Chapter 403: The White Tiger Territory’s Star Master

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Wu Xinjie’s eyes glowed.

The Eight Gates Black Gold Chain frantically moved about like a living snake, coiling into an array.

The Ling Feixue and Han Bing who had experienced the Yellow Rank of the Eight Gates Black Gold Chain already had lingering fears. Hearing that she was about to use her Dark Rank Technique, the two of them did not hesitate to assume their most powerful defensive stances.

The Eight Gates Black Gold Chain shot over with a rustle.

It struck around them.

That sort of heaven shaking and earth quaking power that they expected did not appear at all. Even more, there was no killing intent at all. Han Bing and Ling Feixue glanced at each other. The Flying Swords slashed, and the cannons fired.

There was a resounding quake.

The Eight Gates Black Gold Chain thus faded away into thin air just like this.

Just then, they spotted a shadow turn a long corridor.

She ran?

Ling Feixue stuck out her tongue. Although this was within expectations, this was still a bit unbelievable.

Han Bing wrinkled her brows. She did not expect that the Knowledge Star would be so daring to slink away. On second thoughts, her Birth Treasure Outline had exposed her identity. The Knowledge Star knew she was not an opponent, even if she was any more arrogant.

“Shall we pursue?”

Heaven Shaking Thunder Ling Feixue inquired her master.

“No need. This place also has the Thief Star. Let us first go find treasures.” Han Bing thought.


Han Bing tried to use Divine Intent to call the White Treasure Monkey. Calling several times without any response, the young girl’s face chilled. She struck several hand seals, sung an incantation, and at this time, only then did Han Bing show a shocked expression.

“Han Bing, what is the matter?” Ling Feixue nervously asked.

“This is bad, we were fooled.” Han Bing was extremely unsightly. She used an Escape Technique to fly out of the palace, so much so that she no longer cared about the things inside the Connecting Heaven Ancient Tomb.

Ling Feixue was deeply aware things were serious and also followed her.

“The White Treasure Monkey has been captured by the Thief Star!” Han Bing spat out each word one by one with ice-cold wording.

“What? How is this possible. Han Bing, did you not subjugate the White Treasure Monkey, use Divine Intent to control it?”

“Perhaps the Knowledge Star possesses some trick. Just now, I called several times without any response.” Han Bing grit her teeth.

Ling Feixue also turned grim, “No wonder the Knowledge Star kept on staying just then, It seems it was to allow the Thief Star to seize the White Treasure Monkey. As expected of such a clever scheme…”

“This time, I absolutely will not let her go!”

Ice formed in Han Bing’s hair, turning into a cold light. Wherever she passed, ice and frost formed.

Just as Han Bing and Ling Feixue were flying to pursue Wu Xinjie, they would never have thought that not long after they left, two youthful girls would walk out from a corner of the main hall.

“Sister Xinjie is truly amazing, to surprisingly use this move to fool them.” The girl in black skintight clothes laughed into her sleeve. She was Shi Yuan.

And the blue-clothed woman beside Shi Yuan was, without a doubt, Knowledge Star Wu Xinjie.

Long story short, as Han Bing had anticipated, the reason why Wu Xinjie stalled them was indeed for Shi Yuan’s signal. Afterwards, having received Shi Yuan’s Sound Transmission, only then did she intimidatingly call out that she was using her Dark Rank Technique to make the two of them worry. With the terror of the Eight Gates Black Gold Chain’s Yellow Rank, she believed they would be very careful, and this gave Wu Xinjie her chance.

She did not leave at all. On the contrary, she went further in. Anyone else would never have been able to expect that such a dangerous opponent would not run but instead hide right next to them.

It was precisely because of this psychology that Wu Xinjie successfully deceived them.

As for the shadow that Han Bing chased after, that was nothing more than the Three Burrows Crafty Rabbit.

“Just how did you manage to capture the White Treasure Monkey?” Wu Xinjie was very surprised. If she did not know that Shi Yuan had secretly captured the White Treasure Monkey, she would not necessarily have faced danger like this. If she knew that she could not draw them away from this place, sooner or later, they would have been found out.

“This Young Lady is but a genius.” Shi Yuan giggled. She extended a hand and brought out the White Treasure Monkey that was on death’s door.

It seemed to be dead, but it breathed. It was merely like a puppet.

“This Young Lady lost a Five Poisons Banner in order to extract its soul. So much time was wasted. If This Young Lady was not worried for Elder Sister, Yuan’er could not possibly do it so quickly?”

“Extract its soul?”

So it turned out that just as Shi Yuan was searching for money and valuables in the Connecting Heaven Ancient Tomb, suddenly, a White Treasure Monkey jumped out. This White Treasure Monkey could be called quick, far more incredible than the Three Burrows Crafty Rabbit. Furthermore, with an inhale of its nose, those treasures directly entered its belly, which made Shi Yuan’s heart worried.

Shi Yuan naturally would not side idly by and thereupon wanted to drive off this White Treasure Monkey. How could she have anticipated that this White Treasure Monkey was abnormally powerful, that it would spray ice and frost and spit magic weapons, making Shi Yuan nearly return to the Star Nest.

Afterwards, Shi Yuan laid down her newly repaired Five Poisons Array, once again using the Thousand Layers Ten Thousand Knots Web to catch this White Treasure Monkey. Finally, Shi Yuan suddenly had a bright idea. She used the Mo Attack Mechanism Records’ Soul Refinement Technique to extract this White Treasure Monkey’s soul. By doing so, Han Bing naturally did not have access to summon it using her Divine Intent.

“It’s a pity that this White Treasure Monkey destroyed This Young Lady’s Five Poisons Banner. This was but something Su Xing specially gifted to Yuan’er.” Shi Yuan rubbed her nose, somewhat grieved.

Wu Xinjie smiled, consoling her: “Just go back and have Lianxin help you reforge it. This time, Yuan’er, you have rendered great service, to surprisingly be able to catch this White Treasure Monkey. Go back and have Young Lord refine the soul. Young Lord will definitely love you painfully.”1

“Yuan’er wants that kind of pain…” Shi Yuan blushed.

Wu Xinjie, “Before Maiden Mountain’s trials, do not do this for the time being. If some accident were to occur, that would be the end. This trip to the Connecting Heaven Ancient Tomb was dangerous even for us. To have surprisingly encountered this kind of Star Master, these Star Duels are deeply hidden and unrevealed, as expected.”

“Just who was that woman? So many magic weapons, and even a Birth Treasure Outline, surprisingly…” Shi Yan was in disbelief.

“Xinjie fears she is the White Tiger Territory’s Star Master.” Wu Xinjie’s tone sunk.

The White Tiger Territory’s Star Master?

Shi Yuan went blank.

The White Tiger Territory, the Liangshan Continent’s most terrifying territory. That place was a place of legendary prehistory and antiquity. There were countless Immemorial Demon Beasts, and each one was powerful without compare. In addition, these Immemorial and Prehistoric Demons Beasts could cultivate to become Demi Kings, several times more powerful than Star Cultivators.

The White Tiger Territory unexpectedly can turn out a Star Master?

That was very abnormal.

However, this actually could explain the multiple Prehistoric Spirit Treasure on Han Bing’s body. Only the White Tiger Territory had the materials that could forge these Prehistoric Spirit Treasure defensive items.

“Forget it, let’s quickly search for any other useful things in the Connecting Heaven Ancient Tomb. Han Bing will definitely come back soon.”

Shi Yuan warned, “Right, Elder Sister’s Star Weapon perhaps can advance to Four Star.”


“Heh, heh, Yuan’er has found a Connecting Heaven Treasure Depository.”

“Really, then let us go quickly.”


Along the way, Shi Yuan recalled Wu Xinjie’s bluff at the end. She curiously asked: “Sister Xinjie, has Elder Sister comprehended the Dark Rank of the Eight Gates Black Gold Chain?”

Wu Xinjie shook her head.

“Eh…So difficult…” The Knowledge Star was the fastest of all the Star Maidens at comprehending the Heaven Earth Dark Yellow techniques, and to unexpectedly still not have comprehended the Dark Rank of the Eight Gates Black Gold Chain, these chains honestly were abnormal.

“So long as we can upgrade the Eight Gates Black Gold Chain a few Stars, hm, hm, this way can still defeat them.”

Wu Xinjie touched her forehead: “How can things be so easy. Young Lord used so much effort for Xinjie, yet this Eight Gates Black Gold Chain is only One Star.”

“It will work this time.”

“Su Xing…”

A voice rose in Su Xing’s mind. Su Xing returned to his senses and saw the three girls were all staring at him.

“Sorry, I was preoccupied just now.” Su Xing apologized. The unease in his heart had vanished. It appeared that the danger had passed, and there was no response in the Star Nest. That made it clear the beauties were alright.

Su Xing finally relaxed.

“For this man to still be able to surprisingly lose focus when he is together with us three beautiful girls, do you want to make Feiyu mercilessly fuck you?” Zhang Feiyu disdainfully said.

“You dare be discourteous to Dear Husband?” Hu Niangzi coldly glared at her.

Zhang Feiyu looked Hu Niangzi up and down and clicked her tongue, “As expected of the number one beauty of our Sisters…You have actually convenienced this man.”

“Don’t fight.” Zhang Yuqi was helpless.

“Where were we just now?” Su Xing asked. Any way it was put, Zhang Feiyu had helped him just now, so she counted as a benefactor.

“We were talking about the Black Turtle Temple.” Zhang Yuqi said: “Elder Sister, we will still have to trouble Elder Sister.”

“Is this man worthy of belief?” Zhang Feiyu was somewhat impatient. “Little Sister, he was so useless just now…”

“Oh, please, Elder Sister. Su Xing is very exceptional, but we just came up from harvesting Gen Wu Divine Iron from the deep sea. Even if Great Saint Starkiller appeared, we long would have already been doomed.” Zhang Yuqi explained for Su Xing.

“Gen Wu Divine Iron?” Zhang Feiyu looked at Su Xing with a whole new level of respect. She naturally knew of the formidability of the Gen Wu Divine Iron, and she had once requested her Little Sister to go collect some, but it was basically unobtainable during the previous Phase.

“You helped him like this?” Zhang Feiyu did not hide anything.

“Little Sister has the White Water Mirror Heart. Elder Sister does not need to worry about this.” Zhang Yuqi flaunted her ring.

“Alright. We Zhang Sisters naturally will enter the Black Turtle Temple together. Hmph, those three Ruan Sisters, at that time you will be taught a proper lesson.”

“Then it’s settled.” Zhang Yuqi smiled.

“I shall confer with that woman of mine…”2 Zhang Feiyu kneaded Zhang Yuqi’s cheeks into a funny face. “However, my Little Sister has brought with her an additional man. My woman perhaps will be nervous. How about this, we shall meet another day.”

“Yuqi called Elder Sister precisely for this.” Zhang Yuqi cheerfully said. “However, we definitely have to make the Water Illusion Fairy3 agree.”

“Alright, if she does not agree then Elder Sister will [BLEEP] her a hundred times…Ha, ha.” Zhang Feiyu laughed aloud.


Seeing the Zhang Sisters tenderly chat, Su Xing noticed that Zhang Feiyu’s character was a bit on the bad side, but she still loved her Little Sister very dearly. Her fiery eyes had a trace of doting.

“If you dare deceive my Little Sister, I, Feiyu, will castrate you.” Before she left, Zhang Feiyu warned Su Xing.

“Elder Sister, don’t, Yuqi doesn’t want that. Yuqi still wants to see the Sisters blow the flute!” Zhang Yuqi mockingly said.

“Blow the flute? Hmph, on another day, Elder Sister will show you how to blow the flute.” Zhang Feiyu did not know the hidden meaning in Zhang Yuqi’s words.4

Su Xing could not help but smile.

Zhang Yuqi also chortled. “Okay, Yuqi will look forward to Elder Sister blowing Su Xing’s flute…”

Hearing these words, even Hu Niangzi could not help but curl up the corner of her lips.

Zhang Feiyu’s cheeks turned a rare red, and she glared at her.

“Is a slut like you missing a man’s love.”5

Zhang Yuqi stuck out her tongue.

After Zhang Feiyu left, Su Xing asked Zhang Yuqi: “Has she signed a contract?”

“Yes, her name is the Water Illusion Fairy.” Zhang Yuqi teased Su Xing: “Su Xing, don’t you feel very regretful, don’t you want to eat us Sisters up?”

“You, maybe. But her, I fear not even bones will be left.” Su Xing made fun of her.

“You want to eat Yuqi…Hm, hm…” Zhang Yuqi retained a tantalizing smile. She lifted her collar and erotically exposed a great expanse of her perfectly round snow-whiteness.

Su Xing smiled: “I’ll first go seek out Lianxin to forge the Flying Swords, then we’ll talk later.”

“Lianxin?” The two girls were taken aback.

“My seventh Wife.” Su Xing smiled at Hu Niangzi: “Wife, I’ll introduce you in a moment. Yuqi do you want to come along?”

“Sure, Yuqi honestly is curious how many beauties Young Su has stashed away in his golden house?”6

Zhang Yuqi winked, teasing him.

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  1. 疼死, lit. love dearly, but Shi Yuan’s response is a pun on 疼, meaning “pain.”
  2. She is not referring to her as a lover, but as a title of respect. Like, “My master,” that sort of sense.
  3. 水幻仙子
  4. XD lol
  5. Ah, sibling banter.
  6. 金屋, has a sexual connotation, esp. for a mistress.


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