Chapter 362: Five Dragons Colored Glass Lamp

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Buddhism has a famous proposition called – “Luminous mind, adventitious afflictions,”1 indicated that the way to breaking free was in removing the contamination of adventitious afflictions, clearly showing one’s inherent tranquil nature.

But in this world of battle everywhere in Liangshan, to not pollute the vulgar world’s karma was an extremely difficult thing. Even Buddha Kingdom’s Six Ancestors used cultivation to distinguish their rankings. Cheating and deceiving one another, they were more or less the same as other cultivators.

In Su Xing’s perception, the Buddha Kingdom Six Ancestors were all like this. That legendary Holy Monk Four Noble Truths probably was as tyrannical as Emperor Liang.

However, upon first seeing this Buddha West Approaches, he had a spontaneous feeling of reverence, not at all with the reverence of confronting Emperor Liang’s unparalleled in the word tyrannical qi, rather, a sort of genuine deference. So it turned out the people of this world actually could have someone capable of achieving such specklessness, such refinement.

“In the world of the future, when the paths of the Sutras are destroyed and ended, I, with loving-kindness, compassion and empathy, will specially retain this Sutra, to dwell for one hundred years. If there are such beings, who encounter this Sutra, they can, as they wish, according to their aspirations, all attain deliverance. Tathagatas’ arising in the world are difficult to meet and difficult to see. All Buddhas’ paths of sutras, are difficult to attain and difficult to hear. Meeting good-knowing friends, to hear the Dharma, to be able to practice it, this is also a difficulty. If having heard this Sutra, with joyful faith receiving and upholding it, this is the difficulty within difficulties, with none surpassing this difficulty.2

Holy Monk Four Noble Truths slowly spoke. Instantly, an auspicious light glowed. The ground bubbled forth with golden lotuses, a strange scent assailing them. The originally unadorned room gave birth to golden lotus flowers everywhere. The Holy Monk’s body seemed to open a treasure tree of Buddhism, illuminating in all directions.

That was the legendary Meditative Mind Lotus Flower.3

Golden lotus platforms immediately rose from the ground.

Upon seeing this, the group reverently and respectfully sat upon them.

“We wish to hear the Holy Monk’s Chan Technique.”

Great Master Still Void, Aratha, and the others stowed their malice, devoutly speaking.

Buddha West Approaches nevertheless did not immediately speak. Rather, he faintly said: “Among the Ladies and Gentleman, it seems one has not ceased being unforgiving.”

“Holy Monk, why say this?”

Great Master Still Void was astonished.

“The Azure Dragon Territory Cultivator and Star General naturally are unforgiving.” Senior Monk Extreme Happiness could not help but look at Su Xing and the others.

Sadhu, sadhu. Since Everyone can pass through the Seven Floor Stupa Pagoda’s trials, then you are people with connection to my Buddha. At the top of the Seven Floor Stupa Pagoda, there is a colored glass Buddhist lantern. Those who wish to listen to Poor Monk speak of Chan Technique can stay behind and listen. Those who wish to understand the mind and see the nature, to shed contamination, may scale the pagoda’s apex.” Once Holy Monk Four Noble Truths finished speaking, in the void, the lotus flower pagoda became a flower-lined corridor reaching the highest level of the Seven Floor Stupa Pagoda.

“Five Dragons Colored Glass Lamp.”

When Su Xing heard these words, his thoughts moved.

Wu Siyou’s eyes hinted to Su Xing. Listening to the Holy Monk’s speech to bloom the Meditative Mind Lotus Flower clearly somewhat needed to rely on a component of innate skill. Even if he had a glib tongue, a deluge of heavenly flowers, throughout the trials of the Seven Floor Stupa Pagoda, but he was very self-aware. He knew that he basically had no talent in cultivating Buddhism. The Five Dragons Colored Glass Lamp that Chao Gai spoke of was Su Xing’s best choice.

Hearing that the Five Dragons Colored Glass Lamp was at the top of the pagoda, the other Ancestral Masters began to stir, yet none dared to be the first to make a noise.

“Great Master, Your Servant shall be bold.” Su Xing rose, put his hands together, not hesitating.

Buddha West Approaches faintly smiled.

Wu Siyou immediately rose. The two of them glanced at Chan Xin and Qingci. The latter did not seem to moved at this Five Dragons Colored Glass Lamp. After hinting, Su Xing and Wu Siyou ascended the lotus staircase together, disappearing into the top of the pagoda.

Aratha, Great Master Still Void looked at each other in dismay, their expressions sullen.

“Poor Monk shall speak here.”

Buddha West Approaches faintly smiled. Immediately, Brahmanistic sounds filled the world, and a treasure light filled the void.

At the Seven Floor Stupa Pagoda’s top stood a statue of Buddha. Suspended above it was a colored glass lamp. That lamp used a shala treasure tree struck by lightning as its lantern case. Five fire dragon souls coiled around it, surrounding a faint, silver colored glass flame.

Su Xing flew up to inspect it carefully, discovering this Five Dragons Colored Glass Lamp simply was incapable of refinement. However, when Su Xing drew close, the Five Dragons Colored Glass Lamp immediately released endless light enveloping the entire top of the pagoda within.

“It seems I can only use the Five Dragons Colored Glass Lamp right here.” Su Xing had no choice.

“Your Servant shall stand guard for Lord Husband.” Wu Siyou felt things were grave, manifesting the Destined Star Weapon Noble Frost Demonic Lotus, standing strict vigil.

Su Xing no longer hesitated. Seizing the time that the treasure flame was radiating light, he immediately sat in meditation beneath the lamp, reciting Chan dharma.

The Five Dragons Colored Glass Lamp’s five fire dragons wriggled about on the lamp, as if they had come to life. The mouths of the five dragons spat treasure flame, and the five dragons’ treasure flame burned on Su Xing’s body, immersing his whole body in the blink of an eye.

The Seven Floor Stupa Pagoda’s top suddenly released a glaring golden Buddhist light. This Buddhist light spread across the blue sky. The entire Central Celestial was bathed in the Buddhist light. The millions of Buddhist residents that focused on the Seven Floors Stupa Pagoda up until now suddenly prostrated in worship, reciting dharma, incomparably pious.

Wu Xinjie and Lin Yingmei raised their heads.

“Ah, it seems Young Lord has successfully reached the Seventh Floor of the pagoda.” Wu Xinjie let out a sigh of exclamation. The Seven Floor Stupa Pagoda seemingly manifested five divine coiling dragons, spraying silver flames. In the Buddha Kingdom bursting open with bliss, they drew a perfect scene.

Buddhism’s legendary secret treasure – the Five Dragons Colored Glass Lamp had a fully justified reputation, as expected.

Even if they were separated by a great distance, they felt a sort of Buddhist saint’s mighty baptism. It seemed what Chao Gai said was correct. This Five Dragons Colored Glass Lamp indeed could blossom the Meditative Mind Lotus Flower, but they did not know just what Chao Gai’s Third Calamity was.

Thinking of this, Wu Xinjie again was inwardly anxious.

“Look out.”

Lin Yingmei abruptly shouted, her hands rising and falling.

Several scarlet ropes like spirit snakes rolled, firmly binding Lin Yingmei’s arms and legs. Lin Yingmei exerted Star Energy to break free, but the ropes coiled even tighter.

“Hm, hm, don’t waste your strength. This Courtyard’s ‘Rope of Intimacy’4 tightens the more you struggle.5 You had best obediently be captured.” A dozen monks and a dozen beautiful women walked out in succession from the four corners. They had been snooping for a long time, and each of them gazed at Lin Yingmei’s slender body, showing sinister smiles.

“She honestly is a beauty. To serve one man really is too wasteful.”

“The Happiness Together Courtyard honestly departs from the orthodoxy. Even when the Seven Floor Stupa Pagoda’s five dragons are releasing such bright light, you have not even a shred of piety.” Wu Xinjie smiled.

“Having offended the Happiness Together Courtyard, how can we allow you to be savage. Senior Monk has orders, today, we will take you to be cauldrons.”

The dozen monks grabbed the Rope Of Intimacy, complacently speaking.

“Do these Little Sisters also think so?” Wu Xinjie asked those female cultivators of the Happiness Together Courtyard.

“You had best obediently listen to Senior Monk’s words. Your man is surrounded by misfortune in the Stupa Pagoda.” The female cultivator shouted.

“For the Happiness Together Courtyard to think of disappearing like smoke from here in the Buddha Kingdom, you are too impatient. However, that is not such a bad thing either? Yingmei.”

Hua Xue emerged, jumping onto Wu Xinjie’s shoulder.


The Happiness Together Courtyard’s dozen monks shouted, each pulling the rope, attempting to pull Lin Yingmei over. The Majestic Star disdainfully snorted. Suddenly, she put strength into her arms, and like a thousand catties, the dozen monks only felt a power like that of a raging ride rush over. Their bodies uncontrollably were pulled back towards her.

“This is bad,” A Supercluster Stage Great Monk’s expression changed.

But it really was too early to say such a fact. With Arctic Star Serpent Spear in hand, Lin Yingmei’s hand clenched the spear. Her figure swayed, and like a hurricane of snow, spear-light cold as shadows flew out.

Lin YIngmei’s afterimages instantly returned to their original location. The Majestic Star stood tall and proud, her gaze absolutely cold, emitting a stifling heroic aura.

“Ah, how can she be a Star General…” The Supercluster Ancestor of the Happiness Together Courtyard did not dare believe it.


Lin Yingmei coldly snorted.

“Majestic Star Lin Chong…”

The Supercluster Ancestor left behind his final words.

Happiness Together Courtyard, completely annihilated.

“Monks just ought to keep reading their sutras, what are you doing thinking of fighting.” Wu Xinjie shook her head, sympathetic.

“Marvelous, marvelous, as expected of Majestic Star Panther Head Lin Chong, for one spear to dispatch everything without an issue.”

Suddenly, at this moment, praise resounded from this icy air that had yet to disperse.

The frost scattered, and out walked a man and woman.

“Shuang’er, we have now encountered our opponents.”

The man laughed.

The woman’s lips curled into a smile. She was a Five Tiger General – Prestige Star Double Clubs Huyan Shuang.

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  1. 心性本淨,客塵所染 I hope I got this right.
  2. 當來之世經道滅盡,我以慈悲哀愍,特留此經止住百歲。其有眾生,值斯經者,隨意所願,皆可得度, 難值難見。諸佛經道,難得難聞。遇善知識,聞法能行,此亦為難。若聞斯經,信樂受持,難中之難,無過此難 Adapted from Can I reiterate just how confounding translating this is?
  3. The final form, I suppose.
  4. 纏綿索
  5. Already going to bondage play?


    1. TBH, I don’t think the author meant the entire sect, just this group dispatched to capture them.

      1. It was still kinda fast. Sometimes you have Su Xing and Co struggling against ONE opponent of the same level and here she alone dispatched a supercluster and I’m assuming many galaxies in the blink of an eye, lol.

  1. Footnote #2 about the difficulty of translating that Buddhist Dharma. I just wanted to say thanks! It was actually quite a beautiful thing to read! The author obviously really enjoys Buddhism.

    Thanks for the translation!

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