Chapter 368: Mind-steeling Smoke And Rain

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Two powerful figures battled back and forth without any pause. Even the eye was too late to keep up with their speed.

The next forty or so consecutive exchanges were too much for the eyes to take in. Fiery Thunderbolt Qin Mingyue’s giant wolf-toothed mace was like an iron rampart that blocked Lin Yingmei’s overwhelming attack. Though the loli’s body was small, her strength was nevertheless ample.

“Little Sister, watch this mace.”

Fiery Thunderbolt Qin Mingyue in her excitement had even called the ranked fifth1 Lin Chong a Little Sister.

Lin Yingmei was indifferent. Her leg strength was astonishing, bounding a hundred chi with a single leap. With ice-cold determination, her spear stabbed down, and a hundred threads of spear killing intent were slashed out at nearly the same time, descending like a torrential downpour.


The wolf-teeth of the Wolf Toothed Fire Beacon Mace burst forth with a hundred wisps of wolf smoke.

The ground beneath them was destroyed, treated like bean curd in its destruction, ravaged to pieces.

“Wind Thunder Lightning Flash.”

Wu Xinjie was still watching the spectacle when that Earthly Skilful Star Jade Armed Craftsman Jin Qiongyu already was impatient. The Five Star Dragon Carving Hammer, Phoenix Engraving Nail was in hand, a curtain of rain and lightning descended, the speed too fast to see.

Hua Xue’s pupils glowed. She spat white flames, contesting against Jin Dajian’ Wind Thunder Lightning Flash Dark Rank Magic.

The thunder-net that covered the sky blew the place Wu Xinjie was standing on to bits.

Wu Xinjie slowly sighted, breaking free of the thunder-net: “A Five Star Destined Star Weapon, worthy of Jade Armed Craftsman Jin Dajian.”

“Hmph.” Jin Qiongyu again pounded the Dragon Carving Hammer.

Although she was not worth a mention in terms of Earthly Star martial arts or magic, as far as confronting the Knowledge Star was concerned, Jin Qiongyu would not shrink back.

When Lin Yingmei saw that Jin Qiongyu had entangled Wu Xinjie, she slashed back Qin Mingyue. Her figure swayed, leaving behind an afterimage.

A chill abruptly pierced her back.

Jin Qiongyu was startled, hastily thinking of dodging, but Lin Yingmei’s speed honestly was too fast. In practically the blink of an eye, she was already behind her. The Arctic Star Serpent Spear thrust out, running through Jin Qiongyu without the slightest hesitation.

“Lin Chong, release her.” Qin Mingyue’s wine-red pupils flickered with light. The little girl gave a crisp shout, sitting on a red, winged Star Beast. The Star Beast roared, flashing beam of red light. Just as Lin Yingmei was about to deliver the finishing blow, the little loli fiercely brandished a tyrannical slash.

Lin Yingmei retracted her spear to block.

The air burned. Fiery Thunderbolt clenched her mace and smashed it down. The Wolf Toothed Fire Beacon Mace released a fire dragon, spitting out fire and thunder. The world was a complete red, like a Heaven swallowing beast, opening its jaws wide to devour Lin Yingmei. The blizzard of a thousand meters instantly evaporated. Powerful flames surged like a falling galaxy, engulfing everything, truly despairing.

Dark Rank Technique – Flames Swallowing Rivers And Mountains2

The Star Beast and Qin Mingyue’s Dark Rank became one. This Flames Swallowing Rivers And Mountains was far from the ordinary by a hundred times.

“Freezing Frost Of Nine Provinces.”

The Arctic Star Serpent Spear released an ice-cold trail, boldly ripping open a corridor in the middle of these tyrannical flames. The ice and frost’s luster rose and beat back the flames.


Qin Mingyue was greatly shocked.

Cold light pierced through her armor, sending the little loli flying with a swing of the spear. At the same time, Flames Swallowing Rivers And Mountains immersed a range of several li and turned everything to ash. Only one person stood proudly among this, her eyes absolutely cold.


Lin Yingmei.

Her whole body had been scorched by the flames. The indestructible bodies of Star Generals very quickly healed their wounds, but having received a puncture wound, that process would not be so quick. Lin Yingmei drew in a deep breath. Both Jin Qiongyu and Qin Mingyue were injured. The Majestic Star grasped her spear, and just as she fluttered for a strike.

Suddenly, a gust of wind blew by.

The Arctic Star Serpent Spear swept forth, but it was blocked by a pair of fists. Her eyes dazzled, and the opponent seized the opportunity to grab. Lin Yingmei slightly retreated, soaring and somersaulting. The tip of her foot was like a razor, kicking her opponent’s chin with a “pa” sound, ending her counterattack.

A pious mask then appeared before her.

“Faceless Jiao Ting?” Lin Yingmei’s brows knit together.

“Dragon Punch.”

Jiao Ruoxue’s fists came together, their figure forming a dragon, using her Dark Rank Boxing Technique without any hesitation.

A speartip intercepted.

The powerful attack forced Lin Yingmei back continuously several hundred steps.

“Heaven And Earth Inverted.”

Faceless Jiao Ruoxue in the next second then used her second Dark Rank. Her palms changed nonstop, and Lin Yingmei’s spear stuck into air.

“Watch this sword array.” Huangfu Tianyi pointed, and several dozen Flying Swords wound around Lin Yingmei’s head to cover her. The two had waited for an opportunity to move, their coordination could be described as tacit, acting without any mercy.


Wu Xinjie quickly fell before Lin Yingmei’s front, Hua Xue spouting white flames.


Huangfu Tianyi and Jiao Ruoxue’s teamwork actually did not give Lin Yingmei too great a trouble. Just as Lin Yingmei was about to counterattack, suddenly, Huangfu Tianyi raised thirty-six talismans. The talismans transformed in midair, combining with the sword array, shooting out rays of multicolored light, trapping Lin Yingmei and Wu Xinjie within.

When this light appeared, the Star Crests on Lin Yingmei and Wu Xinjie’s foreheads immediately turned from extreme twinkling to suddenly dimness.

This was

Northern Dipper Heavenly Cycle Array3

Lin Yingmei and Wu Xinjie simultaneously froze.

The Northern Dipper Heavenly Cycle Array was one of the arrays that could be counted with fingers that were capable of measuring a Star General in the Star Duels. Besides being ineffective in handling the Pilgrim’s Array of the Pilgrim, including the Jade Qilin, the Northern Dipper Heavenly Cycle Array was a thorny finisher. However, this finisher had a weakness. It could only target contracted Star Generals, and at that time, the Star Master must not be nearby.

In previous Star Duels, Star Generals and Star Masters practically kept close to each other, so the Northern Dipper Heavenly Cycle Array very rarely saw a chance for use, let alone that preparing this Northern Dipper Heavenly Cycle Array required enormous amounts of materials. Few people had this, an Wu Xinjie originally had a sketchy version of the array, and in addition, this was giving her just desserts. That time she used the Northern Dipper Heavenly Cycle Array against Lin Chong was still fresh in her memory. She never expected she would ever see it again here at this moment.

But compared to the one she originally had, Huangfu Tianyi’s Northern Dipper Heavenly Cycle Array was much more powerful.

The moment the array emerged it was just like they sunk into a bottomless pit, steadily and endlessly sucking away the pair’s Star Energy.

Huangfu Tianyi showed a victorious attitude, arrogantly declaring.

“Today, your last day has come.”

“Never expected that Your Servant will become the first.” Huangfu Tianyi laughed.

Nearby, Qin Mingyue and Jin Qiongyu also stared blankly.

“How about we cooperate to kill this Majestic Star and Knowledge Star? You and I can share.” Huangfu Tianyi proposed.

“Qin Mingyue does not want to.” Qin Mingyue grasped the wolf-toothed mace and was about to strike.

But she was pulled back by Jin Qiongyu.

“Mingyue does not like this sort of man.” Qin Mingyue was disdainful.

“Elder Sister cannot. Lin Chong is our enemy.” Jin Qiongyu was cautious.

Qin Mingyue gnashed her teeth.

“Precisely, that Purple Thunder Monster moves about the Azure Dragon Territory unbridled. If we do not get rid of the Majestic Star of this generation’s Star Duels, we completely lack any chance of success.” Huangfu Tianyi was imposing.

Jin Qiongyu whispered. It was not known what she said, but the little loli bit her lip, conflicted and unwilling.

“Lin Chong, Wu Yong, if you want to blame someone, blame your master.”

Huangfu Tianyi was afraid of complications from delays. At once, he beckoned, making the Flying Swords attack the two. So as to be sure, he simultaneously threw out several hundred High Grade Talismans. So long as he could kill the Majestic Star and Knowledge Star, this lost would be worth it in comparison.

Having been trapped by the Northern Dipper Heavenly Cycle Array, Lin Yingmei and Wu Xinjie basically had no way to budge. They stared as the killing blow approached.


Wu Xinjie sighed.


Sword-light twisted, grinding apart the endless Buddhist light. The Brahmanistic sounds fell apart, and the lotus platform crumbled.

Great Master Shen Hui stared in shock at the sword sticking into his stomach.

“Great Compassion Palm.”4

Great Master Shen Hui’s palm struck Wu Siyou’s shoulder. The bones in her shoulder blade disintegrated, sending Wu Siyou flying.

The skies released several dozen rays of green light. Gongsun Huang activated Star Magic to block Great Master Shen Hui’s pursuit. Great Master Shen Hui did not hold back in the Buddhist aura protecting his body, blocking the Star Magic, but following close behind was the slash of a sword that the Great Void Golden Lotus had turned into.

Great Master Shen Hui raised a magic weapon with difficulty to defend.

Without his vague calm from before, the current Great Master Shen Hui, Aratha and Great Master Still Void were all alike in their horror.

“Great Master Shen Hui, we definitely cannot show any mercy.”

“Poor Monk fears not even Emperor Liang can defeat this Star General.”

Great Master Still Void and Aratha urgently called.

“Set down the ten thousand karma, a chant does not birth the Astasena, quicky coming to listen to dharma.”

Great Master Shen Hui put his palms together, crossing his legs in a meditative posture, chanting the Astasena Gods And Ghosts Scripture.5 The greatest difference between Buddhist Cultivators and Azure Dragon Cultivators was that the powers of Buddhist Cultivators had always concentrated into a single type of Chan. Although their powers were not as varied as those of the Azure Dragon Territory’s cultivators, they often were incomparably powerful.

Great Master Still Void’s “Nine Marked White Lotuses” and Aratha’s “Vajra Lotus Seed Transforming Body” were both like this.

Great Master Shen Hui also was not an exception.

When he began to sing the scripture, instantly, the Buddhist aura Great Master Shen Hui’s body glowed brightly. Lotus flowers bubbled forth in the void, and Brahmanistic chanting sang loudly. Eight giant monsters broke free of Great Master Shen Hui’s forehead, becoming eight fanged and toothed monsters, each very sinister and demonic.

These eight were Buddhism’s famous eight non-human beings.

The eight non-human beings crammed the top of the pagoda, their imposing air overflowing the heavens, directly in Wu Siyou and the other’s faces that they could not breathe.

Great Master Shen Hui was also on the final leg to Supervoid Late Stage, and his cultivation could be said to be at the peak. Using this ability was no small matter. The Astasena exhibited malevolent forms. Even the Star Generals unrivalled in close combat could not avoid drawing in a breath.

Great Master Shen Hui recited scripture.

The eight non-human beings immediately pounced.

One breathed a cold light, another’s murderous air soared, another gave off a weird scent, another was deadly to the peak, and another was swift as lightning, fierce as a gigantic bird.6 The eight non-human beings each used their abilities and methods in succession.

If it was any other cultivator, they would have been swept into smithereens by these eight non-human beings.

Wu Siyou and the others were completely fearless. She grasped her double-ended sword and advanced.

The Astasena and five Star Generals immediately battled, shaking the Heavens and Earth. The world changed, but this Supervoid Middle Stage honestly was powerful. Under Great Master Shen Hui’s continuous chanting, the non-humans beings were increasingly wild, boiling over with a rolling imposing air, as if it could overturn the sky and seas. The Seven Floor Stupa Pagoda shook violently, as if it was about to topple.

A while after.

The non-human beings finally stopped their rampage. Great Master Shen Hui panted, recalling the ability. Using the non-human beings was because there was no alternative. Otherwise, Great Master Shen Hui did not want to use this. However, even a Star General would die without doubt.

Great Master Shen Hui thought to himself that he had sinned.

Suddenly, he found that Wu Siyou, Gongsun Huang and the rest were standing neatly in their original spots. Let alone being dead, not so much as a hair had been harmed, as if the non-human beings just now had been an illusion.

“How is this possible?”

Great Master Shen Hui was shocked.

Wu Siyou and the others were also simultaneously shocked and in disbelief.

“Elder Sister Suwen.” Tang Lianxin suddenly cried out in astonishment.

Everyone looked.

An Suwen’s whole body glowed with green light, like a fairy. Good Fortune lay beside her, nevertheless at its last breath. The girl’s eyes were tightly shut, with a sort of indescribable tenderness and serenity.

“Could it be you took on the entirety of Poor Monk’s Astasena on your own?” Great Master Shen Hui was shaken.

An Suwen opened her eyes. The green light scattered, like smoke, like rain.

Dark Rank Star Magic –

Mind-steeling Smoke And Rain7

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  1. Lin Chong is actually rank 6
  2. 焰吞河山
  3. The same exact array used so long ago in Chapter 18.
  4. 大悲掌
  5. 八部天龍鬼神品經
  6. A direct reference to a garuda, I suppose.
  7. 煙雨凝心


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