Chapter 415: The Palace of Empress Wa

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Zhao Hanyan, Yan Yizhen and An Suwen prepared for several days at the Great Liang Imperial Palace. The Ling Yan Princess told them beforehand about the important items to note about the Palace of Empress Wa before moving out for the Valley of Empress Wa.

The Valley of Empress Wa was surrounded on all sides by mountains. Thousands of rocks contended for beauty, tens of thousands of gullies vied for the river flow. Multi-colored Flying Swords assembled from every corner of the world. In the center of the valley, there were already many cultivators. When the Ling Yan Princess was arrived, she attracted the gaze of everyone present, regardless of sex or age. Zhao Hanyan was accustomed to this sort of staring, and her natural imperial pride did not lose any of its grace. Even a few Star Generals would take a step back.

Zhao Hanyan landed at the place for the True Immortal Hall. “Senior Xun Zhenzi.”

Xuan Zhenzi looked at the beautiful disciple in front of him, inwardly startled that the Star Duel Covenants were formidable as expected. He had spent more than half a lifetime only to reach Supercluster Late Stage. Now, Zhao Hanyan had already attained success with a single step, and this time of cultivation had been just a short four years.

“Princess Highness!”

The True Immortal Hall’s Star Cultivators deferentially saluted.

Zhao Hanyan slightly nodded and looked around the valley.

In each of the generation’s Evil Smiting Hall, the Palace of Empress Wa would appear in the final three days before it ended. The renowned Thousand Year Tears of Empress Wa were born inside the Palace of Empress Wa. Each generation at this time, all of Azure Dragon Territory would be alarmed, but such a beautiful thing had already been tacitly agreed upon by the Ten Great Sects. Before this time, the guard of the Palace of Empress Wa was extremely tight. Without a writ of passage, cultivators and sects that planned to reap a share of the words first made plans for their souls to be destroyed.

And as far as this Palace of Empress Wa was concerned, this was an extremely rare opportunity for all Star Masters and Star Generals.

Not only because of the Tears of Empress Wa, but also because before the start of the Fourth Phase, the Palace of Empress Wa could be said to be a supreme warm-up. Practically all of the Azure Dragon Territory’s sects and Star Masters would get together all at once. In addition, the end of the Third Phase signified that all Star Generals had become complete Star Generals. The Star Duels would no longer hold back at all.

“Princess, these two are?” Xuan Zhenzi looked at Yan Yizhen and An Suwen.

The two girls followed Zhao Hanyan. Beforehand, they had already changed to maid outfits1 and put on face veils. He could not recognize them.

“These are Hanyan’s maids, They will enter the Palace of Empress Wa together with Hanyan.” Zhao Hanyan played down her reply.

“Princess Highness, you must be careful around Yan Wudao of the Lifeless Hall.” Xuan Zhenzi stroked his beard.

The corner of Zhao Hanyan’s mouth held in a smile. Her gestures were graceful, and the elegant purple palace dress was like smoke and fog, making the Ling Yan Princess appear somewhat mysterious. “Why does Senior Xuan Zhenzi say this?”

“While we were discussing about this time’s Palace of Empress Wa just now, that Yan Wudao’s Star General Featherless Arrow Zhang Qing has apparently been continuously upgrading her Star Weapon. We fear it is Four Star, even Five Star.”

Xuan Zhenzi and the Lifeless Hall’s Ancestor Longevity were old friends. To hear this from his mouth, clearly it could not be that wrong.

“Zhang Qing’s Five Star Destined Weapon?” Zhao Hanyan’s eyebrows rose.

Zhang Qing was a top-notch expert in concealed weapons. The higher her Star Weapon level, the greater the menace it could bring about. Although Zhao Hanyan these days had also finally upgraded Steadfast Star Dong Junqing’s Star Weapon to Four Star, under the situation of identical level Star Weapons, Zhang Qing’s hidden tools took an even clearer advantage.

“That honestly makes Your Servant excited.” Dong Junqing licked her lips, disdainfully putting this beneath her. She turned her head to look engrossingly at the expressionless Yan Yizhen and the warm An Suwen: “What do you say.”

A moment later, several exclamations of surprise came from the Valley of Empress Wa.

A vast expanse of snow-white fog descended from the sky. A young girl standing on a snow-white Flying Sword landed. She was absolutely beautiful, garbed in clothes that surpassed snow. Her long black hair wa like a waterfall, and her forehead was heroic, her figure graceful. She naturally wore an ice-cold that repelled people, adding to the girl an icy grace that no other woman had; beside the girl was also a tall woman in accompaniment. Different from her icy arrogance, this woman was like stone, just like a sculpture.

“Little Sister Caiwei, it seems you had a great harvest.” Zhao Hanyan slightly smiled at the young girl. The girl’s cultivation had reached the peak of Galaxy Stage, and it seemed a breakthrough to Supercluster Stage was not due for long.

The Immortal Hero Princess Gong Caiwei nodded, not batting an eyelid.

Zhao Hanyan long was already accustomed to her unreasonable personality. She carried herself with grace, saying nothing more.

Gong Caiwei walked to the Extreme Ice Holy Palace. The Fairy Ladies of the Extreme Ice Holy Palace were concerned as they asked about something. They probably were discussing matters regarding this Palace of Empress Wa. The snow-like brilliance of Gong Caiwei’s pupils were absent minded as she nodded.

A while after, the Alliance of Ten Sects arrived one after another, including among them the Blooming Water Sword Sect which was without a Star Master. However, this did not obstruct them from visiting the Palace of Empress Wa at all.

“I hear that Imperial Sister has found two maids to follow her. Imperial Sister, when have you been so careful?”

A magnetic man’s voice came to Zhao Hanyan.

The approaching man’s face was like jade, a handsome appearance. He was elegant, and beside him followed a girl wearing a pink palace dress, who was beautiful with an extraordinary temperament. Zhao Heng looked at Yan Yizhen and An Suwen, somewhat disapproving of Zhao Hanyan’s conduct.

“It is preferable to be cautious. Imperial Sister exhorts Imperial Little Brother, in all cases, do not be overly self-confident.”

“Many thanks to Imperial Sister for the advice. However, to enter the Hall of Empress Wa within, those who are not Star Masters cannot enter. Imperial Sister’s two maids perhaps are unnecessary.” Zhao Heng smiled.

“You had better first worry about yourself.” Dong Junqing said in annoyance.

Zhao Heng glanced with restrained fear at this Five Tiger General, saying quietly to Zhao Hanyan: “Imperial Sister, how about we siblings join hands for the Palace of Empress Wa? We can get rid of all the other Star Masters. Is this Palace of Empress Was not ours.”

“Junqing, what do you say.” Zhao Hanyan did not answer.

Dong Junqing looked lasciviously at the young girl beside Zhao Heng: “If Little Sister Qingshuang agrees to sleep with Junqing for a night, perhaps Junqing will agree depending on Little Sister’s affection.”

“It truly is an extraordinary shame and humiliation that the Five Tiger Generals have an Elder Sister like you.” Suo Qingshuang snorted.

“Junqing will make you feel even more ashamed.” Dong Junqing was completely like a shameless pervert.

“Your Highness, let us go. There is no need to accept a compromise. The Five Tiger Generals are even more likely to become the target of others. Since Your Highness was so kind and the princess so unwilling to accept, then do not blame us for not first warning you.” Suo Qingshuang sneered, turning around and leaving.

“Imperial Sister, please take care of yourself. Zhao Heng is being good intentioned.” Zhao Heng cupped his fist and left.

“However, what that Impatient Vanguard said is somewhat reasonable. Junqing, we must be careful.”

As expected, Dong Junqing was the only Five Tiger General at this Palace of Empress Wa. This status would turn into a thorn in the side of the other sects, without doubt.

“Junqing will properly teach those disobedient Little Sisters.” Dong Junqing chuckled.

At the final moment before the Palace of Empress Wa opened, the Clear Void Most High Path also rolled over on a green cloud. All of the more than hundred cultivators in the valley threw their gazes over. The Azure Dragon Territory’s number one Great Sect, all of the cultivators that came were each of reserved temperament, of extraordinary presence. The Clear Void Most High Path has suffered repeated and heavy losses ever since the Purple Thunder Monster was born. Several of its Great Cultivators had died.2 However, the Most High Path was still worthy of the name of the Azure Dragon Territory’s number one Path. The one leading these Most High Path cultivators still was a Supervoid Cultivator.

Furthermore, this one was a female cultivator named Nangong Xing.3

The other sect ancestors each extremely revered her, however, what was more eye-catching than Nangong Xing nevertheless the one called the Azure Dragon Territory’s number one genius, Xie Zhenyuan. Xie Zhenyuan still had an imposing appearance, the person simplistic as a chrysanthemum.

However, this genius’ halo had long already fallen. His cultivation was currently only Supercluster Middle Stage, only one level away from Zhao Hanyan.

“Never expected the talented Xie Zhenyuan surprisingly would contract an Earthly Star completely lacking in martial force. Truly, This Princess cannot understand what this man is thinking.” Zhao Hanyan shook her head.

Xie Zhenyuan indeed was a genius. With his talent and background, contracting a top-notch Heavenly Star was not out of the question. If this was the case, he actually had a possibility to vie for the overlordship, but following the exposure of Xie Zhenyuan’s Star General Hou Jian, no one believed he still could have any chances.

Regarding his choice, which the Most High Path indulged in, the entire Azure Dragon Territory was still puzzled after pondering over a hundred times.

“Suwen heard Big Brother say before that the Most High Path has another Star Master, one who has contracted Elder Sister Investigative Star.” An Suwen whispered.


Zhao Hanyan and Dong Junqing were stunned at the same time.

“Investigative Star Unrestrained?” Zhao Hangyan’s tone was heavy.

“Are you sure the Most High Path has another Star Master?” Dong Junqing wrinkled her brow.

“En, Big Brother was sneak attacked by her.” An Suwen nodded.

“The Investigative Star, huh. A top-notch assassin. To be sneak attacked, your brother truly is abnormal to have survived that.” Dong Junqing snorted, a sort of regretful tone.

“What a formidable trick. Surprisingly, they put Xie Zhenyuan in the spotlight while nurturing another one in the dark, so formidable.” Zhao Hanyan pursed her lips. Her beautiful eyes gazed at the Most High Path, attempting to seek out that dubious Star Master. However, to be able to contract the Investigative Star, the opponent clearly was very skilled at hiding himself. Zhao Hanyan could not discern them.

“Everyone has waited for a long time, now make way immediately. If you are not one of the Ten Great Sects, or a disciple of a sect without a writ of passage, immediately withdraw. Otherwise, face the consequences!” Nangong Xing indifferently issued this order.

Just at this moment, black clouds galloped over from the horizon.

“Apologies, This Sect has arrived late.”

Ancestor Longevity apologetically smiled, for the Lifeless Hall was late.

“Any later, and there would be no need for the Lifeless Hall to come.” Nangong Xing coldly said.

“Fairy Nangong is also here, This Old Man apologizes.” Ancestor Longevity cupped his fist.

“No nonsense. Begin to vacate now. Do not be deceived by anyone, especially that Purple Thunder Monster!” Nangong Xing said.

No one dared to be neglectful. The Palace of Empress Wa was so large, the Purple Thunder Monster perhaps would not pass up a good opportunity. This Monster had now made the Ten Great Sects hate him to the bone. How could they be willing to give this bastard a chance.

Zhao Hanyan snickered.

“Princess, what is the matter?” Dong Junqing was perplexed.

“To think that Su XIng can make these Ancestors keep quiet out of fear, This Princess feels this is interesting.” Zhao Hanyan shallowly smiled.

Steadfast Star Dong Junqing wrinkled her brow, her heart very jealous of Zhao Hanyan’s sweet and happy smile.

“Soon, these Ten Great Sects Ancestors can only be extremely deferential to Su Xing.” Zhao Hanyan already could imagine it.

“No need to wait any longer. If they truly wish to harm Master, Slave Servant shall go help Master settle some trouble right now.” Yan Yizhen did not hesitate at all to speak.

Zhao Hanyan was taken aback. She gently smiled: “Do not be too impulsive, Yan Qing. The inside of the Palace of Empress Wa will naturally have trouble.”

When the Ten Great Sects began to lock down the Palace of Empress Wa, ZHao Hanyan looked around the valley, sizing up these Star Masters and Star Generals. In the Ling Yan Princess’ eyes, the ones worthy of note were Zhang Qing’s Four or Five Star hidden weapon of Yan Wudao and the assassin hidden in the Most High Path. Both were experts of difficult to defend backstabbing assassinations.

Zhao Hanyan thought.

Secondly was the Crystal Dragon King Palace. The Crystal Dragon King Palace’s cultivators were many, and their Star Master was indistinguishable, but Zhao Hanyan did not dare lower her guard around this treasure Great Sect.

However, what made the Ling Yan Princess wrinkle her brow the most was the Purple Firmament Immortal Palace that had yet to show their face.

Just what was this Purple Firmament Immortal Palace planning. Could it be they were giving up on these Star Duels?

As she thought this, she suddenly heard everyone gasp.

Zhao Hanyan stowed her thoughts.

In the center of the valley, a gorgeous palace hall began to appear just like a water painting from the mountain stream, swirling open.

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  1. As in maid outfits from the palace, rather than Yizhen’s standard Western type.
  2. Remember, one of them was assassinated by their own Star Master
  3. 南宮杏


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