Chapter 365: The Meeting Of Three Five Tiger Generals

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The crisp sounds of metal clashing rose. The Nine-tailed Spirit Fox seemed to merge into one with Wu Xinjie. Suddenly, she and Wu Xinjie disappeared from the profound sword array.


Xie Chang’an pounced on nothing, shouting in disbelief.

But he had only just yelled when Wu Xinjie already appeared behind him, her expression charming. Xie Chang’an’s reactions were absolutely swift, for the fifty Flying Swords protected his whole body, leaving Wu Xinjie with no choice.

“Master, you will not use the Eight Gates Black Gold Chain?” Hua Xue showed killing intent.

“No need for now.” Wu Xinjie could tell that Xie Chan’an was unordinary. To be able to contract Maiden Mountain’s Five Tiger General, he was not at all mediocre. It was best to have Xie Chang’an maintain caution. So long as she could stall until Lin Yingmei defeated Huyan Shuang, that was enough.

Xie Chang’an indeed was stunned by Wu Xinjie’s rapid change. Seeing Wu Xinjie’s leisurely spectator attitude, he even thought that she had some trump card, however, the Resourceful Star was Maiden Mountain’s ranked third any way it was put. The more relaxed and at ease she was, the more she had a sort of mysterious adept’s appearance. Xie Chang’an for a time hesitated whether or not to use full power – after all, he knew there was still a Purple Thunder Monster.

Everyone in the Azure Dragon Territory knew that the Majestic Star Panther Head and Purple Thunder Monster had signed a contract, but seeing Lin Chong yet not the Purple Thunder Monster made Xie Chang’an feel odd. Although Wu Xinjie did not match the description of the legendary Purple Thunder Monster, she honestly had this imposing style.

Seeing Wu Xinjie focus so much on the Panther Head’s battle, he merely took it to be absolute belief in Lin Chong. Xie Chang’an considered that at this point he could only observe any other changes. Xie Chang’an had originally thought to use resonance to help Huyan Shuang support Lin Yingmei, but thinking that the enemy perhaps was secretly spying, he could only dismiss this idea. How could he have known that Su Xing had already gone into the Seven Floor Stupa Pagoda at this time, and the reason that Lin Yingmei did not follow was only because she had lost her virginity?

Anyone else would have thought that this was but a fantastic tale.

Huyan Shuang coldly shouted, her double clubs rolling, blocking Lin Yingmei’s icy spear. A club then turned into a whip, quickly threading in.

“Very amusing,” Lin Yingmei said.

Prestige Star Double Clubs Huyan Shuang’s Wind And Moon Unmatched rose, lifting a severe hurricane. Then, she suddenly stepped backwards, and then her leg kicked. With swallow-like speed, she charged, leaping and flying.

Lin Yingmei accepted without question. Huyan Shuang’s close range attack once again approached, and Lin Yingmei twirled the spear behind her back, stopping the attacking whip. Her body slightly tilted, avoiding the attacking club.

The Prestige Star’s club and whip hardened and softened continuously during the attacks, her weapon technique more and more emergent, incomparably strange.

Weapon opposed weapon. Appearing simple, the fact was that every collision was deadly. The pair’s fight could be rated as unique, intolerant of the slightest mistake. Each attack and each block reached a supreme level. Lin Yingmei and Huyan Shuang from beginning to finish did not so much as glance at their own hands and Destined Star Weapon.

Their speed became faster and faster, attack and defense switching increasingly frequently. The movements of their bodies started to become as illusory as their hands, which made the spectating bystanders shocked into not believing their own eyes. The two’s attack and defense honestly was too fantastical.

In that instant, several hundred exchanges had already unfolded at high speed.

The melody of the metallic ringing appeared especially ear-piercing, shaking the air. The collisions of Huyan Shuang’s double clubs and Lin Yingmei’s spear gave rise to giant impacts, causing the entire earth to shudder and the air to be even more thick.

Huyan Shuang’s double clubs posed, and the airflow on the clubs concentrated into sharp light, tearing the viscous atmosphere to shreds.

Shredding with a “huala” sound, the air distorted.

The club-light was shattered. Lin Yingmei seemed to have suddenly disappeared, and when she reappeared, she was briefly blinding, her spear already stabbing at Huyan Shuang.

Huyan Shuang raised her clubs to block this incoming attack.


The spear suddenly disappeared. Lin Yingmei already was abruptly in front of Huyan Shuang.

With an air-shattering brilliance, the speartip became a gorgeous arc, and Huyan Shuang tumbled down.

“Hè.” Lin Yingmei’s expression was firm, chasing without hesitation.

Before Huyan Shuang had even landed on the ground, the spear linked with a freezing temperature of death.

Huyan Shuang’s expression was grim, not daring to be careless at all. The corner of her mouth curled with a cold curve. Her double whips wrapped and wrapped around the spear, but then with a bit of force, the double whips still fell. This defense was broken without a sweat.

“Do you still wish to fight now?” Lin Yingmei coldly said, her hair fluttering in the blizzard. Because the surrounding air temperature followed their ice-cold aura, it already seemed as if a cold winter had come early. With her fluttering hair and gentle maiden eyes, those icy and snowy pupils still were somewhat clear, somewhat nimble and merciless.

Passing through that increasingly powerful cold-light the exceptional Destined Weapon emitted, Huyan Shuang could clearly see Lin Yingmei’s eyes, but from what was transmitted in their exchange of weapons, it was not at all prideful fighting spirit or anger. Rather, it was a kind of indecipherable calm and a sort of leisure as if she was lifting a weight.


Very upset.

“Worthy of that name Majestic Star. Even if you hold the advantage in a battle with Your Servant, you still wish to let Your Servant go? This is the pride of a Thousand Year Star General? Although it is only by the Fourth Phase that we can indeed embody our worth as Star Generals, still…Your Servant still wishes to pit herself against you.”

Her aggression was slowly charging. The air around Prestige Star Double Clubs Huyan Shuang’s body settled into a sort of state that was still as water.

In the next instant.

Her shadow was already in front of Lin Yingmei, slashing with her double clubs leaving no leeway. Sharper than a sword, amidst a ripping sound, she cut apart her target. But, that was merely a shadow.

A soft harrumph came from behind her, where Lin Yingmei solemnly appeared. The Arctic Star Serpent Spear sneak attacked. Huyan Shuang’s reactions were extremely quick, and with a turn, she blocked. The double clubs emitted a fire-light, retreating at the same time. Lin Yingmei wanted to continue advancing, to relentlessly skewer the Prestige Star in one go. How could she have anticipated the moment she raised her arm, her hand would seemed to suddenly freeze.

Not good.

Prestige Star Huyan Shuang smirked.

Lin Yingmei felt grim. Huyan Shuang’s figure turned into a phantom, reappearing in less than half a second.

This time, the double clubs became afterimages, flashing by in the air. It was basically impossible to see any attack path, and with only that instant of a chill, it seemingly was as fleeting as smoke and fire.

There was no way to defend.

The whip shadows surrounded Lin Yingmei’s extreme chilliness that passed through skin and sunk into bone, organ and nerve.

This is Dark Rank?

Lin Yingmei grit her teeth. She yelled. Before the Arctic Star Serpent Spear could slash, instantly, the whips’ smoke and fire already intercepted her counterattack.

Several streams of cold wind interwove and swam past Lin Yingmei’s body. A sort of extreme chill entered her soul, making the girl feel her whole body was incapable of budging. Her whole body’s consciousness and movements immediately slowed.

Huyan Shuang smiled.

The smoke and fire suddenly blossomed in Lin Yingmei’s surroundings.

Lin Yingmei was hardly flustered. Her Divine Intent moved, “Crying Frost.”

A white, winged beast suddenly appeared under Lin Yingmei. It possessed a psychic connection with its mistress, those light wings spreading like a heavenly canopy to shield her within. The chilly white-light blocked everyone’s lines of sight.

And suddenly at this moment, Prestige Star Huyan Shuang’s icy voice pierced the air.

“Dark Rank Technique – Firework Turning Into Cold”1

The chilly fireworks on Lin Yingmei’s body blossomed. A ripping sound agitated the ear, very unbearable, as countless whip shadows became blossoming fireworks, drawing an absolutely beautiful stifling scene in the air.

Xie Chang’an was delighted.

Huyan Shuang exhaled.

Suddenly, cold light pierced through. The Prestige Star did not anticipate this, and she was run through, her body actually sent flying a hundred meters.

The cold fireworks dispersed, and Lin Yingmei slowly appeared. Although she had some cuts, her expression also made people feel a stifling beauty of indifference.

“Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast?” Huyan Shuang spotted the Star Beast. Somewhat angry: “Truly, Your Servant was careless.”

Huyan Shuang flipped over, and a piebald appeared that she sat upon. This was her Snow Kicking Ebony Piebald.

The two faced each other in midair, their Star Beasts releasing chills and frost, bits of ice sprinkling across the sky.

With a sudden whoosh.

They attacked each other.

“Eh? That is…” Out of the corner of Wu Xinjie’s eye, she suddenly spotted something faraway. With an abrupt and bewildered cry, her expression slightly changed.

And at the same time, Xie Chang’an lowered his head and also spotted it, a young woman wholly clad in armor flowing with golden light, no, perhaps a little girl of eight or nine years old, approximately. Held in her hand was a gigantic hundred kilogram wolf-toothed mace that was currently rushing in their direction. On the roofs, she made leaps that were nearly dazzling, just like a hurricane.

Wherever she passed, the buildings collapsed.

She truly was thunder and lightning.

“Yingmei, careful.”

“Shuang’er, look out.”

Wu Xinjie and Xie Chang’an blurted at the same time.

The two great Five Tigers Star Generals were currently battling on their Star Beasts, nevertheless, the pair heard their shouts.

“Elder Sister has come. Little Sisters, eat Elder Sister’s mace.”

Just as they hesitated, the air suddenly ripped to shreds.

A frightening roar of wind came, accompanied by mischievous laughter, and a powerful force pressed down on them.

Lin Yingmei and Huyan Shuang for the first time retreated, and after this, the earth rumbled as a hole several dozen meters deep was smashed into it.

A petite and cute little loli leisurely holding a thousand catties wolf-toothed mace appeared before them.

“Wolf Toothed Fire Beacon Mace?”

“Fierce Star Fiery Thunderbolt Qin Ming.”

The expressions of both Lin Yingmei and Huyan Shuang sunk at the same time, staring at the newcomer while in shock and still on guard.

The little loli wore a happy expression. Qin Mingyue and Jin Qiongyu had not followed Qingci to the Seven Floor Stupa Pagoda because she was helping advance to Four Star Destined Weapon. The pair had continuously searched for materials in the Buddha Kingdom; however, the Seven Floor Stupa Pagoda’s terrifying battle nevertheless drew them over. Qin Mingyue could sense from very far away the imposing auras of the Majestic Star and Prestige Star.

Suddenly, without saying anything, she raised the Wolf Toothed Fire Beacon Mace. Let alone that the little loli’s body was soft, she nevertheless fiercely faced two great Five Tiger Generals and gave rise to maximum excitement. The reason was very simple-  

Fierce Star Fiery Thunderbolt Qin Ming was also one of Maiden Mountain’s Five Tiger Generals.

Xie Chang’an’s expression became exceptionally ugly. He was practically incapable of believing the fact in front of him – three of the great Five Tiger Generals were fighting at the same time. Across the past Star Duels, this was unheard of before the Fourth Phase finished.

Of course, Xie Chang’an being so unsightly was not only because of Qin Ming’s Five Tiger status, the important thing was that inside Evil Smiting Hall, he and Huyan Shuang had fought with her over the Snow Kicking Ebony Piebald. He feared that with Qin Ming’s personality, she absolutely hated them to death. Originally, a turn of events that was slightly bad was now even worse.

Huyan Shuang also felt this, and her expression was very cold.

“Little Sister, this time, you will give me back my horse.”


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  1.  煙花易冷


  1. ….That should be all the Five Tiger General Star Maidens now yeah?

    5th Brave Star Guan Sheng – Great Saint Starkiller’s iirc
    6th Majestic Star Lin Yingmei – Su Xing’s Wife #1a
    7th Fierce Star Qin Mingyue – Qingci’s uprising group
    8th Prestige Star Huyan Shuang – Xie Chang’an’s Star General
    15th Steadfast Star Dong Junqing – The contracted gutterslunt of the royal hypocrite gutterslunt Zhao Hanyan…. both are grade bitches, ESPECIALLY Junqing…. fucking thots.

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            No, I hate their personalities. Junqing’s is especially trash. Get it straight or shut the hell up about it.

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