Chapter 367: This Is A Star General Of Maiden Mountain

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“Ah, Qin Ming, can only merely achieve this degree?” Lin Yingmei held the spear with one hand, her speartip pointed at Qin Mingyue, a speck of snow, bringing with it slight provocation.

Qin Mingyue giggled, showing a canine tooth. The Wolf Toothed Fire Beacon Mace’s fire dragon coiled. The surrounding ice and snow completely evaporated. The cold of Lin Yingmei’s blizzard and the heat of Qin Mingyue’s fire beacon mutually opposed, forming a completely contrasting scene.

“Little Sister, watch this mace.”

The Wolf Toothed Fire Beacon Mace pounded.

The giant wolf-toothed mace stirred everything into a flurry. Lin Yingmei raised her spear to forge ahead, the extreme ice and fire suddenly producing a suffocating impact.

Wu Xinjie retreated several steps, withdrawing to a safe range. Her furrowed brows then glanced at the Jin Qiongyu assuming a hostile and wary stance.

Faraway, on a tower.

Huangfu Tianyi struck his palm, overlooking the battle between the two, his whole body warm then cold. He exclaimed: “So incredible, with this sort of powerful Martial Force Star General present, we basically do not have a chance of victory, right, Ruoxue?”

Evil Star Faceless Jiao Ruoxue wore a mask that obscured her expression, but her eyes leaked a graveness that was more or less the same as what Huangfu Tianyi thought.

“Although that Fourth Phase still has that variable of defeating a Heavenly Star at the critical moment, that chance is too hazy.” Huangfu Tianyi held his chin. Watching the two fight so fiercely, his heart was restless. It was rare to encounter a Star Duel between Five Tiger Generals. If both sides were injured, that would actually allow him to take the advantage. However, now, it seemed this sort of thing would be very unlikely to occur.

Huangfu Tianyi did not wish to watch so idly. He always felt not doing anything for this sort of once in a blue moon opportunity was too pitiful.

“Young Master, do you still wish to face Lin Chong?” Jiao Ruoxue felt her master was unavoidably too bold.

“Oh…” Huangfu Tianyi suddenly exclaimed: “The Majestic Star and the Purple Thunder Monster signed a contract, everyone knows that, but not having seen him for so long, even with two Five Tiger Generals appearing, is he still hiding someplace? Putting his own Star General out like this, it is too strange?”

“Perhaps he has not come here yet.” Faceless Jiao Ting answered.

“Not here, then were would he be? It cannot be possible that he allowed Lin Chong to come to the Buddha Kingdom alone?” Huangfu Tianyi asked.

“Perhaps he has gone to the Seven Floor Stupa Pagoda…” Jiao Ruoxue leisurely said.

“Could it be you are not allowed to bring a Star General into the Seven Floor Stupa Pagoda?” Huangfu Tianyi pondered. The pair’s battle was already awfully busy, increasingly white-hot, and even Huangfu Tianyi himself was very excited.

Jiao Ruoxue followed her master’s thinking. Regardless of whatever this man wanted to do, actually making a move against the Majestic Star was fine as was leaving this place. So long as it was his decision, Evil Star Faceless would not speak even half a word at all.

The other side of shamelessness was cunning. Jiao Ruoxue did not have reason to not believe her cunning Star Master.

“If this is the case…ha, ha, ha, ha.” Huangfu Tianyi facepalmed and howled with laughter. His blood was increasingly boling, somewhat difficult to control.

“Young Master?”

“Ha, ha, ha, ha, truly, the Heavens are helping me.” On Huangfu Tianyi’s face reappeared the cunning that Jiao Ruoxue was familiar with.

Clearly, he had an idea.

“What do you mean?”

“Hm, hm, hm, hm, Ruoxue, prepare to go kill this Majestic Star and Knowledge Star. I will take this opportunity-” Huangfu Tianyi grinned.


The muscles of his whole body instantly swelled. The Buddhist 卍 symbol was clearly visible on his skin. The skin that was visible to the outside manifested a flowing, gold luster, with golden dragons appearing.

These golden dragon lines seemed to come alive. On Aratha’s sturdy body, they contorted like hills, showing an extremely frightening scene. His six arms directly surpassed all bladed weapons. Aratha fiercely raised a fist, as if he had seized the world in his hand.

Dharma Wan Technique1

With this sort of ability, no wonder Aratha could call himself one of the mighty Six Ancestors.

His eyes brimmed with a Buddha-like sternness. Aratha’s attack carried a Heaven and Earth flooding solemnity that showered down. His six arms or fists, or blades, or palms, or staffs, or Wheels of Eternal Life, or Mark of Fearlessness vaguely had a sort of undefeatable divine might.

“Yan Qing, die, you.”


Such a powerful imposing air would have already completely subdued any other Star Cultivator, rendering them powerless to resist, but Yan Yizhen’s face did not show the least bit of astonishment. On the contrary, there was a slight mocking indifference.

His heart was slightly astonished. Aratha gave rise to odd indignations when he saw Yan Yizhen’s aloof manner.

But at this time, there already was no chance to turn back.

It already happened in a sudden moment.

The Skilful Star maid’s flexible body carried a whistling wind that filled the skies, leaping over with an incomparably wild leap. Instantly, she appeared in front of him. Her two palms suddenly were placed upon his fists that were larger than weapons. The Yin Yang Carps swam, and the light in her palms extended a hundred zhang.

The two types of powers of cold and warmth suddenly transmitted into his bones. Aratha was incomparably surprised and froze. Unexpectedly, he discovered his own Wan Technique’s powers had been restrained.


Glancing in terror, what appeared in Aratha’s eyes now was…

A pair of blood red eyes, indifferent enough to make this Buddha Kingdom Six Ancestor, this Supervoid Cultivator’s heart go cold.

Aratha’s heart rose with the premonition of danger, but it seemed the premonition was not as fast as Yan Yizhen’s speed. The former was still slow a step.

In the cracks of her fingers peeked out twisting auras of blue and red. Yan Yizhen’s low shout was already violently transmitted outwards.


An abrupt forceful pull stopped Aratha in the air. Yan Yizhen’s palm technique was wild, dazzling and glaring.

Aratha mustered all his strength to counterattack, but he could never find Yan Yizhen’s attack.

Each time a palm struck, a 卍 Buddhist mark on Aratha’s flesh would immediately disintegrate. Aratha was shocked to feel his own Dharma Wan Technique that was powerful in offense and defense seemed to become a sort of futile and comical illusion in the face of the Skilful Star’s palm technique.

This was the strength of a legendary Fiend Star?

He only heard the unimaginable sounds of Yan Yizhen’s palm technique impacting his body.

As if each palm was full of a rhythmic feeling.

From an outsider’s perspective, Yan Yizhen did not seem to be palm striking, rather it was more like she was playing the guzheng.

How could the Aratha that had been firmly suppressed be so willing. His three heads and six arms simultaneously fanned out, yet he found he could not muster the slightest bit of strength.


As if she set down a brush, Yan Yizhen’s palms came together. Star Energy pierced through Aratha’s chest, sending this Buddhist Vajra flying, and at the same time, the Asura transformation completely collapsed.

Snapped Bowstring Magnolia Lily Ballad.2

Dark Rank Palm Technique

Great Master Still Void’s whole body was a bright void, manifesting nine Empty Mountain White Lotuses. These lotuses bloomed and closed, releasing white and black light, making Great Master Still Void appear to be in a mist, unclear. This was the powerful “Nine Marked White Lotuses”3 power of the “Empty Mountain Secret Ksetra.” The white lotuses protected his body, not inferior at all compared to the Azure Dragon Territory’s powerful defensive Prehistoric Spirit Treasures.

If it was any other Azure Dragon Territory Cultivator or such, Great Master Still Void practically was certain to not lose.

But Great Master Still Void at this time confronted a Star General. Furthermore, she was a top-notch Star General. The result was completely different.

The Azure Dragon’s light rays wandered one after another and struck the Empty Mountain White Lotuses. Even if the white lotuses bloomed any larger, they could not bear this endless attack. Without even a moment, the white lotuses withered in succession. The white light was increasingly dim. Great Master Still Void’s expression was considerably ugly, nevertheless, he had no way to sense even the slightest gap.

The cool and elegant Pilgrim currently was unstoppably suppressing him into having no room to breathe.

This is a Star General of Maiden Mountain?

Great Master Still Void brandished his staff.

Cold light split, and the Chan staff magic weapon broke in two with a snap.

This is a Star General of Maiden Mountain?

Great Master Still Void’s complexion changed.

“Cloud Wandering Azure Dragon Turn.”

Gongsun Huang suddenly, unexpectedly activating Star Magic again. She raised the multi-colored sword, the Azure Dragon radiating light, immediately slamming into Great Master Still Void.

The Nine Marks Lotus Flower comparable to Prehistoric Spirit Treasures had fallen.

This is a Star General of Maiden Mountain?

Great Master Still Void was shaken.

The black Noble Frost Demonic Lotus suddenly wound around beneath his eyelids.

Not good.

Wu Siyou had drew near his front, suddenly raising her sword and swinging, the cold light splitting apart the void.


The white lotuses all withered.

Great Master Still Void’s powerful ability finally broke. A giant hole opened in the Great Master’s gut. Noble Frost Demonic Lotus directly slashed through, and a wound deep enough to reveal bone nearly cut Great Master Still Void in two.

Great Master Still Void took a hundred steps back, vomiting blood. Shocked to death, at this time, he sensed that Aratha had been pounded into a pulp by Yan Yizhen. As two of Buddha Kingdom’s Ancestors, for them to surprisingly retreat step by step in defeat, Great Master Still Void simply was incapable of believing this.

This is a Star General of Maiden Mountain.

“Spiritual Aura Distribution.”

An Suwen activated her magic, and spiritual power gradually filled.

Wu Siyou seized this chance to arrive in a single step, leaping and slashing. Just as she was about to slay Great Master Still Void, a seven-tiered lotus platform rapidly flew over. The lotus platform released multi-colored light that blocked Wu Siyou’s attack. The lotus platform covered her. Wu Siyou nimbly flashed past, instantly moving back.

“The realm of nonobstruction of phenomena, the realm of nonobstruction of principle, the realm of nonobstruction between principle and phenomena, the realm of nonobstruction between phenomena.4 All living things have the wisdom and virtue of the Thus Come One, yet because of their idle thoughts and attachments, they fail to realize it.”5 A clear Buddhist chanting approached stepping on auspicious light. The seven-tiered lotus platform also forced Yan Yizhen away. Afterwards, it flew back, and an extremely aged old man walked slowly out.

“Benefactors, there is no need to treat my Buddha’s holy item with such attachment, Amitabha.”

Great Master Shen Hui kindly smiled.

Supervoid Middle Stage??

“Another has come to court death.” Wu Siyou sneered.

The Meditative Mind Lotus Seed steadily absorbed the radiance of the Five Dragons Colored Glass Lamp. The lotus seed germinated in his ocean of consciousness, about to bud, but afterwards, whatever which way Su Xing irrigated that Buddhist light onto the lotus seed, the Meditative Mind Lotus Seed merely floated in the light, no longer with any sign of growth.

“Why do I feel something’s missing?”

After experiencing Chao Gai’s Third Calamity, Su Xing already made himself enter the World Is An Illusion realm. According to reason, he was already approaching the supreme Great Way of Buddhism, but whether or not he lacked something, the Meditative Mind Lotus Seed stirred from beginning to end yet was incapable of breaking free of its shackles.

The Meditative Mind Lotus Seed was Buddhism’s supreme secret treasure, a collection of boundless dharma. Blooming this lotus would make the wielder akin to Buddha.

Su Xing thought of the requirements pertaining to the Meditative Mind Lotus Seed.

In actuality, it was very simple, only six characters.

No thought, no marks, no abidance.6

These six characters were Buddhism’s highest realm.

The so-called no thought was to be free of false thought. To stay with all distinctive characteristics, to leave all distinctive characteristics, namely, this was no marks. No abidance represented the meaning of avoiding mental constructs in daily life, non-abidance. Buddhism inherently lacked nature, inherently lacked cause, inherently lacked abidance, following karma.

Su Xing’s mind had already reached the Still As Waters Realm. No thought naturally was not a problem, the Five Dragons Colored Glass Lamp’s endless light was no marks, and this boundless dharma was the no abidance. Blooming this Meditative Mind Lotus Seed required one to possess the mind of no thought, the magic energy of no marks, and boundless dharma. This dharma was labeled the genuine supreme Great Way of the three thousand sects of Buddhism.

Su Xing had crammed on a great deal of dharma, heard every sort of scripture in the third calamity, yet how could he have foreseen that the Meditative Mind Lotus Flower would be powerful beyond his imagination. Buddhism – the Buddhism that poured into the Meditative Mind Lotus Flower was enough for it to fully flower.

Sensing an imminent danger on the outside, Su Xing endlessly sent dharma into the lotus seed, sparing no effort.

The Five Dragons Colored Glass Lamp made a loud dragon roar, the light glowing bright. The Seven Floor Stupa Pagoda manifested a budding lotus flower, and all Buddhist disciples prostrated in worship.

Wu Xinjie lifted her gaze, revealing a mysterious smile.

“It seems the Meditative Mind Lotus Seed’s dharma is still insufficient…Then the Ten Thousand Buddhas ought to be enough.”

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  1. 達摩卍法, lit. Dharma All Things Technique.
  2. 弦斷木蘭辭, the problem with this translation is that 木蘭辭 is “The Ballad of Mulan,” yes, that Mulan.
  3.  九印素蓮
  4. 理無礙,事無礙,理事無礙,事事無礙, an adaptation of the Four Dharmadhatu.
  5. 一切眾生,皆具如來智慧德相,但因妄想執著,而不證得, adapted from
  6. 無念、無相、無住


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