Chapter 363: Blood Splashing Mandarin Duck

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Prestige Star Double Clubs Huyan Zhuo.

“Lin Chong, what wind blew you to the Buddha Kingdom. Your Servant hears you signed a contract with the Purple Thunder Monster…Truly disgraceful. The previous Majestic Star did not sign a contract, how have you changed.” Huyan Shuang’s hand held the Wind And Moon Unmatched, half-smiling as she stared at Lin Yingmei.

“Are you finished speaking your nonsense?” Lin Yingmei’s voice was already scornful and a little bored.

“That is the Purple Thunder Monster? Odd, why does Your Servant feel she is actually like us Sisters.” Huyan Shuang leisurely asked as she looked at Wu Xinjie.

An ice-cold storm suddenly revolted.

The Arctic Star Serpent Spear drew a stunning straight line, tearing apart space, emitting a ray of light, directly attacking the Prestige Star.

Huyan Shuang was already prepared, easily stepping backwards, holding her double clubs in front of her: “Lin Chong, you honestly are impulsive?”


The spear and clubs crossed, knocking out sparks, When they separated, without any delay, Huyan Shuang’s double clubs swept, her murderous air seemingly substantial, striking upon the Arctic Star Serpent Spear. Lin Yingmei raised her hand, neither too quick nor too slow, her speartip slashing the air to raise an incorporeal barrier. The powerful force of the crossing weapons directly shook each of them back.

“Shuang’er, do you need me to act?” Xie Chang’an called out a Flying Sword, asking as he stood guard against Wu Xinjie.

“No need to trouble Your Highness. To face Lin Chong, Your Servant is sufficient.”

Lin Yingmei disdained this as beneath herself, lowering her spear.

“Watch this…” Huyan Shuang smiled. When she stopped, she suddenly pounced, immediately sending dust flying.

The two clubs acted with a storm-like aggression.

Lin Yingmei clenched her spear, dashing, her figure disappearing along the way from her original location.

Then, a spear’s light flashed in the air.

The two Destined Star Weapons had already slammed into one another. The double clubs’ first wave of quick and violent attacks was calmly blocked by Lin Yingmei. Not only did she block this attack, Lin Yingmei suddenly smiled contrarily. Her Star Energy abruptly swelled, launching a swift, calm, yet violent counterattack that surged like a tide.

Huyan Zhuo also was a Star General Five Tiger. Her double clubs easily received the attack, and the two clubs like a shield drew the circle of the Taiji. The two clubs flashed an even more glaring light. The wind lifted was just like blades that extended from the spear, and the surrounding air suddenly turned cold.

Yellow Rank Technique?

Huyan Shuang’s brows rose. She took a step from where she was, somersaulted into a flying slash, and at the same time, the Star Crest on her forehead shimmered.

Her silhouette became layers of afterimages.

Lin Yingmei and spear advanced, her icy snow flourishing since some unknown time.

What was that illusory scene?

Snow-white and a delicate figure immediately slammed into each other. The speed already radiated dazzling rays, tyrannical to the extreme that though Xie Chang’an wished to intercede, he was in a powerless state. This was a battle among Maiden Mountain’s Five Tigers?

Cold snow fluttered about. Each snowflake was sharper than a sword, and the surrounding hundred meters were enveloped in ice and snow. Ice sealed things into statues, and within this hurricane of snow. The two whips danced within the snowstorm, sprinkling killing intent, like interweaving flower petals and snowflakes. After they converges, they gave rise to battle in the end.

The Majestic Star’s Yellow Rank Technique.

Long Blizzard Nights.

The Prestige Star’s Yellow Rank –

Wind Flower Leaf Fall, Snow Moon Without Scar

“The ranked eighth Prestige Star Double Clubs Huyan Zhuo, huh. Ha, ha, worthy of a Maiden Mountain Five Tiger General.” Wu Xinjie released Star Energy for protection, so as to avoid being too late. She observed the battle between the two great generals.

They both were Maiden Mountain’s mighty Five Tiger Generals, a fifty-fifty chance between them. However, Lin Yingmei clearly had the greater advantage. This much was obvious. Su Xing’s Star Energy advanced by leaps and bounds, breaking through to Galaxy Late Stage. Although he had contracted too many Star Maidens and had spread his Star Energy thin, this was not too shabby. After all, Star Energy was the superior aspect of a Star General’s attack power. The genuine demonstration of usefulness was still in pure martial arts.

As far at this was concerned, Lin Yingmei never slacked off. Let alone that she sparred with martial generals the likes of Wu Siyou and Yan Yizhen, her martial arts were even more refined.

To say anything was weaker, perhaps that would be a Star Master.

If Huyan Shuang’s Star Master once again used resonance, the Prestige Star would hold the better advantage. This was the thorny part that Wu Xinjie currently contemplated. “Master, danger.” Hua Xue suddenly sensed danger, and Wu Xinjie kicked, nimbly jumping, disappearing from where she was. When she reappeared, she was already on a tall building.

Where she left, several dozen Flying Swords had plunged.

“While the Star Generals are battling, Star Masters that are not focused will Starfall.” Xie Chang’an waved his hand, and the fifty resplendent Flying Swords wound around behind his body.

“Hee, hee. Xinjie has an even better proposition. Would it not be better to finish watching the Little Sister fight to decide the victor?” Wu Xinjie was not in the least concerned. Hua Xue arched its back and was already baring its fangs.

“This Highness is not so patient.” Xie Chang’an could tell that Lin Chong was not easy to face, and he did not wish to tarry. Suddenly, he threw out a talisman. When this talisman appeared, a multicolored golden light appeared above Wu Xinjie. The fifty Flying Swords promptly advanced and combined with the golden lines. A mysterious formation simultaneously appeared beneath Wu Xinjie’s feet.

“Sword Array?” Wu Xinjie was stunned.

“Let us see how you will break This Highness’ ‘Heavenly Dragon Sword Array.’” Xie Chang’an smiled.

Suddenly, multi-colored light swept out.

The Five Dragons Colored Glass Lamp’s bright light glowed. Su Xing’s figure rapidly immersed inside the radiance. He was completely indistinguishable, for the pagoda’s light was increasingly glaring. Wu Siyou stood outside the light, her expression extremely grim. In that endless amount of light, she could faintly see five colored glass treasure dragons currently shuttle around. From time to time, they let out quaking roars. She did not know at this time what Su Xing’s situation was.

Just as she thought this, odd activity came from the entrance.

Wu Siyou immediately stowed her worries. She turned and stared coldly at the newcomers.

“Laughable Star General, you unexpectedly think to steal the holy object of my Buddha Kingdom. Truly, you overestimate yourself.” A coarse laugh brought a sort of extremely contemptuous attitude.

Three silhouettes entered this pagoda top one after the other.

They were the Empty Mountain Secret Ksetra’s Great Master Still Void, the Dharma Sect’s Aratha, and the Happiness Together Courtyard’s Senior Monk Extreme Happiness.

“To miss the Holy Monk’s mercy, Benefactors must not become angry. Quickly go back.” Great Master Still Void still had a hypocritical expression urging benevolence.

“To persist obstinately in the wrong ways, even if you are a Star General, This Senior Monk will take you to be a cauldron.” Senior Monk Extreme Happiness also let out wild words.

He actually indeed had a reason to be arrogant. With three Supervoid Stage cultivators present, one Star General was no more than a fish on the chopping board, waiting to be slaughtered. Even the renowned Harm Star Pilgrim Wu Song was merely so.

“Harm Star Pilgrim, you also are one who believes in Buddha. It would be better for you to partake in comprehension of the Happiness Great Way with This Senior Monk, to reach the top together…” Senior Monk Extreme Happiness suddenly showed a licentious smile. Wu Siyou’s beauty was stunning, and he wanted to take the time to take a cheap shot with words.

Suddenly at this moment.

Great Master Still Void and Aratha promptly shouted, “Look out.”

A bone-chilling coldness swept across his stomach. Senior Monk Extreme Happiness was frightened as he used a Buddhist power to block. “Courting death,” he berated, moving about laterally, but his speed really was too slow.

Wu Siyou was suddenly in front of him. Her double-headed sword immediately formed a net, tightly binding the ice-cold swordtip. Her bursting killing intent was like an open floodgate.

Senior Monk Extreme Happiness’ Happiness Chan Light was completely broken under this sort of murderous aura.

The posture of Wu Siyou’s figure changed. Her leaning posture was like an arrow loosed from its bow, the Noble Frost Demonic Lotus sword’s tips intersected and bit, their target the enemy’s neck.


Senior Monk Extreme Happiness was terrified to the extreme, unable to even make any reactions. He could only instinctively grab hold of a magic weapon to use, but Senior Monk Extreme Happiness basically was too late to stop Wu Siyou’s lightning quick attack. Neither was he in time to adjust his center of gravity, to avoid the swordtip.

The icy cold edge passed by his throat, splitting apart.

The unbridled Senior Monk Extreme Happiness only felt an ice-cold feeling pierce through his throat, carrying a shudder through his whole body. Then, his whole body stiffened.

Wu Siyou gracefully flipped behind him.

Blood splattered.

Noble Frost Demonic Lotus sucked greedily at the sweetness of the Supervoid Cultivator’s blood.

Senior Monk Extreme Happiness clutched at his throat, turning his head in disbelief.

Wu Siyou flung the Noble Frost Demonic Lotus. Blood trails flowed everywhere from Senior Monk Extreme Happiness’ open throat, like two psychic Spirit Snakes swimming over his whole body. A bloody vapor rushed out from his pores, and Senior Monk Extreme Happiness fell over paralyzed into a pool of blood, all of his arrogance and anger turning to dust.

Dark Rank Technique – Blood Splashing Mandarin Duck

Senior Monk Extreme Happiness had earlier suffered the hidden loss of his Life-cast Magic Weapon. Facing the Harm Star in close quarters, her Dark Rank Technique, without the protection of a powerful magic weapon, how could he have defended. Besides, Wu Siyou clearly wanted to get rid of him first when he least expected it. The Star Energy from her sword did not hold back at all. She cut down Senior Monk Extreme Happiness in the time it took to take a snapshot.

Great Master Still Void and Aratha were shaken, not having expected the Harm Star would act completely without restraint. She truly was a Fiend Star, not just in name but also in reality.

“This is the doom you have brought upon yourself.” Aratha furiously roared. He displayed the Vajra Dharma Characteristics. His originally fierce body immediately was even more mighty. He lifted his arms and directly grabbed at Wu Siyou.

Great Master Still Void also no longer feigned sincerity. He took up and struck a “Spirit Mountain Miraculous Dharma Chan Staff,”1 Brahmanistic script flew out of the Chan Staff, becoming a golden scroll.

Promptly using the Dark Rank Technique had made Wu Siyou suffer injury that was not insignificant, however, there was not other way. Confronting three Supervoid Cultivators, Wu Siyou knew that she had no choice but to defeat each one individually. In the case that they cooperated, she definitely was not a foe. For this reason, she did not regret the price of first cutting down the weakest Senior Monk Extreme Happiness. If she used Blood Splashing Mandarin Duck to face the other two, she would not necessarily be successful.

Bang, bang.

Noble Frost Demonic Lotus cut upon Aratha’s body that was like steel.

The Three Star Destined Weapon was incapable of penetrating.

Aratha seized the chance to punch. Wu Siyou nimbly dodge, when the Spirit Mountain Miraculous Dharma at this moment followed immediately after. It struck the Harm Star’s body, nearly causing her to faint. A bolt of golden light descended. Wu Siyou raised her hand, blocking the Chan Staff with the Noble Frost Demonic Lotus.

“Mark Of Emptiness Elucidation”2

Great Master Still Void shouted.

The Supervoid Middle Stage Cultivator’s Star Energy was extremely powerful. Wu Siyou barely blocked using the Noble Frost Demonic Lotus. Aratha’s Vajra Subduing Demonic Fist already punched Wu Siyou’s body. Even if she had Star Energy protection, this made the Harm Star feel internal injuries.

“Great Master, leave her to Poor Monk. Great Master ought to first kill that man, so as to avoid him stealing away the Five Dragons Colored Glass Lamp.” Aratha spread his arms, directly pouncing on Wu Siyou.

“Fine.” Great Master Still Void no longer delayed, maneuvering away.

“Do not think of harming Lord Husband.”

Wu Siyou rebuked. Her expression slightly changed. Su Xing currently was meditating under the lamp’s light. If he was disturbed, then everything would be for naught.

“Wu Song, where are you going.”

Aratha blocked her front like Mount Tai. The counterpart’s cultivation and powers were too high, and Wu Siyou for the time being was incapable of breaking free.

Just as Great Master Still Void about to enter the endless light, suddenly at this moment, a green light hissed over. Great Master Still Void clenched the Chan Staff and broke the Star Magic. Great Master Still Void’s expression changed. He suddenly stepped back, suspended in the air.

As it turned out, a chilly figure had smashed through the floorboards he had been standing on.

“How is this possible…”

Great Master Still Void’s pupils shrunk, for he was overwhelmed beyond compare.

A delicate figure walked slowly out from the endless light.

“Slave Servant asks that the Great Master not disturb Master.”

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  1. 靈山妙法禪杖
  2. 空相闡明


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