Chapter 419: Seeing Your Boyfriend In Your Best Clothes

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Great Saint Starkiller shook his head. “Since your Star Weapon has already been imbued with the Devil Star, Ying’er, there is already no room to turn back. Is it no good to allow us to use the most unbridle attitude to scale Maiden Mountain?”

“This path should not be used.” Guan Ying coldly replied.

“Victors, the way of the king!” Great Saint Starkiller sneered. Losers did not have the qualifications to say anything. “When you and I originally signed our contract, did you not think of the status of my Devil Star Palace? The number one Devil Palace of the Black Turtle Territory!!”

“But this kind of method…”

“Forget it, let us first calm down. This Spring Breeze Drunken Rain Pavilion’s Worry-free Without A Care is very good. Ying’er, think carefully. As villains, we already cannot turn around. Any mercy is a ridiculous delusion. Do you hate the Devil Star Palace right now? I hate it, too, but we still do not have the strength to break free…”

Guan Ying’s eyes had a peculiar luster.

“Two guests, would you like anything to drink?”

A waiter welcomed them with a smile.

“Several cups of Worry-free Without A Care.” Great Saint Starkiller said.

“We are truly sorry, but there is already no more Worry-free Without A Care.” The waiter said.

“But how, call your proprietress here.” Great Saint Starkiller coolly said.

“Mistress has already left. This Spring Breeze Drunken Rain Building has already changed ownership, so Worry-free Without A Care…”

“What? She left?” Great Saint Starkiller was shocked. “To where?”

“Your Servant does not know.” The waiter was awkward.

Great Saint Starkiller snorted and allowed him to withdraw.

He never thought that she would leave. Great Saint Starkiller originally thought that to dangle a Star Weapon on the front door as they did, they were already prepared to suffer the fate of a Starfall at any time.

“Forget it. Going to Black Turtle Temple is also good. At that time, Guan Ying will also be required to take action, saving me from committing treachery myself.” Great Saint Starkiller thought. “Bring the best wine your restaurant has…”

“Very well.”

“Ying’er, allow us to drink to our content for the sake of the goal of ascending Maiden Mountain.” Great Saint Starkiller drained the cup in a gulp.

Guan Ying did not hesitate at all to seize her wine jug, drinking it clean to the shock of everyone.

It was as if she wanted to drink herself away…

Palace of Empress Wa

An Suwen walked along an intertwining corridor. The interior of the Palace of Empress Wa was completely an imperial aura, with the dazzling sight of colored glass and precious gem decorations. Beforehand, she was informed from Zhao Hanyan that the Palace of Empress Wa was divided into three levels of top, middle and bottom. The middle level could be entered by anyone, Star Cultivator or Star Master, but the highest level required possession of a Star Crest to enter.

It was completely different from many of Liangshan’s ruins. The Palace of Empress Wa was a Prehistoric Palace. The fortunate could find Ancient Secret Books and materials, and the misfortunate could find ten thousand liang of gold. Nobody knew how many treasures the inside of the Palace of Empress Wa had, however, a thousand years had passed, and now An Suwen walked a clearly very empty corridor. The Night Light Pearls that originally used for illumination had all already been taken away.

A few floorboards and decorations had been peeled away.

An Suwen did not care for these. The Palace of Empress Wa’s most famous “Holy Image of Empress Wa” in the palace was purported by legend to be able to condense the Tears of Empress Wa once in a hundred years. Continuous for a thousand years, this was the goal of all Star Masters. The Palace of Empress Wa existed in Liangshan Continent for three days. Time was of the essence, and An Suwen was not reluctant to leave the treasures in these hallways.  

Walking for a long time, noises suddenly came from in front.

An Suwen slowed her pace. It was a very common occurrence for each of the Great Sects seized the chance to rob the property of other cultivators.

Slowly walking down the corridor, there was then a main hall. Two Galaxy Cultivators were currently battling. From their attire, they both seemed to be from the Blooming Water Sword Sect.

That Supercluster Early Stage was unable to continue. He hastily shouted: “Brother Lu, what are you doing? We are Senior and Junior Brothers from the same sect.”

“Senior and Junior Brothers from the same sect? Hmph, then obediently give that ‘Fire Rhinoceros Belt’1 to me.” That cultivator named Lu sneered. Suddenly, he threw out several talismans. THose talismans became golden light that violently shot out.

His opponent threw out an iron shield. The golden light shot into the shield and suddenly scattered into countless sparks.

“Your Servant found this Fire Rhino Belt first.” The cultivator grit his teeth, releasing a golden light to protect himself, unwilling to hand it over. The Fire Rhino Belt was a Yang Cultivation treasure, how could he be so willing to give it up.

Cultivator Lu snorted, and his Flying Swords released golden light at the same time.

A glinting golden halberd hung in front of him.

“Galaxy Magic Weapon, Mountain Breaking Halberd!” The other party shouted, promptly placing the shield in front of him.

“Senior Brother, stop. Your Servant shall give this Fire Rhino Belt to Senior Brother.” He hastily cried.

“Die, idiot.” Cultivator Lu sneered. The Mountain Breaking Halberd moved.

With a boom, the halberd slammed into the shield.

The shield shattered. The cultivator turned to run, but his stomach was pierced through. “Since you are here in this Palace of Empress Wa, you must be prepared to die. Not only Junior Brother’s Fire Rhino Belt, but Senior Brother wants your other things, ha, ha, ha, ha.” Cultivator Lu laughed aloud. He extended a hand to take the Astral Bag. No one cared about this death in the Palace of Empress Wa anyways.


Suddenly, Cultivator Lu whirled around and pointed.

That Mountain Breaking Halberd transformed into a golden light.


The wall was blown apart.

“Oh, so it was a beauty.”

Cultivator Lu had long already sensed An Suwen. Seeing that the girl lacked the strength to even truss a chicken, he laughed. “You saw everything just now. This Palace of Empress Wa is truly great, killing and robbing people is inevitable and right, what a delight.”

He beckoned.

The Flying Swords cried.

An Suwen gently shook her head, suddenly gesturing with her delicate hands.

A green hurricane rose steeply and pounced upon Cultivator Lu.

“What is this…”

Cultivator Lu turned pale from fright.

The Flying Swords and artifacts hastily slashed.

That hurricane surrounded him in the blink of an eye. Astonishingly, it was thousands of individual slim dragon-like Demon Beasts. He was too late to let out a scream. When the storm passed, Cultivator Lu was already a lifeless corpse, leaving behind only his Astral Bag as a sign he had ever come by.

At this time, a weak voice came from behind her. An Suwen did not dare be careless, and she had the Essence Swallowing Dragons gather around her body.

There was a weak moan, and a figure walked out from the dark corridor.

An Suwen was taken aback.

A young girl with white clothes that surpassed snow walked out, but those white clothes had been parted by a glaring spatter of blood, soaking it in red. The girl was considerably wan, a wound deep enough to show bone below her ribs.

Gong Caiwei leaned against the wall. Although she had sustained heavy injury, she still was very tenacious.

“Are you alright?” An Suwen ran over. Without any hesitation, she produced the Child And Mother Linked Hearts Needles and stuck them into Gong Caiwei’s body, activating Life Returning Magic Hands.

Gong Caiwei was stunned. She did not think that the young girl in front of her would save her. “You are the Efficacious Star…why save me…”

“Who injured Elder Sister.” An Suwen asked in astonishment.

“This place has an assassin.” Gong Caiwei’s pale face gradually regained color. The Ice Spirit Snow Soul’s eyes gazed at An Suwen in confusion. “Why would you want to save me.” Gong Caiwei asked again.

“Big Brother would make Suwen save you, too.” An Suwen’s tone was tender.

Gong Caiwei frowned.

Big Brother??

The first thing to jump into her mind was the Su Xing that said to her “I don’t need a reason to save people.”

It cannot be, the Efficacious Star’s Big Brother?

Gong Caiwei could not understand.

Black Turtle Temple opened on the last day of Evil Smiting Hall. The location was in the depths of the Black Turtle Sea.

Zhang Yuqi approached, and Su Xing rushed over together with her.

On a small island, many countless cultivators were already crowding. However, Su Xing did not go to that packed island. Rather, he followed Zhang Yuqi water escape to a nearby islet. According to her words – Xi Yue preferred quiet.

On one island, there was a vaguely visible red amidst a pure white. When he drew closer, he could see a beautiful girl’s face.

“Su Xing.”

The Water Illusion Fairy from faraway appeared to be a solitary orchid, making people unable to draw near, but immediately after Su Xing came, this solitary orchid suddenly turned into a Water Fairy. Xi Yue somewhat sighed emotionally.

Spotting the Water Illusion Fairy, Su Xing was a bit startled.

What should he say?

The Xi Yue at this moment was like an orchid, her countenance gorgeous. She wore a seemingly traditional Han long gown. Her attire surpassed snow, and her feet were clad in phoenix boots. Her black hair hung at her shoulders, glossy like silk. A string of vermilion and white intertwined on a damask embroidered with cryptic script that bound her streaming black hair, emitting an ancient charm.

A pair of limpid eyes had pressing spiritual power, completely without blemish. Her lips were the color of peaches, a considerably absolute beauty.

If she was on Earth, she absolutely could kill instantly with a look.

For Su XIng to not have such a big reaction upon seeing Xi Yue for the first time, the Zhang Feiyu to the side twitched her lips. Zhang Yuqi smirked: “The Water Illusion Fairy truly is seeing her boyfriend in her best clothes.”

Xi Yue’s face turned red, somewhat bashful.

“Hey, is this that man you said would be accompanying you? Hmph.”

A cold snort came from a person beside Xi Yue.

Su Xing came back to his senses, and only then did he take note of the man and woman beside the young girl. Although their attire was not as magnificent as the girl before him, they were full of grace.

The girl that spoke hoarsely shouted: “Surprisingly a Supercluster Star Master…Xi Yue, do you truly believe in him.”

The other middle-aged man cast a glance at Su Xing. There was also Hu Sanniang beside Su Xing, leaving him somewhat confused.

This man and woman were of Supercluster Middle Stage and Late Stage cultivation, Great Elders of the Illusion and Reality Sect. This time, they were following Xi Yue together into the Black Turtle Temple. Xi Yue cast an apologetic expression.

“Do you still doubt the man that Feiyu’s Little Sister looked upon?” Zhang Feiyu said in displeasure.

The two Great Elders did not say much more.

“Take it.”

That Great Elder that looked like a young woman threw a jade pendant over.

Su Xing already knew the rules of Black Turtle Temple – the Black Turtle Territory’s Great Sects laid a forbiddance on Black Turtle Sea. Only those that used this jade pendant could enter. Rather than say it was a guard against other sects, it was better to say this was to deliberately make some top-notch Star Generals unable to enter. This also was the advantage of a sect.

Then, they explained the situation of the Black Turtle Temple.

Not long after, the other islands saw a boundless escape-light, and black clouds arrived one by one. They landed on each of the summits. Xi Yu explained to Su Xing that each was an influential sect.

The influence of Black Turtle Territory’s Star Masters was far from that of the Azure Dragon Territory’s, the distribution they were at very wonderful.

Other than Five Great Sects of one Devil Palace and four Devil Sects acting as chiefs, there were also two influential Star Maidens.

One was the Black Turtle Sea’s overlords, Three Ruans Water Fort, Su Xing and the others had crossed paths with two of the Three Ruans. Naturally, he knew the might of this Water Fort. THe other was the ruler of the Nine Dragons Sea – Nine Dragons Palace. Its Imperial Empress was Minute Star Nine Tattooed Dragons Shi Jin. Even the Devil Star Palace was not at all willing to provoke their influence.

“Speaking of Shi Jin, why did she become the Imperial Empress of the Nine Dragons Palace?” Su Xing was still perplexed after much thought about this mystery.

“This will have to be traced back to the previous Star Duels!”

Zhang Feiyu chuckled with a considerably jealous expression.

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