Chapter 387: Pain And Pleasure ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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The Stars divided and fell into Su Xing and Zhao Hanyan’s bodies. A malevolent bloody beast suddenly appeared in midair. Its blood-red eyes coldly glared at Su Xing. This was Sun Meiniang’s Star Beast, the Scarlet Asura. Generally speaking, the majority of Star Beasts would fall into Evil Smiting Hall following their master’s Starfall. However, there were also some Star Beasts that possessed higher levels of awareness that so long as they broke free of a Star General before the fall, they could be safe and sound.

This Scarlet Asura was clearly one of them. Its four strange arms seemed like long snakes that grabbed hold of Sun Meiniang and Zhang Xiao’s Star Weapons, and then it escaped a thousand li away as a streak of blood-light.

It was too late for the Su Xing who wanted to give chase but was currently surrounded by the Intertwined Branch Swords. He could only watch helplessly as the Scarlet Asura stole the weapons and fled.

Su Xing thought to himself that this was a pity. However, Star Weapons were only designated for Star Generals and Star Masters to use. They were but merely trash to the Scarlet Asura that had taken them.

The Intertwined Branch Swords returned to above Su Xing and Zhao Hanyan. The green bridge connected their minds, and it overflowed with life. The surrounding green leaves and vines successively dispersed.

Zhao Hanyan groaned, storing away the Sword Chant.

“Hanyan, are you alright?” Su Xing flashed to her front, supporting her with his arm.

“You used that Chaotic Tail Escape again?” Zhao Hanyan was aghast to see Su Xing covered in cuts all over his body. Her brows wrinkled.

Before she had mentioned it, he was fine. Once she brought it up, Su Xing then felt grimacing pain, “Just now, your…In short, is nothing wrong with your body?”

Zhao Hanyan’s cheeks were colored like peach plums, entirely showing an attractive appearance. The Seven Feelings Six Desires Spice obviously was not that easy to get rid of. The Ling Yan Princess stared at Su Xing. She struck a hand seal, and the Intertwined Branch Sword’s green light wandered about. The two swords intersected. The green bridge pierced their hearts, pouring spiritual power into their souls. Instantly, Su Xing and Ling Yan Princess Zhao Hanyan were immersed within. Su Xing was amazed to sense that their spiritual powers were seemingly cooperating.

In the endless green light, the wounds on Su Xing’s body visibly rapidly healed, without even the slightest scar remaining.

When Su Xing looked to Zhao Hanyan, the Ling Yan Princess’ pale complexion had already regained color. Her lovely red had already quietly retreated.

The green light receded, and the Intertwined Branch Sword then fell heavily into Su Xing’s hand.

“This is the function of this Intertwined Branch Sword?” Su Xing could discern it.

“En, so long as each party is willing…This Intertwined Branch Sword can apportion our life force…” Zhao Hanyan glanced at Su Xing, noticing this man actually was not selfish in sharing life with her. Otherwise, she completely would have been unable to wield this consequence of the Intertwined Branch Swords.

“So it turned out to be this.” Su Xing exclaimed. He felt some regret. Sharing life force to recover each other’s injuries was indeed very incredible, but the opposite party had to lose half of their Star Energy. Otherwise, it would have been comparable to An Suwen’s Life Returning Magic Hands.

“Are you regretting that This Princess is unable to let you cure that aphrodisiac?” Zhao Hanyan mockingly said.

“This aphrodisiac plot is too melodramatic. Actually, I personally still hope for mutual consent.” Su Xing righteously replied.

“Hmph.” Zhao Hanyan had an “who would believe you” expression.

“The Star Nest has been sealed. Do you have any good ideas?”

Su Xing asked her.

“The Star Nest has been sealed?” Zhao Hanyan tested, and as expected, she could not hear Dong Junqing’s response. “No wonder…”

“To unexpectedly even have this sort of poison that can seal the Star Nest, I wonder how it can be cured?” Su Xing wrinkled his brow.

Zhao Hanyan appeared to not take this seriously: “Although the martial force of Earthly Stars is weak, the majority of Spiritual Energy type Star Generals are among the Earthly Stars. They have talents and abilities that, if used appropriately, disposing a Heavenly Star is not impossible…” This included Gardener Zhang Qing. With her ability to grow some Star Nest sealing medicines and such, this was not a hard problem. In Zhao Hanyan’s perspective, this probably was the legendary “Nest Stifling.” During Nest Stifling, Star Generals and Star Masters would sever all contact. To cure this was very simple, simply wait for time to pass.

“It appears this Black Turtle Territory is indeed dangerous. This Princess did not expect to encounter Sun Erniang and Zhang Qing here.” Zhao Hanyan muttered. Suddenly, the Ling Yan Princess’ eyes flashed with a clear light as she gazed at Su Xing.

At this time, Su Xing was currently trying to rouse the beauties inside the Star Nest, and he did not see the ripple of pensiveness that flowed through Zhao Hanyan’s eyes.

“Su Xing, This Princess wishes to ask you a question.”

Zhao Hanyan pondered for a moment, and then she spoke.

“What question?” Seeing there really was no way, Su Xing could only give up.

“Do you know where the significance of the Star Duels lies?” Zhao Hanyan said in a low voice.

“What do you want to ask?” Su Xing frowned.

“The final phase of Maiden Mountain’s Star Duels will have the Seven Stars Assembly, but there can only be one final victor…You must understand?”

“You want to say that since there can only be one final victor, the rest must necessarily die in battle?” Su Xing chuckled.

Zhao Hanyan affirmed.

In other words, regardless of how close their relationship was, when the time came, things would be you die and I live. There absolutely was no second possibility. This was the karma of the past thousand years. Even the previous generation’s overlord Wu Song was unable to avoid it.

When Su Xing saw that Zhao Hanyan was serious, he thought for a moment. He also earnestly replied: “Then since we have signed the Thousand Year Contract, could it be we are to die together in the name of love at the very end?”

“…You wish to die together with This Princess in the name of love…” Zhao Hanyan’s smile carried a slight charm: “Are you so willing to part with your Star Generals?”

“Do I have to make a choice about parting or not?” Su Xing did not accept this: “If you and I aren’t enemies, then what about it?”

“That Maiden Mountain will not sit idly by.” Zhao Hanyan answered.

“Then that’s it. There is obviously the third choice…Break the rules.” Su Xing smiled.

Zhao Hanyan’s mouth hung agape. Her heart was suddenly beat ruthlessly upon by something. Her chest tightened, choked into speechlessness. She gazed at Su Xing with eyes full of disbelief.

Break the rules?

She had never thought about this.

Moreso, never had a Star Master ever dared to think about it.

Zhao Hanyan wanted to say “arrogant,” “naive,” “courting death” and other words to strike down Su Xing, but when she saw Su Xing’s careless expression, that hidden and rarely seen seriousness, the Ling Yan Princess understood – this man was not lying.

He is mad, he is truly mad…However, This Princess likes it.

Not knowing if it was the last vestiges of the Seven Feelings Six Desires Spice in her body causing mischief, Zhao Hanyan only felt her body grow hot and her heart pound endlessly. The Ling Yan Princess delicately walked over to Su Xing, her manner universally charming.

A virgin’s delicate fragrance poured into his soul, provoking confusion.

Just as Su Xing was feeling flabbergasted, the Ling Yan Princess smiled sweetly. She gently hugged Su Xing’s head and pulled it downwards, “That medicine still has not completely been cured from This Princess’ body. From now on, you are This Princess’ man…”

In Su Xing’s astonishment, Zhao Hanyan opened her mouth and kissed him, a tyrannical, hot kiss.1

The Seven Feelings Six Desires Spice that he was already close to suppressing after much difficulty once again made a resurgence following Zhao Hanyan’s kiss. Yang Fire bubbled forth and burned across Su Xing’s whole body. The Ling Yan Princess’ warm and fragrant bosom, her passionately entwining tongue, how could Su Xing control himself. Moreover, both of them who could sign the Thousand Year Contract had good feelings toward each other. It could not be said that their minds were in psychic understanding, but at the minimum, their hearts could harmonize.

In Su Xing’s brief shock, he immediately still attacked.

Both his hands stroked Zhao Hanyan’s back. As he ravaged the Ling Yan Princess’ red lips, exchanging saliva, Su Xing tore open the lapel to Zhao Hanyan’s palace dress. Her light purple exquisite bodice immediately was exposed, frankincense permeating the whole place, more arousing than those aphrodisiac panaceas.

Su Xing’s hand parted the bodice and grasped those jutting mountains, feeling the Ling Yan Princess’ formidable fullness. Zhao Hanyan’s body restlessly squirmed, somewhat unbearable. This time, without the Steadfast Star’s interference, the two of them could be said to be fishes back in the water.

The palace skirt was peeled off.

The Ling Yan Princess’ light purple silken underwear was embroidered with beautiful roses, her tempting curves completely visible. Beneath the half-transparent silk, Su Xing could slightly see the secret garden that lay underneath.2 Su Xing’s mouth was dry, his Yang Fire burned, and his body swelled incredibly.

Although the man in front of her had once embraced her naked body, even witnessing twice the scene of her and Dong Junqing engaged in lovemaking, it was reasonable to say that Zhao Hanyan ought to be accustomed. This time, however, they were nevertheless seriously treating each other sincerely. Zhao Hanyan was a bit bashful, her hands hastily hugging her chest to cover her light purple bodice. Her whole face blushed red as if it were aflame. She lightly bit her red lips: “If in the future you dare flirt with other women, This Princess certainly will not forgive you.”

“Then isn’t that too bad.” Su Xing lifted his head.2

“Shut up.” Zhao Hanyan’s body slightly shuddered. Although she had sex with Dong Junqing many times now, this was her first time with the opposite sex, after all. Just the masculine qi of the man before her sharply contrasting with Dong Junqing was enough to make Zhao Hanyan somewhat incessantly dizzy, ecstatic even more fiercely than before; her underwear already had a wet mark.4

The Ling Yan Princess pushed Su Xing to the ground, straddled and mounted him. Her hands wound around to her back and began to undo the thin knots at her neck and at the small of her back. Zhao Hanyan felt a flow of heat at the place where that evil thing of Su Xing’s lower body touched her, only feeling that her whole body was limp and powerlessly about to collapse.

Su Xing was already completely attracted by Zhao Hanyan’s half-respectable and half-graceful seductive appearance. The knots were untied, and the bodice immediately fell loose. Zhao Hanyan bashfully went, “Ah,” one hand covering her fair and ample chest.

“Turn away, you…” Zhao Hanyan was left somewhat at a loss of what to do by Su Xing’s hot gaze.

Su Xing smiled. He rose and felt past Zhao Hanyan’s arms. Zhao Hanyan gasped in surprise. Her tender breasts stood erect, full of well-proportioned beauty. Her light pink color5 was charming and arousing, making Su Xing’s blood vessels swell at the sight. He opened his mouth and greedily sucked them.

This kiss nearly sucked away all of the strength in Zhao Hanyan’s whole body. The Ling Yan Princess’ hands grabbed Su Xing’s head, the expression on her face one of both pleasure and pain.

Her underwear was gently pushed past her knees. Below her snow-white belly was a black and mesmerizing underbrush. That place of fragrant and luxuriant bush truly made him feel excited and itch to immediately peel that underbrush open, to peep into the mysterious place that allured his soul. Her snow-white and gracefully curving slender legs and her perfectly-round and jutting butt both brimmed with an elasticity. How could Zhao Hanyan’s sensitive places stand such provocation. An electric current passed through her whole body, and she could not help but moan.

“Wifey Hanyan, I’ll come in?” Su Xing maintained the last bit of reason.

“Hmph.” Zhao Hanyan’s amorously glanced at Su Xing. Suddenly, she flipped her body and swapped their positions, the man on bottom and the woman on top. With a red face, she said: “This Princess does not wish to be squashed beneath you. This Princess will come conquer you herself…”6

To Zhao Hanyan’s slight arrogance, Su Xing chuckled.

Zhao Hanyan’s hands trembled. Staring at Su Xing, she slowly sat down.

The Ling Yan Princess’ brows knit tighter and tighter the deeper she penetrated. It was just like her narrow valley was being pierced by a fiery, sharp sword, incredibly painful. Fortunately, the moisture of her boundless sea alleviated the heat.

“So painful…This Princess cannot anymore…” Zhao Hanyan’s brows were tightly furrowed, showing she was afraid.

However, at this time, he already could not help her. Su Xing’s lust flowed like a deluge. He grabbed the girl’s waist, suddenly and forcefully straightening his back.

There was a cry signifying the end of purity…Zhao Hanyan’s eyes were full of tears – both painfully and joyfully, she cursed, “Lord Husband, you shameless pervert…” And then she welcomed her Lord Husband’s “revenge” attack.2

Although Zhao Hanyan wished to use the top position to conquer Su Xing, in the end, she still had no way to contend against the feelings of her body. She obediently stuck her supple butt up in the shameful position that the arrogant princess did not detest at all, concluding this deep intimacy. Although the Ling Yan Princess enjoyed Su Xing’s attacks, her mouth still cursed him.

After several torrents of his river poured into her valley.

Zhao Hanyan had already lost all her strength, not wanting to lift even a finger, and the life of the giant vines that the Intertwined Branch Swords formed enveloping the two was increasingly bright. The aura of the life force endlessly poured into the swords. Su Xing sensed that the Intertwined Branch Swords were even more powerful.

“Hanyan…” Su Xing lay on top of Zhao Hanyan’s body. He stared into her bashful eyes.

“What are you doing…” Zhao Hanyan panted.

Su Xing wanted to speak, but he stopped. He had no need to speak aloud sweet talk to express his tender feelings. He lowered his head and kissed her. Zhao Hanyan closed her eyes and savored him, her body pandering to him. She lost track of how many times her soft and elastic body had made Su Xing react.

“You can’t…” Zhao Hanyan had a nervous appearance of powerlessly catering to his happiness.

Dual cultivation arts or whatever were fine, but in the case it made Su Xing’s desire open, he would be even more intense. “From now on, don’t polish mirrors with Dong Junqing.”

“As if This Princess would promise you.” Zhao Hanyan harrumphed.

“Really?” Su Xing made an evil grin, spreading Zhao Hanyan’s slender legs open into an M-shape.8

The Ling Yan Princess panicked: “Su Xing, don’t, the Star Nest will recover right away. This Princess will promise you, alright.”

“Haven’t the Star Nests not recovered yet?” Su Xing chuckled, once again tightly embracing her.

Zhao Hanyan’s brows wrinkled. A familiar fullness filled the inside of her body. During its slow movements, Zhao Hanyan once again moaned, cursing him with the two words, “So shameless.”2

The sun rose in the east. The first rays of dawn’s glory sprinkled upon the sea, dispersing the darkness.

Zhao Hanyan stood on the shore, gazing into the distance.

Passing through a night of pandering to him and even his wantonness just now, the Ling Yan Princess somewhat hurt. Fortunately, she was a Supercluster Cultivator. She could very quickly recover from this bit of pain. It was just about time for the Star Nest to recover its connection.



Yan Yizhen, Gongsun Huang and Dong Junqing emerged from the Star Nest in succession, anxiously crying out.

“I’m fine.”

Su Xing consoled them, summarizing the matter of Sun Meiniang, naturally leaving out the dubious plot points that occurred along the way.

“Never expected to encounter Gardener Zhang Qing!” Dong Junqing was grave.

“Your Highness, from now on, Little Huang will not enter the Star Nest.” Gongsun Huang floated up and landed on Su Xing’s shoulder, blinking.

Su Xing smiled. “Great, there’s only a feeling when I’m with you.”

“Princess, are you truly unhurt?” Dong Junqing suspiciously eyed Zhao Hanyan, noticing that she apparently became somewhat different from before. A slight flirtatiousness was now seemingly in her respectable attitude.

Dong Junqing’s brows wrinkled, and then she looked to Su Xing.

“Junqing, you need not worry. If This Princess was not willing, could that man be able to bully This Princess?” Zhao Hanyan’s words had a double meaning.

“If he dared to do something to Princess Highness…” Dong Junqing’s words expressed killing intent.

“Junqing, do not always be like this. You also know I have the Thousand Year Contract with Su Xing and are even considered a married couple…Junqing, you ought to be very clear about the meaning since Hanyan brought him to go meet the Lingdong Countess.”

Dong Junqing was silent.

“Alright, speak no more of this. In the future, we must be more careful about the Black Turtle Territory. The Devil Sects are numerous in this place, their evil techniques emergent. We cannot be careless.” Zhao Hanyan smiled.

“En. However, forgive Junqing for speaking forthrightly…Su Xing is a Star Master, after all. Princess and he will become enemies in the end. Junqing also asks Princess to go quickly see the Bright Moon Longevity Palace to obtain the Tears of Vega to remove this contract.” The Steadfast Star was stern, not kidding at all.

“Hanyan has her own propriety.”

Zhao Hanyan was expressionless.

A moment later.

“Wife, are we setting out now?” Su Xing said.

Hearing this “Wife” address, Dong Junqing’s brows rose, yet she did not say more. “To think of addressing This Princess as Wife, you must first pass that Father Emperor checkpoint. Otherwise, however you flaunt your tongue, This Princess certainly will become hostile.” Zhao Hanyan’s expression flirtatiously admonished him. Su Xing was not to act recklessly. If he actually provoked Dong Junqing’s jealousy, that would not be good.

Su Xing chuckled, nodding.

Their Flying Swords shook, immediately soaring into the sky, flying towards the far north of the Black Turtle Territory.

Connecting Heaven Ancient Tomb, the seventh floor.

An enormous rumble.

A lion-like, tiger-like tomb-guarding beast slammed itself over.

“Yuan’er, careful!”

Wu Xinjie shouted in alarm.

“Elder Sister, watch this.” Shi Yuan chuckled.


The lion-tiger tomb-guarding beast’s heaven shaking roar once again undulated through the mausoleum, shaking the tomb’s dust into chaotically scattering. Shi Yuan’s silhouette ran at high-speed through the tomb’s corridor, practically faster than wind.

The aggression of the lion-tiger tomb-guarding beast behind her probably could be rated as fierce, untouchable from head to toe.

Shi Yuan’s speed was not one bit inferior to the Lion-tiger King. Seeing that it was a bit unable to keep up, this tomb guardian immediately spread its wings. They appeared to be made of stone, but with a flap, it unexpectedly took flight.

Shi Yuan leaped, landing to the side with several somersaults.

The Hoodwinking Flying Claws interwove like a net, blocking the tomb guardian’s sneak attack.

When Wu Xinjie saw, she immediately scuttled to the front of the door to the Connecting Heaven Ancient Tomb’s seventh floor. She fixed her eyes on the inscription upon the door, pondering the mechanism to open it. The Connecting Heaven Ancient Tomb deserved to be named one of the legendary Seven Great Ancient Tombs. The dangers of the seven floors were consecutive and layered. Each door had a tomb guardian and an extremely difficult mechanism. As long as she could solve the mechanism, she could open the door.

The gate mechanism before her was considerably bizarre. In the middle of the two door panels was carved countless characters. These characters were pistons that could be pushed in. When Wu Xinjie saw this, she knew that the characters on the gate were the mechanism to unlock this gate.

Looking again to the mystery of the inscription, there was only one sentence upon it – Please think twice, sir, you must open door!

You must open door?

In other words, if we fail even once, things would be troublesome? Wu Xinjie frowned. She had heard of many theories of mechanisms that if they failed, they would encounter a formidable tomb mechanism, even possibly Starfall. For one like the Connecting Heaven Ancient Tomb, Wu Xinjie believed this was certainly so.


Gritting her teeth, Shi Yuan waved a banner. She could only release one of the Seventh Rank Puppet Beasts that she was so proud of.



The Seventh Rank Puppet Beast was crushed to pieces by several smacks from the lion-tiger tomb-guarding beast. Shi Yuan wept without tears, for it was too useless.


The lion-tiger beast pounced towards the girl. Just at this moment, a ray of white light struck it.

“It is better to allow Hua Xue to take over.”

The Nine Tailed Spirit Fox Hua Xue unfurled her beautiful nine tails, blocking in front of Shi Yuan. The Best Thief Under Heaven was endlessly moved. The Nine Tailed Spirit Fox’s powerful presence made this tomb-guarding beast feel a trace of dread, but the tomb-guarding beast merely hesitated for a moment, immediately pouncing.

“Careful, those claws are very powerful. Even my Seventh Rank Puppet was unable to withstand it.” Shu Yuan hastily warned.

“Bang, bang…” Sounds as if a heavy hammer was striking iron resounded.

Hua Xue let out a charming laugh, somewhat disdainful. The lion-tiger tomb-guarding beast’s sharp claws continuously and frantically fell like raindrops upon her. An ice-cold aura unfurled from its limbs, firmly trapping the Nine Tailed Spirit Fox’s body without the least bit of relaxation, untiringly attacking the objective that perhaps was already crushed.

The berserk attack stirred up great amounts of dust that filled the entire place.

In the air, a beam of light shone on her. Emitting a dazzling white light, Hua Xue was calm and graceful, like a queen. She allowed her opponent to carry out its frantic attack. This sort of attack speed and power made Shi Yuan tremble in fear, however, immediately after seeing Hua Xue was very calm and unperturbed, she also calmed down.

Mournfully bellowing, Hua Xue suddenly broke free of the lion-tiger tomb-guarding beast’s attack, shooting out several dozen fox fires. These fox fires were like chains that whooshed and shot over to shackle the tomb-guarding beast. Although its body was bound by every sort of oppressive binding, that did not mean it had lost its ability to attack. The tomb-guarding beast let out a low roar, and an ice-cold shadow burst out from its mouth, pouncing for the Hua Xue just within its reach.

The shadow suddenly wrapped around Hua Xue’s body.

“Elder Sister Xinjie, will something bad happen to Hua Xue?” Shi Yuan quickly scuttled to Wu Xinjie’s front. Watching the tomb-guarding beast with some lingering fear, this Connecting Heaven Ancient Tomb’s seventh floor tomb-guarding beast was this powerful, the next few floors still did not reach the main hall. The Thief Star was somewhat worried.

“Hua Xue can manage.” Wu Xinjie self-confidently replied.

Since she said so, Shi Yuan could only watch.

After her grief was torn to shreds, the shadow dispersed at the same time. The tomb-guarding beast that was about to prepare for an unbridled roar of victory was stunned. It was amazed to discover the whole body of the Nine Tailed Spirit Fox before it glowed with a silver-white and crystalline luster. In the blackness of the tomb, she emitted a sparkling light, and even Shi Yuan could not help but be astonished upon seeing it.

“A stone beast dares to be unbridled.” Hua Xue laughed. She hissed, and her figure flashed. Once again, she fiercely attacked the lion-tiger tomb-guarding beast. At the same time she exploded with white light, Hua Xue flipped backwards to retreat, its nimble movements allowing it to dodge the tomb-guarding beast’s counterattack.

Her body drew a beautiful arc in the air. Hua Xue stopped in midair, suddenly unfurling her nine tails. A fist-sized fox fire ignited in the darkness.

Hit where it hurts. Although the lion-tiger tomb-guarding beast was made of stone, that did not mean it was without weakness.

Countless fox fires descended.

The lion-tiger tomb-guarding beast roared. At the same time, it spat out a shadowy storm, unexpectedly churning the Nine Tailed Spirit Fox’s fox fire to bits.

Hua Xue’s whole body in the air was like a bolt of white lightning, or perhaps using “thunderclap” was a more appropriate word to describe it. Hua Xue’s silhouette of imposing thunder was glimpsed for no more than instant when it already was completely unclear. Only a wildly revolving tornado was visible rolling in the air, violently attacking the lion-tiger tomb-guarding beast’s figure.

Shi Yuan watched, stunned.

She completely did not know what movement Hua Xue made, however, that shocking aggression was just like a giant fox flying in the air, mercilessly biting the lion-tiger tomb-guarding beast’s head. The hard sculpture unexpectedly gave rise to a kind of feeling of it being torn apart alive.

It was visible to the naked eye. The lion-tiger tomb-guarding beast’s figure was chewed on by the Hua Xue shaped “giant fox,” currently having a large hole getting carved out of it. An ear-piercing chafing and ripping sound resounded in the sky, and even a monster like the lion-tiger tomb-guarding beast that had no will felt pain. It opened its mouth wide and let out a shrill shriek.

The painful action passed in an instant.

In the enormous shriek, the lion-tiger tomb-guarding beast finally recovered its ability to move. First, it attacked the “giant fox” that was still biting it. The shadow of deterrent that the attack alone brought already rolled up the surrounding tornado. The winter snow shuddered violently because of its attack, the might within visible.

An enormous rumble!!

Shi Yuan covered her ears, shouting: “Elder Sister, just what is this Nine Tailed Spirit Fox Star Beast, why’s it so powerful?”

Wu Xinjie glanced over and shook her head.

Historical data pertaining to the Nine Tailed Spirit Fox was completely unwritten, however, to be able to draw out the Eight Gates Black Gold Chain, it could be seen that it was anything but ordinary, let alone that the Nine Tailed Spirit Fox was more intelligent than they had imagined.

“Elder Sister, is the mechanism not done yet?” Shi Yuan asked again.

“This mechanism is somewhat thorny.” Wu Xinjie sighed. “Perhaps we are powerless against the Connecting Heaven Ancient Tomb…”


Furthermore, Hua Xue and the lion-tiger tomb-guarding beast were locked in battle. After a great jolt, the lion-tiger tomb-guarding beast appeared to already be injured. It howled, holes of damage already appearing in its head, looking fierce and monstrous. However, these did not count as much to it.

Hua Xue still was that relaxed.

Its four limbs were graceful, leisurely trotting about.


The lion-tiger tomb-guarding beast furiously roared, like an actual giant beast, its breath rapidly condensing, inflating. Its body seemed to also possess a wild animal’s qualities. It continuously let out a stifling, low roar, arched its body and fiercely pounced at Hua Xue.

They were full of a feeling that seemed as if the entire space had been ripped apart.

The entire cave practically became the world under the tomb-guarding beast. Its body incessantly emitted a cold air that made Shi Yuan basically incapable of drawing near. If the lion-tiger tomb-guarding beast had used this aggression from the start, that would be awful.

Worthy of being the seventh floor’s tomb-guarding beast.

The sharp shadow turned into its violent weapon.

“Slave has played enough. Now, to send you on a journey.”

Hua Xue’s pupils were alluring. They shot out cold light, and her figure immediately flashed.

Like a single tree leaf floating in a surging ocean, Hua Xue this instant completely showed the Nine Tailed Spirit Fox’s kingly might. A pair of eyes more transparent than crystal, and her pupils seemed to be full of a piercing ice-cold and countless flying ice fragments.

The nine tails unfurled like clumps of ice. The tomb-guarding beast’s keen attack always missed by a hair’s breadth, the sharp tip it brought nevertheless not even drawing near Hua Xue. Its powerful anger’s repeated attack exchanges merely had large clumps of lifted dust, yet it was unable to touch the original target. Although its movements already reached the limits of what it could accomplish, it nevertheless still was not the least bit useful.

Abruptly stopping its body, a chafing and ear-piercing sound entered their ears. The tomb-guarding beast’s enormous body already forcefully stopped. Immediately after its body stopped, the countless shadows on its body seemed to instantly shoot out like dark weapons. The ear-piercing scream of air being torn apart filled the air. The densely packed shadows covered all of the spaces that Hua Xue could dodge to, completely without any blind spots.

Along with the launch of the shadows, its mouth once again opened wide. The light ball within the pitch-blackness was shockingly before their eyes. Its eyes exploded with cold light, and then Hua Xue truly moved!

A bolt of white light flashed past the black shadow.


Hua Xue passed through the tomb-guarding beast’s imposing air and nimbly walked to Shi Yuan and Wu Xinjie’s front, as if she had just finished a stroll.

“So incredible.” Shi Yuan exclaimed.

“Slave has put on a shameful display.” Hua Xue deferentially crept.

When she finished, the tomb-guarding beast’s whole body disintegrated.

Shi Yuan suddenly yelped. When the tomb-guarding beast shattered, a piece of gem entered her eye. Rather than say it was a gem, it was better to say that it was a transparent flame, “Puppet Spirit!” Shi Yuan was overjoyed at the unexpected sight. Puppet Spirits were a type of Puppet Beast, but they were far more powerful than a soul. Possessing a bit of intelligence, and even more importantly, a Puppet Spirit did not require any materials to pass through refinement. It would automatically produce a puppet. The strength would vary, and a weak one was perhaps a rat. A powerful one could possibly be a Holy Beast. The mechanism book recorded that there once was a mechanism great master that used a Puppet Spirit to refine a Holy Beast, which could be said to be frightening.

Hm, hm, hm, hm, no wonder it’s so powerful.

Shi Yuan happily thought. Obtaining this Puppet Spirit, even if they departed the Connecting Heaven Ancient Tomb this moment she would not have any regrets.

“Master, have you met with trouble?” Hua Xue asked.

“En, this mechanism is not easy to break.” Wu Xinjie hesitated indefinitely. Without Su Xing, her heart always seemed to be missing something.

“If you can’t do it, forget about it. Elder Sister, having a Puppet Spirit is a very good harvest.” Shi Yuan consoled.

“Oh, do you wish for Hua Xue to help Master?”

“You know the secret of this mechanism?” Wu Xinjie could discern the implications.

Hua Xue nodded.

“How is it broken?”

“Master needs only to press the character ‘open’10 on the left door and press the ‘door’11 character on the right door.” Hua Xue observed, and then it respectfully spoke.

“Open door?”12 Wu Xinjie was stunned.

Looking again to that mystery, “Please, sir, think twice, you must open door.” You must open door, you must open door, open door…She immediately guffawed. “It was unexpectedly this simple. Xinjie truly was careless.”

“That is because Elder SIster Xinjie feels that the Connecting Heaven Ancient Tomb’s mechanisms are very profound. Su Xing said so before. Some tombs that show more complex mechanisms are more easily able to fool people. He said this is a person’s blind spot.” Shi Yuan comforted her although she did not know what blind spot13 meant.

Wu Xinjie nodded, smiling. “Indeed, it is so.”

Next, Wu Xinjie consecutively pressed “open door” on the left and right gates.

As expected, the gate immediately rumbled open.

“Let us go. This ought to be the end of the Connecting Heaven Ancient Tomb?” Wu Xinjie smiled.

Suddenly, Shi Yuan sensed a chill come from behind, causing her limbs to shudder from the ice-cold. She turned her gaze over.

“Yuan’er, what is the matter?” Wu Xinjie asked.

“It seems there’s something watching us…” Shi Yuan’s heart had a somewhat unclear premonition. She immediately forced a smile: “It’s probably some vengeful ghost that old tombs always have. This Young Lady was oversensitive.”

“En, let us go for now.”

Shi Yuan smiled.


Some time after, as the Thief Star had sensed, not long after they left, a woman with long hair reaching past her butt looked at that hidden gate and showed a ruminating smile. “Puppet Spirit, truly a good thing.”

“Master, shall we make a move now?”

A voice appeared in her ocean of consciousness.

“No need. Just let the Knowledge Star show us the way.”


The tall figure hid, suddenly disappearing into the darkness, a tranquility without any waves.

After the two of them came together, each of their powers increased greatly. The Intertwined Branch Swords rolled up Su Xing and Zhao Hanyan, and flying for six days, they pierced through the thousand seas and islets to arrive at the Black Turtle Territory’s far north.

Before them were two islands.

These islands appeared somewhat strange. In Su Xing’s perspective, they jutted out like a bra.14 The islands were pervaded with thick fog, a dead atmosphere. Due to it already being close to the deepest parts of the Black Turtle Sea,  there was no sign of anyone here and now. The island was unlike the towns they passed that brimmed with vitality.

“Hanyan, this place isn’t bad to become our Immortal’s Abodes.” Su Xing sized the place up. The environment was very quiet, which was suitable for cultivation. The important thing was that these two islands had the spiritual power necessary to open an Immortal’s Abode, which made Su Xing’s heart delighted. The Black Turtle Territory’s islands were numerous, but the ley lines abundant in spiritual influence had long been partitioned away.

“En, however, we must first clean the place up.” Zhao Hanyan smiled. Su Xing felt her smile was increasingly charming.

“Indeed.” Su Xing also smiled and nodded.

The pair each sent out bolts of Star Energy. With a boom, the earth quaked, and the sea waters surged, dispersing the mist.

There was a shrill screech.

Several dozen half-man, half-fish Demon Beasts with wings flew out. Besieging them in a circle, they cut off the intruders in the air. Loudly shouting, this perhaps could not count as a blockade. Su Xing and Zhao Hanyan had long already reached maximum charge.

“Do not use your Star Generals. Shall we see who can be first to finish cleaning?” Zhao Hanyan provocatively glanced at him.

Immediately, she controlled her Flying Swords to attack.

“A passionate kiss from the loser?”

Zhao Hanyan rolled her eyes at him.

Su Xing did not hesitate either. The first half-snake, half-fish Demon Beast to appear bore the brunt of his attack. Let alone that their appearances were eerie, their pouncing speed was abnormally fierce, just like a gust of wind. Furthermore, this half-serpent, half-fish Demon Beast’s assault ignited the bugle horn to attack.

The dozen half-serpent, half fish Demon Beasts arched their bodies and threw themselves over.

Su Xing actually did not fear these guys. The twenty-four Flying Swords immediately flew out and attacked in a clump. These half-fish, half-bird, half-serpent Demon Beasts were killed into pieces, but more and more monsters rushed out.

Some broke free of the sword net, pouncing to Su Xing’s front.

They waved their fish tails, raising a tyrannical strength!

Su Xing kicked. His first kick landed on a half-serpent, half-fish Demon Beast, unexpectedly a bit unable to jolt it. Only when he increased his strength did he barely kick this organism flying.

The other ten at this time also pounced.

Su Xing flashed away. His silhouette suddenly paused, and an enormous boom resounded in the air. Immediately, like an explosion, already shooting across the ten zhang of space like a cannonball. While still in midair, Su Xing already spun like a top, countless Purple Mansion Immortal Thunders bringing severe whistles as they flew towards these Demon Beasts.

Bang, bang, bang.

The dozen half-bird, half-serpent Demon Beasts were all sent flying.

Stopping, Su Xing surprisingly felt that his Star Energy had been considerably depleted.

“These Demon Beasts are known as ‘Fish Eagles,’15 very adept at eating Star Energy.” Zhao Hanyan’s voice floated over.

“En.” When Su Xing heard, he aimed and rushed at a half-bird, half-serpent Demon Beast, crossing over the distance instantly with an Escape Technique. First of all was a heavy punch, and then there was a series of violent attacks.

That half-bird, half-serpent Demon Beast wretchedly wailed.

The next second, Su Xing already arrived before another several Fish Eagle Beasts. His Flying Swords became a grinding storm that unstoppably killed them.

Finally, he used another Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder to destroy them.

These Fish Eagles very quickly were dashed and scattered, and following their scattering, they fled completely away.

“You are somewhat slow, Lord Husband…”

At this time, the long already done cleaning Zhao Hanyan mockingly assessed him.

“Ladies first…” Su Xing chuckled.

Zhao Hanyan was speechless.

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