Chapter 401: The Boatman

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Su Xing suddenly felt restless, a sense of danger bubbling up within his body. This danger was not at all coming from himself; he wondered how the girls were right now.

At this moment, the battle of the Ruan Sisters on the sea was like wildfire.

Of Ruan Ping’er and Ruan Mei’er, one was an adept at using Star Magic, and the other wielded extraordinary martial force. Hu Sanniang spurred her horse on through the billowing waves. Relying on the speed of the Blood Sweat Silver Hair Horse was somewhat successful, and add on the support of Su Xing’s Heaven Tearing, the two impeded Ruan Ping’er.

On the other side, White Stripe in the Waves finally made her move.

“Wild Bee Butterfly Wave!!”

Zhang Yuqi’s delicate hand waved. In her surroundings, countless sea sprays the size of bees and butterflies rose. Then, she pointed, and these “bees” and “butterflies” shot forth like cannonballs.

The sound of bees was thunder-like.

Ruan Mei’er was not worried at all. She raised the Dragon King Whip Dagger in her hand, and a water wall suddenly rose, blocking this Wild Bee Butterfly Wave.

“Zhang Yuqi, you surprisingly would take action for the sake of a Star Master?” Ruan Mei’er’s tone was full of a bit of unshakable confusion. Her palm lightly flipped, and the Anitya Dragon King Beast violently spat a water sword. The waves crossed like swords, attacking wave after wave.

The two of them similarly were Water Generals. At this time, the both of them staked everything to use water control Star Magic on one another.

Ruan Mei’er understood that Zhang Yuqi naturally also understood this logic. In actuality, in Zhang Yuqi’s decision to act, she understood she herself was at a disadvantage. After all, the other side had two Water Generals, both Heavenly Stars. Hu Sanniang was renowned as an Earthly Star Four Heavenly King, but after prolonged battle, defeat was inevitable. Zhang Yuqi’s plan was to, in a spurt of energy, kill without a word. She needed only to beat them back.

Damage Star White Stripe in the Waves Zhang Yuqi was considerably clear that the real adept was that Sword Star Tai Sui Who Stands His Ground Ruan Xiao’er who had promoted and developed the Three Ruans Water Fort. Although her Star Name left people between laughter and dears, there was no need to doubt her strength. If she appeared on the scene, if the three Sisters teamed up, Zhang Yuqi could only obediently choose to skedaddle.

Ruan Mei’er’s Star Magic shook apart Zhang Yuqi’s Wild Bee Butterfly Wave. Zhang Yuqi did not take too great an advantage at all in the first wave of attacks. The girl calmly dodged in the huge wave, on one hand lowering the White Water Mirror Heart while the Urgent Sea White Spirit Python unfurled its gigantic body to soar and bite, biting onto the Dragon King Beast.

The two fierce Demon Beasts rolled about in the water.

“The book says that people who obstruct the progress of history shall be swept into the garbage bin of history.” Ruan Mei’er still spoke in the middle of the ocean waves. One hand grabbed at the air, turning the seas into a sword that shot towards Zhang Yuqi. Her other hand hardly stopped the Dragon King Dagger Whip from attacking.

“Could it be that the book didn’t say that people who say this sort of thing are the villains…And that their exit from the stage is very wretched…” Zhang Yuqi giggled. The White Water Mirror Heart danced in her palm. It was also Four Star, returning fire endlessly with seawater turned into shield and water-flames.

She completely was not at a disadvantage.

“Do you also read books?” With doubt and also a hint of intimacy, Ruan Mei’er’s Dragon King Whip Dagger once again swept, breaking open the water-fire. Suddenly, she felt a chill. At this time, Su Xing had unexpectedly snuck behind her. With speed exceeding her imagination, he punched her.

Bang! It carried a Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder. Ruan Mei’er instantly used a water shield to block, but she still was repelled.

She showed shock.

Zhang Yuqi also felt astonished.

This man had to have been already exhausted by collecting the Gen Wu Divine Iron, right? Surprisingly, he could sneak without any warning and sneak attack Ruan Mei’er from behind. This honestly was too unbelievable, and that fist unexpectedly could jolt back Ruan Mei’er’s defense.

Hey, is this guy a Star General?

What made Zhang Yuqi and the others even more shocked was that Su Xing did not control his Flying Swords or any Astral Tools?

The two girls naturally did not know that Su Xing was really an arrow at the end of its path, but the Innate Skills that he had inherited were not so. Relying on Hu Sanniang’s Light Smoke Dance Steps in addition to Shi Yuan’s Hiding, Yan Yizhen’s Fist Magic, Lin Yingmei’s Battle Doctrine, and even Wandering The Clear Skies, things were not so simple as one plus one equals two.

But it was a pity that Shi Yuan’s hiding would break with the slightest use of killing intent. His own Star Energy was not very concentrated, this punch’s substantial threat not at all too great, but it was enough to interrupt Ruan Mei’er’s cold tempo.

With her tempo ruined, next was Su Xing’s time.

Ruan Mei’er caught the punch and was sent flying backwards, on one hand pushing away the Purple Immortal Thunder on her body, while at the same time controlling the messy seawater with rapt attention.

Large numbers of water swords soared into the air, attacking Su Xing from all directions. Su Xing called forth his Flying Swords, engaging them in battle.


The Dragon King Dagger drilled through a blind spot in the Flying Swords’ defenses.

Ruan Mei’er drew near, her gaze cold. Su Xing’s Wandering The Clear Skies and Light Smoke Dance Steps evaded her. Compared to the flight of riding swords, the greatest advantage of Wandering The Clear Skies was the even greater agility.

“Ruan Xiaoqi, where are you going?”

Zhang Yuqi laughed.

Seawater shot into the sky, becoming a wave of bees and butterflies.

Ruan Mei’er’s Dragon King Whip wove a  net. Her right seemed to have been struck by several of the bees, and a numb feeling burned at her elbow’s nerves.

Su Xing’s hands clapped his hands together to form Purple Thunder, rushing towards Ruan Mei’er: “Did those books teach you that it’s best to not go one on two during battle!!” His left hand held the Purple Mansion Immortal thunder as a defense, and his right hand waved, slashing the air with a sword-like Purple Thunder as he chased Ruan Mei’er.

The Purple Thunder Dragon Slaying was currently one of the Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder powers Su Xing had that concentrated his energy into a point. It was also the only thing that could constitute a threat to a Star General, the attacks it burst with very extraordinary.

Ruan Mei’er’s pupils contracted, breaking over with the Dragon King Dagger.

“I like this.” Zhang Yuqi mockingly laughed. The Damage Star’s attack immediately followed suit.

Even Ruan Mei’er was in a bit of a fluster.

The ocean endlessly roared and rolled. Ruan Mei’er’s long robe very quickly showed countless tears.

Ruan Mei’er coldly grunted. Her hand waved, and the seawater drenched her body. Instantly, her wounds recovered.

“Truly, it’s a pretty good Innate Skill.” Zhang Yuqi sighed.

“Discourteous!” Ruan Mei’er’s pupils shrunk, and her Star Energy swelled again.

The seawater violently spat out water sword after water sword.

Zhang Yuqi used Star Magic to stall Ruan Mei’er. Su Xing once again leaned forward, punching, detonating the Purple Thunder in the air to blind Ruan Mei’er.

However, Su Xing’s boxing attacks mostly were blocked by Star Magic. The seawaters were like blades, cutting into his body.

Finally, Su Xing stopped his attack. His Star Energy had been wrung dry, the boxing he wielded already incapable of constituting any further threat.

“Are you actually a Star Master?”

Ruan Mei’er felt even more doubtful. A coldness flashed across her eyes, and she gently waved the Dragon King Dagger.

The killing intent over the waters soared along her Star Weapon, condensing into an Azure Dragon. She did not hesitate at all to use her Dark Rank Technique.

“Azure Dragon Breaking Eastern Wind!!”

“Flying Star Magpie Dance!!”

A shout interjected. The Golden Wind and Morning Dew double sabers blocked in front of Su Xing, the saber-wing violently guesting.

The dragon roar rolled and pressured Hu Niangzi.

“Hu Sanniang, you dare underestimate me!!” Ruan Ping’er hatefully said. The Alligator Dragon’s claws came together, and the seas rolled with a hundred zhang tsunami, water dragons that coiled towards the sky.

“Watch my Water Flooding Dragon King Temple.”

The Guilt Star Short-lived Second Brother’s Dark Rank simultaneously executed.

“All Rivers Reach Seas!!”

Zhang Yuqi shouted.

Three Heavenly Stars and one Earthly Star, the Dark Ranks of the four practically activated at the same time.

The seas seemed to boil. A gale, downpour, killing intent, and saber-qi criss-crossed together.

The hundred cultivators of the Three Ruans Water Fort forming the barrier hastily retreated a kilometer in shock. Thus, the Still Breeze Quiet Waves Array immediately crumbled under the four Dark Ranks.

Thunder rolled, rumbling in their ears.

Su Xing only felt that the space all around pressed in from every direction, not stopping until he was crushed to pieces. If it was not for his abnormally powerful Divine Consciousness, under the attack of this type of perilous situation, he probably long would have already fainted.

Several of the nearby islands were destroyed, and a long while afterwards.

Only then did the ocean finally resume its calm.

The Still Breeze Quiet Waves Array had collapsed under the four Dark Ranks.

“Surprisingly, you still live.” Ruan Ping’er ground her teeth, inwardly regretful that had Zhang Shun not used All Rivers Reach Seas to absorb some of the seawater’s power, on these waters, an already exhausted Supercluster Cultivator absolutely could not have survived.

“Zhang Yuqi, I feel that you truly have a waterlogged brain, to surprisingly help a future enemy.” Ruan Ping’er coldly said.

“A Water General’s brain has always had a bit of water.” Zhang Yuqi covered her mouth, also mocking the Ruan Ping’er and Ruan Mei’er who were Water Generals, too.

Ruan Ping’er evilly said: “Death is at hand, yet you still do not admit a mistake.”

“Yuqi, you had better run quickly.” Su Xing said, already deciding to use the Chaotic Tail Escape.

Originally, collecting the Gen Wu Divine Iron already was a disadvantage. Now, the Ruan Sisters were on the seas that they liked the most. Su Xing had met his share of powerful enemies, but he was self-aware that this was the greatest bad luck. His powers were depleted, and there was not much left of his Star Energy, even unable to activate a Prehistoric Spirit Treasure. The Ruan Sisters still were spry and lively.

“This is a good suggestion!”

Ruan Ping’er smiled.

“Indeed.” Zhag Yuqi said approvingly: “Ruan Ping’er, Ruan Mei’er, why hasn’t the Sword Star come? Don’t the Three Ruan Sisters like fighting together?”

“Hmph, sort you out, just seventh sister and I are enough. Zhang Shun, do you think you can triumph over the two of us?”

Ruan Ping’er arrogantly said. “Today, you will be buried here.”

“Actually, what Yuqi meant…was that you two Elder Sisters had better run away quickly.” Zhang Yuqi winked, without the slightest bit of awareness of danger.

“What are you saying…” Ruan Ping’er was about to jeer.

Suddenly, at this moment, a raging flame ignited on the sea and spread over several thousand meters. The surging ocean surprisingly was unable to extinguish this fire, which shocked the Ruan cultivators.

A foehn wind threw itself in their faces.

Su Xing felt a powerful imposing aura roll overward.

Sword Star Ruan Xiao’er?

Seeing the Ruan Sisters wear expressions of astonishment, Su Xing denied this thought.

Don’t tell me it’s her?

Su Xing was somewhat unable to believe.

That strange flame instantly burned before them. In the flames astonishingly was a completely red as flame whale beast. On the whale’s back stood a red-clothed girl. She had a red brocade and corset, damask and silk, floating red hair, and eyes like flames.


Originally, the Ruan Ping’er and Ruan Mei’er who had believed victory was at hand simultaneously showed expressions of astonishment.

“Who is the one without eyes that said they would bury my little sister here? I, Feiyu,1 want to see how many of them can be buried here!!”

The red lips of the young girl who appeared sixteen or seventeen burst with intense, fiery anger.

The sea within a range of a hundred meters suddenly burned with a scathing flame, reflecting crimson into the sky.

“Elder Sister, you’ve come…”

Zhang Yuqi helplessly said.

“Little Sister, is this Star Master bullying you? Hmph, truly weak. I shall kill him then.” The young girl looked around, inevitably treating Su Xing the Star Master as an enemy. Her fingers clenched, and flames spiraled around.

Without using the Birth Treasure Outline, Su Xing could guess who she was.

The twenty-eighth ranked Balance Star Boatman Zhang Heng!2

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  1. 緋玉
  2. 天平星船火兒張橫


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