Chapter 392: Deep Sea

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At a corner of the Black Turtle Territory’s Black Turtle Sea, there was an island known as “Shen Fragrance.”1 Shen Fragrance Island had a water fort constructed with three moats and high mountains in great numbers. This water fort was built into thousands of mountain walls. Four palace halls each had their own characteristics, established across the mountain range. At first glance, they blended in with the mountains.

Countless cultivators patrolled the halls of the mountain palaces, with hundreds of cultivators currently drilling in sword arrays across the several training grounds on the island, their power vast and awe-inspiring within a hundred li of sea area.

This water fort was known as “Three Ruans Water Fort,”2 manifestly superior among the Black Turtle Sea’s eighty-eight water forts and was also an up-and-coming sect, discussed with much renown among the water fort masters.

On this day, the ocean waves split the sky. An enormously built alligator made a beeline for the Three Ruans Water Fort. This Ancient Dragon Alligator was unexcelled, and the cultivators at the water fort were somewhat fearful just looking at it. Upon seeing the Ancient Dragon Alligator’s master, they withdrew even further away.

Ruan Ping’er rode the Ancient Dragon Alligator straight through the water fort’s front gate. The signboard on the gate had three bold characters written upon it – The Golden Lotus!3

“Second Boss, you have returned.” A subordinate said in surprise.

“And the Big Boss?” Ping’er asked.

“Currently inside the main hall, negotiating with the other fort masters.”

“Take good care of my ‘Pingzi,’4 if it feels wronged in any way, I will feed you to him.” Ruan Ping’er showed an evil grin.

Her counterpart shuddered. Clearly, he knew Ruan Ping’er’s personality.

Turning over the Ancient Dragon Alligator over for care, Ruan Ping’er went straight for the main hall.

The water fort’s Big Boss Ruan Jin’er5 was a considerably powerful and greedy woman. She was beautiful, and her eyes displayed her might. It was precisely because of her forceful methods that the Three Ruans Water Fort’s range of influence already extended to several thousand of the Black Turtle Sea’s islands, like the sun at noon.

As early as the moment Ruan Ping’er used the Ancient Alligator Dragon’s surfacing movements, Ruan Jin’er knew that she had returned.

It appeared this fifth sister again had suffered some provocation on the outside.

Ruan Jin’er was inwardly helpless. She dismissed the other island masters, cave masters, and fort masters.

“Elder Sister Jin!!”

As expected, the main hall’s doors were kicked open.

Ruan Ping’er had grievances all over her face as she dashed into Ruan Jin’er’s bosom, enjoying her ample softness while also grievously saying: “Elder Sister Jin, decide for Ping’er.”

“Ping’er, what disaster did you run into now? Did Elder Sister not inform you that the Black Turtle Territory has Devil Palaces and Devil Cults. If you provoked them, they will make Elder SIster very distressed.” Ruan Jin’er stroked Ruan Ping’er’s head, tenderly as if she was petting a kitten. Even her reproachful tone was full of doting.

“As if I would provoke those demons.” Ruan Ping’er was even more hurt.

She naturally knew those Devil Cults handled things secretly and viciously. There was safety in their identities as Star Generals so long as they did not provoke the Devil Sects, but if they did, then truly, things would not be so peaceful.

“Then who has made Ping’er feel wronged?” Ruan Jin’er smiled.

“A Star Master!!”

“Star Master?” Ruan Jin’er’s smile froze.

“Yes, Ping’er listened to Elder Sister’s orders to go to Lone Dragon Mound to find that Black Turtle Temple that is a jack-of-all-trades in information and found it.” Mentioning Su Xing, Ruan Ping’er had a somewhat fervently evil desire. “That Star Master is Supercluster Stage, only by himself, and without having signed a Star Duel Covenant?”

“Is he really Supercluster Stage?” Ruan Jin’er asked. All Star Generals had a reaction to their Desired Star Master,6 and in the case they signed a contract, they would become a Comprehensive Star Master.7 At the current stage, Star Masters that reached Supercluster Stage without signing a contract were outstanding talents beyond compare. Such a Star Master could only have been possibly nurtured by top-notch Great Sects.

“I did not see wrongly. Although in the end Hu Sanniang came and stirred up trouble, she seemed to also have taken him away, I can be certain.” Ruan Ping’er mentioned this with some anger. If it was not for her being unable to defeat Hu Sanniang, that Supercluster Stage already would have been brought back to the water fort.

“Elder Sister Jin, let us go capture him together.” Ruan Ping’er’s tone greatly had a sort of feeling as if she was treating Su Xing as a Star Beast.

Ruan Jin’er’s eyes narrowed, her eyes carrying some thoughtfulness: “Ping’er, it appears you really want to sign a contract?”

“Huh, not at all. I only want to bring him back to show him to Elder and Little Sister.” Ruan Ping’er cruelly smiled. “Maybe Elder and Little Sister will fancy him.”

“Hmph, we sisters are three people of the same mind. There is no need for any Star Master…” Ruan Jin’er solemnly smiled, absolutely without any intent of kidding around.

“I know.” Ruan Ping’er pursed her lips.

“En. As long as you know, however, Supercluster Stage Star Masters are indeed not too common at the current stage. Right now, the Third Phase is already about to conclude. Ping’er, pay attention.”


Ruang Ping’er affirmed. She looked around the main hall and asked: “Why do I not see Third Sister?”

“Mei’er has gone to find the White Stripe in the Waves.”

“Huh, that woman?” Ruan Ping’er let out a cruel laugh: “Whatever for.”

“Zhang Shun is a powerful Water General. If we can have her join our Water Fort, naturally, we will be like a tiger that has grown wings in the future Star Duels.”

“And if we cannot…” Ruan Ping’er evilly said.

Ruan Jin’er confidently smiled: “So long as she is alone, there will always be a way to make her do so.”

Under Hu Niangzi’s directions, Su Xing very quickly found the Black Turtle Sea.

However, upon seeing this Black Turtle Sea, Su Xing honestly was anxious. The Black Turtle Sea was boundless. This was the number one sea in the Black Turtle Territory, with no limit in its millions of li. The dangers of the sea included many Eight, Ninth, and Tenth Rank Demon Beasts which were even more commonplace to encounter.

To search for Gen Wu Divine Iron in such waters was no different from finding a needle in a haystack.

“Dear Husband, what are you doing?”

The Hu Niangzi sitting on the Blood Sweat Silver Hair Horse said.

“Does Wife know where to find Gen Wu Divine Iron?” Su Xing suddenly wanted to change methods.

Hu Niangzi shook her head.

Su Xing also knew that he himself was somewhat delusional. Who would bring out something like the Gen Wu Divine Iron to trade? To sell it, it could only be at the Treasure Feast, but he did not have any more time to wait.

Su Xing stated his objective. Hu Niangzi moved about the Black Turtle Territory all year round. Clearly, she had her own perspective about things that happened in the Black Turtle Sea.

“Dear Husband is taking too great a risk. Niangzi has only heard of Gen Wu Divine Iron being at a depth of ten thousand li. The Black Turtle Territory’s top-notch cultivators do not dare rashly dive in.” Hu Niangzi did not approve of Su Xing’s methods. The Black Turtle Sea’s depth of ten thousand li would have powerful water pressure. This water pressure would increase in strength by several hundred fold at a time. After millions of li, even Supervoid Cultivators would need to be cautious.

Furthermore, the Demon Beasts in the deep sea were extremely vigorous. Rank ten and above Demon Beasts all dwelled at the sea floor. There was no difference between going to the Black Turtle Sea’s depths and going to hell.


“Unless Dear Husband has the assistance of a very powerful Water-type Star General, otherwise, Niangzi will first of all stop Dear Husband from doing this!” Hu Niangzi’s tone allowed for no explanation, her face full of determination. She certainly did not wish to let Su Xing drown before she achieved her revenge.

Su Xing had already made sufficient preparations before coming here. Tang Lianxin had refined a Water Avoidance Pearl,8 and An Suwen had refined several pills for the dive. Otherwise, Su Xing would never come up with this idea.

“I have my own propriety, I’ll test this first.” Su Xing wrinkled his brow.

“Fine then.” Hu Niangzi could only compromise and enter the Star Nest.

Su Xing first ate one of the pills, and holding in one hand the Water Avoidance Pearl, he released Star Energy to protect himself. He blossomed the Meditative Mind Lotus Flower, activating an “Acala Wisdom King Vajra Body Technique.”9 This power was Buddhism’s Supreme Grade defensive ability. It could allow the flesh to become sturdier than metal or stone.

Impervious to blade and spear, impenetrable to water and fire, it was more powerful than some magic weapons. Originally, even if Su Xing used the Five Dragons Lantern to cultivate it, it would take a great amount of time, but with Zhao Hanyan’s Bodhi Holy Fruit, in less than a day, he was already at the Hinayana Realm. Only after everything had been prepared did Su Xing then take a deep breath and become an escape light that dove into the ocean depths.

The Black Turtle Sea had water pressure, and the speed after the escape light flew down several tens of thousands of li slowed. Furthermore, at this time, the deep sea already could not see the slightest bit of light. The pitch-darkness was just like the space of the nine hells. Su Xing’s Divine Intent gradually felt taxed under the effects of the water pressure, and he could only continuously retract its range.

From a thousand li to several dozen li.

After a long while, the eating more than ten “Dragon King Life Conferring Mind Returning Pills”10 along the way, Su XIng only felt a terrifying force squeeze him.

Like ten thousand mountains, his Star Energy defense had long already crumbled. Su Xing relied on his toughened body to resist.

Legend said this Black Turtle Sea was spat out by the Black Turtle Divine Beast. This seawater was immersed in the Black Turtle’s power for ten thousand years. Each droplet of the seawater had the heaviness of a thousand catties, not at all a river.

However, it was precisely because of this that the Black Turtle Sea could create Liangshan Continent’s divine iron that was top-notch in hardness.

The deeper a person went, the more it felt like they were being encased in cement, stifled and unable to breathe.

If it was not for Su Xing possessing Star Nests that were nearly superior to Liangshan Continent’s Supervoid Cultivators, his consciousness that was powerful to such an abnormal degree, after the depth of six hundred thousand li, he would have already been squeezed into a meaty pulp.

“Dear Husband!!” Hu Niangzi’s voice already was somewhat irascible.

Su Xing indifferently continued to dive further.

It was difficult to imagine that Liangshan Continent’s ocean depths could be so deep. The Earth’s ocean depths could not be compared at all. At a rough estimate, perhaps it was at a depth of about eight hundred thousand li. Only then did Su Xing finally encounter a ground of muddy sand. At this time, Su Xing extended his Divine Consciousness to encompass a range of barely even a bit outside of his body.

The Star Energy of his whole body was being consumed by a sort of formless pressure at a terrifying rate. Su Xing once again ingested pills, and walking along the ocean floor, the sensation of being in water and on land was completely different. He made progress with great difficulty, unable to move a single step, particularly in the surrounding darkness.

However, Su Xing still could sense ice-cold presences in this world of deep darkness. Perhaps it was those Demon Beasts.

“Dear Husband, do not force yourself!” Hu Niangzi was somewhat jittery.

“If I shrink back at even this little thing, how can you still mention revenge?” Su Xing asked back.

Bright Star Ten Feet of Blue was stunned, and no longer did she speak words of giving up.

Although they had reached the ocean depths, the next thing to do was find Gen Wu Divine Iron, which also made Su Xing feel awkward. With the ocean being so deep, how should he go search?

Now that things were at this stage, he could only slowly progress.

A little more than a month should do?

Penetrating past the fifteenth layer of the tomb, Wu Xinjie and Shi Yuan finally arrived at the final floor after enduring countless hardships.

“Good Heavens, it never ends. If we go any further, This Young Lady is about to go mad.” The feeling of staying in this ancient tomb for a long time made Shi Yuan the Best Thief Under Heaven somewhat unable to continue.

“This should be the final floor.” Wu Xinjie smiled.

“If only, Elder Sister.” Shi Yuan was helpless. “This Young Lady certainly does not wish to spend this month entirely on this ancient tomb.” Although it was a legendary Seven Great Ancient Tomb.

The final floor’s stone gate was very simple. The surroundings had two Connecting Heaven Beast Totems. Wu Xinjie did not need much thought to open the final layer’s gate.

The two girls held their breath, and even Hua Xue’s whole body was on guard.

The instant the door opened, the scene that greeted them immediately made the pair stunned.

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  1. 沈香
  2. 三阮水寨
  3. 金瓶梅, Jinpingmei, a Ming dynasty novel banned for its explicit sexual content.
  4. The name of her Star Beast. It literally means “vase” or “bottle.”
  5. 阮金兒
  6. The text mentions that 降(讀將)星者, meaning the normal 降星者 is now 將星者, sort of mimicking Japanese furigana, I guess.
  7. 降(讀詳)星者, same as previous note.
  8. 避水珠
  9. 不動明王金剛法身
  10. 龍王賜生回心丹


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