Chapter 407: Xi Yue’s Deep Feelings

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The spear’s edge gracefully glimpsed, and Su Xing blocked it.

In the next instant, his left hand’s fingers snapped, launching Purple Thunder.

The Water Illusion Fairy spun, her clothes spry and lively. The sword in Su Xing’s hand moved, and the killing intent scraped out of the air was then pared away, attached to the tip of his sword. Su Xing gripped his sword as he scampered away, his body like a roaming dragon, his two legs pumping, fast to the point they were a blur.

Metal clanged.

A hurricane and killing intent fluttered in succession. Practically before they could return to their senses, the two of them were already carrying out a battle.

The exchanges of sword and spear could even be called extraordinarily fierce. White light burst, with light rays like chains. Purple Thunder and wind interwove in the air, raising a scene beautiful to the extreme, and in the middle of this extremely beautiful scene, Zhang Yuqi, Hu Niangzi and Zhang Feiyu had already forgotten that the scene before them was a competition.

Xi Yue spun and attacked repeatedly, her figure coming across like wind.

“Have you really forgotten me?” Xi Yue spoke.

“Have we met before?” Su Xing wrinkled his brow, taking a step back. Suddenly, he raised his sword, having noticed a gap. Su Xing quickly closed in, his hand seizing the Water Illusion Fairy’s white wrist. Immediately afterwards, he pressed his sword against the young girl’s delicate neck. Who could have anticipated that Water Illusion Fairy Xi Yue would be grabbed by Su Xing. Who knew whether or not this was the first time she was so close to a man or if she was actually powerless, but she instantly fell powerlessly backwards, laying against Su Xing’s chest.

Her eyes glimmered, both unangry and unresentful. Her cheeks were the color of peach blossoms, with an abundance of tender sentiments.

Su Xing was flabbergasted.

What sort of expression is this, don’t you think she looks a bit lovestruck.

“Shall we continue?” Su Xing wrinkled his brow. His hand flexed, about to push the girl aside.

How could he have foreseen that Xi Yue would grab the corners of his clothes, not allowing him to do so.

“…” Su Xing.

“At that time in Flower Dragon Cave, you saved me. Did you really forget?” Xi Yue whispered.

“Did I save you at Flower Dragon Cave?” Su Xing could not recall. The sole memory was the Gong Caiwei stricken with the dragon’s fluids.

“You gave me a Water Escape Talisman.” Xi Yue did not give up at all.

Opening up Chapter Forty-four Blood Rain Pot, Su Xing suddenly recalled, “It’s you?”1

Xi Yue nodded, full of tender feelings, gently biting her lip.

To Su Xing, that day was perhaps merely slight effort, but to Xi Yue, this nevertheless had a very serious effect. In fact, among the Star Cultivators that took killing and plundering people to be mainstream, that action of Su Xing’s that was done in passing was a bit non-mainstream in meaning. However, what made Xi Yue never forget was that Su Xing gave her his own life-saving talisman, without even asking for her name.

On that day, Xi Yue engraved Su Xing into her heart. Unexpectedly, after thinking of him day and night, feelings for him blossomed after a long time. She did not know when, but her feelings for him were already very deep. Others knew that the Water Illusion Fairy was haughty and careful of her appearance. How could they have known that the Fairy’s heart already had feelings.

“Heaven has finally heard Xi Yue’s prayers and today allowed Xi Yue to be able to once again meet Milord.”2 Xi Yue’s tender feelings were sincere, not concealing her joy. She did not have a bit of her arrogant indifference from just a moment ago. “Xi Yue is willing to follow Milord to the ends of the world…”

What kind of irregular development is this.

The Su Xing that had only ever wooed the girl was rendered stunned by her outrageous declaration. He turned stern, pushing Xi Yue away from his chest.

“Little Sister, the man you fancy is certainly debauched. He has surprisingly dared to take advantage of the Water Illusion Fairy.” Zhang Feiyu was discontent.

Zhang Yuqi  and Hu Niangzi could not understand. The two were definitely competing. How could they have been fighting and then suddenly turn into a soft and warm scene from Romance of the West Chamber. However, at this time, Su Xing’s expression clearly was somewhat unable to bear this.

“Feiyu, you cannot be rude to the benefactor who saved my life.” Xi Yue looked straight at Su Xing.

“The benefactor who saved your life?”

The three girls were all stunned.

“Su Xing, when did you have a fling with the Water Illusion Fairy?” Zhang Yuqi was stunned.

“Xi Yue, could it be he is the man who saved you originally…” Zhang Feiyu was dumbstruck, her mouth open in an O-shape.

Xi Yue nodded.

“Xi Yue, you must look clearly, how can he possibly be…” Any way Zhang Feiyu looked, Su Xing was not like that sort of good person.

“How can Xi Yue forget. Xi Yue has waited for Milord already for a very long time.” Water Illusion Fairy was passionate, stepping forward.

A figure blocked her way. Hu Niangzi could not stand any more, bluntly saying: “Do not confuse Niangzi’s Dear Husband!!”

Water Illusion Fairy Xi Yue threw an inquisitive glance at Su Xing.

“That day, I saved you only because you were still alive. I have never thought of making you call me Milord…” Su Xing seriously replied. Although the Water Illusion Fairy was like a beautiful woman from a dream, Su Xing actually was very disinterested in the “you saved my life, so I should give my heart to you” plot.

“This is my Wife.” Su Xing pulled Hu Niangzi close to him.

Bright Star Ten Feet of Blue was taken aback. She did not resist, allowing herself to become a wife obediently laying on his chest.

“My Xi Yue looking upon you is your fortune. You still dare use all sorts of excuses. You do not know what is good for you, I ought to fuck you up.” Zhang Feiyu saw Xi Yue’s heart shatter. Immediately, she seethed in anger, raising her Flaming Fish King Saber and about to slash.

“Elder Sister!!”

Zhang Yuqi hastily held back the impulsive Boatman.

Su Xing did not mind her, only concentrating on Water Illusion Fairy Xi Yue.

“Has My Wife3 treated Milord rudely?” Xi Yue was heartbroken.

“You have to know that men are actually very lowly beneath the skin…the more unattainable something is, the more they want it; the more granted something is, the less they want it…So, you better still be a bit more reserved.” Su Xing helplessly said.

The Hu Niangzi against his chest froze.

Not good.

It seemed he had carelessly mentioned Hu Niangzi’s sore spot.

“Wife, this is only to show Xi Yue. Don’t take it to heart, Dear Husband likes you very much.” Su Xing used Sound Transmission.

“Even if you’re loathsome, Niangzi will not hate Dear Husband.” Hu Niangzi silently said.

Su Xing’s eyes rolled. Suddenly, he hooked Hu Niangzi’s chin. Just as the girl was somewhat embarrassed, Su Xing lowered his head and kissed her red lips, washing clean away that grief in her eyes.

The irascible Zhang Feiyu was flabbergasted.

Because she had seen a blowjob, Zhang Yuqi actually was not very reactive.

The kiss ended, and the girl seemed to have blossoms on her cheeks, tender and lovely.

This made Su Xing’s heart frisky like a monkey, his mind cantering like a horse.

Su Xing then earnestly said to Xi Yue: “What’s happened is in the past. If you treat your rescue as affection, then doesn’t me saving you appear to be selfish? Don’t treat it as such anymore.”4

This time, Zhang Feiyu was not irritated. She merely remained perplexed after much thought – to be able to decline the Water Illusion Fairy’s beauty, when did this man begin using his upper body to think.

“Little Sister, this is actually a Star Master?”

“Elder Sister, absolutely true. Now you believe in Little Sister’s eyesight.” Zhang Yuqi proudly said.


Zhang Feiyu licked her lips.

After Xi Yue listened to Su Xing’s words, she pondered. She looked at Su Xing’s earnest expression, nevertheless her heart was even more frisky, her feelings even more chaotic and crazed. “En.” Xi Yue nodded.

“Then the matter of our cooperation?” Su Xing asked.

“So long as Milord does not avoid My Wife.”

“First, change that address…”

When he bade farewell to the Water Illusion Fairy, Xi Yue had still wanted to follow Su Xing together. However, Su Xing again and again turned her down in order to dismiss the idea. He merely completed negotiations on the time of their cooperation, even leaving several Thousand Li Sound Transmission Talismans. Only then did she reluctantly part.

“Truly, a girl changes eighteen times between childhood and womanhood.” Su Xing currently still had an incredulous feeling.

“Young Su is honestly a man with stories to tell.” Zhang Yuqi cast sidelong glances at Su Xing. “The famed and renowned Water Illusion Fairy surprisingly has long held deep feelings for you. If anyone else knew, they would absolutely want your life.”

“I myself forgot about it.” Su Xing shook his head. Flower Dragon Cave was already a very long gone affair. If it was not for this reminder, he honestly would have forgotten his own act of virtue.

“Even so, it’s good. This way, the Water Illusion Fairy counts as Young Su’s people. Obtaining the Good Fortune Pill is even more certain.” Zhang Yuqi smiled, very satisfied with this sort of outcome.

“There’s still some time for the following, what plans do you have?” Su Xing asked her.

“Yuqi naturally is preparing for Black Turtle Temple. At that time, we will meet again.” Zhang Yuqi waved her hand and winked: “Next time we meet, Yuqi wonders if maybe she will have the honor to see Niangzi give a blowjob.”

“Do you want me to instruct you?” Su Xing grinned evilly.

Zhang Yuqi giggled then seemed to turn into a fish, escaping into the sea. The White Stripe in the Waves very quickly disappeared from their sight.

“Wife, let’s go back, too. We should prepare for Black Turtle Temple.” Su Xing said.

“As you wish.”

Next day.

Just as Hu Niangzi was cleaning her sabers, the tranquility of the Immortal’s Abode suddenly had a ripple. Hu Niangzi immediately raised her double sabers as a precaution, and a simple and elegant little girl entered the Void Immortal’s Abode. Spotting Hu Niangzi, she blinked.

The Bright Star stared with wide eyes.

“Who are you, state your name?”

Gongsun Huang did not answer, strolling leisurely into the main hall.


When Hu Niangzi saw Gongsun Huang turn a deaf ear, she immediately charged.

Sparks flew in all directions.

Magic energy blocked Hu Niangzi’s double sabers.

“Bright Star??” Seeing the Golden Wind Morning Dew double sabers, Gongsun Huang was perplexed.

“Little Huang, you’re back.”

Su Xing at this time walked out from his bedroom. Hearing Su Xing’s voice, Hu Niangzi immediately retracted her belligerence.

“Your Highness.”

Gongsun Huang’s figure flashed, and light as a feather, she landed on Su Xing’s shoulder.

“Introductions, this is Little Huang, the Leisure Star.”

“You are Dragon in the Clouds?” Hu Niangzi was astonished. She did not dare believe that the number one in magic energy, the ranked fourth Elder Sister would surprisingly be so…young… “Bright Star Ten Feet of Blue, uh, your tenth Sister.” Su Xing rubbed his nose.

Gongsun Huang nodded, casting a courteous glance at Hu Niangzi.

“Did you not find Tangtang?” Su Xing was somewhat disappointed when he did not see Bai Yutang’s figure.

“Little Huang found her, but she was not willing to come back…” Gongsun Huang’s voice was gentle as a breeze. “Her Mama wants Your Highness to go pick her up personally…She said she wants to see Your Highness’ sincerity.”

“Mama? She also has a Mama?” Su Xing fainted.

Gongsun Huang gently nodded, her expression saying – Little Huang wanted to forcefully bring her back.

“I actually did not think this through too thoroughly.” Su Xing made Little Huang go pick up Bai Yutang only because he was worried about her safety. Add on that Bai Yutang was a Star General, there should not have been a problem. That Bai Yutang had a Mama made him very surprised. Could it be that she was a maternal aunt or the like? Su Xing thought about it. The request the opposite party made was not unreasonable, and now that time was plentiful, it was fine to personally go pick her up.

“Wife, you’re just a bit off from your Star Weapon’s Four Star? There’s an Astral Bag here with some things inside. Go to the Black Turtle Territory and find some marketplaces, see if you can exchange for some things.” Su Xing tossed an Astral Bag to Hu Niangzi.

Without even thinking, Hu Niangzi tossed it right back.

“Niangzi is Dear Husband’s Star General, how can Niangzi leave your side.”

“Am I not without danger? And I even have Little Huang accompanying me. I’m only going to pick up Bai Yutang.” Su Xing smiled. “With Black Turtle Temple at hand, we have to race against time to increase our strength.”

These words nevertheless had no use against Hu Niangzi.

“Niangzi’s Star Weapon does not need these few days. Niangzi’s decision is already made. Niangzi absolutely will not leave Dear Husband’s side.” Hu Niangzi was resolute.

Gongsun Huang cocked her head, considerably curious as she sized up Hu Niangzi.

“So it’s like this, that’s fine.”

Su Xing helplessly looked at Gongsun Huang. Little Huang could not help but faintly smile.

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  1. LOL, this was literally in the raws. Su Xing has to look through the chapters, too.
  2. 官人, this literally means “government official”
  3. 賤內, very humble self-address
  4. Su Xing doesn’t want her love if it’s because he saved her life. To him, this looks like a quid pro quo, “this for that.” In other words, this implies her affection was “bought” using her life. What Su Xing wants is true love, born of feeling rather than exchange. The difference with Lin Yingmei is that she didn’t fall in love with him because he tried to save her. She fell in love with Su Xing because of his loyalty and selflessness. This is the key. Lin Yingmei fell in love with Su Xing by virtue of his personality. Xi Yue is infatuated with Su Xing for his actions, not for who he is.


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    Ironically, him trying to gently disuade her off this somewhat delusional affection… had the opposite effect and raised MORE flags and spurred the fires of her heart even further… to which Su Xing earned himself a new fan/likely stalker.

    Note that NONE of the girls fell for him based solely on what he ‘did’ but rather became charmed by the man that acted the way he did.

    A very good example of this is with Yan Yizhen and how and why she chose to yse her Three Arrows Lethal Crossbow the first time, or how Wu Siyou fell as hard as she did.
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