Chapter 402: Gangster Elder Sister

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Balance Star Boatman Zhang Heng?

Hu Sanniang clenched tight Golden Wind and Morning Dew. Although she was already spent, her expression did not shrink back in the slightest. Zhang Feiyu lifted several fireballs that she was about to throw when Zhang Yuqi hastily stopped her. “Elder Sister, you’re making  a mistake. It’s not Su Xing, it’s the Ruan Sisters.”


Boatman Zhang Feiyu’s burning eyes widened. She harrumphed several times, turning her head. “Little Sisters Ruan, for two people to bully my Little Sister by herself, you think we Zhangs are nobody?”

The sea of fire rolled, and a foehn wind hit them in the face.

Ruan Ping’er hardly accepted this: “Boatman Zhang Heng, do you also wish to become enemies with the Three Ruans Water Fort? Your Little Sister surprisingly helped a Star Master. As her Elder Sister, is your brain also waterlogged?”

“Fuck your Elder Sister, you dare scold me?”

The Boatman shouted, and several fireballs shot over with a shriek. This little girl’s character was fiery. Without saying another word, she released several dozen giant fireballs.

The fins of the  “Burning Whale”1 Star Beast under her legs flapped, and the seawater shot into the sky, becoming pillars of fire.

Among all the Water Generals, Balance Star Boatman Zhang Heng was clearly rather unconventional. As the name implied, Water Generals were experts at maritime battle, but although Zhang Heng was a Water General, as it happened, she was an expert in fire. She could use seawater to create inextinguishable flames that gave all Star Generals a headache.

Zhang Yuqi pointed, turning water into a sword and attacked together with her Elder Sister.

Ruan Ping’er and Ruan Mei’er continuously used Star Magic.

But after using a Dark Rank, it was clear they were no match for a fully angry Boatman. This Zhang Feiyu’s temperament was considerably angry. After releasing several fireballs, her hand clenched, and a completely red-jade broadsword, with three twinkling stars.

This was her Star Weapon – Flaming Fish King Saber!2

“Today, This Old Lady shall fuck you two little foul footers3 to death.” Zhang Yufei’s legs kicked. Her cloak blew upwards, and her figure soared into the sky.

The Flaming Fish King Saber slashed a blazing saber technique.

Zhang Yufei, you hoodlum, clean out your mouth.” Even Ruan Ping’er was somewhat red-faced as she cursed without restraint.

“Heh, heh, you clean yourself first, see how well This Old Lady will make you.”

Zhang Feiyu’s saber technique was continuously oppressive. The flames on this saber made Ruan Ping’er and Ruan Mei’er’s water-type magic completely evaporate. The Ruan Sisters were confronted with a great enemy, being cut with many injuries by the sparks.

Zhang Feiyu danced with the Blazing Fish King Saber magnificently, all the while unceasingly uttering considerable trash talk. Su Xing could tell – the Zhang Feiyu before him was probably a gangster.

Even Zhang Yuqi felt awkward. “Elder Sister has only forgotten her manners, so her speech isn’t so pleasant to hear…”

Su Xing smiled. “She’s very incredible, is she a martial force Water General?”

“That’s right.”

“When did you call her over?” Su Xing asked.

“Last night.” Zhang Yuqi smiled and replied. She looked at the sky. Her Elder Sister had suppressed the two, and Zhang Yuqi occasionally let out Star Magic for support, happily idle as she chatted with Su Xing.

Su Xing recalled the scene of Zhang Yuqi using her Star Crest on the cliffside. He suddenly understood, that it turned out to be that time that she had contacted her Elder Sister.

The girl’s meticulous thinking made Su Xing feel ashamed of his inferiority.

“You two take care of yourselves first. After this, it will be a battle between Elder and Little Sisters.” Zhang Yuqi smiled.

Su Xing nodded. Even if he wanted to help, he could not.

Zhang Yuqi flew up and joined the battle.

Although what Zhang Feiyu uttered was unpleasant to listen to, her attack methods were direct and efficient, succinct and quick. Saber-light and saber-shadows criss-crossed, flames and seawater encountering one another.

The Ruan Sisters retreated in defeat step by step.

Hearing Zhang Feiyu’s endless low-class language, Ruan Ping’er’s was angered enough that blood pooled inside her chest.

“Fifth Sister, do not mind her words.” Ruan Mei’er still had an expression of calmly continuing in her own way. Her martial force was pretty good, mostly thanks to the chilly whip-wind that the Dragon King Dagger Whip drew out not allowing Zhang Feiyu’s burning fire to prevail.

“Watch Elder Sister strip you naked.”

Zhang Feiyu curled a lascivious grin. Her right hand held her saber, and her left palm slid across the flat of the saber. The flames then surged even more aggressively.

This is bad.

The Ruan Sisters simultaneously changed expressions, forming defenses without the slightest hesitation.

The flames on the saber puffed and rolled out, becoming two fire dragons. Zhang Feiyu then slashed.

The two fire dragons circled the Ruan Sisters and formed a storm.

Yellow Rank Saber Technique – Fish Dragon Roaming Fire.4

The seawater was boiled.

The Ruan Sisters could barely block it, but the clothing on their bodies turned to charred shreds just as Zhang Feiyu said. The two were absolutely naked.

“Second Boss!”

“Third Boss!”

The cultivators of the Three Ruans’ Water Fort were incapable of sitting idle and were about to step forward to provide assistance.

“Whoever dares to step forward, I’ll gouge their eyes out.” Ruan Ping’er was extremely furious. Her hand then waved, and she was covered in a long robe.

Yet Ruan Mei’er remained aloof at her own nakedness, but because her children’s picture book had been burned, her eyes already showed true fury.

“Seventh Sister, we shall go for now, have Big Sister come teach her a lesson.” Ruan Ping’er knew that the both of them had no way to defeat the Zhang Sisters, and she called out to Ruan Mei’er.

Ruan Mei’er cracked her whip. In her extreme anger, the water soared, and Zhang Feiyu retreated.

“You Zhang Sisters are lunatics, to surprisingly go help a Star Master.” Ruan Ping’er hatefully glared at Su Xing, immediately recalling the Ancient Dragon Alligator.

The Anitya Dragon King Beast also broke free of the Urgent Seas White Spirit Python, and the two girls sat on the Star Beast, leaving.

“Zhang Heng, Zhang Shun, today’s humiliation, the Ruan Sisters will take revenge at Black Turtle Temple. If you have the guts, then do not come.”

A sentence of indignation was thrown over.

The other cultivators removed the array and promptly escaped.

“Truly the saying of a classic villain.” Zhang Yuqi giggled.

“Little Sister, you can still laugh? That Elder Sister Ruan Jin’er cannot be handled. Why have you offended the Three Ruan Sisters.” Zhang Feiyu landed on the Burning Whale. Inquisitively, she again turned her gaze to Su Xing, her hostility not yet diminished: “And what is with this Star Master?” Seeing her fiery expression, there was an abundance of the meaning, “You acted without clearly understanding the situation.”

“It’ll take too long to explain, however, Yuqi didn’t seek Elder Sister out to come help fight. Yuqi has something to consult Elder Sister about.” Zhang Yuqi giggled.

“A Supercluster Stage Star Master. Hmph, to surprisingly Star Duel against the Ruans on the seas, truly, you are courting death.” Zhang Feiyu disdainfully looked at Su Xing, stowing her raging flames.

“Elder Sister, let us leave quickly. If that Sword Star truly comes, things will be bad.” Zhang Yuqi helplessly said.

Boatman Zhang Feiyu temper slightly exploded, but mentioning that Sword Star Taisui Who Stands His Ground Ruan Xiao’er, she clearly had some misgivings, “Hmph, that whore5 surprisingly dares to pressure This Old Lady, truly detestable. Sooner or later, I, Feiyu, will ruthlessly pin her under my body – and [BLEEP] her a hundred times.”6

Su Xing wiped his sweat. This woman honestly upset his heart. It was not her body, but her language.

“Su Xing, you must feel that Yuqi is an angel right now.” Zhang Yuqi derisively laughed.

Su Xing thought the same.

The group immediately left the Black Turtle Sea. Although things had taken many twists and turns, Su Xing nearly was smashing his head over this Gen Wu Divine Iron, but regardless, obtaining the Gen Wu Divine Iron made Su Xing let out a deep breath. The Earth Element Flying Sword finally fell into his possession.

But Su Xing’s brows deeply furrowed. The worry that had appeared before was still lingering in his heart.

“Dear Husband, are you worried about the three Ruan Sisters?” Hu Niangzi said.

Su Xing shook his head. “I’m only suddenly very anxious about Xinjie and Yuan’er…” Star Masters and Star Maidens both had a reaction. Even if they were separated by a thousand li, ten thousand li, any danger that happened, he would have a sort of unease.

Hu Niangzi did not know who Xinjie or Yuan’er were, but seeing Su Xing’s distress, she only treated them as his true wives and remained silent.

Connecting Heaven Ancient Tomb.

A thunder roll rumbled, and an explosion rocked the underground palace. The exquisite reliefs and paintings collapsed one after another, turning into ruins before the fury of a fire dragon.

“Elder Sister Knowledge Star, you still will not run?”

Ling Feixue controlled the Silent Destruction Star Meteor Cannon into an unceasing rumble.

The cannon’s muzzle spat out a fire dragon.

This Eight Gates Black Gold Chain truly was loathsome, like a cobweb, entangling their movements. The space of the underground palace was originally confining, and this made the Eight Gates Black Gold Chain exhibit its peak performance even more.

Han Bing continuously used the Evil Cleanup Knife and several powerful magic weapons, but they were all astonishingly dispelled by Wu Xinjie. However, the Immemorial Sword Chant still brought Wu Xinjie great trouble.

“Master, it is better to allow Hua Xue to cover Master’s escape.” Hua Xue said.

“You cannot for the time being.”

Wu Xinjie flew quickly around in the underground palace, her feet stepping on Heavenly Spirits, her legs walking on Earthly Fiends. Combined with the Eight Gates Black Gold Chain’s array, she walked with a sort of “Heavenly Spirits Earthly Fiends Step” wonder.

Let alone that the Knowledge Star was only one person, this Eight Gates Black Gold Chain had more uses than a hundred people. Han Bing could understand why the Knowledge Star who lacked martial force could once ascend Maiden Mountain. Indeed, this Eight Gates Black Gold Chain was powerful.

This also made Han Bing have the idea to kill Wu Xinjie with one strike, however, seeing that the Knowledge Star did not have a Star Master at her side, as if she did not have a contract, also made Han Bing have the thought to rope her in. She wavered repeatedly. Han Bing was slightly hesitant, her attacks no longer as straightforward as before.

“Knowledge Star, how about we make a deal?” Han Bing suddenly said.

“Han Bing?” Ling Feixue was confused.

“Oh, speak.” Wu Xinjie hid among the densely packed array of chains and spoke.

“You sign a contract with me, and we shall ascend Maiden Mountain together.”

“Are you giving up on Little Sister Feixue?” Wu Xinjie mockingly laughed.

“A Knowledge Star that possesses the Eight Gates Black Gold Chain, perhaps I can contract a pair of Stars.” Han Bing said.

The Eight Gates Black Gold Chain stopped, as if the master of the chains was currently considering the possibility of this.

Ling Feixue saw this and stopped her attack, but she did not dare be careless.

“What is your answer.” Han Bing asked.

“Why not try, Elder Sister?” Ling Feixue said, friendly.

“And what happens if you cannot contract?” Wu Xinjie pensively said.

“I can let you off, so long as you are willing to try. I have a Twin Stars Button. Reportedly, by possessing this treasure, one can contract two Stars!” Han Bing’s wrist flipped, and a button appeared.

Wu Xinjie was hoarse. She never expected that Han Bing surprisingly had this sort of legendary treasure. As expected of someone who possessed a White Treasure Monkey.

Narrowing her eyes, Wu Xinjie then said: “First tell Xinjie just who you are…”

“White…” Just as Han Bing was about to speak, having uttered only one word, she suddenly concentrated her expression and patted her Astral Bag.

A gold-lettered treasure book floated out.

Birth Treasure Outline!!

Wu XInjie was even more astonished – she surprisingly even had the Birth Treasure Outline. Where did this cheat little girl pop out from.

“You signed a contract…” Han Bing’s face chilled.

“Correct, Xinjie has not only signed a contract, but she has also given her virginity to Lord Husband, hee, hee.”


The two girls were shocked.

“Watch the Eight Gates Black Gold Chain’s Dark Rank Technique. Careful that you do not die.”

Wu Xinjie suddenly shouted.

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  1. 焚鯨
  2. 火焰魚王刀
  3. 小浪蹄子, misbehaving girls
  4. 魚龍遊火, but it should be noted that 魚龍 literally means ichthyosaur.
  5. 搔貨
  6. 嘩, this is SFX for the BLEEP sound effect


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    1. Strictly speaking…

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