Chapter 406: Water Illusion Fairy Xi Yue

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The Star Generals glanced at each other, nodding in tacit agreement. In the next instant, their Star Beasts launched an attack. The Di Nü Heavenly Phoenix spread its wings. Its might quaked, and thereupon at the same time, their Destined Star Weapons showed different colored glows. With fierce stances, those beautiful figures launched towards Gongsun Huang.

The Spring Breeze Drunken Rain Pavilion’s Star Maidens fully displayed the tacit coordination and severe styles that was perfected over the last few years.

Gongsun Huang was still calm as before, without any wave of shock. Her pupils abruptly emitted multi-colored light, her body techniques shifted, and afterimages emerged in layers. The Dragon in the Cloud’s magic energy already begun to mobilize.

The next instant, Gongsun Huang waved the Pinebrand Ancient Sword, using a Wind Rolls The Clouds. Then, the girl’s figure was like a graceful breeze. She abruptly disappeared, suddenly blending into the air. She completely ignored the Little Sisters’ all-encompassing offensive. Gongsun Huang’s flashed by with super powerful awareness. Instantly, she shifted several zhang of space and arrived at Li Bailian’s side. Without a words, the Pinebrand Ancient Sword directly slashed diagonally.

Although she did not have that sort of lethal weapon that a martial force Star General had, even the Pinebrand Ancient Sword could be barely used for battle. However, using it to confront them was enough. The Star Energy on the sword circulated, and a force more powerful than at any other time came out of the sword!

In the face of these Sisters’ anger, this was the first time Gongsun Huang had released her power without any restraint. With a simple wave, yet not as much as before, there was a hurricane fast to the point that their figures became obscured. Immediately after the sword slashed, the air suddenly let out a soft noise, as if something had cracked. A clear, black line immediately emerged, drawing a complete trajectory.

The Azure Dragon bit. Li Bailian’s complexion changed, basically unable to react. The cup of wine in her hand spilled out, becoming a poison fog. She hastily used her hands to protect herself, releasing Star Energy defenses at full power. Milky white waves suddenly surged like a tide. A distinctly visible protective screen immediately appeared before Gongsun Huang’s eyes, slamming without ceremony into the magic energy that Gongsun Huang’s Pinebrand Ancient Sword brought.


A crisp crack once again sounded out, not the violent reaction they had imagined.

Gongsun Huang’s Star Magic appeared dull but was actually incomparably valiant. Li Bailian’s white defenses broke as easily as chicken eggs. The path the Azure Dragon bit was like a lightning bolt, a fleeting flash. The gale in the pair’s surroundings suddenly intensified. The squall blew hard, and Li Bailian stumbled backwards, somewhat in disbelief. Then, her whole body hurt as she was sent flying.

What a terrifying attack!!

Her pupils contracted, and Gu Tong’s expression immediately became grave.

The Dragon in the Clouds is so strong!

During the activity of that seemingly simple Star Magic, it astonishingly contained power that not even all of their Star Weapons together were capable of blocking. It was sharper than the world’s most legendary blades.

Any more serious, these Star Magics could even surpass their Star Weapons.

Just by using normal Star Magic, she unexpectedly could bring about destruction that surpassed the Heaven Earth Dark Yellow. This sort of capability, let alone personally witnessing it, perhaps they would not have even heard of it.

Gu Tong did not dare underestimate this. The other Star Maidens were soaked in sweat, tightly gritting their teeth.

“Watch this!!”

Xinyue hastily strode forward, attempting to launch first before Gongsun Huang could execute her next attack. She absolutely was not the only one with this thinking. Practically at the same time that Li Bailian was knocked over, the others acted at the same time, charing Gongsun Huang together.

That tranquil lake in her eyes had the traces of a ripple. Instantly, Gongsun Huang’s face unexpectedly showed slight graveness.

The girl’s body hovered in the air. Her legs nimbly spun, drawing out a wonderful, graceful, and peerlessly astounding arc to dodge Xinyue’s attack. A gale rose everywhere, and her figure disappeared, already reappearing behind another one of the sisters.

A movement without any excess!

The most pure and simple attack!



Shi Meng went pale from fright. Her whole body seemed to be bound in stone, heavily protecting herself.

A glaring white light suddenly revolted. Perfect as a crescent moon, it drew a beautiful arc in the sky. Brushing past Shi Meng’s abdomen, that layer of heavy rock armor immediately rose with the light, showing cracks.

Shi Meng even thought of counterattacking.

She did not know when the powerful magic energy had descended and uprooted her, throwing her aside.

“Cloud Traveling Azure Dragon Turn!”

Gongsun Huang waved her sword, making a wonderful hand seal in the air.

The white clouds were immediately stirred together by a fierce wind, forming an Azure Dragon that covered the entire Spring Breeze Drunken Rain Pavilion.

“Watch this.”

Ten darts appeared in the hands of the young girl in black skintight clothes. She threw the darts, which transformed into black pythons that battled the Azure Dragon.

But that was no more than an instant. Gongsun Huang’s Star Magic had only just left her hand when it once again blocked her attack. Then, before the black-clothed girl could sense it, a completely indescribable power already drew near her front.

The others were too late to react. The girl basically was unable to make any evasive movements. The powerful force slammed like a tide into her.

Gongsun Huang’s hair fluttered, and an astral wind immediately rocked the area. An airflow flew violently through, scattering a baleful aura in all directions. Countless giant rock splinters like sharp blades formed a frightening jungle of jagged stones.


The girl was also beaten back.

Immediately afterwards, Gongsun Huang disappeared. When she appeared, Zou Ke was then sent flying.

In that short instant, she had executed an entire attack plan. Following a feint attack, she switched to a deadly blow. However, in an instant, Gongsun Huang unexpectedly was then in front of six Sisters, and she instantly defeated three people. If it was not for Gongsun Huang holding back, they would have already Starfallen.

So powerful.

This was the number one in magic energy Dragon in the Clouds.

Gu Tong was shaken, powerlessness unexpectedly appearing in her heart.

There was no chance of success against such a Star General!

“Don’t underestimate us!” Xinyue’s shout pulled the Female Tiger back from her powerlessness.

Her blade unsheathed.

But suddenly, a chill immediately filled the entire space. The rocks in the ground exploded, and a terrifying killing intent condensed in the intense whirlwind. The space in a range of a hundred zhang immediately was a vast expanse of whiteness, the temperature falling to an extreme low.

The scene before them was enveloped in white, and their ear were crammed by a shrill whistle. At this sudden and intense change, Gongsun Huang held her sword horizontally, adopting a defensive posture.

Xinyue nevertheless flashed away, disappeared from Gongsun Huang’s line of sight.

The girl was like a meteor full of destruction. The cold wind wreaked havoc in the air, and Gongsun Huang’s expression was ice-cold. With her left hand shielding her face, her right hand attacked with Star Magic, carrying a powerful grandeur that jumped down from a peak.

“Watch this!”

This slash seemed to completely split apart the air. A heaven and earth shaking crack arose, and immediately after her attack, the ground suddenly caved in. Killing intent violently shot out, waves of snow flew, and that substantive killing intent shook in a clamor. Even more fell down from the sky.

In the icy mist, a giant circular pit suddenly appeared.

A booming rumble.

Xinyue’s sword hacked, Gongsun Huang took a step back, and her figure suddenly disappeared from under the sword.

By the time she raised her head, Gongsun Huang was already wandering high in the clouds.

She released Star Magic.

A violent fire fell from the heavens, like an unending meteor shower.

Xinyue groaned and knelt on the ground, and black smoke soared around her whole body.

“Lioness From Hedong Roars!!”2

The Female Tiger set down Candy, opened her mouth, and a tsunami-like soundwave rushed Gongsun Huang.3

Countless gorgeous light rings disappeared and reappeared before Gongsun Huang. Her powerful magic energy defended against this attack.

“We will fight with you.”

The other Sisters were unwilling to be defeated like this, and they were angered to the extreme.

Gongsun Huang’s eyes sunk. Suddenly, her imposing aura swelled. The power between Heaven and Earth seemed to be sucked away, and a frightening force concentrated before them. It made Gu Tong and the others change expressions: “It is a Dark Rank Star Magic.”

“Elder Sister Little Huang.”

In this chaos, a tender voice clean and untouched by filth pierced through the intense atmosphere.

Gongsun Huang’s eyes slowly restored their tranquility.

Quietly, she landed in front of the restaurant and extended her hand towards Bai Yutang.

Bai Yutang bit her lip, miserably shaking her head. She looked to her Mama, her Elder Sisters, and she ran up to them. She handed over Carefree Without A Worry, her expression very self-blaming.

“Hmph, if your man truly has sincerity, then have him come in person. Otherwise, even if we die, we will not let you take Tangtang away.” Gu Tong’s face was pale, but she nevertheless did not concede defeat.

Gongsun Huang stared at Bai  Yutang and contemplated for a long while. She then lifted her head and called out. “Di Nü, you stay here.”

The Di Nü Heavenly Phoenix that had just trampled all over the girls’ Star Beasts chirped.

Without looking at them, Gongsun Huang soared into the sky, and then she disappeared into the sea of clouds.

“Mama, sorry, Tangtang brought trouble to Mama and Elder Sisters.” Bai Yutang rubbed her nose.

“That Dragon in the Clouds is so powerful.”

“We completely were not opponents.”

This Star Beast must be the Di Nü Heavenly Phoenix. Just how did that man obtain it.”

“Do not blame yourself. If your Papa truly can contract you, Mama will be very happy.” Gu Tong stroked Bai Yutang’s head, tenderly speaking.

“With an Elder Sister like Gongsun Huang protecting her, she is indeed in better hands than we can offer.” Xinyue was both happy and helpless.

“This Old Lady actually wants to see who that man is, to be unexpectedly capable of contracting Gongsun Sheng.”

Su Xing sneezed.

“Dear Husband, what is the matter?” Hu Niangzi asked.

Su Xing shook his head. He felt as if someone was thinking about him just now, “Do not be discourteous in front of the Water Illusion Fairy.” Zhang Yuqi smiled: “She seems to treat people very coldly. To be frank, Yuqi is somewhat worried whether or not Elder Sister can convince her.”

At this time, Su Xing and Zhang Yuqi were in the middle of going to meet that Water Illusion Fairy. The meeting place was not some romantic bar and neither was it really a beautiful landscape. Rather, it was at a place in the Black Turtle Sea called “Heavenly Fang Island.”

“Is she so serious?” Su Xing was bewildered.

“Young Su does not know, but for this opening of the Black Turtle Temple, those Devil Cults have established customs not allowing outsiders entry.” Zhang Yuqi explained.

Su Xing nodded. This point actually was within reason.

“So then, if we are going, then we have to have the proof of a sect. It just so happens that the Water Illusion Fairy can help us.” Zhang Yuqi said.

“What sort of person is this Water Illusion Fairy?” Su Xing curiously asked.

“She is the Star Master of the Four Great Devil Sect’s ‘Illusion and Reality Sect.’4 However, Yuqi knows that the Water Illusion Fairy seems to have come from the Azure Dragon Territory. Afterwards, there was a time when she was nearly about to die in the deep seas. Elder Sister liked what she saw in her, and then she signed a contract with her. After that, the Illusion and Reality Sect fancied her. She cultivated the ‘Water Illusion Dark Nether True Technique’5 with extreme innate talent. Thus, she was named the Water Illusion Fairy.”

Zhang Yuqi smiled.

“The Black Turtle Territory6 truly likes this label.” Su Xing nodded, noting that this girl was considerably legendary.

“However, the Water Illusion Fairy does not believe in anyone else, and so Yuqi does not know if Elder Sister can convince her.” Zhang Yuqi wrinkled her brow.

“What do we do if she can’t?” Su Xing smiled.

Zhang Yuqi winked, “Then Yuqi can only plead for Young Su to take action.”

“Me?” Su Xing did not know what he could do.

“Take her into your harem and get a blowjob.” Zhang Yuqi laughed into her sleeve.

“I want to choke you to death.”

Su Xing was speechless.

“I do not agree!”

On a cliff above Heavenly Fang Island, a woman wearing a clean white palace dress tersely replied.

Zhang Feiyu said: “Water Illusion Fairy, this is but a request my Little Sister had for me. Are you always so unwilling to agree?”

“Feiyu, you ought to know that Star Masters cannot be trusted. She unexpectedly wants to help a Star Master, could it be you did not dissuade her?” The Water Illusion Fairy sternly said. Thinking of some past matters, her expression was even colder.

“I will not collaborate with any man, even if it is that Great Saint Starkiller.” The Water Illusion Fairy made clear her position.

Boatman Zhang Feiyu was somewhat vexed. “I already promised Little Sister, Xi Yue,7 this time do not be so obstinate. Although I, Feiyu, also feels that Little Sister is indeed going a bit too far, you do not know at all the sight she has for looking at people. For this Black Turtle Temple, I even offended the Three Ruans. If we can have a helping hand, would that not be even better?”

“You would believe in that man so much that you would think of your Little Sister? I feel he is only thinking of going to Black Turtle Temple. When he obtains that Good Fortune Pill, he will then show his true colors.” The Water Illusion Fairy insisted.

“I already promised him that we would meet here. You take a look first. I, Feiyu, feels that he is rather pretty good.”

Zhang Feiyu stroked her chin.

The Water Illusion Fair wrinkled her brow and asked: “Could it be that Zhang Yuqi fancies that man to become her Star Master?”

“If that is true, then great.” The Boatman laughed.

The Water Illusion Fairy did not need to speak, but she still was considerably conflicted in believing other men, “In this life, Xi Yue will believe in only one man. As for other men, Xi Yue does not wish to so much as look.”

“You speak of that man who saved you before? Liangshan Continent is so vast. Where would you go search for him. It is better to forget about it. Furthermore, Xi Yue, you are a Star Master. What can you do even if you found him?” Zhang Feiyu had heard the Water Illusion Fairy mention this once. Zhang Feiyu knew that the reason she was so unwilling to believe others was because of her past experiences. Within her history, there appeared a man that had saved her, bestowing upon her his own life-saving talisman, to the extent that the Water Illusion Fairy would never forget.

However, in the Boatman’s perspective, this honestly was too meaningless.

“In brief, Xi Yue, you observe him for a bit. Then, if at that time you do not like him, we will worry later.” Zhang Feiyu rudely made her determination.

The Water Illusion Fairy knew Zhang Feiyu’s personality. Let alone that she was a Star General, but she needed to weigh the care she had for her Little Sister. “Then Xi Yue shall give him three moves. If he does not have strength, then don’t mention going to Black Turtle Temple.”

“This is good.” Zhang Feiyu’s eyes glinted. To be frank, she had not seen Su Xing’s strength, and she was rather curious about how her Little Sister’s eyesight was.

“Do not talk for now. High tide is starting. Those Heavenly Fang Snake Demons ought to appear. Xi Yue shall go drill in her swords.” The Water Illusion Fairy waved her hand, and a crystalline blue jade long spear appeared in her hand.8

This spear’s name was “Lord Color,”9 a weapon refined from an Ancient Lost Treasure.

The reason why the Water Illusion Fairy was so renowned in the Black Turtle Territory was more or less related to her own strength. She was not like other Star Cultivators who trained in Flying Swords. The girl was very clear that in the future Star Duels, what truly dominated was not a Star General but the Star Master themselves, so increasing her own strength could slightly increase her own chances of victory.  Over a very long time, the Water Illusion Fairy would use this Lord Color to search for Demon Beasts to train her spearmanship. She could not demand to contend against a Star General and could only resist before a Star General.

The tide rose. The floating and flowing water could not feel the crisis of the undercurrent.

The spray of the ocean rolled, and the Water Illusion Fairy lowered her head and narrowed her eyes. Her eyes chilled, and a school of half-man, half-fish, half-serpent Demon Beasts climbed up. When the first monster showed up in a person’s line of sight, one could not refrain from feeling fear.

That was a monster possessing the gills of a monster fish, with a mouth full of fangs and a body of snake scales, but it nevertheless had two slim arms and exaggerated claws.

The Heavenly Fang Snake Demon was a kind of Demon Beast with extremely abundant fighting strength.

Regardless of whether these Snake Demon monsters were on land or in the depths, they were extremely quick. The scale defenses on their bodies were very suitable for use as weapon training. Those giant claws in particular could crush a seal’s skull alive.

The Heavenly Fang Snake Demons lived as a pack. Ordinarily, on Heavenly Fang Island, their numbers were roughly above several thousand. They were creatures that cultivators did not like dealing with at all, but to the Water Illusion Fairy, this was a perfect training goal. The girl hefted her spear, “Not enough, this little number of them is far from enough. It appears that I must have you feel that you have suffered humiliation.”

The Water Illusion Fairy softly said and flew out.

The Heavenly Fang Snake Demons stared with those frightening pupils, hissing, brandishing their claws.

Zhang Feiyu smiled from nearby and appreciated this sight for the eyes.

The spear lifted, and a rain of blood fell.

After a short while, the island was left with close to fifty Heavenly Fang Sea Snake corpses on the island, and the girl was untouched, unstained by even a speck of blood.

“Bravo, bravo.”

She suddenly heard clapping.

The Water Illusion Fairy froze, and she suddenly whirled around.

On a cliff, out walked a man and two women, somewhat glaring under the sunlight.

The one clapping was that man. The girl’s spectacle just now was witnessed by them, and Su Xing was considerably impressed.

“Little Sister, you finally came. Elder Sister was impatient.” Zhang Feiyu said.

They jumped down.

Suddenly, the Water Illusion Fairy was shaken. Her gaze stared fixedly at Su Xing. The indifference and stiffness she maintained before vanished into thin air in the blink of an eye. Her pupils shrunk, and her shoulders abruptly began to shudder.

“Xi Yue???”

Zhang Yuqi was puzzled.

The Water Illusion Fairy bit her lip and stared at Su Xing. Her chest seemed to be crammed full of air, stifled and incapable of breathing.

It is him!

How could it be him.

Looking at that smile, how could the Water Illusion Fairy ever forget. Every sort of sentiment that had been buried in her heart suddenly bubbled forth. Her eyes carelessly grew moist. “Xi Yue?” Zhang Feiyu opened her mouth. Did she not say that she was only meeting the man?

Xi Yue lowered her face and wiped her eyes. When she lifted her head, she had recovered her unchanging coldness.

Su Xing felt that he had seen her somewhere before, but for the time being, he could not recall. However, seeing the young girl’s dignified appearance, he probably had seen too many beautiful women and was feeling somewhat familiar. Su Xing did not mind and nodded, not forgetting to introduce himself with courtesy.

“Hello, Your Servant is Su Xing. Long have I heard of the Water Illusion Fairy’s fame.”

“You can just call me Xi Yue.” Xi Yue said, her voice inadvertently warming up.

This sounded very jarring to Zhang Feiyu.

Su Xing actually noticed that the Water Illusion Fairy before him was far from as ice-cold and distant as Zhang Yuqi had said. She even appeared to be somewhat bashful, quite cute.

“Xi Yue!”

Zhang Feiyu reminded.

“Elder Sister must have told the Water Illusion Fairy about our situation. Yuqi wonders if whether or not the Water Illusion Fairy can help us a little?” Zhang Yuqi smiled.


Very willing.

Extremely willing.

Xi Yue directly cried out in her heart, but she still forced herself to calm down. She could not forget her manners. Thinking, she said: “I want to see Su Xing’s strength.”

Zhang Yuqi and Hu Niangzi looked to Su Xing.

This was within expectations. Su Xing did not feel surprised, and he nodded his head in acquiescence.

“En, I am called Xi Yue. You have taken a good look at me now.” Xi Yue said to Su Xing.


Su Xing nodded.

Xi Yue shook her head.

Very strange.

“Elder Sister, what’s the matter with her?” Zhang Yuqi felt this was odd.

“I do not know.” Zhang Feiyu shrugged her shoulders. She giggled: “Perhaps the man you fancy is very enticing, enough to make her change her ideas. We were even in conflict just now. So strange.”

“Strange indeed.”

“Su Xing, do not make me disappointed!” The Water Illusion Fairy’s words had a double meaning.

“Just a light spar?” Su Xing asked.

“En.” The Water Illusion Fairy seemed to want to ask something, but nevertheless she stopped.

The next second.

The Water Illusion Fairy showed her spear, carving an ice-cold light in the air.

Before Su Xing could have time to reflect, a cold net ripped it apart. Bearing the weight of the Water Illusion Fairy’s full power attack, there were no gaps at all, no cracks at all.

The frozen air was ripped apart by a cold spear-light, emitting a faint whistle. The speartip so close at hand was like a bloodthirsty fang. Suddenly, it was in front of Su Xing’s eyes. What he noted more nevertheless was that slight warmth in the girl’s gaze. That warmth in her eyes was something strange that flowed fully over his body.

Su Xing felt very odd. He noticed this spear appeared mighty yet it did not have that soaring killing intent.

The next instant, Su Xing made his move. Time between the two seemed to freeze.

The Water Illusion Fairy nodded, carrying slight praise. “En, not bad. You are a bit stronger than before.”

“Before?” Su Xing shrugged his shoulders, not understanding her word choice. Suddenly, man and sword shot over together, beginning a counterattack.

“Will you complete the second attack?” The Water Illusion Fairy softly said.

The next instant, following his hacking motion, a several hundred meter wide purple thunder shot out from his palm. It directly pounced towards Water Illusion Fairy Xi Yue. The latter hastily withdrew, raising her spear to defend.

Instantly, following the cover of Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder, Su Xing’s silhouette once again slashed. This time, the sharp edge broke through the Water Illusion Fairy’s defenses without slowing down at all.

The Water Illusion Fairy was considerably surprised by Su Xing’s body techniques.

But her next movement similarly made Su Xing incomparably surprised.

The Water Illusion Fairy’s white figure disappeared like a phantom. The next second, that weapon already blocked Su Xing’s attack path, hooked, stabbed and unexpectedly counterattacked.

His excellent skill and technique immediately allowed the Su Xing that had seized the initiative to immediately sense that the young girl was not simple.

The second spear still was executed by the Water Illusion Fairy.

They exchanged attacks at a speed that could not be followed by the naked eye, and the battling pair roamed about the entire sea area. From time to time, the air was brought over by a sharp slash, then immediately letting out a sharp and miserable wretched ripping sound.

The luminous sparks and bounding afterimages appeared excessively dazzling in the eyes of the other Star Generals.

“These two are actually somewhat compatible.”

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  1. SFX
  2. 河東獅吼
  3. Anybody else watch “Kung-fu Hustle”?
  4. 幻真宗
  5. 水幻玄冥真法
  6. 玄冥界, in a literal sense, this is translated as Netherworld, as I have once or twice. As before, I translate this as Black Turtle since the other three territories are named after the Four Symbols.
  7. 奚月
  8. …She just said she had a sword.
  9. 君顏, seems to be a BL reference


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