Chapter 422: Black Turtle Temple

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A hundred li range of sea shook with a rumble. The islands seemed to be leaves caught in a storm, each of them incapable of supporting all of the cultivators, jolting without stability.

An enormous rumble.

A hundred zhang tall wave rocketed into the sky, directly entering the clouds.

A downpour rained down, splashing down a large expanse of raindrops.

“Young Su, we should go.” Zhang Yuqi reminded.

A giant counterclockwise whirlpool appeared on the sea. The islands’ other cultivators soared into the sky and threw themselves into the whirlpool. Water Illusion Fairy Xi Yue raised a blue “Water Parting Damask,” and a blue light glimmered that swirled and wrapped around her.

The Black Turtle Temple was located in the sea. As far as cultivators were concerned, this was an extremely great trial. Su Xing also used the Water Avoidance Pearl and other water repelling items.

Countless escape lights flocked directly into the vortex.

Su Xing was not in a rush at all, “Let’s wait a bit first.”

Xi Yue settled her mind.

“Those Dragon Snake Good Fortune Pills can’t possibly be obtained so quickly anyways. There’s no advantage at all in going first.” Zhang Yuqi agreed.

The Water Illusion Fairy nodded.

A while afterwards, after several hundred escape lights had first disappeared into the vortex.

The Star Masters of the other islands began to move.

When Su Xing saw this, he and the girls entered the sea at the same time.

After passing through a turbulence of gray mist, Su Xing was stupefied by the scene in front of him.

Below the deep sea, a giant undersea palace towered that overlooked the landscape. At the ends of the palace was an abyss his line of sight was unable to penetrate, a murky depth where this palace seemed to spring up from.

The palace’s ramparts were crowded with coral reefs that grew with countless aquatic plants. Under the ocean’s flow, the grasses gently swayed, like an ancient scroll frozen in an instant of history.

Su Xing only recovered his senses from the ancient gravitas of these with great difficulty before he began to search for an entrance.

He discovered that in the surroundings of this palace were innumerable doors.

After the entry of the cultivators, those gates would automatically close then reopen. Su Xing knew that this was the Black Turtle Temple’s Gate of the Black Turtle, which concealed a teleportation array. It was able to send a cultivator into a random spot within. The fortunate could reach deep sea areas while the unfortunate would perhaps become the dessert of some sea demon within the Black Turtle Temple.

Su Xing’s group traveled in a line into the same door. The scene flashed, and Su Xing appeared in a magnificent room. The walls were carved with countless prehistoric murals, a single continuous piece, and in the center was a platform.

Even if this was interior of the Black Turtle Temple, it was still surrounded by seawater,

He could see innumerable aquatic grasses and coral, every sort of fish, prawn, crab and worm.

“Wife, are you alright?” Su Xing turned his head to ask with concern but was taken aback.

Other than White Stripe in the Waves Zhang Yuqi behind him, the other girls were already gone from his sight.

“Young Su, Wife is very well.” Zhang Yuqi seemingly smiled.

“Then good.” Su Xing muddled through.

Zhang Yuqi shot him a glance.

“Have they all been teleported away?” Su Xing wrinkled his brow.

“En. It seems that positions aren’t fixed. You didn’t have your Wife enter the Star Nest?” Zhang Yuqi was a bit surprised.

Su Xing shook his head, “She doesn’t like the Star Nest.”

“So you allow her to go?” Zhang Yuqi was even more curious.

“I have never forced anyone to do anything.” Su Xing

“You truly love her.” Zhang Yuqi shone the White Water Mirror Heart.

As expected of White Stripe in the Waves, she moved freely within the water, shuttling back and forth as if she was flying.

Gongsun Huang emerged from the Star Nest. She used Star Energy to protect against the seawater’s assault. The little loli frowned very severely at the scene before her eyes. She discovered that in the sea, the Star Energy of the Leisure Star that was number on in magic energy already lost its dominance. Other than her Dark Rank, her other required supportive wind and cloud magic were incapable of use.

“This is the world of Water Generals, just leave it to Yuqi.” Zhang Yuqi patted her chest.

“Right now, let’s quickly go to the ‘Black Turtle Idol.’” Su Xing did not want to delay. He did not feel like paying attention to the other things in Black Turtle Temple.

“Black Turtle Temple happens once every hundred years, and it has lots of valuable treasures. Young Su, do you actually not need to look?” Zhang Yuqi smiled.

“I’ll release Divine Intent and scan as we go.”

“That’s awfully convenient, however, careful that you don’t provoke some powerful Demon Beasts.” Zhang Yuqi always hung that very leisurely smile.

Su Xing nodded, showing he understood.

Just when Su Xing and Zhang Yuqi rushed for Black Turtle Temple’s deepest later, at another inner palace fifty li away, a man appeared.

This man donned black armor and was draped in a black cloak. His hawk-like eyes brimmed with evil.

The space at the man’s side warped, and out walked two beauties. One was similarly clad in black armor and robes, her gaze like a devil’s, letting out chills. The other was of a dignified bearing, of noble manner.

“Ming’er, Xiangfei.” The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon sneered.

“Holy Lord?” The ranked sixty-first Correct Star Demon King of Chaos Fan Ming evilly grinned: “Does Holy Lord have some order?”

The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon wore a twisted smile: “We shall go kill the Purple Thunder Monster and take his Birth Treasure Outline!”

“Has the Purple Thunder Monster come?” The other Star General at the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon’s side, River Dragon Li Xiangfei, had an expression that was not sightly at all.

“It is certain to be him. How could something like the Birth Treasure Outline just be there. Furthermore, although that man’s appearance is not the same, he must have used an appearance altering art before.” The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon confidently said, his expression cold and strict.

“But that Purple Thunder Monster has Lin Chong, Yan Qing…” Fan Ming sternly warned.

“This Holy Lord knows, but this place is the sea. Top-notch martial force Star Generals also will suffer a decrease in strength. This is our sole chance to be able to kill him.” The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon had already thought of things. The Purple Thunder Monster was too cunning and wily. Other than by teaming up in the future Star Duels, there would be basically no way to defeat him.

He had contracted two, but the other Purple Thunder Monster had contracted at least five or six, which drove the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon nearly mad.

“But that man and the Zhang Sisters have a very good relationship.” Li Xiangfei did not forget to once again remind the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon who was about to lose his reason in the middle of his fury. Such a man that was incapable of calm made the River Dragon knit her brow – he truly did not have the qualifications to become her master.

The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon calmed down, but upon recalling that the Water Illusion Fairy unexpectedly adored that man, he again wanted to blow his top: “Dammit, this truly is fucking ridiculous. The Water Illusion Fairy has unexpectedly fallen in love with him, truly unreasonable.”

“Ming’er thinks, she probably knows the might of the Purple Thunder Monster, so she is thinking of using this as a pretext for an alliance.” Fan Ming surmised.

Although this was possible, the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon knew that it could only be life or death between him and the Purple Thunder Monster, with absolutely no good possibilities.

“Could it be that we are unable to kill him in our own domain?” The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon was honestly sullen and nearly used a roar to utter a disgusting phrase – This Holy Lord’s River Dragon Water General is so unbearable.

The two girls were silent.

“What Star Duels do these count as…Is Maiden Mountain trash?” The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon cursed.

Fan Ming shook her head, coldly saying: “Young Master, there is actually still a way.”

“Ming’er, what way do you have?”

“Young Master, could it be you forgot? Our objective in coming to Black Turtle Temple!”

The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon had an epiphany. He laughed: “Not bad, all Star Master and Star Generals have come to Black Turtle Temple inevitably for the Dragon Snake Great Good Fortune Pill. The Purple Thunder Monster is no exception. So long as we wait for him to appear, we can uncover his identity at that time. This Holy Lord believes all Star Generals will team up then…Hm, hm.”

“Exactly. That the Zhang Sisters have also offended the Three Ruans Water Fort is also a chance.” Li Xiangfei nodded.

“Shi Jin, Guan Sheng, the Three Ruans…Even if this Purple Thunder Monster is any more exceedingly high, he cannot so easily flee this calamity.”

The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon was somewhat excited. Just the thought alone of this scene was enough to excite him. “Good, we shall quickly go to the Black Turtle Idol.”

His Demon Sword fluttered, and the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon broke through the water and escaped.

He glanced at the cultivators of the other great sects seizing their chances inside Black Turtle Temple. He smirked. The Nine Phantasms Ten Banes Capital Demon Sword’s black shadows emerged in layers.

The cultivators lost their heads out of fear, scattering in all directions, their screams continuous.

The cultivators along the wayside were consumed with nothing left by the Devil Swords. The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon laughed aloud.

“You idiots are perfect feed for This Holy Lord’s Demon Sword…”

An Suwen and Gong Caiwei walked along the corridor. Dimly lit with candles, the mottled palace walls were cast with elongated shadows. Gong Caiwei’s snow-like attire had been stained with the red clouds of blood, making the girl appear to have an exceptional sort of cold courage.

Gong Caiwei lowered her head and did not utter a thing, as if she was somewhat preoccupied.

“And Elder Sister Caiwei’s Star General?” An Suwen broke this silence.

“Zhu Sha is resting…” Gong Caiwei calmly said.

An Suwen paused, silent. “Elder Sister said before that assassin is Investigative Star Mu Hong, a very powerful Elder Sister to be careful of. Hers is a Star Master of the Most High Path.”

Their footsteps stopped, and slight astonishment flashed past Gong Caiwei. The girl very quickly recovered her calm, continuing her shuffle.

“So it was the Investigative Star assassin.”

“Fortunately, Elder Sister is alright.”

Gong Caiwei sighed. After she and Zhu Sha entered the Palace of Empress Wa, they very smoothly penetrated several levels into the palace. They did not expect they would suddenly sustain an attack. That Investigative Star was worthy of her name as a first-rate assassin. Unlike presence restraining arts, she completely hid in the middle of open space and remained undetected to Gong Caiwei. Furthermore, the opponent’s actions were considerably decisive and ruthless. She completely was aiming for Gong Caiwei’s weak point. If it was not for Zhu Sha using her own body to protect her master, Gong Caiwei perhaps would have perished.

Even so, Gong Caiwei still sustained a cut.

“Thank you. Your Big Brother and I are merely strangers that came together by chance, nothing more.” Gong Caiwei’s tone was gentle.

“However, Big Brother admires you very much.” An Suwen softly smiled: “Big Brother often says that it would be great if he could cooperate with Elder Sister Caiwei to contend against Maiden Mountain.”

Gong Caiwei was taken aback. “He has actually said this?”

An Suwen nodded.

“With Lin Chong and Little Sister Suwen, he has no need to join hands with Caiwei. These Star Duels are in his bag.”

“Wrong, Big Brother does not want the position of Maiden Mountain’s overlord.” An Suwen earnestly answered: “Big Brother only wishes to end the cycle of the Star Duels for the sake of our Sisters, to not suffer the pain of internecine strife.”

Gong Caiwei nodded, an expression of, “I am not the least bit surprised he thinks like this.”

“I hear that the overlord can obtain a wish. Perhaps, it can be achieved.” Gong Caiwei faintly replied.

An Suwen shook her head and smiled.

“Right, will Elder Sister Caiwei not leave the Palace of Empress Wa right now?” An Suwen recalled that with Gong Caiwei’s Star General dead, to contest for the Tears of Empress Wa had already become extremely uncertain.

“I will not allow Zhu Sha’s sacrifice to have been in vain.” The Immortal Hero Princess was exceptionally resolute.

The girl walked one hundred steps. A shadow in a corner suddenly thrust out cold light.


A clear slamming sound.

Gong Caiwei’s Snow Tracing Sword stabbed, and a dragon was slashed out.


The ground split apart with cracks.

“You still think you can succeed a second time?”

Gong Caiwei pointed a hand seal. Several dozen Ice Spirit Snow Soul Flying Swords circled around. The sword-wind poured out ice-cold, directly freezing this main hall.

A shadow gradually appeared in the ice and frost.

A woman of tall stature gripped Three Star double sabers. Her presence was chilly. What made people alarmed was a black specter along her back, baring its claws and fangs.

“Star Beast, Dark Karma!”1 Gong Caiwei’s brows knit together.

This was but an assassin’s perfect combination.

“Hmph, the second time was unable to succeed, but do you think you can break free of the third time?” Investigative Star Unrestrained Mu Qingying sneered. “Immortal Hero Princess, Efficacious Star, today you will become the first people to Starfall in the Palace of Empress Wa.”

The Dark Karma’s specter blazed like flames. Mu Qingying’s presence completely vanished, her baleful aura flooded the space.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter Schwarze_Kreuz! The assassin wants an open battle? Doubt she’ll be able to keep up in a face to face battle against other martial stars though.

  2. So Investigative Star can vanish in plain sight? Nice ability truly an assasin.

    So Palace of Empress Wa is the same as Black Turtle Temple in a way that people are randomly teleported inside?

    Thanks for chapter

    1. Well… both are places that show up at the VERY END of the 3rd Phase for like a day or 3.

      Also, yeah. The Investigative Star’s hiding arts are top class and designed specifically for stealth kills unlike the Thief Star’s which will break the moment you let out any killing intrnt or lose concentration.
      Su Xing only barely used it to pull off sneak attacks using the element of surprise.
      When the Investigative Star attacked Su Xing both times in the past she used her stealth to great effect.
      Iirc, she also has access to her Third Watch? It was mentioned in an earlier Ch, thoI forget which one. It’s basically like some crazy powerful stealth kill skill.

      1. Corrections:
        It was mentioned what the Third Watch is back in Ch. 268, but I’m not sure if the Investigative Star has access to it yet…

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