Chapter 414: Guan Ying

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On an elevated platform engulfed in black miasma, fog and ghost fire were everywhere.

A man sat cross-legged on the platform with his hands upraised in hand seals. Following his slow circulation of his cultivation method, an odd scene happened in the surroundings of his body. The black qi turned into a person’s face. A body became visible on this man’s body, baring claw and fang, showing a malevolent look. From faraway, this man appeared to be a prehistoric devil or god descended, showing a terrifying dignity.

This man was precisely Great Saint Starkiller.

Great Saint Starkiller opened his eyes and took a deep breath. After a long while, that circulating Devil Qi slowly calmed. “Hmph, the Eight Desolates Heavenly Demon Body has already reached the eighth layer. Just a little more and I can break through the shackles. This Star Duel Covenant truly is Liangshan’s absolute…Ha, ha.”

Banging sounds came from outside. Great Saint Starkiller retracted this ability, walking outside.

Outside the room, in the courtyard, a woman of extraordinary might was currently brandishing a great blade. That great blade was extremely forceful and dignified, particularly that flowing Starlight that showed an eerie black qi. Several dozen Demon Beasts that the Devil Star Palace had bred were attacking her. Those Demon Beasts had very terrifying appearances, just like human bodies, wielding blade and spear, and their blade techniques were also consummate. Confronting ordinary cultivators, they had enough to spare, but how could the surrounded woman be any ordinary cultivator. Even Great Saint Starkiller would die without doubt facing them.

These serpent demons let out howls.

The woman took a step forward, her blade technique dazzling. That trajectory could not be clearly seen by even Great Saint Starkiller. Instantly, the surrounding serpent demons were cleaved to pieces by the great blade.

But the girl was not at all satisfied. She stared hatefully at that great blade, heavily waving it about, as if she wanted to shake out the endless pain and resentment.

The air resounded with a clap.

The girl lifted her head. Her gaze…was without emotion.

“Ying’er, your martial arts are becoming more and more superb. These dozen serpent demons cannot be bested by even Supercluster Stage Elders.” Great Saint Starkiller applauded.

“How can these serpent demons compare to Wu Song, Lin Chong…There are no qualifications for comparison…Still not enough!” Great Blade Guan Ying coldly said. The expression she looked at Great Saint Starkiller with no longer had that sort of confidence and ease that existed previously. Like the great blade’s cursed Black Star, the girl’s eyes were deep as hell, making one sink in. Even Great Saint Starkiller felt a chill in his heart.

“Ying’er, have you still not gotten over that matter?” Great Saint Starkiller sighed.

“Your Highness need not worry. This General naturally will make an all out effort to acclimate to this…hatred…” Guan Ying whirled around. Anyone could see that Brave Star Great Blade Guan Ying’e expression was extremely terrifying. When she said that “hatred” word, even Great Saint Starkiller unexpectedly felt his whole body go cold.”

“Your Servant shall continue to go practice blade techniques.” Guan Ying walked away, not wishing to say anything more.

Great Saint Starkiller wrinkled his brow – He somewhat doubted whether giving Guan Ying the Nine Nether Devil Star Stone to refine was right or wrong.

“Truly, a stubborn Star General.”

An enchanting and alluring woman’s voice suddenly appeared in the space.

Great Saint Starkiller was startled and raised his head.

In the sky appeared countless black butterflies. These butterflies gathered then dispersed to show a woman’s figure. The woman was of magnificent and unmatched allure, her body contrasted by a billowing black silk long skirt that highlighted her curves, making men bleed from their noses. Nevertheless, Great Saint Starkiller only felt a deep chill.

“Lady Ming Die!”1

As one of the Four Great Protectors of the Black Turtle Devil Sects, Ming Die’s Star Energy was boundless, her powers unimaginable. However, at the present stage, Great Saint Starkiller and Guan Ying did not have any possibility of victory in facing this Supervoid Middle Stage Great Cultivator.

“Hmph, what is it, does Brave Star Guan Ying still obey you?” Ming Die indifferently asked.

“Ying’er is currently adapting to this Nine Nether Devil Star Stone!” Great Saint Starkiller deferentially spoke.

“Training the Great Blade, renowned head of the Five Tiger Generals, is much more interesting compared to the Star Duels. Is it not, Great Saint Starkiller.” Ming Die smiled.

Great Saint Starkiller could only smile apologetically. If he so much as dared to think of the word  “interesting,” Guan Ying could sense it.

“This time, I have come to inform you that the Black Turtle Temple is opening. The mission Devil Ancestor has given to you, do you know?” Ming Die asked.

“Your Servant knows. Your Servant definitely will exhaust all of his abilities to present Devil Ancestor with the Dragon Snake Great Good Fortune Pills.” Great Saint Starkiller made clear his intentions.

Ming Die very happily nodded her head: “That you can be so obedient does not betray how meticulously the Devil Star Palace has raised you. As for the Five Star materials for the Brave Star Great Blade, the Devil Star Palace has already nearly helped you accomplish that. If your performance this time makes Devil Ancestor satisfied, then Devil Ancestor shall reward with the materials for Five Star.” Ming Die’s eyes carried a mocking smile, looking at the Black Turtle Territory’s number one Great Saint Starkiller as if he was a dog.

No mistake, he was merely the dog that the Devil Star Palace had reared for use in the Star Duels. Obedience was rewarded with a bone.

“There is also another piece of information. The Black Turtle Temple will have many Great Sects. At that time, Devil Ancestor wishes to have you capture everything about those Star Generals in one go within the Black Turtle Temple. You can achieve this?” Ming Die asked.

“Even if Disciple must tread through water and fire, what Devil Ancestor has ordered shall be accomplished.” Great Saint Starkiller answered.

Ming Die smiled. “There is no need to look like this. The Devil Star Palace would hate to part with you the Star Master. We naturally will lend you a helping hand.”

Great Saint Starkiller was delighted.

“It is time to harvest those six Star Generals of the Spring Breeze Drunken Rain Pavilion. You and Guan Ying are to quickly go forth. Have Great Blade Guan Sheng use her Purple Brilliant Moon Slashing Blade to execute those six. At that time, the Nine Nether Devil Star Stone can display even greater use. I believe that Star Weapon can rapidly approach Five Star – even Six Star.”

“But Your Servant fears that Ying’er…” Great Saint Starkiller was nervous.

“Fear that she will not kill?” Ming Die smiled.

“Exactly. Although Disciple can use Command Enforcement, if Star Master and Star General are incapable of raising tacit understanding, the current Black Turtle Temple juncture will definitely give rise to variable. Your Servant fears that Devil Ancestor’s plan will not be successful.” What Great Saint Starkiller said was considerably pleasant to hear.

Ming Die’s meaning was profound: “I cannot see that. You still are so very concerned about that Guan Ying. Could it be that the Star Maiden’s beauty has aroused you?”

“Disciple does not dare wish to vainly attempt to dip his finger, bare intentions shall serve Devil Ancestor.” Great Saint Starkiller hastily showed his loyalty.

“As you should. What you say is also logical. If we truly force Guan Ying to a bad spot and Brave Star becomes hostile, the Devil Star Palace shall ruin everything for the sake of one thing.” Ming Die looked pensively.

“What directions does Lady Ming Die have?” Great Saint Starkiller asked.

Ming Die pondered: “So long as you kill the six Stars, have the Nine Nether Devil Star Stone exhibit its greatest effect. At that time, Guan Ying will inevitably be corrupted by Devil Intent, unable to become hostile to us. We can also spare all the trouble, but how to kill these six Stars…” Suddenly, Ming Die eerily smiled: “This will depend on Great Saint Starkiller’s performance?”

“What can Disciple do?”

“The trick of self-injury to earn the enemy’s confidence,2 can you do this?”

“The trick of self-injury to earn the enemy’s confidence?”

“Star General and Star Master have signed a contract. In case a Star Master receives a threat, even the Brave Star will act to protect her master, with all her power. This is their veritable weak point…Do you understand?” Ming Die left it at that.

“Many thanks to Lady Ming Die.”

The black butterfly illusion dispersed, and the air was left with only the soft smile of malevolence.

“The trick of self-injury?”

Great Saint Starkiller took a deep breath. Ying’er, for the time being, I will have to wrong you. We will cross that bridge when we get there. If we have the strength, this stray dog treatment the Devil Star Palace gives us will definitely be amply returned.

Great Saint Starkiller showed a deep murderous aura.

Yellow Crane Island3

Su Xing soared through the clouds and came to an island named Yellow Crane. This island was considered large, covered in a thicket with a Yellow Crane Tower4 from which it got its name. However, the Baby’s Breath that he required was reportedly in one of Yellow Crane Island’s valleys. That place was a school’s establishment known as “Yellow Crane Gate.” It was because of the Yellow Crane Gate that the several previous attempts of the Spring Breeze Drunken Rain Pavilion to help Tangtang find the Baby’s Breath was unsuccessful.

However, in the Black Turtle Territory’s largest marketplace, the Nine Dragons Sea’s Nine Dragons City,5 some sold it. However, the price was too expensive, and furthermore it was farther away. It was better to gather ones that were readily available rather than make unexpected payments.

Su Xing hid in the clouds, sizing up the Yellow Crane Island’s topography from the sky. He saw clearly the palace halls in the forest, the cultivators coming and going. As if something had happened in the Yellow Crane Gate, they were somewhat clamorous.

I didn’t come at the right time?

Su Xing wrinkled his brow. Since we’re here, we might as well enjoy it. Returning home empty-handed was not his style, and his figure immediately descended into the valley.

The trees of the jungle reached for the sky.

Baby’s Breath was reportedly common by marshes. Su Xing thus specially sent to search at those lakes.

However, this Yellow Crane Island was near the sea where there was much danger. Often, Demon Beasts would come here to nest and lay eggs, so Su Xing was not careless.

Suddenly, there was a roar.

The birds in the trees scattered in all directions out of fright. A giant Demon Beast charged through the forest. That was an odd creature, possessing sturdy forelegs and an oversized body, like an inflated lizard, but it had only one eye, a bloody maw and sharp fangs. Venom glistened on those teeth.

Its appearance was indeed ugly some, but Su Xing nevertheless did not dare be neglectful upon seeing it.

“Devil Eye Evil Lizard!”6

The Devil Eye Evil Lizard, a monster that frequently appeared near damp areas. It was particularly fond of deep and cold ponds, very dangerous, and its strength was probably around Galaxy Late Stage. It did not count as a big threat, yet it was not so easily dispatched.

“Dear Husband, allow me.”

Before Su Xing could act, Hu Niangzi’s figure shot forth like an arrow.

The Devil Eye Evil Lizard sprayed out a wide rain of acid. Hu Niangzi penetrated through the downpour like a nimble sea swallow. She got through by the margin of a hair’s breadth. The water’s reflection was drawn out, and she suddenly pulled up her body. Like an arrow leaving its string, she directly flew towards the Devil Eye Evil Lizard’s head. In midair, her double sabers already fiercely swung out. A Golden Wind saber qi already shot out from the saber’s edge.

Muffled bangs sounded out continuously. The Devil Eye Evil Lizard’s forehead and shoulders continuously swelled with bloody welts. Clearly, it was already injured by the saber-qi, but it basically did not react. It roared loudly, every sort of terrifying high concentration acid spraying out. The trees and earth were dissolved.

But it did not have the slightest effect on Hu Niangzi. Even if that kind of downpour was so concentrated, amid Hu Niangzi’s magnificent Light Smoke Dance Steps, she simply was traversing an empty path. The Hu Niangzi that was completely without any leeway quickly already surpassed the Devil Eye Evil Lizard’s limit. Even her backwards speed was far faster than these attacks.

If it was not for holding back to avoid startling the Yellow Crane Gate’s people, Hu Niangzi perhaps could be even more relaxed.

“Roar!!” The Devil Eye Evil Lizard roared loudly. Its right claw already brought powerful wind pressure as it violently swept downwards towards Hu Niangzi.

“Bang!” With an enormous sound, the strong right claw ruthlessly scratched a trench into the earth, yet even Hu Niangzi’s water-blue skirt was not stained at all.

The corner of Hu Niangzi’s mouth floated a slight sneer.

Hu Niangzi’s figure flashed and landed.

The Golden Wind and Morning Dew double sabers resonated and carved green and golden wind.

The Devil Eye Evil Lizard was beheaded without any ceremony.

The double sabers were stowed.

Hu Niangzi noticed that Su XIng was currently staring at her. The girl felt her face: “Does Niangzi have something on her face?”

Su Xing returned to his senses, looking pensive: “Wife, you seem to be preoccupied…”

“No, Dear Husband is thinking too much…” Hu Niangzi kept a straight face.

“If you have something on your mind, you must tell me. I am your Dear Husband, you have to believe in me.” Su Xing said with concern.

Bright Star Ten Feet of Blue Hu Niangzi nodded, opening up her face, the corner of her mouth retaining a shallow smile.

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  1. 冥蝶, remember, her name lit. means “Nether Butterfly” or “Hell Butterfly”
  2. 苦肉計, basically, he’s going to self-harm in a way that can convince Guan Ying that he’s in danger, forcing her to go all out.
  3. 黃鶴島
  4. 黃鶴樓, a real life landmark
  5. AKA Hong Kong
  6. 魔眼惡蜥


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