Chapter 420: “Sword Star” Ruan Jin’er

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“What do you mean?” Su Xing asked. He knew that Noble Star Little Whirlwind Chai Ling had placed herself outside of matters pertaining to the Star Duels, so each generation of Star Duels she could pass on what was considered the abnormal operating business of Liangshan. However, this was the first time he heard of another Star General doing so.

Zhang Feiyu also was not too clear on the minutiae. She only knew that the previous Nine Tattooed Dragon operated the Nine Dragons Palace together with several other Star Generals. At that time, they still relied on every sort of method to turn the Nine Dragons Palace into the overlord of the Nine Dragons Sea region. After the Star Duels finished, the Nine Dragons Palace was turned over to a sword cultivator named Liu Tianya for safekeeping.

This Liu Tianya’s birth name was Lang Po,1 yet he had considerable tricks. Later, after he had the fortune to obtain the Purple Rose Astral Treasure Nine Dragons Seal, he made the Nine Dragons Palace like the sun in the sky.

To speak of it, it was somewhat odd. After this generation of Star Duels began, this Liu Tianya once again gave the position of Imperial Empress to this generation’s Shi Jin, which made everyone confused.

However, come to think of it, there was an origin with the previous Star Duel.

“Nine Dragons Seal…” Su Xing suddenly recalled Qingci’s Astral Treasure. His brow tightly creased: “That Liu Tianya didn’t sign a contract with Shi Jin?”

“No, after the previous Wu Song became overlord without signing a contract, this generation’s Shi Jin is also imitating her…” Xi Yue answered.

Zhang Feiyu coldly snorted disdainfully: “If you can’t scale Maiden Mountain, what use is there in becoming the overlord.”

“Elder Sister, you’re gravely mistaken.” Zhang Yuqi winked.

“How can Elder Sister be wrong.” Zhang Feiyu twitched her lips.

“Little Sister once received Shi Jin’s invitation. I heard her say that these Star Duels have anomalies, and that there is no need to rely on a Star Master to be able to ascend Maiden Mountain.”

Zhang Yuqi’s words made Zhang Feiyu surprised. Following the Boatman’s even greater disdain, “However, she is using enticing words to lure other Star Generals. What is she planning. How would I, Feiyu, not know. Is she not thinking of assembling Sisters to help expand her Nine Dragons Palace, and then eradicate the Devil Star Palace?”

“Is the anomaly referring to Milord Su Xing?” Xi Yue brows frowned.

The Zhang Sisters were astonished, as if they felt this was somewhat logical.

Su Xing did not confirm nor deny their words. Rather, he still thought of one person – Qingci of the Uprising.

“It seems there is need to use some trick to understand Qingci’s identity, background, and capabilities.” Su Xing muttered to himself, making a decision.

“What is Milord mumbling about?” Xi Yue listened in.

“I’m thinking that the Nine Tattooed Dragons’ affairs are so mysterious, the next time I can, I’ll go seek out Chai Ling for information.” The Noble Star’s influence was vast, her information reached the heavens, and she ought to understand something like this inheritance.

“Young Su even knows Noble Star Little Whirlwind Chai Jin?” Zhang Yuqi covered her mouth.

“I only helped her capture her Star Beast once before, that’s all.” Su Xing smiled.

“What? Is this man joking? You unexpectedly can obtain the Noble Star’s trust?” Zhang Feiyu said in disbelief. Even if she was in the faraway Black Turtle Territory, she also knew of Chai Ling’s advantages and disadvantages. In the successive Star Duels, never had a Noble Star dare believe in a Star Master.

Anomaly, could this actually be referring to him?

Zhang Feiyu’s expression was strange.

Zhang Yuqi smiled pleasantly: “For even Noble Star Little Whirlwind to be able to believe in you, Yuqi’s eyesight honestly is good.”

A long while after, the surrounding islands were filled with more and more sect cultivators. Each hilltop was full of people, an inauspicious air soaring into the sky.

The Black Turtle Temple was a place that possessed countless valuables, and even gems and spirit medicines could be encountered. Thus, each cultivator very much wanted a share of the goods.

In her spare time, Xi Yue sought out Su Xing for a chat. She indirectly inquired about if Su Xing was well or not. How could Su Xing not recognize the fondness in those eyes…But Su Xing himself nevertheless did not feel any feelings of chemistry, even if the girl dressed so splendidly.

However, Su Xing originally did not believe in anything like love at first sight. This sort of thing just followed the course of nature. At the very least, a Star Master like the Water Illusion Fairy being his companion was not a bad thing.

Su Xing’s absent-mindedness nevertheless made the people of the other sects on the island somewhat itch to quickly kill him. Seeing the renowned Water Illusion Fairy surprisingly dress her best honestly was a sight for their eyes, but seeing her chat so amiably with a man they had never seen before, their hearts seemed to leak blood. If it was not for the obstruction of the two Elders and the Water Illusion Fairy, they would have already joined in opposition against this common enemy.

Su Xing was rather speechless to see their hatred – since ancient times, femme fatales were always around. It seemed before even entering the Black Turtle Temple, he had become the public enemy.

The others did not dare speak, but some did not think this way.

A perilous situation arose. An enormous green-scaled dragon alligator, a dragon king beast, and a white-furred sea ape appeared on the ocean, moving towards the Illusion and Reality Sect.

The three terrifying Star Beasts were grand in might. The seawater was divided into several dozen zhang sea waves, and that white-furred ape among them was especially extraordinary. With water blue and golden eyes, its body had flower markings. Its mouth parted, revealing fangs, as if it was grinning. Its four limbs were huge, particularly that bright and dark alternating ocean blue armor the sea ape was draped in. Its hand gripped a sword and a shield. The bright and dark reflected. Standing on water, it was practically like a galactic water god.

Blue Waves Underworld Quail!!2

Su Xing very quickly recognized the name of this Star Beast. Ranked eighth on the Star Beast List, it just so happened to be lower than Lin Yingmei’s Snow Treading Frost Eye Beast by one rank. Su Xing had a very deep impression, particularly this Blue Waves Underworld Quail name.

This Underworld Quail Sea Ape carried a mighty woman. She wore a pink tube top and a palace dress of rippling sleeves. Her askew horse bun was stuck with two white cloud golden hairpins through the sides. A Thousand Waves Golden Hoops decorated her waist, appearing perfectly fine without losing any luxury. Her golden eyes were particularly imposing, her willow brows like smoke carrying slight beauty.  

Beside this woman were Ruan Xiaowu and Ruan Xiaoqi. The former looked at Su Xing and ground her teeth while the later still looked indifferently through her children’s picture book amidst the wind and waves.

There was no need to say it.

The identity of the woman sitting on the Blue Waves Underworld Quail was on call.

Sword Star Tai Sui Who Stands His Ground Ruan Xiao’er3

The Three Ruans Water Fort’s prestige was vast. They had mobilized fifty or sixty cultivators of extraordinary cultivation. The cultivators on the side of the road withdrew in shock and anger.

Su Xing had originally thought to use the Birth Treasure Outline to illuminate the background of this Ruan Xiao’er, but recalling that he was being eyed by other Star Masters and had become everyone’s object of hate, he endured the urge. There other chances, anyways.

“Zhang Yuqi, Zhang Feiyu, you sluts.”

The Three Ruans Water Fort arrived, and Ruan Ping’er indignantly cursed them.

“A little foul footer like you dares curse me?” Zhang Feiyu’s hand gripped the Flaming Fish King Saber and was about to attack.

A Flying Sword stopped her.

“Ping’er…” Ruan Jin’er shouted.

Ruan Ping’er snorted unwillingly. Last time’s defeat was certainly still on her mind. She truly hated this pompous couple to death.

“Why would Fort Master Ruan Jin’er have the leisure to find our Illusion And Reality Sect for a chat?” That young-looking female Illusion and Reality Sect elder smiled.

Ruan Jin’er glanced at her, not caring at all for her. She only stared at Su Xing. Ruan Mei’er’s gaze also lifted her gaze from the children’s picture book onto Su Xing’s body.

“This time, we have come only to seek a justice. Your pair of Sisters helped a Star Master bully my Ruan Sisters. I want an explanation.” Ruan Jin’er coldly said.

Water Illusion Fairy Xi Yue said: “Sword Star, you do not properly manage your Ruan Sisters who make trouble out of nothing. You kicked the floorboard yourself, yet you do not blame their rudeness. You still wish us to give you an explanation?” The Water Illusion Fairy’s words were sharp, rather in spite of Ruan Jin’er.

The two Elders were somewhat astonished, however, this was a matter between Star General and Star Master. They could not easily intervene.

“White Stripe in the Waves, Boatman, have you made your decision to stand at the side of this Star Master?” Ruan Jin’er calmly asked.

“And what of it?” Xi Yue was neither servile nor overbearing.

“This man possesses the Birth Treasure Outline, do you believe in him?” Ruan Jin’er once again asked. The voice of Sword Star Tai Sui Who Stands His Ground was not loud yet it was sufficient to allow the surrounding several dozen people at the sea hear clearly. Su Xing thought that this woman’s schemes were too deep.

The things he previously had misgivings about had been seen through by Ruan Jin’er. This woman nevertheless was ruthless.

Su Xing immediately felt several icy stares aim at him.

“I forgot until you mentioned it.” Su Xing smiled. He extended his hand and flipped out the Birth Treasure Outline.

Star Position: Sword Star

Star Name: Ruan Xiao’er

Nickname: Tai Sui Who Stands His Ground

True Name: Ruan Jin’er

Rank: Twenty-seventh

Star Weapon: Azure Seas Green Duckweed4 (Four Star)

Star Beast: Blue Waves Underworld Quail5

Realm: Matchless Fifth Stage

Innate Skill: Sword Chant

Five Elements: Water

Yellow Rank Special Move: Death Sentence Beheading6

Dark Rank Special Move: Duckweed Are Broken/Curtain Flower Canopy Shadow Reversed7

Current Status: No Contractor (can be conquered)

Detailed Materials: …

“Matchless Fifth Stage?” This martial force realm was high enough to surprise Su Xing.

Xi Yue, Zhang Feiyu and the others showed expressions of astonishment. The Water Illusion Fairy immediately calmed down, indifferently saying: “Xi Yue has already made her decision to follow Milord. Ruan Jin’er, anything you say is useless.”


Ruan Jin’er did not anticipate that the Water Illusion Fairy would say something so shocking.

The seas seemed to explode.

“Water Illusion Fairy, you are serious?” Ruan Jin’er hid her own feelings very well.

Xi Yue disdained to reply.

“It seems you have found a very good patron. If only it were possible for this patron in Black Turtle Temple to allow you to be even more like a fish back in water compared to us Three Ruans.” Ruan Jin’er nodded, her tone already hiding her killing intent.

The Black Turtle Temple was the test run for the Three Heavenly Books. Xi Yue did not doubt one bit that this Sword Star Tai Sui Who Stands His Ground had made preparations long ago to face Star Masters inside the temple.

“Hmph, you had best not run into us.” Ruan Ping’er made a scary face.

“Let us go.”

Ruan Jin’er waved her hand. All of the Water Fort cultivators then flew towards an island. The other cultivators on the island could only leave one by one upon seeing this.

“Did you offend the Three Ruans?” Su Xing put away the Birth Treasure Outline, however, he immediately recalled that the influence of both sides were just like fire and water, indifferent to offending or not offending each other.

“Is Milord unwilling to believe in Xi Yue?” The Water Illusion Fairy said in a small voice.

“This actually isn’t the case…” Su Xing shook his head: “The Black Turtle Temple. We had better be careful of the Three Ruans.” Looking at Ruan Jin’er’s back: “This Sword Star seems to be very powerful, a Four Star Destined Weapon.”

“What do martial arts count for. What is most terrifying is that this Sword Star is capable of using Sword Chants.” Zhang Feiyu stuck out her lips.

“Sword Chant?” Su Xing wrinkled his brow. “Could it be that her Innate Skill is to use the Flying Swords of cultivators.”

The Water Illusion Fairy nodded.

Su Xing and Hu Niangzi looked at each other in dismay.

“The Sword Star has acquired more than a hundred of the Black Turtle Territory’s Sword Chants, but the most terrifying aspect is that she controls more than a thousand Flying Swords.” The Water Illusion Fairy sighed. During the Birth Treasure Outline Phase, she once battled the Sword Star. Only by coordinating with Zhang Feiyu could she only just barely face the Sword Star. If the other Ruan Sisters fought together, they could only suffer defeat.

Su Xing looked pensively.

He finally understood why the Three Ruans Water Fort could flourish. It seemed the contributions of this Sword Chant art could not go unnoticed.

As he thought this, the skies suddenly rolled with thunder.

Su Xing raised his head to look. He spotted a Nine Dragons aromatic cart emerged from the clouds. In front was a palace girl raising a lantern, and the rear was followed by armored guards hefting weapons, their imposing manner incomparable.

Gasps of astonishment suddenly erupted.

The Nine Dragons Palace leisurely took the stage.

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  1. 浪泊
  2. 碧波幽鴳 An ape that’s named a quail…
  3. 天劍星立地太歲阮小二
  4. 滄海青萍
  5. 碧波幽鴳
  6. 斬立決
  7. 浮萍破處/簷花簾影顛倒, these two Dark Ranks are a stanza from poet Zhou Bangyan’s 隔浦莲近拍


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