Chapter 393: White Wave Raises Golden Wind

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What appeared in Wu Xinjie and Shi Yuan’s eyes was an unbelievably bizarre subterranean world.

Below was a boundless black abyss, a refined palace hall, very imposing warrior and horse statues, and every sort of funerary beast and figurine hung suspended in the air. These warrior and horse statue still kept a first-rate appearance. The weapons and armored horses were all poised to kill.

Taking survey of everything, these statues were densely packed and numerous, a magnificent army not just in name but in reality. Besides these floating chariots, soldier and beast statues, a continuous palace hall was even more jaw-dropping.

That palace hall’s entirety exceeded a kilometer in size, its whole body a jade white, emitting a cold glint in this underground mausoleum, with its jade rooms and jasper buildings, perfect sculptures and detailed paintings.

As far as the eye could see, how could this be a tomb at all. It was obviously the palace of an immortal.

Even the experienced and knowledgeable Knowledge Star and the well-traveled Thief Star were stupefied, stunned.

“Truly, what a pity that Young Lord did not come, otherwise, he definitely would have been very happy.” Wu Xinjie muttered to herself. Su Xing always held a certain interest in all of Liangshan’s mysteries. Perhaps he would be wild over something like these hovering statues inside of a palace within a ten thousand zhang abyss.

Even her own blood was boiling.

Shi Yuan swept away her previous dejection, finally understanding why this tomb would be called one of Liangshan Continent’s Seven Great Ruins.

Seeing these millions of hovering troops, horses, and palaces, they truly seemed to lead to the Heavenly Temple.

Without mentioning the dozen or so floors from before, even one hundred floors would have been worth it.

“Right now is the time for This Young Lady to fully display her skills.” Shi Yuan rubbed her palms and wringed her wrists, long already impatient. Seeing that enormous main hall’s domineering size, she imagined that the treasures inside would be many.

“Careful.” Wu Xinjie reminded her about the abyss at their feet. There was no hope of reprieve should they tumble down.

Shi Yuan patted her chest, an expression of, “Leave it to me.”

“Little Qi!”

She called, and the Three Burrows Crafty Rabbit hopped out.

“Take a look for me.”

The Three Burrows Crafty Rabbit nodded, opening its three eyes wide, becoming a specter. The Three Burrows Crafty Rabbit possessed the ability to scan for traps and react to treasures. Under its guidance, they could save a lot of trouble.

“Let us go then.”

Wu Xinjie said, releasing a flight Astral Tool, entering this Connecting Heaven Ancient Tomb together.

Probably a short while after they left, a woman quietly walked over.

She wore an exquisite, blue skintight palace dress that outlined her slender figure. The corners of her skirt separated, like lightly dancing waves.

The girl’s hair was not only extremely long, it was also especially beautiful. Her ice-blue hair cascaded past her butt, just like a waterfall amidst ice and snow, emitting bits of ice. Her pupils, too, were icy, and her lips were cold, making one feel a sort of chill within.

“Is this the Connecting Heaven Ancient Tomb? It is truly decorated quite elegantly, however, why do I still feel that an explosion is even more beautiful.”

A young girl walked out from the void. She had a long, golden ponytail, and she had a sexy figure and clothing. She showed a toothy grin, speaking aloud.

“Han Bing, what do we do now? Do we greet the Sisters?” The young girl blinked, a very expectant expression.

“The Thief Star Shi Qian. Monitor them for the time being.”

The girl named Han Bing narrowed her slender eyes, gazing at the end of the ancient tomb.

“Dear Husband, careful!!”

While Wu Xinjie and Shi Yuan finally saw the Connecting Heaven Ancient Tomb, Su Xing’s search for Gen Wu Divine Iron in the Black Turtle Sea was not so successful.

He had not been searching for the needle in a haystack for long. Just as Su Xing was searching for materials inside the seafloor’s reef, the stone beneath his feet suddenly revolted, opening an enormous mouth to swallow Su Xing.

The Su Xing that had been tormented to extreme weakness by the close to million li deep sea completely was too late against this swift as lightning reaction and was swallowed.

Hu Nianzi anxiously blurted out, and the girl emerged from the Star Nest. Golden Wind and Morning Dew danced and crossed. Before that Demon Beast could bring Su Xing to its stomach, a snowflake-like saber-qi flew out in volumes.

Then, twelve golden sword-lights broke out of its body. The Demon Beast spat out Su Xing and Hu Niangzi in pain.

It still isn’t dead?

Su Xing was stunned.

That Demon Beast furiously opened its mouth again.

In a split second, an inexhaustible suction rushed towards its mouth. The seawater was completely sucked into it, and the powerful suction made Su Xing somewhat unable to budge.

“Have some Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder!” Su Xing’s five fingers snapped.

Five Purple Thunder Dragon Pythons struck.

The powerful and scathing Purple Thunder pulled incomparably thin by the deep sea’s attractive force, and by the time it reached the gigantic Demon Beast’s mouth, it was just like an offering of tasty little fish.

Su Xing said, “Fuck.”

He controlled Heaven Tearing in preparation to go clash, but his control over these Flying Swords was much more difficult than on land. The powerful pressure forced Su Xing’s use of Flying Swords or other abilities to require even greater energy expenditure than normal. This mean that Flying Swords completely lost their edge.

The gigantic Demon Beast’s mouth fiercely sucked, and an airflow entered its bottomless mouth.

Hu Niangzi was slightly pulled over. In the water, the Bright Star’s weakness was not necessarily as easy as Su Xing.

Su Xing could be considered to have tasted the terror of the ten thousand li deep sea. Immediately, he raised the Green Lotus Peak.

Because all abilities suffered pressure in the deep sea, they would be substantially weakened, and Prehistoric Spirit Treasures were no exception. However, Su Xing’s Green Lotus Peak was inherently categorized as that sort of powerful Spirit Treasure. The Green Lotus Peak rapidly enlarged in the water.

The moment the Spirit Treasure emerged, those airflow being sucked in immediately slowed, greatly easing the burden on Su Xing and Hu Sanniang.

The giant Demon Beast felt fear, retracting its mouth, about to flee.

The Green Lotus Peak’s flames ignited, and the giant peak pressed down, squishing this Demon Beast into meat paste, and a pellet appeared.

Su Xing retrieved it in passing. Panting, before he could feel happiness for killing this Demon Beast, but fuck, how could he be happy when he had only just encountered his first Demon Beast and had to use the Prehistoric Spirit Treasure.

Su Xing consumed a pill to replenish his Star Energy.

Before he had even half a moment to relax, an incorporeal pressure attacked from all sides.

“Dear Husband, hurry and flee.”

Hu Sanniang shouted. The golden light and blue flame of the double sabers became even more intense.

The Green Lotus Peak’s enormous quaking had roused the deep sea’s Demon Beasts. Tens of thousands of black monster fish swam over. Su Xing only heard a rumble come from every direction. The ocean depths shook, and some Demon Beasts that had only been snooping on Su Xing immediately escaped without a trace.

“Run, quickly!!”

Su Xing sensed something formidable, immediately speaking. Without hesitation, he turned around and escaped towards the ocean surface.

In the ocean depths, a monstrous call was increasingly frightening. A school of spiny monster fish tumbled over each other as they bit their way over.

Su Xing attacked with several bolts of Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder, destroying close to a hundred fishes, but the numbers of these spiny monster fish were too numerous. Several detonations were unable to support such a menacing charge.

The spiny monster fishes’ charge looked to be nearly unstoppable. Continuously flying several dozen li, Su XIng suddenly noticed the pressure of the monster fish had abated, not pursuing. Just as he felt this was odd, he turned his head to look. To his astonishment, Hu Sanniang was not following him, rather, she turned around and stayed where she was, serving as bait.

Bright Star Ten Feet of Blue’s double sabers danced. The saber-qi was gorgeously slashed out. All of the spiny monster fish were killed into disordered heaps, and immediately afterwards, another bunch of countless monster fish filled the gap, seemingly endless.

Hu Niangzi’ saber-technique began to become weak, and her body techniques gradually slowed. After all, she was not a Water General at all. Every wave of her blade in a deep sea battle required her maximum concentration, but Ten Feet of Blue’s eyes were fiery, completely without fear, thinking only of letting Su Xing quickly escape.

The tide surged with a gurgle. An even more expansive black tide pounced over.

Hu Niangzi powerlessly raised her double sabers.

The black tide swallowed her. Hu Niangzi was already prepared to Star Release when just at this moment, a golden dragon rolled around her body, creating a gap.

“What are you doing!” Su Xing appeared in front of her.

Hu Niangzi changed: “Dear Husband, what are you doing by coming back.”

“Nonsense, what would I do by not coming back?” Su Xing’s expression was very unsightly.

Hu Niangzi felt bewildered, “The Demon Beast monster fishes here are too numerous. Niangzi will protect, Dear Husband can leave first.” Saying this, she was about to attack the invading black tide.

Her white wrist was firmly seized. Su Xing did not hesitate at all to carry her away and use the Escape Technique to escape upwards.

“Dear Husband?” Hu Niangzi was stunned, not understanding why Su Xing would rescue her. So long as the contractor that the Star General signed a contract with did not die, then neither could the Star General be destroyed. Now that the danger was critical, using her as bait could not be any more appropriate. Otherwise, the both of them could possibly lose their life in this place.

“If you can live, then why must you die.”

Su Xing coldly answered her conjectures.

Forming a hand seal, the twelve Heaven Tearing cried out a shaking dragon roar. Su Xing repeatedly used his powers, Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder, the Heaven Tearing Flying Swords, and every sort of magic weapon without any reservation.

But the true name of these spiny monster fish was “Nether Fish,” the overlord of the sea depths of ten thousand li. Individual Nether Fish were unable to withstand a single blow, but in greater numbers, in the case they found prey, they would fight to the last gasp. This was also a reason why even though people knew the Black Turtle Sea’s ocean floor had Gen Wu Divine Iron, few people would face this risk.

The black tide quickly was about to submerge them, and Su Xing gnashed his teeth. In the deep sea, all of his abilities were substantially weakened, otherwise, things would be unlikely to be this bad.

Could it be he had to use the Chaotic Escape Technique again?

Just as he was considering this, Hu Niangzi’s expression flashed with an irascible light. Suddenly, she waved a hand, and the golden jade short saber shot forth.

“What are you doing?” Su Xing was surprised.

Hu Niangzi did not answer,

That short saber revolved around their surroundings, the flowing golden light appearing especially dazzling in this pitch-dark ocean depth. The short saber became a storm that wrapped around the two.

Su Xing immediately felt the pressure lessen. He promptly used the escape technique at full power.

A golden wind and sharp sword pierced through.

In the blink of an eye, they broke free of the danger zone. Those Nether Fishes did not continue their chase, and they could only wretchedly shriek as they gradually dove back into the depths.

“Let’s go back first for now.” Su Xing panted. “This Gen Wu Divine Iron is indeed not so easy.”

“If we can have a Water General, then Dear Husband can be at ease.” Hu Niangzi said. “Did Niangzi disturb the matter between Dear Husband and Ruan Xiaowu?” The Bright Star carelessly moved.

“It was nothing.” Su Xing smiled. To speak of Water Generals, other than Ruan Xiaowu from before, he recalled the White Stripe in the Waves that he had met inside Evil Smiting Hall. The girl gave him a pretty good impression. He had heard then that she was also at the Black Turtle Territory, but with the Black Turtle Territory being so large, to find her was not too realistic.

Hu Niangzi said no more. Golden Wind tore apart the white waves.


Su Xing and Hu Niangzi breached the water’s surface into the sunlight.1


At the same time, Su Xing conveniently caught sight of a young girl currently laying on the sea, in the middle of a relaxing backstroke. Her fair skin was not covered by a single thread, and her youthful body appeared especially moving in the middle of the azure sea.

Every place on the girl’s body could be seen at once.

Su Xing was tongue-tied.

The young girl similarly was stupefied.

Su Xing!

Zhang Yuqi!!2

The both of them shouted at the same time.

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