Chapter 405: Little Huang Battles Seven Stars

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The Spring Breeze Drunken Rain Pavilion enjoyed a reputation in this region, not just because of the food there, but rather for the person who opened the restaurant.

The mistress of the restaurant was the one hundred and first ranked Yin Star Female Tiger Gu Dasao.1 To be able to receive the hospitality of Maiden Mountain’s Star Maidens naturally was very satisfying for the vanity of a cultivator. Since there was a Star Maiden keeping watch, naturally many Star Masters would snoop around, but in nearly four years, no Starfalls had ever come from inside the restaurant. The reason was very simple – it was rumored that the restaurant had at least seven or eight Star Maidens gathered together. If any one Star Master dared to make a move, the Star Generals of the Spring Breeze Drunken Rain Pavilion would unite against the enemy.

The most famous case was that reportedly, a Star Master from the Azure Dragon Territory named Di Long2 brought his Star Maiden, the ninety-seventh ranked Earthly Detective Star Green Eyed Tiger Li Yun (Li Yi/Yun),3 to the Spring Breeze Drunken Rain Pavilion. They were unaware of the mysterious principles behind the Star Duels, and the result was that they were afflicted with the “No Mood Wine”4 and suffered a Starfall. Green Eyed Tiger Li Yun’s Star Weapon  Black Wind Slashing Ring Saber5 was actually still hung above the main hall of the restaurant, a warning to every cultivator to be careful.

On this day, Gu Tong was currently counting the bills.

Nearby, the somewhat drunk Xinyue closed her eyes: “Tong’er, what is the point in counting this money. We are not Noble Star Chai Jin, and neither can we take it with us.”

“Hmph, Xinyue, do you think that you can keep a restaurant without money?” Gu Tong snorted. On her shoulder lay a very marten-like lion-headed Star Beast – the Tiger Marten.6 The Tiger Marten called out several times, baring its fangs.

“Go.” Xinyue shooed this Star Beast, throwing a bone.

The Tiger Marten actually went to chase.

“I feel that Mistress is calculating a dowry, waiting for a Lord Husband she has yet to meet.” The Li Bailian wearing a white qipao smiled very elegantly.

The others laughed at what they heard.

This matter had some background to it. When Bai Yutang originally returned, in actuality, she made the Elder Sisters in the restaurant worried endlessly. Zou Ke explained what happened in Evil Smiting Hall, not hiding the “Papa” that Bai Yutang recognized in Evil Smiting Hall. At that time, they were delighted.

It was known that in this restaurant, Gu Dasao’s maternal love was overflowing. She considered herself Candy’s Mama. Candy was not making her find a Lord Husband without good cause.

Gu Tong promptly blushed: “This Old Lady truly has supported you all for nothing. Tangtang has been deceived by a Star Master inside Evil Smiting Hall, yet you are still rejoicing in this misfortune.”

“Candy seems to rather like him.” Xinyue took a swig of wine.

“Right. That man even saved Candy. If he actually is harboring ulterior motives, then he would have already Star Dueled.” Li Bailian agreed, laughing into her sleeve: “Bailian is honestly somewhat looking forward to Candy’s Papa.”

“Hmph, you are still pretending. It is not as if you do not know of Candy’s wine fermentation ability. The matter of previous Star Masters exploiting other spiritual power Star Generals is not uncommon. I feel that it is likely he is exploiting Candy. By the time the Star Duels End, he will show his true face. Hmph. This Old Lady has operated in Eastern Mountain island for several years. I have seen every face of the Star Cultivator.” Gu Tong gnashed her teeth and bared her fangs.

There was nothing incorrect with what she said, but to be able to let go of Zou Ke and even let go of Candy, this price was unavoidably too great. Furthermore…”Furthermore, does that man not want to sign a contract with Tangtang? This is a great thing…” Xinyue drunkenly said.

“En. If he truly can protect Candy.” Li Bailian giggled.

Gu Tong was rarely without a retort.

In actuality, the Female Tiger was very clear about the current situation. Let alone that the Spring Breeze Drunken Rain Pavilion had seven Sisters, at the present Phase, not only were Gu Tong and the other Sisters very clear that they lived day by day, already as if every day would be their last. Although they already finished their preparations for Starfall, whenever they talked about Rat Star Bai Yutang, their hearts nevertheless were unwilling to part.

Gu Tong even recalled the scene of when she first saw Bai Yutang. Even the eyes of the Female Tiger of unyielding heart watered then. At that time, she had entered the city to buy grains to make wine. She caught sight of Bai Yutang huddled in a dark and damp corner. The girl was so filthy her appearance was practically obscured. Beside her was a rat acting as a companion. What she ate was the leftovers of the rat’s food.

Gu Tong took her home on the spot and only afterwards discovered that she was surprisingly their Little Sister.

How Bai Yutang spent the last few years, just thinking about it was enough to make Gu Tong’s tear pour like rain. Ever since then, Gu Tong hated Maiden Mountain’s cruelty to death and secretly swore to protect Bai Yutang. Even if she were to Starfall, she would never allow anyone to sully this poor thing.

“As if This Old Lady ever cared what sort of person he is. If he does not treat Tangtang well, This Old Lady will definitely kill him.” Gu Tong wiped her eyes.

Li Bailian and Xinyue forced on a smile. They knew she was remembering the past.

“The Black Turtle Territory is so big, that man will not be so quick to find us. If he actually finds us, we will not let him easily take Tangtang away.” Xinyue patted Gu Tong to comfort her.

“En. This Old Lady ponders that the Black Turtle Territory has not been too peaceful as of late. Should we leave this place for now? We will also need to buy some protective Astral Treasures…” Gu Tong voiced her thinking: “Tangtang right now still is incapable of Dark Rank Wine Fermentation. I also think we ought to help Tangtang find those wine fermentation materials.”

“I do not have an opinion about this, but there is actually no need to leave.”


A clean voice interrupted them.

Gu Tong lifted her head and saw Zou Ke carrying Bai Yutang down the stairs. Little Candy adorably spread open her arms, and Gu Tong’s heart warmed up as she hugged her.

“All my life has been spent in the contentment of drunken stupor.” The Shi Meng7 sitting on the stone lion outside the restaurant drank a large mouthful of wine, casted a sideways glance at the scene inside and sighed. Suddenly, a fireball appeared in the sky and approached. Before Shi Meng could take a careful look, that fireball gently landed on a rock in the courtyard outside of the restaurant. The flames vanished, and what appeared was an extremely magnificent phoenix that seemingly had an empress’ authority. She gracefully spread her wings, greatly shocking the other cultivators, who escaped without a trace.

This is…Shi Meng was seemingly doused awake by a bucket of ice water from head to toe. Her mouth hung agape, and she was dumb as a wooden chicken.

From upon the graceful phoenix walked down a similarly fairy-like little girl. Undoubtedly, her age appeared to be very small, but her each and every movement emitted a swift and severe pressure.

“Spring Breeze Drunken Rain Pavilion!”

Gongsun Huang lifted her head to look at the signboard and nodded/ She spotted at the staring Shi Meng. Blinking, she asked: “Does Bai Yutang live here?”

“What do you think you are doing?”

The skin of Shi Meng’s whole body was stretched taut, changing from her previous indolence.

“Respectfully presenting His Highness’ orders, Little Huang has come to take her away.” Gongsun Huang took a step forward.

“His Highness? Whoever you are, the Spring Breeze Drunken Rain Pavilion is not a place that lets you take away whomever you please.” Shi Meng shouted, “Guardian Stone Lion, come out!” The stone lion that was like a relief suddenly awoke from its slumber. Its eyes glowed with golden light, and it roared.

Gongsun Huang cocked her head.

“Meng’er, what is happening?”

Gu Tong at this time waited until people left the restaurant, and she was stifled the moment she saw that phoenix.

“Di Nü Heavenly Phoenix!!”

“Elder Sister Little Huang!” Candy cried out in pleasant surprise.

Gu Tong was taken aback, hugging Bai Yutang even tighter. “You are the Leisure Star Dragon in the Clouds Gongsun Huang!!”

Rustle, rustle.

Five Star Maidens each gripping Star Weapons appeared left and right. They stared right at Gongsun Huang.

Gongsun Huang blinked. She extended a hand towards Bai Yutang, a gesture of invitation.

Bai Yutang extended her hand yet somewhat hesitantly lifted her head to look at her Mama.

“Hmph, Gongsun Huang, your ‘His Highness’ can stop thinking of using flowery language to deceive Tangtang. Is this even a man? To unexpectedly deceive a girl who does not bother herself with the world, fancy that you are the ranked fourth Elder Sister. Could it be you have steeled yourself?” Gu Tong said with a strict tone.

Gongsun Huang blinked.

“His Highness is a good person.”

“Hmph, give This Old Lady a break. Why has he sent you, since he wishes to pick up Tangtang, why does he not come himself? Hm, hm, does he not have even the slightest bit of good faith?” Gu Tong sneered.

“Mama.” Bai Yutang’s little hand tugged at Gu Tong’s collar.

“Tangtang, look clearly at the true face of the Star Master. If he truly cares about you, why has he not personally come. Do not be deceived by these Star Masters. These Star Masters are merely exploiting us. He deserves to rot in hell.” Gu Tong gravely said.

Bai Yutang lightly bit her lip, her limpid pupils gazing at Gongsun Huang.

“His Highness has matters to attend to.” Gongsun Huang furrowed her brows. She walked forward a step.

“I actually want to teach the number one in magic energy Dragon Entering the Clouds a lesson.” Shi Meng shouted. The Guardian Stone Lion at her side roared and charged, and she herself thereupon disappeared.

Her fist seemed to be like iron and stone, impressively raising wind.

Gongsun Huang waved her hand, making the Di Nü Heavenly Phoenix halt its attack. She looked expressionlessly at Shi Meng’s fist. Her hair was blown upwards as she stared right into the chilly astral wind blowing in her face.

Gongsun Huang’s pupils flashed.

Yellow Rank Boxing – Landslide!!8


The power of the fist ended in front of Gongsun Huang’s face. Shi Meng was shocked to discover she was surprisingly unable to take another step forward, “Little Huang can only take her force by then.” Gongsun Huang indifferently said, forming a hand seal.

An enormous force knocked Shi Meng’s body away.

The Guardian Stone Lion at this time pounced. Gongsun Huang manifested the Pinebrand Ancient Sword and pointed it.

A green airflow blew the Guardian Stone Lion’s whole body, cracking its stone skin.

“Gongsun Huang, do not be arrogant.”

On that side, Xinyue, Zou Ke, and Li Bailian acted together at the same time Shi Meng was blasted away. Everyone was a Star General, each of their foreheads twinkled with Star Crests.

“Swift Wind Half Moon Slash!”9

“Scarred All Over Body!!”

“White Bones Wine!”


Multi-colored lights splashed everywhere. The earth quakes, and the mountains shook.


A barrier unfolded around Gongsun Huang’s body, blocking all of their vigorous attacks. Gongsun Huang waved her sword and drew an arc, directly repelling their assault.

Gongsun Huang pointed.

She released Star Magic.

A deep hole was blown into the plaza.

Suddenly, at this moment, a chill attacked from behind. Gongsun Huang took a glance, and a crafty black shadow appeared.


Without any pause, it was blocked by Star Magic.

That black shadow turned into a slender and black Star Beast.

“This Great Saint is here…look at Breaking Shadow!”10

A black sword-shadow stabbed in a blind spot, the White Bones Wine sprinkled, and the barrier disappeared.

There was a crisp cracking sound.

Gongsun Huang’s sword blocked the hidden weapon. Her gaze concentrated, and the sneak attacking newcomer was immediately knocked flying by her Star Magic.

The young girl brushed away the blood at the corner of her mouth and stared at Gongsun Huang.

“To think of taking away Tangtang, you will have to step over our bodies.”

Xinyue, Li Bailian and the others once again stood up. They coldly glared at Gongsun Huang. They had completely released their Star Beasts, and their imposing auras shook people into being unable to look directly at them.

Gongsun Huang blinked under this domineering aura. She was even calm, as if her attitude was saying, “Is it so simple?”

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  1. 地陰星母大蟲顧大嫂
  2. 狄龍
  3. 地察星青眼虎李雲(李芸), 芸 can be read as either Yi or Yun
  4. 無心酒
  5. 黑風斬輪刀
  6. 虎貂
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