Chapter 388: One Person All Alone

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Zhao Hanyan looked at an ancient jadeite tree in front of her. Its branches and leaves were luxuriant, a glistening emerald green. Suspended in the dense leaves was a sparkling fruit. That fruit was completely green, its spiritual power pressing. If someone with a discerning eye saw this fruit, they definitely would be astonished. This bodhi fruit was the seen once every century and priceless. To Buddhism, it was a treasure second only to sarira; Zhao Hanyan sighed, not showing any delight at this bodhi fruit. On the contrary, she was a bit regretful.

Using one day’s time, Zhao Hanyan opened in the Black Turtle Territory her second Purple Rose Outlaw Liangshan Immortal’s Abode. With a heart full of expectation for the priceless materials that grew within, this bodhi fruit actually made Zhao Hanyan feel pity.

Although the bodhi fruit was good, only those with the Chan Buddhism would be delighted. To go barter would inevitably involve many twists and turns.

“Forget it, taking it to the Treasure Feast for a trade would be pretty good.” Zhao Hanyan picked the bodhi fruit.

At this moment, a pair of gentle hands hugged Zhao Hanyan from behind. Caressing the Ling Yan Princess’ back, the hands then entered her clothes. “Junqing, don’t…” Zhao Hanyan moaned, yet her hands pressed on the hands that were upon her chest.

Dong Junqing spoke beside her ear: “Princess has opened her second Immortal’s Abode. Would it not be better for us to be intimate here? So that our trip to the Black Turtle Territory would not be in vain.” As she said this, her hands already covered Zhao Hanyan’s towering breasts, rolling the bit of protrusion at the tip between her index and middle fingers.

Zhao Hanyan enjoyed this, turning her head back and kissing Dong Junqing.

One of Dong Junqing’s hands at this time already stretched down into the Ling Yan Princess’ hidden valley.

Zhao Hanyan abruptly sobered up. Her hands pushed, and she broke free of Dong Junqing’s embrace. “Do not…He is still here…” Zhao Hanyan’s face wore shyness and determination.

Dong Junqing was considerably annoyed: “Princess Highness, do we still need to mind what he does when we are inside this Immortal’s Abode?”

“Junqing!! Now that the Star Duels have already passed through the Third Phase, we should not continue doing this…” Zhao Hanyan seriously said.

Dong Junqing’s face chilled: “Princess Highness, what did that man say to you?”

“This is unrelated to Su Xing!!”

“Did nothing actually happen to you two?” Dong Junqing grinned evilly.

“Regardless of if something happened to him and I, Junqing, so long as you know that This Princess’s heart is clear as a mirror for these Star Duels, that will do.” Zhao Hanyan replied.

“Your Servant shall now go kill him.” Dong Junqing lifted the Dragon And Phoenix Yin Yang Spear taking up a stance about to leave the Immortal’s Abode.

Zhao Hanyan did not stop her. Her expression was extremely indifferent, indifferent enough that she did not need to utter a single word to make Steadfast Star General of Double Spears Dong Junqing to unwillingly retract her killing intent.

Zhao Hanyan softly smiled. She walked over and tenderly caressed Dong Junqing’s face. She gently said: “If Junqing can set down her prejudice, Su Xing is not so unlikable. Otherwise, how would Wu Song and Lin Chong accompany him.”

“Could it be Princess wishes to gift Your Servant to be a part of his harem?” Dong Junqing mockingly said.

“Junqing, This Princess would certainly hate to do so.” Zhao Hanyan kissed her – For that man to have her alone was enough.1

This instant, Zhao Hanyan ended the kiss. Suddenly, a message was left from the direction of the Azure Dragon Territory. The Ling Yan Princess wrinkled her smoky brow.

“This Princess never thought that it would begin at this time…”

“Is it the Bright Moon Longevity Palace?” Dong Junqing was delighted. She truly itched to quickly dispel the contract between Zhao Hanyan and Su Xing. In her perspective, it was precisely this strange Thousand Year Intertwined Branch’s secret influence that made Zhao Hanyan become more and more like a married couple with Su Xing. It was truly damnable.

“No.” Zhao Hanyan softly chuckled. “However, Empress Wa’s Divine Palace is not bad either.”

Inside the other of the Bra Islands, Su Xing opened an Immortal’s Abode.

The Purple Rose Jade Pendant was able to link all of the Immortal’s Abodes. By doing so, after Su Xing opened the second Immortal’s Abode in the Black Turtle Territory, he could reflect the Azure Dragon Territory’s. The An Suwen and Tang Lianxin currently refining medicines and tools inside the Immortal’s Abode sensed the second Immortal’s Abode, and following the swaying of Divine Intent, they appeared inside the Black Turtle Territory’s Immortal’s Abode.

Both sides reunited elatedly. Only then did Su Xing go see the precious materials inside the Immortal’s Abode.

Compared to the Life Extending Flat Peach of the first time, this fruit opened this time was named “Purple Immortal Radish,”2 which made Su Xing extremely disappointed. This kind of Purple Immortal Radish outwardly appeared beautiful, like a delicate fairy. What was the same as its appearance was that this Purple Immortal Radish was precisely to be given to female cultivators to use. It was of great benefit to Yin energy and the like.

“It’s actually suitable to be sent to Zhao Hanyan.” Su Xing muttered. Zhao Hanyan had lost her virginity and just so happened to need this fruit to recover, and this fruit could count as his bit of concern.

Just as he was prepared to consider going out, from outside the Immortal’s Abode came Zhao Hanyan’s call.

Su Xing took a stride and immediately left the Immortal’s Abode.

The Zhao Hanyan dressed in simple and elegant purple palace garb was quiet outside the door. Her slender body was elegantly highlighted without match by the silk fabric, which made Su Xing unable to help but recall the absolutely beautiful body covered underneath those clothes. However, how could Su Xing have not known that Zhao Hanyan would suddenly become so willing was not because of the golden opportunity brought by the sealing of the Star Nests. In the future, perhaps these two would not have this sort of chance to be intimate.

Zhao Hanyan glared at Su Xing. This man truly could not conceal anything. The bare desire in his eyes was too direct. Recalling the attacks of that night, the Ling Yan Princess felt a flow of warmth surge inside her body.

This is bad, This Princess is a little wet.3

“Have you finished opening your Immortal’s Abode?” Zhao Hanyan promptly shifted her own attention.

“Hanyan, what are you preparing to do next?” Su Xing asked her. The Black Turtle Territory had many priceless treasures under Heaven. The aquatic Demon Beasts were all a major distinguishing characteristic. Many strange materials often could be found in the Black Turtle Territory. Su Xing was preparing to go seek the Gen Wu Divine Iron.

“This Princess has just obtained information from the Azure Dragon Territory. The Palace of Empress Wa has already opened, and the Ten Great Sects are preparing to join hands to go to the Palace of Empress Wa. Su Xing, how about we go together?” Zhao Hanyan gracefully smiled.

“The Palace of Empress Wa?” Su Xing seemed to have heard Wu Xinjie once mention this was one of the legendary Seven Great Ancient Tombs. In every generation of Star Duels, there were also countless ruins outside of the Five Great Phases. Most of these ruins required a Star General’s Star Crest in order to enter. These ruins and ancient tombs similarly also were a way for Star Generals to increase their strength. Some ruins and tombs even had rare books and the like that survived from ancient time. For this reason, the sects would all painstakingly accumulate contracted Star Generals in order to be able to depend on Star Master status to get a share of the rewards. At that time, amazing the world with a single feat was not too impossible.

“With you and I together, we naturally will have achievements!” Zhao Hanyan slightly smiled.

Su Xing muttered under his breath, not at all the happy answer that Zhao Hanyan had imagined. “What, could it be you will not go?” Zhao Hanyan asked. “The Thousand Year Tears of Empress Wa, you ought to know, do you not? This is but able to instantly advance cultivation. The Palace of Empress Wa just happens to have this item.

Su Xing was very vexed. The Thousand Year Tears of Empress Wa, huh. One drop can greatly advance cultivation. This sort of item can only be encountered, not requested. He naturally very much wanted to go to this legendary ruin. With the Palace of Empress Wa opened, not going this time meant there would be no opportunity next time, but time was too excessively pressing right now. To go from this place to the Black Turtle Sea needed several days, which was not enough to go back and forth; whether or not Su Xing was moved by the Palace of Empress Wa, to refine the Earth Element Flying Sword was the major concern.

The Earth Element Flying Sword was the master of defense. To face the overbearing Maiden Mountain, Su Xing first of all needed to protect his own safety in order to be able to make the beauties at ease. Otherwise, even if they were any more powerful, if he could not stand on his own, then he was a burden.

“Sorry, Hanyan. I came to the Black Turtle Territory with urgent matters. I really have no way to free myself.” Su Xing said with regret.

Zhao Hanyan furrowed her brows. There was some disappointment in her eyes, however, from the very beginning when she found out Su Xing was pressed for time, she was not as angry as when she was refused the last time, “Then there is no helping it.”

“Master, allow Slave Servant to go.”

The indifferent Yan Yizhen suddenly offered her services like Mao Sui.4


Both of them were taken aback.

“The Sisters are all working their hardest for Master. Slave Servant also wishes to do something for Master.” Yan Yizhen earnestly said.

Yan Yizhen’s decisive and deeply concerned expression made Su Xing honestly have not grounds to refuse. “Alright. Hanyan, how do you feel about this?”

Although she could not be together with Su Xing, Zhao Hanyan did not decline. “You truly are fortunate to have found such a good Star General!”

“Suwen will also go together with Elder Sister Little Yi.” An Suwen also volunteered.

Another person against the Ten Great Sects for the Palace of Empress Wa always was another boost in strength.

Su Xing nodded.

“Gongsun Sheng, Master shall be left to you.” Yan Yizhen looked to Gongsun Huang.

The little loli blinked her eyes, gently nodding.

“Have you met with trouble?” Zhao Hanyan wrinkled her brow, herself unable to sense the worry in her tone.

“Nothing troublesome. Right, Hanyan, I’ll give this Purple Immortal Radish to you to supplement your body.” Su Xing suggestively winked and brought out the Purple Immortal Radish.

“You shall gift it to This Princess?” Zhao Hanyan said in shock. Although Su Xing could not use this Purple Immortal Radish, its value was extremely high. Not only could it allow a female cultivator to advance her Yin energy cultivation, it could also maintain an eternally youthful appearance. It could not be bought with any amount of money. At the Treasure Feast, it definitely could elicit the frantic shrieks of female cultivators. She never expected that Su Xing would so generously gift it to her.

“Any way you put it, you are my woman…just treat it as a body supplement.”5 Su Xing surreptitiously used sound transmission.

Red clouds flew across Zhao Hanyan’s face. Glancing at him with every sort of flirtatious and amorous expression, she extended a hand to take this Purple Immortal Radish. Even if she had given her virginity to him, as if the Ling Yan Princess would ever be courteous, “Hmph, This Princess does not wish to owe you. You can take this bodhi fruit.” Speaking of this, the bodhi fruit fell into Su Xing’s hand.

Su Xing had trained with the Five Dragons Colored Glass Lantern ability, and the bodhi fruit was perfectly a great benefit.

The two exchanged words for a bit, and then Yan Yizhen and An Suwen entered Zhao Hanyan’s Immortal’s Abode.

The sea was vast. Hearing the sound of waves crashing, the space between the sea and the sky was incomparably wide, boundlessly vacant, making Su Xing’s heart suddenly feel a bit of loneliness. Gongsun Huang sat on Su Xing’s shoulder, but both her hands hugged Su Xing’s head silently.

“Elder Brother, the Sisters definitely will be unharmed.” Tang Lianxin consoled him.

Su Xing smiled and nodded. He naturally understood that temporary separation was always better than a lifetime of separation.

“Lianxin, you will actually be lonely by yourself in the Immortal’s Abode.” Su Xing tenderly said.

Tang Lianxin showed a not too practiced smile, slightly shaking her head. Now that the reclusive Earthly Solitary Star had Su Xing’s companionship, she already did not dare make any more extravagant demands. “Now that things have come to this, Elder Brother had better not tarry any further.”

“Understood.” Su Xing said to Gongsun Huang: “Little Huang, Big Brother has something he wants to trouble you with.”

“Your Highness, please speak.” Gongsun Huang blinked.

“Can you go help me look for a Spring Breeze Drunken Rain Pavilion, to bring Bai Yutang here? I’ve always been not too at ease.” Su Xing smiled.

“Does Your Highness not need Little Huang’s protection?” Gongsun Huang spoke softly.

“Of course that isn’t it. However, I can still cope with going to the Black Turtle Sea, so something as important as Bai Yutang shall be left to you, my beloved Little Huang.” Su Xing gently pinched her cheeks.

Little Huang pondered for a moment and then nodded. Clasping Su Xing’s face, she gently kissed him, and then her body soared up, light as a feather. Her indifferent expression seemed to say, “Be careful, Your Highness.” Then, Dragon in the Clouds Gongsun Huang hid into the sea of clouds, already disappearing into the horizon.

As if he was dreaming, of the nine Star Generals at Su Xing’s side, only Tang Lianxin was left.

“Elder Brother…”

“There’s no need to worry. I’m going to the Black Turtle Sea now. Lianxin, you be careful yourself.” Su Xing instructed.

“Elder Brother as well!”

Tang Lianxin gave him a deep kiss full of tender feelings.

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  3. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  4. 毛遂自薦, as in the Mao Sui of the Warring States period, known for his service as an advisor and negotiator.
  5. 補補身子, with a possible double meaning of “fixing” her body.


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