Chapter 423: Aurora Bottle And Jade Flagpole

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An Suwen’s finger pointed. The Child And Mother Linked Hearts Needles glowed with multi-colored light, spiraling in the surroundings. Then, the Essence Swallowing Dragons also flew out and became a storm that defended them.

“Essence Swallowing Dragons, Little Sister Efficacious Star truly has assets.”

A sneer came from nothingness.

Suddenly, the Essence Swallowing Dragons screamed, a sound like an unstoppable buzzsaw. The green storm was then severed. Several dozen Essence Swallowing Dragons immediately were killed into dust. Essence Swallowing Dragons could consume the spirit qi of the world, but as far as the Essence Swallowing Dragons were concerned, a Star General’s Star Weapon was too sharp, completely incapable of being eaten.


Following the deaths of more than a dozen Essence Swallowing Dragons, this made Investigative Star Mu Qingying show her figure.

Gong Caiwei seized the chance to control her Ice Spirit Snow Soul Flying Swords into slashing over.

Before the ice-cold sword-qi even drew near, Mu Qingying already vanished.

“Recall the Essence Swallowing Dragons, this is being wasteful.” The Ice Spirit Snow Soul Flying Swords circled around, their bone-chilling sword-qi weaving like silk.

An Suwen hesitated. When she saw that the Essence Swallowing Dragons were truly helpless against the Investigative Star, she then called them back.

They lost the barrier of the Essence Swallowing Dragons.

Green light attacked without delay.

“Black Ice Point!”1

Gong Caiwei’s white fingers snapped.

An ice-blue arc of light shot forth, stabbing just like a sharp sword.

Mu Qingqing’s Flowing Frost and Moon Shadow interlocked. She easily cut apart the Black Ice Point, yet Gong Caiwei remained expressionless. Her fingers kept snapping, and Black Ice sword-light directly shot forth continuously from the girl’s slender fingers, stabbing directly at Mu Qingying.

Even if she was the Investigative Star, she was incapable of breaking free.

“Sword Array – One Wisp Dead Spirit!”2

Gong Caiwei’s hand seals suddenly changed.

The Ice Spirit Snow Soul Swords instantly flashed with an icy Fine Lady’s True Spirit. More than fifty icy Flying Swords whirled around at the same time in the surroundings letting out a humming cry. Then, they gathered above.

White light radiated, and all of the Flying Swords instantly combined into one, transforming into an absolutely gorgeous Fine Lady Immortal.

Immediately, cold wind and ice and snow once again rose. The expression of the Fine Lady Immortal exploded with a snowstorm, suddenly becoming a glarding cold wind directly twisting towards Mu Qingying.


Just as Gong Caiwei’s One Wisp Dead Spirit Sword Array was about to cut Mu Qingying, just at this moment, thirty-six green Flying Swords gathered to form a giant sword. It blocked the Fine Lady Immortal’s attack. Each of the Flying Swords criss-crossed and slashed. Gong Caiwei’s sword array suddenly broke this green Flying Sword into a disordered heap.

But at this time, Mu Qingying already vanished without a trace.

Not good.

Just as Gong Caiwei was about to use a magic weapon.

The savage light of the double sabers already brushed towards her neck.

The Child And Mother Linked Hearts Needles seized the chance to stick into the acupuncture points of Mu Qingying’s body. In spite of the Child And Mother Linked Hearts Needles being far from comparison to the tyranny of a martial general’s Destined Weapon, the Efficacious Star was an expert in medical arts. These Child And Mother Linked Hearts Needles had incomparable timing and accuracy.

This prick immediately made Mu Qingying’s speed slow for an instant.

This instant was too precious to Gong Caiwei.

The Immortal Hero Princess waved her Snow Tracing Sword and broke apart Mu Qingying’s sneak attack.


An Suwen threw out a silver pill. The silver pill transformed into a galaxy that suddenly unfolded, entirely blocking a wide area attack.

Gong Caiwei was startled. She nodded, indicating to the Efficacious Star her thanks.

The two drew close.

Mu Qingying sneered. A man walked out from a corner at this time. He hid his own appearance, wearing a Daoist robe that obscured his affiliation.

But the aura he gave out was nevertheless full of foreboding.

“Backstabbing is rather difficult to avoid. The Most High Path honestly plans meticulously.” Gong Caiwei sneered, having already discerned that the man before her was the Investigative Star’s Star Master.

The man’s whole body jolted, somewhat shocked Gong Caiwei had guessed his identity. He made a low chuckled: “Since you know, then you must die.”

“A person who hides himself dares be savage.”

Gong Caiwei coldly said.

Bing Qingxuan did not reply, only striking several hand seals.

All of a sudden, three differently colored and shaped short swords flew out. The three swords made a triangle formation. The space seemed to be locked down, and a formless killing intent immediately stabbed painfully into their skin.

And at the same time, Mu Qingying’s Three Star Flowing Frost Moon Shadow also flashed pure cold light. The assassin hid into the open air, her presence thoroughly vanishing.

“Immortal Hero Princess, today you will be buried here.” Bing Qingxuan ruthlessly asserted.

The three blades were the Earth Sword, Dark Sword and the Yellow Sword.4 The three swords assembled. An Earth-light, Dark-light, and a Yellow-light simultaneously manifested. The entire passageway was awash with a severe beating. Gong Caiwei’s Flying Swords were surprisingly suppressed into a return.

An Suwen hastily activated Life Returning Magic Hands.

Gong Caiwei grimly flipped her wrist. A jade porcelain bottle appeared, and imbuing it with her Star Energy, a rainbow-light suddenly flowed out like a galaxy from the bottle’s mouth, weaving into a canopy that enshrouded her and An Suwen within.

“Aurora Bottle!”5 Bing Qingxuan’s eyes glinted.

This Aurora Bottle was but one of the Extreme Ice Holy Palace’s three great sect protecting Spirit Treasures. The battle stored the “Heavenly Rainbow Aurora” that could attack and defend. In attacking enemies, it could be unstoppable, yet its defense was also top-notch, easy without being shaken.

Such a good thing, if I were to obtain it, then I would practically be a tiger that has grown wings in these Star Duels. When Bing Qingxuan saw this, the thought of throttling the Immortal Hero Princess grew even more intense in his heart.

Bing Qingxuan also raised several powerful attack type magic weapons to twist apart that aurora. Mu Qingying wielded her double sabers, dazzling without any fancy cuts. The Three Star Destined Weapon was valiant, each cut making the aurora crack.

Gong Caiwei did her utmost to maintain the Aurora Bottle, her complexion increasingly wan.

“Elder Sister Gong Caiwei, do you want to go back first.” An Suwen’s complexion changed, but upon seeing that Mu Qingying’s Star Master already used three strange short swords in an array to tightly seal the space, even if they wanted to run, that would be considerably winding.

Gong Caiwei did not answer, yet her eyes did not have a trace of the intention to flee. Her ice and snow-like pupils merely had an indescribably chilly killing intent.

An Suwen surreptitiously clutched her Heavenly Spirit Astral Treasure – searching for a chance to use the Seven Stars Birth Sword.

The aurora canopy was increasingly frail.

Seeing them bitterly persist, Bing Qingxuan smirked. He had many magic weapons and powers left behind by Supercluster Ancestor Cultivators. With Investigative Star Mu Qingying, Gong Caiwei and An Suwen basically could not possibly be opponents. So long as this aurora broke, the two would inevitable die. However, for the sake of preventing sudden changes, Bing Qingxuan then used an all-out attack on the aurora.

How could they when the Aurora Bottle was an Immemorial Spirit Treasure. To break it was not that simple.

Thinking quickly, suddenly, Bing Qingxuan keenly sensed someone was close by. He had inherited the Investigative Star’s Perception. Very quickly he could sense that the newcomer’s speed was increasingly pressing.

This is bad.

Bing Qingxuan spun around, his Supreme Clarity Flying Swords returning to protect his front.

But how could he have anticipated that figure would do the unexpected and disappear without a trace before charging into the the Flying Swords

“Qingying, look out!!”

Bing Qingxuan shouted.

A cold and detached maid instantly appeared in front of Mu Qingying, her fists wielding countless sparks of Yin and Yang. Although Mu Qingying already sensed her, she did not expect her counterpart’s attack speed to be so quick, to unexpectedly exceed her Perception.

Extreme Realm?

Mu Qingying’s heart skipped. Dark Karma became a specter that was about to hide her in space.

How could she have foreseen that Yin Yang Carps would leap out of the fists of that woman wearing a maid skirt. The warm and cold light rays were just like a swimming dragon, unexpectedly seemingly alive as it seized Mu Qingying.

Oh, no.

Mu Qingying’s expression changed.

Then, an endless boxing technique of samsara loomed over her.

A groan.

Investigative Star Unrestrained Mu Hong nearly disintegrated under the boxing technique. Fortunately, Bing Qingxuan’s Flying Swords protected her, and only then did she break free of this misfortune.

“Ying Yang Pisces Fists…You are…” Bing Qingxuan’s nearly split open.

In front of him was a pretty and aloof young girl. Her back faced Bing Qingxuan, and she wore a maid skirt. Her exposed snowy back had a blossom-like tattoo. Her vermilion pupils were like the ten thousand year old ice of the poles.

“Elder Sister Little Yi.” An Suwen was overjoyed.

The newcomer was Skilful Star Wanderer Yan Qing.

Su Xing and Zhang Yuqi swiftly moved towards Black Turtle Temple’s deepest level. Black Turtle Temple’s most important valuable was the Dragon Snake Great Good Fortune Pill. So as to avoid other people becoming early birds that caught the worm, the two were making extreme haste. They did not have the desire to go see the valuables that were along the way, however, Su Xing’s Flying Swords suffered the resistance of the seawater, making them considerably slower than normal.

After reaching the area of the middle layer, this sort of pressure was even more clear.

Zhang Yuqi was like a mermaid, her snow-white body quite dazzling in the dark depths. She turned her head back to look at the Su Xing left behind her, covering her mouth: “Young Su, shall Yuqi carry you for a ride.”

“Go first.” Su Xing shook his head. To be carried by her, White Stripe in the Waves’ speed would also turn slow. They could not necessarily be any faster.

Zhang Yuqi smirked. She turned and was about jump into the depths.

An enormous rumble.

Several waterspouts suddenly sprung in Zhang Yuqi’s surroundings. Several grotesque creatures in the water appeared, and a giant bubble was about to swallow Zhang Yuqi.

The Damage Star was first astonished, and then she smiled. The White Water Mirror Heart glowed, and immediately, a blue light shot out that ran through this bubble.

Several more bubble swam over at this time. These bubble were strange, completely made of water and shaped like Demon Beasts, their attack was produced by water magic.

Fortunately, Zhang Yuqi was a martial general in water. To deal with this sort of water magic was very easy. White Water Mirror Heart glowed, when suddenly, countless bubbles rushed forth. Zhang Yuqi was caught off guard, and she was attacked by these bubbles like arrows, tumbling uncontrollably down.

The Su Xing who rushed over caught her, bringing Zhang Yuqi against his chest in passing.

“What is this?” Su Xing was very confused by the thing in front of him.

“This is a water array puppet.” Zhang Yuqi grunted. She broke free of Su Xing’s embrace. Shooting a glance at him, she noticed that the body of this man in front of her was still rather warm in these depths.

The Urgent Seas White Spirit Python appeared and rushed into the middle of the array that Zhang Yuqi mentioned. Countless water puppets then rushed out, endlessly attacking the Urgent Seas White Spirit Python.

However, these water array puppets were very quickly scattered ash with opponents like the Urgent Seas White Spirit Python and Zhang Yuqi.

Zhang Yuqi looked around. Every sort of fearful cry came from their vicinity of the Black Turtle Temple. Upon a closer look, they were more or less water puppets. To other cultivators, these water puppets were extremely troublesome, and many cultivators suffered a calamity.

“This Black Turtle Temple’s water array is actually very formidable.” Su Xing secretly sighed.

“Should have thought of it before. How could that Hudie let go of this sort of opportunity.” Zhang Yuqi softly smiled.

“Yuqi, what did you say, something about a butterfly?”6

“Young Su, the array in this water has nothing to do with Black Turtle Temple. It was set up by someone.” Zhang Yuqi warned.

“Who is this powerful?” Su Xing looked. Everywhere in his line of sight, every sort of water array appeared. Those water puppets were even more endless, as if they were cramming the entire room.

This sort of array was more powerful than Star Magic.

“It wouldn’t be strange if it was Full Star Jade Flagpole Meng Kang.”7

Zhang Yuqi smiled.

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  1. 玄冰指
  2. 一縷幽魂
  3. SFX
  4. Well, looks like he’s assassinated two more of the Elders, it seems.
  5. 極光瓶
  6. 蝴蝶, the name of the Star General. Su Xing is confusing her name for the literal meaning.
  7. 地滿星玉幡竿孟康


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