing the yellow-clothed person, he showed a surprised expression. He evidently felt the yellow-clothed person’s power, also deferentially saluting.

“Yellow-browed boy, right now, everyone is here, should we not be leaving?” Aratha asked.

“There are still some who have yet to ascend the shore.” The yellow-browed boy shut his eyes.

“Who else is there?” Aratha was confused. He gazed at the sea of bitterness, practically unable to see any Buddhist cultivators that were ferrying across the sea of bitterness. After all, without the cultivation and endurance levels of a Buddha Kingdom Six Ancestor, how could an ordinary person cross this borderless sea of bitterness.

The yellow-browed boy pointed at that measureless Buddhist aura – which was precisely the place the Heavenly Solitary Star and cultivators were dueling.

“They have already polluted their karma2 in the sea of bitterness. This is what you said, they have lost the qualifications, what are we waiting for.” Aratha’s tone was heavy.

“Naturally, there is karma.”3

The yellow-browed boy answered no more.

“It seems your plan was not so perfect, ha, ha.” The yellow-clothed man derisively laughed.

Aratha’s expression was unsightly.

Shifting the camera shot back to Su Xing’s side,4 when the five Supercluster Ancestors simultaneously attacked, that honestly was a change in the atmosphere. Earth-shattering, violent waves were stirred in the sea of bitterness. Under such an attack, even if a Star General could block, they would be forced to use full power.

Just at this moment, a yellow book soared into the air. This book flipped open, and a brown airflow bubbled out. A seeming heavenly canopy enveloped Su Xing and the others within. THat brown heavenly canopy looked easy to break, but regardless of whatever powerful ability the Chan Masters used, their Star Energy seemed to sink into a great ocean, disappearing without a trace.

“Earth Book of Empress Tu”

Chan Master Great Enlightenment was shocked.

“Why would he have this sort of Spirit Treasure.” The Chan Masters had sinister gazes. With a glance, they discerned this Earth Book surprisingly already evolved into a Prehistoric Spirit Treasure. The Earth Book flowed with an aura that was like an impenetrable wall, absorbing every one of their attacks.

“Right now, it isn’t too late for regrets.” Su Xing was expressionless.

He had not yet given Empress Tu a “psychic communication,” otherwise, she would have frightened these old monks to death.5

“Since this is so, even more reason to not allow the Holy Monk’s bowl and alms to fall into their hands.” Chan Master Great Enlightenment screamed.

The other hesitant Chan Masters immediately nodded. They stowed their powers, surrounded Su Xing and the others, not making a move, but they did not have any intentions of regret. They made clear they wanted to waste the magic energy of Empress Tu’s Earth Book.

“If you won’t make a move, then I won’t be polite.” Su Xing thought, glancing at Wu Siyou.

The Harm Star understood tacitly.

“You cannot act.” Chan Xin suddenly shouted.

“Chan Xin, what are you saying?” Su Xing was bewildered.

“If you pollute the sea of bitterness karma, you will lose your qualifications.” Chan Xin calmly said.


“The sea of bitterness is boundless, yet a turn of the head is the other shore, lay down the butcher’s knife, become Buddha on the spot. This sea of bitterness tests the body’s Eight Distresses. If you make a move, you will pollute your karma, and this sea of bitterness will be uncrossable.” Chan Xin’s explanation was the same as Great Master Still Void’s.

Su Xing and the others were immediately stupefied upon hearing this.

“Worthy of Heavenly Solitary Star Flowery Monk Lu Zhishen. This sea of bitterness’ mystery was seen through with a glance. Pity that you are a Star General of Maiden Mountain, otherwise, you truly would have a connection with my Buddha.” Chan Master Great Enlightenment chanted Amitabha.

“Could it be that because Zhishen is Maiden Mountain’s Star General that there is no connection?” Chan Xin questioned.

“Maiden Mountain uses the Star Duels to sow calamity and chaos in Liangshan Continent and thus is an evil way. How can my Buddha have a connection with such an evil way.” Chan Master Great Enlightenment replied matter-of-factly.

“What sophistry,” Wu Siyou retorted, about to act. Whatever sea of bitterness karma there was, the Harm Star basically did not care.

Su Xing pulled her back.

“Lord Husband,” Wu Siyou was confused.

Su Xing’s face was like frost. He raised his head and coldly asked Chan Master Great Enlightenment: “Great Master said the Star Duels were an evil way, but that is a lie.”

“Then Poor Monk asks you, are you evil? Are you righteous?” Chan Master Great Enlightenment pointed at Su Xing.

Su Xing sneered but did not answer.

“Evil always is evil, righteous always is righteous.” Chan Master Great Enlightenment shallowly smiled.

“I don’t think so.” Su Xing teased.

“What perspective do you have.

Su Xing pointed at Chan Master Great Enlightenment, also asking the same question: “Are you evil? Are you righteous?”

Chan Master Great Enlightenment was taken aback.

“Of course, we are righteous.”

The other Chan Masters proudly answered.

Su Xing turned a deaf ear, only looking at Chan Master Great Enlightenment.

Chan Master Great Enlightenment clearly was more intelligent than the others. Slowly, without saying anything, his expression was very focused. He looked at Su Xing, somewhat unable to fathom him. On the surface, Su Xing merely asked him the same question, but the inside logic nevertheless was full of great wisdom and knowledge. The so-called “For an evil person who speaks of the right way, the right way is also evil; for a righteous person who speaks of the evil way, the evil way also becomes righteous.”

Right and wrong were merely separated by a thought.

Evil? Righteous?

If anything, this was a question of preference.

Qingci had not yet understood while Wu Siyou actually vaguely understood. Chan Xin was even more shocked, and she looked at Su Xing. While ferrying across the sea of bitterness, she felt Su Xing’s identity was inconceivable. Now, this question that made a Buddhist Chan Master unable to reply lifted great waves in Chan Xin’s heart.

Indefinitely vacillating, a long while after, Chan Master Great Enlightenment sighed.

“As expected, Benefactor has connection with my Buddha. Wisdom, Poor Monk is ashamed of his inferiority. Poor Monk shall not obstruct Benefactor any further.”

Chan Master Great Enlightenment put his palms together, sincerely regretful.

The other Great Masters were dumb as wooden chickens.

“Chan Master Great Enlightenment, what is this?”

“Do not forget, we are to prevent the Holy Monk’s robe and bowl from falling into the Star General’s hands.”

“Great Master, how can you be confused by evil.”

Chan Master Great Enlightenment heaved a deep sigh: “Fellow Monks, Poor Monk has been questioned by this Benefactor. Poor Monk knows there already is no more meaning in obstructing him. Poor Monk thus shall leave. Buddha has a saying, ‘It will do to not, but also it will not do to not.’6 Poor Monk thus takes his leave.”

After speaking, he profoundly cupped his fist at Su Xing. That expression seemingly the attitude of a student towards his teacher, which made the other Great Masters stupefied. Immediately afterwards, Chan Master Great Enlightenment left this place in the blink of en eye.

After Su Xing put his hands together for Chan Master Great Enlightenment, he was expressionless.

He stared at the remaining four people.

“If Great Masters persist in the wrong way by treating us as evil people, the way of evil, then precisely it is your own heart that has already fallen into the way of evil. Your Servant asks that Great Master quickly realize the truth and leave.”

“Such a glib tongue, no wonder you dare to spit at Buddha.”

The Great Masters furiously said.

“Today, thou must cease wanting the Holy Monk’s robe and bowl.”

Su Xing shook his head, very regretful. “Great Masters persist in the wrong ways, making Your Servant disappointed.”

“Hmph.” The four Supercluster Ancestors scoffed, completely lacking fear. They honestly did not fear Su Xing would make a move. So long as Su Xing and the others made a move, they would pollute their karma, and their objective would count as fulfilled.

“Great Masters must know, as far as Great Masters’ current conduct is concerned, Buddha has a saying that just happens to be of benefit.” Su Xing smiled. Out of the corner of his eye, he sized up the four. Due to Chan Master Great Enlightenment leaving, the four monks each stood at four corners to trap Su Xing, but the distance between each was considerably wide, which was an opportunity.

“It seems you understand much about my Buddha. Poor Monk actually wishes to hear what great logic you can speak of.” The tone of the Chan School’s Chan Master was very disdainful.

“Then you must listen carefully…” Su Xing looked around. The monks did not dare be careless, but they were still very curious.

Just at this moment, Su Xing pointed, and the Earth Book of Empress Tu suddenly flashed with yellow light, transforming into a beautiful Immortal. This Immortal immediately waved her long sleeve at the Chan Masters.


Su Xing suddenly appeared behind the Wisdom King Secret Sect monk.

The speed was faster than the blink of an eye.

“Courting death,” The Chan School’s Great Chan Master long had readied his defense. Regardless of whether Su Xing acted or not, his purpose would have been fulfilled. He turned around, both his palms attacking Su Xing’s hand.

The sound of thunder erupted, and Buddhist light filled the sky.

Su Xing nevertheless did not act, merely flashing on by, avoiding the Chan School Great Master’s Sound of Thunder Sutra Palm Technique.

“Great Master, careful.”

Just as the Pratoda School Great Master was about to pursue, he suddenly heard a fellow monk give out a terrifying scream. The Chan Master felt odd, and abruptly, he felt goosebumps over his whole body. A kind of terrifying feeling seized him. The Chan Master froze. He turned his head and saw an terrifying monster that could not be described with words.

With an ape’s head and tusks, centipede arms, fleshy wings, every sort of poisonous body filling its whole body, emitting a concentrated Poison Qi.

What made the Chan Master feel chills over his whole body was that powerful iciness transmitting from this monster’s body that felt like some entity freezing his consciousness at such a close range.

That black demon bared its fangs and spat out several rays of distorted poison light. The black, evil qi the demon emitted suddenly washed the Chan Master’s Buddhist light clean away.

The Chan Master promptly blocked.


A lightning-like black snake popped out from the demon’s mouth, running through the Chan Master’s stomach.7

“What is this thing???”

The Chan Master was shocked, his internal organs entirely torn.

Su Xing sneered.

“Buddha says – Can’t say…”8

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  1. Despite being a tiny kingdom, their rule claims the “Emperor” title
  2. 因果
  3. Literally what the raws said.
  4. Remember, it is exceedingly rare for things like this to develop their own consciousness.
  5. 不以有行,亦不以無行, have no idea how to tl this, other than it seems this is about letting things take their natural course.
  6. Xenomorph lol.
  7. That’s classified…


  1. “Under such an attack, even if a Star General could black, they would be forced to use full power.”
    “even if a Star General could black” – sounds strange, don’t see meaning
    “Indefinitely vascillating, a long while after, Chan Master Great Enlightenment sighed.”
    vascillating -> vacillating
    Finally, Su Xing finds use for the Gu. And for the Empress Tu. It was long)

  2. “Earth Book of Empress Tu”

    Chan Master Great Enlightenment was shocked.

    “Why would he have this sort of Spirit Treasure.” The Chan Masters had sinister gazes. With a glance, they discerned this Earth Book surprisingly already evolved into a Prehistoric Spirit Treasure.

    Lmao HOOOOW?!! How do they simply know it’s an immemorial treasure nobody has seen for centuries with just a glance?! And that it’s become a Prehistoric Treasure “with a glance”?!! And monks that are supposed to be fully dedicated to their dharma and nothing else.

    I swear this artifact and technique encyclopedia everyone has inside their brains is one of the things that pisses me off the most about this story, lol.

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