Chapter 366: Engulfing The Supervoid

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Thief Star Shi Yuan looked at Su Xing’s expression slowly turn from pain to tranquility. Her heart instantly relaxed. Originally, she honestly was somewhat anxious. Hearing the fighting outside turn increasingly fierce, Shi Yuan did not know just what was going on, but she only hoped that the Elder Sisters could hold on for just a while longer.

In the void, Su Xing saw that Colored Glass World dissolve, and the pagoda was already now in front of him.

“Hm, hm, ha, ha.”

Chao Gai’s unfathomable laugh faded, unknown if it was praise for Su Xing seeing through her illusion or if there was even more troublesome schadenfreude waiting for him, “The Meditative Mind Lotus Flower is much more challenging than This One’s Third Calamity. Until when can those girls help keep supporting you.”

Su Xing said nothing, silently flying onto the pagoda.

The top of the pagoda had an identical Five Dragons Colored Glass Lamp. This was the true body of the Five Dragons Colored Glass Lamp. Su Xing began to sit in meditation, and the five silvery dragons wound around Su Xing’s body. Immediately, an unprecedented light and energy flowed past Su Xing’s whole body. These lights and energy of the Buddhist Great Ways were just like water beginning to irrigate the lotus seed inside his sea of consciousness.

Su Xing was pleasantly surprised to sense that the utterly motionless Meditative Mind Lotus Seed in his sea of consciousness currently was showing signs of blooming.

Su Xing began to continuously suck in this limitless light and then transforming into nourishment for the seed. Furthermore, this course of events was much simpler than he had thought…Yet even more endless…

“You Star Generals truly are courting death. Do not think that you can be unbridled with Maiden Mountain’s protection.” Aratha furiously yelled. His Vajra Dharma Characteristics were like Gods and Buddhas, able to support both Heaven and Earth, his four limbs extraordinary in strength.

Fighting him was Skilful Star Wanderer Yan Qing. Yan Yizhen possessed the Yin Yang Carps, raising her Realm already to an extreme that Supervoid Cultivators needed to be cautious. Facing this sort of Buddhist Cultivator of surly and unreasoning physical body, if it was not Yan Yizhen, no one at the current phase was capable of contending.

Aratha was resentful he was being entangled by Yan Yizhen. Seeing the endless light apparently being sucked away, Aratha’s heart was distressed. He opened his mouth, no longer holding back, spitting out a lotus flower. This lotus flower bloomed, itself shooting out many lotus seeds. These lotus seeds immediately turned into several dozen identical Aratha doppelgangers.

This was the great ability of the Vajra Dharma Characteristics – Vajra Lotus Flower Incarnation Body.1

Although it was impossible for any one of them to possess superb cultivation like Aratha’s real body, each of them were not to be underestimated.

Wu Siyou and the others’ plan to suppress the two Supervoid Cultivators with numbers was suddenly met with a challenge.


Yan Yizhen’s Yin Yang Pisces Fists suddenly exerted force. The lights of cold and warmth crisscrossed. The maid lightly moved, jumping to the side of one of the Aratha incarnations in an instant. The maid’s pupils simultaneously flashed with the light of Yin and Yang. Upon closer inspection, her eyes were like a lake, the Yin Yang Carps seemingly swimming in her eyes.

Extreme Realm

“Vajra’s Demon Felling Fist”2

All of the Aratha incarnations pounced the instant Yan Yizhen punched that Aratha incarnation. The girl moved, inconceivably chopping into his chest. Her left hand suddenly stuck into his neck, mercilessly squeezing. Even if he had Dharma’s unbreaking body for protection, that throat was directly torn apart. As if she was throwing away trash, Yan Yizhen tossed that Aratha incarnation that was more than two hundred kilograms far away.

The incarnation died, instantly turning into a withered lotus seed.

Aratha was furious. Each time his incarnations were harmed, that would also make him suffer losses.

His Divine Intent moved, and the other Aratha incarnations acted as if they had not seen. All of them launched an attack at Yan Yizhen together. The Dharma Sect’s most powerful boxing technique pressed down.

Practically like a mountain.

Yan Yizhen’s crimson pupils still were indifferent. In a flash, she left behind an afterimage of Yin and Yang in the air.

The Aratha incarnations waved their fists, the movements fine and fierce. It was very difficult to imagine their boorish appearances could attack with movements this fine yet so dangerous.

Powerful pressure overflowed from those fists, carving the air with an incessant chi-chi sound, displaying the extraordinary strength of these Aratha incarnations.

Yan Yizhen’s body seemed to lose its weight. Under the siege of these Aratha incarnations, she swam about, not caring how tight the attacks were. She always would find a gap in the attacks, timely dodging away. Those body techniques were swifter wind, but speed clearly was not the goal Yan Yizhen wanted to pursue.

After all, Aratha was a Supervoid Cultivator, how could he be so easy to face.

Yan Yizhen’s expansive boxing did not bring much menace at all. Increasingly dodging the Aratha incarnations had bound the Skilful Star, so she was unable to display her boxing technique.


Tang Lianxin pointed.

The Great Void Golden Lotus transformed into hundreds of arrows that fell like rain, however, an Earthly Star’s Destined Weapon amounted to barely anything to a Supervoid Cultivator.

“Where did this Star General come from to dare be unbridled in front of Poor Monk?”

An Aratha incarnation dashed straight to Tang Lianxin’s front, his fists grabbing at the girl. Tang Lianxin raised the Astral Tool “Falling Star Hairpin.”

A beam of gorgeous light shot out.


The Aratha incarnation slapped it, as if he was swatting a fly, shattering that Astral Tool.


Aratha grabbed.

But before he could get close, he was torn to shreds by an azure dragon. The one who used the Star Magic was Gongsun Huang.

“Thank you.” Tang Lianxin softly expressed her gratitude.

Gongsun Huang’s gaze again returned to Great Master Still Void, activating a Star Magic to help alleviate the burden of confronting a Supervoid Cultivator.

Seeing several Aratha incarnations already give rise to menace, Yan Yizhen’s eyes flashed cold light.

Suddenly, her figure became countless afterimages.

In the instant the Aratha incarnations threw themselves at her, she already had lowered her body and stuck close to the ground, one leg sweeping like a whirlwind across the surroundings in a big circle. The fierce power added onto the Skilful Star’s Extreme Realm body and martial arts was like a hurricane, jolting those Aratha incarnations to the ground.

Suddenly, a body slammed into something.

Her short hair fluttering, a gorgeous light flashing past her pupils, Yan Yizhen’s palms and a leg stuck in different directions, immediately sending three rushing Aratha incarnations flying violently away..

Yan Yizhen’s hands were like blades, hundreds of times sharper than sword or spear. Because her strength was beyond tyrannical, the force of the wind pressure that arose filled Yan Yizhen’s attacks. Even that Vajra strengthened body could not withstand a single blow.

The Aratha incarnations that were sent flying raised blood splatters in the air. Clearly visible depressions appeared on each of their bodies. “Bang,” those three Aratha incarnations violently slammed on the ground, coughing blood from their mouths. They trembled from head to toe, still attempting to stand and fight, but the moment they stood, their bones immediately broke, suddenly laying them on the ground.

Yan Yizhen’s figure was like a sea swallow piercing through a hurricane, flying nimbly around.

The other Aratha incarnations were aghast, their attacks even more vicious.

The cold and warm lights in her eyes were even more bright. Yan Yizhen had completely transformed into a most terrible killing tool. So long as she entered combat, Yan Yizhen never had a thought of contempt. The air was torn apart by countless trails of wind pressure. All of the Aratha incarnations suddenly withdrew simultaneously. Simultaneously brandishing a fist, each of their punches brought a powerful force. Combined together, this unexpectedly was somewhat frightening in aggression.

The fingers of her hand ripped the air to shreds. These Aratha incarnations did not know what fear was, already rushing forth.

Although the rush of these Aratha incarnations was not as sharp as the original, the frightening air of their coordination made use of the pressure from their powerful charge.

Aratha’s eyes glinted, revealing an evil grin.

Yan Yizhen’s figure flashed.

She faded from their encirclement.

All of the aggression dissolved broken in an instant, the wind stopping its flow.

The Aratha incarnations that lost sight of their target were a bit stunned, but they would be even more terrified in a moment.

A chill flashed past Yan Yizhen’s eyes. One palm swatted at them, and a powerful force bubbled forth. The vanished wind suddenly gusted, following her hand and unexpectedly turning into a hurricane.

Yan Yizhen rose towards the sky, her speed extremely quick, as if she had broken free of the limits of her body.

The remaining Aratha incarnations brandished their fists to block, but they merely found that this was the vestige of a phantom, that they were already too late.

A frightening pressure instantly came from the sky. All of the Aratha incarnations suddenly lifted their heads. Yan Yizhen’s silhouette separated, inconceivably appearing in front of all of the Aratha incarnations. The Yin Yang fists exploded with cold light, surged with raging flame, rolling as she continuously brandished them.

All of the Aratha incarnations were caught in Yan Yizhen’s attack this time. A terrifying power fiercer than flame, colder than ice instantly pressed on their heads.

Upon contact with their bodies, a violent explosion happened at the same time. The air waves the explosion created pushed in all directions. Amidst it all, from time to time came the muffled grunts of the Aratha incarnations. Under an attack of such concentrated power, to think of escape was clearly an incomparable luxury.

But in the blink of an eye, all of the Aratha incarnations became withered seeds and died.

Extreme Realm, Swallowflash Yin Yang Samsara.

Aratha stared blankly.

Moreover, Wu Siyou and Gongsun Huang had stalled Great Master Still Void. As Buddha Kingdom’s peak Great Master, his cultivation and methods clearly were superior to Aratha’s. Originally, when contending against Star Generals, Great Master Still Void appeared disapproving, even contemptuous.

But Wu Siyou and the White Tiger Unicorn Tiger coordinated, and with the number one in magic energy Gongsun Huang’s Star Magic, regardless of whether it was close combat or magic weapons, Great Master Still Void completely lacked means, even if he had the superb Supervoid Middle Stage cultivation. However, he was a Buddhist cultivator after all. His magic energy was borderless, but without good magic weapons, he was no good.


The White and Black Unicorn Tiger pounced.

Great Master Still Void attack with the Chan staff, striking back the White and Black Unicorn Tiger.

At this time, he just so happened to hear Aratha’s shout. “Great Master Still Void, this Star General is very formidable. Your Servant asks Great Master to not hold back.” Aratha’s ability incarnations were shocked and unnerved seeing Yan Yizhen. In the end, the Vajra Dharma Characteristics manifested an Asura Truth Body, holding every sort of heavenly weapon for battle.

Great Master Still Void was without choice. Chanting, he put his hands together and shouted. “Long May You Live.”3

After he finished, Great Master Still Void flipped his hand and struck at Wu Siyou. Come to think of it, that was odd. That palm appeared to be ordinary and nondescript, yet at the same time he attacked, it was like Mount Tai bearing down on her. Wu Siyou felt a heavy pressure. That palm was like a weightless world about to suck her in.

The White and Black Unicorn Tiger fiercely pounced.

“Little White, quickly come back.”

Wu Siyou felt things were far from reassuring.

That palm directly swatted the White and Black Unicorn Tiger into a dying state.

And at the same time, Great Master Still Void again swung his palm, attacking Gongsun Huang. Before his palm arrived, an imposing air came first.

Wu Siyou held the Noble Frost Demonic Lotus and advanced for direct confrontation.

Great Master Still Void smiled.

The power of his palm was seemingly universe overturning, and Wu Siyou immediately felt the vitality of her whole body be drained away.

Such a powerful Supervoid Cultivator.

“Life Returning Magic Hands.”

When An Suwen saw this, her hand gestured. The Good Fortune beast appeared, spitting a beam of green light. Under that green light, the Child And Mother Linked Hearts Needles separated and stuck into Wu Siyou and the others’ hearts. An endlessly surging spiritual power suddenly entered their limbs and bones.


Wu Siyou slashed apart the Long May You Live in a spurt of energy.

“How could this be.” A line of blood appeared on Great Master Still Void’s hand.

“Hè. Blood Splashing Mandarin Duck.”

Just as he was thinking, Wu Siyou’s second use of the Dark Rank Technique already approached.

“Buddhism Is Without Bounds.”

Great Master Still Void held the Chan staff, blocking Wu Siyou’s counterattack.

Great Master Still Void was somewhat unsightly. Again, he patted his forehead, and twelve Void Spirit Sarira emerged. Suddenly, with a Buddhist call, the sky immediately filled with a drizzling rain of light. Great Master Still Void sat on a lotus platform. The twelve sarira became twelve Celestials that simultaneously appeared, becoming a heavenly canopy. Wu Siyou and the others wanted to run, but they basically had no way of dodging, trapping Wu Siyou and the others inside.

With things having reached this point, Great Master Still Void could only trap them for now.

This “Twelve Sarira” was Great Master Still Void’s Life-cast Magic Weapon. It could use a Void to trap people. It was perhaps a bit difficult confronting a Star General, but to trap them for a while was possible.

In the blink of an eye, Wu Siyou, Gongsun Huang, Tang Lianxin and An Suwen were trapped.

When Great Master Still Void saw that Aratha was still entangled with the Skilful Star, he was secretly shocked. Without hesitation, he was about to charge into the Five Dragons Colored Glass Lamp. He had only flew a dozen steps when he suddenly felt the mountains rock and the sky tear.

“What is going on?”

Great Master Still Void was greatly astonished, only feeling that the magic energy in his whole body was being drained. He hastily protected his mind, sealing the outward leak of magic energy.

Suddenly, a creaky cracking sound came from the air. Turning his head to look. Great Master Still Void immediately was about to vomit blood. The Twelve Sarira Void was like a broken egg. That terrifying quaking exploded out from within.

The enormous rumbling shook the entire Central Celestial.

The Twelve Sarira unexpectedly dispersed with a bang. Great Master Still Void’s mind entirely broke, sustaining damage along with the Life-cast Magic Weapon. Immediately, he beckoned with his head, calling back the Sarira.

The Void shattered, and Wu Siyou and the others appeared. Among them, an exceedingly refined little loli that had always never drawn his attention now had brightly lit pupils, her voice loudly calling. That imposing aura jolting Heaven and Earth was released from her body.

“How is this possible,” Great Master Still Void was pale, incapable of believing that his Supervoid Life-cast Magic Weapon would unexpectedly break.

This naturally was Gongsun Huang’s Dark Rank Star Magic –

Half-destroyed Landscape

The shaking of the world also jolted the others of the Central Celestial into shouting.

Wu Xinjie’s expression slightly changed.

And a violently angry shout again called her back to reality. Fiery Thunderbolt Qin Mingyue’s surprise arrival made the originally slightly subtle shape become increasingly more subtle. Lin Yingmei already finished preparations for combat against two Five Tigers. How could she have anticipated that she would merely glance at Lin Yingmei, then launch an attack on Huyan Shuang.

“Prestige Star, where are you running.”

“Elder Sister truly is annoying.” Huyan Shuang dodged.

“Qin Mingyue, cease.” Just as Huyan Shuang was about to counterattack, a sudden change occurred.

Another elaborately dressed woman appeared. Seeing her appearance was also beautiful, her hand holding a Star Weapon, she was none other than Jin Qiongyu.

“Just what is going on in this Buddha Kingdom?” Wu Xinjie could not fathom this. Why would there be so many Star General Sisters.

“What now, to obstruct Mingyue?” Qin Mingtue was annoyed, the Wolf Toothed Fire Beacon Mace in her hand restless.

“Kill Lin Chong.” Jin Qiongyu’s words were very surprising.

Lin Yingmei was expressionless.

“Don’t wanna.”

Qin Mingyue astonishingly declined.

“Hm, hm. Huyan Shuang stole Mingyue’s Star Beast. Don’t wanna, must defeat her.” Qin Mingyue said and again revolted.

“But…” Jin Qiongyue still wanted to say something, but Qin Mingyue already was determined to take down Huyan Zhuo.

When Wu Xinjie saw that things were increasingly strange, she immediately hinted to Lin Yingmei.

Lin Yingmei no longer hesitated, and she soared upwards.

Instantly, she attacked Xie Chang’an.


Xie Chang’an greatly changed. Wu Xinjie at this time simultaneously made a move. Seizing Silver Blade, she fired bullets.

Where and how could Xie Chang’an have run. When Huyan Shuang saw this, she returned to protect, catching Lin Yingmei’s spear: “Without distinguishing rank with Elder Sister, this truly makes Your Servant feel regret.”

“Your Servant, too.” Lin Yingmei swept back her spear.

“Little Sister, watch this mace.”

Qin Mingyue swung her mace.

Huyan Shuang only felt that three of the Five Tiger Generals once again battling only would make someone become the fisherman that snatched the snipe and clam. Coldly grunting, she glanced at Xie Chang’an. Each of them had tacit understanding, and they immediately used the Jade Pendant to escape.

“Infuriating me to death, they ran again.” Fiery Thunderbolt Qin Mingyue indignantly smashed the ground to bits.

Lin Yingmei and Wu XInjie looked at her at the same time.

“Majestic Star Lin Chong, now it is our turn.” Qin Mingyue giggled, again turning her attacks to Lin Yingmei. The excitable little loli did not need any reply, for she immediately launched an attack.

Lin Yingmei sneered, also full of interest towards this Five Tigers Little Sister. The spear created a rolling, extreme cold. Wherever it passed, the ground seemed to freeze. Countless icicles seemed to grow like a forest below Fiery Thunderbolt Qin Mingyue’s feet, full of a malevolent cold light.

An exclamation.

Formidable monks had already hid faraway, not daring at all to be at this place.

Because of her body’s high-speed charge being pulled into a straight line, Qin Mingyue’s body swayed. She concentrated the power of her whole body, ruthlessly pounding towards Lin Yingmei. Before the wolf-toothed mace arrived, a frantically bubbling cold air and a suddenly jutting icicle already were in her face.

The cold wind dispersed in two directions, and a powerful air pressure made the air circulate with it, as if they were in a world of ice and snow.

Lin Yingmei noticed the frightening might of this Little Sister’s wolf-toothed mace. Her body speedily withdrew, as if there was something pushing her. Instantly, Lin Yingmei’s entire body slid rapidly in the opposite direction. Instantly, she already surpassed Qin Mingyue’s attack speed, and furthermore, she hardly stopped, continuously moving backwards, quickly leaving the combat area.

Lin Yingmei’s speed was certainly not any slower than Fiery Thunderbolt Qin Mingyue.

Immediately, the girl’s powerful straight line attack fell on nothing. Fiery Thunderbolt Qin Mingyue instantly reacted, directly twisting to turn in that direction, mercilessly smashing her strength upon that platform.


There was a massive explosion, as if an earthquake arose. The four zhang in the range around the point on the ground that Fiery Thunderbolt Qin Mingyue’s attacked made massive undulations. The ground seemed to have been shaken to pieces, countless stone fragments flying up from the ground. Countless fires sprouted from the ground, close to engulfing the entire area, obstructing Lin Yingmei’s retreat.

This was Fiery Thunderbolt Qin Mingyue’s Fire Beacon attack.

The powerful might made Lin Yingmei recognize that under the cuteness of the little loli in front of her was an ice-cold demeanor.

She nevertheless smiled. Similarly, her spear stabbed. Borrowing the powerful impact shaking the ground, Lin Yingmei’s body was like a cannonball. Her whole body’s skin seemed to become ice and snow. She quickly advanced through the ice forest, instantly shattering those seemingly sharp fire thorns. Her frightening speed already pulled a trail of afterimages behind her, several flashes already breaking through the layers of barriers to approach Fiery Thunderbolt Qin Mingyue.

Fiery Thunderbolt Qin Mingyue laughed, as if she was waiting for Lin Yingmei.

The spear swept.

Like the sound of glass cracking, the ground was a deathly stillness.

Fiery Thunderbolt Qin Mingyue made countless Fire Beacon Thorns to instantly turn the ice fragments to dust. The pair’s attacks also ended spontaneously. She did not expect that the Lin Yingmei who had obtained the key moment would be surprisingly tyrannical. That attack just now made Fiery Thunderbolt Qin Mingyue slightly astonished.

She completely did not doubt that if she stopped, the next instant, Lin Yingmei’s attack would certainly beat her into dust.

“An interesting Elder Sister.”

Fiery Thunderbolt Qin Mingyure still smiled.

Lin Yingmei very clearly did not have that much patience. With an ice-cold shout, her body in the haze seemed to flicker several times. At the same time, Lin Yingmei’s speed surprisingly increased again. Even if she was already a completely blurry figure, several flashes continuously launched against Fiery Thunderbolt Qin Mingyue stifled her attack.

As the most powerful Martial General, in any case, she knew this point.

To not give the enemy the chance to breathe.

Attacking the enemy’s weak point had always been war’s first rule. As far as this point was concerned, the Majestic Star that had already thoroughly ingrained her combat tendencies into her bones naturally would not forget.

Instantly, her body spun. Lin Yingmei’s legs already borrowed the power of her spin to directly step onto Fiery Thunderbolt Qin Mingyue’s calf.

Powerful strength instantly exploded. It was very difficult to imagine that Lin Yingmei already combined speed and strength into a kind of state of perfection. However, it was very apparent that Fiery Thunderbolt Qin Mingyue already had no chance to go investigate in detail.

Her entire body was lifted by the strength of Lin Yingmei’s leg. She completely left the ground, suddenly flying high.

Fiery Thunderbolt Qin Mingyue was absolutely not the sort of character that could be trampled on.

When her body was lifted into the air, she made a sluggish spin in midair to slightly look down. Her shoulders shuddered, and instantly she seemed to disappear. Immediately, a crisp noise rang in the air.

The Lin Yingmei about to strike with all her might was taken aback.

As if she was struck by lightning, the girl’s body was halfway in a shiver when unexpectedly, she came into a brief standstill.

In practically the blink of an eye, Lin Yingmei quickly switched to defense.

Fiery Thunderbolt Qin Mingyue’s arms crisscrossed continuously in attack, the Wolf Toothed Fire Beacon Mace brandishing terrifying might. Speed and power combined was that kind of terror. From an outside perspective, the appearance of an arm could not be clearly seen at all. Only continuous “pa-pa” sounds like sprinkling beans in the night rang, and along with them came countless attacks on Lin Yingmei’s spear that nearly perfectly blocked.

“Elder Sister is formidable.” Qin Mingyue smiled.

The Fiery Thunderbolt flashed by. Lin YIngmei violently spun where she stood. She already was like a fire arrow charging into the sky, borrowing the suspension ability of her bodice. Instantly, she already arrived at Qin Mingyue’s side.

Her body fiercely spun, and countless spear shadows flew out ruthlessly from her, mercilessly stabbing Qin Mingyue’s body.

The immense strength from the Majestic Star’s attack was transmitted outwards, making everyone shocked.

Lin Yingmei’s attack was displayed to its limit.

Qin Mingyue’s eyes flashed with an irascible cold light. In that concentrated attack, she unexpectedly saw an opening. SUddenly, she seized Lin Yingmei’s ankle, and with a mighty shout, she swung Lin Yingmei down with all her might. The immense inertia made the bones of  both parties let out intense groans.

The sound of wind was gentle.

Before Lin Yingmei smashed into the ground, she already nimbly landed. Her legs tread on cold frost, her hand holding the cold spear.

Qin Mingyue began to pant, dejectedly saying.

“Can’t defeat Elder Sister.”

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