Chapter 426: Joining Hands

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Nine Tattooed Dragons Shi Jinglun wielded a blue dragon hidden chain. She then raised the Heavenly Spirit Astral Treasure “Nine Dragons Aromatic Cart” and very quickly pierced through the Black Turtle Temple’s final heavy water area. Her line of sight saw a hall that was enormous without compare. The middle had a Black Turtle figure facing each of the four cardinal directions, with its four heads and four mouths. The mouths flowed with a stream-like radiance.

In the surroundings of the Black Turtle figure was a pond. This pond rippled with blue waves, dense mist rising in spirals.

The Black Turtle Idol.

The Black Turtle Temple’s final layer, and legend said that Black Turtle Idol’s four mouths were capable of spitting out the famed Dragon Snake Good Fortune Pill.

As far as uncontracted Star Maidens were concerned, the Dragon Snake Good Fortune Pill could be said to be a divine item. Shi Jinglun relied on all sorts of precious treasures and spirit medicines to promote her cultivation and Star Energy greatly, but compared to other Star Generals that had signed contracts, she was still too slow. If she could have the Dragon Snake Great Good Fortune Pill, she would not be at a disadvantage facing those peak Star Generals’ Star Masters in the future.

Shi Jinglun swept a finger across her pondering lips.

Seeing the treasures in front of her, Shi Jinglun nevertheless was unworried. Rather, she leisurely stopped the Nine Dragons Aromatic Cart, stepped off and just happened to see a flood roll several hundred meters away. Three rays of golden light and three frightening water beasts emerged.

The three beauties were each everlasting, and they were the “Jin Ping Mei” sisters of the Three Ruans Water Fort.

Ruan Jin’er also spotted Shi Jinglun. Her gaze turned stern. As far as this opponent Star General of the Black Turtle Territory was concerned, Ruan Jin’er did not show any hostility at all, nor did she show any fear. Her expression only had an unchanging indifference.

“Little Sisters Jin’er, Ping’er, Mei’er. Jinglun pays respects.” Shi Jinglun stopped in front of them.

Ruan Ping’er enviously looked at that Nine Dragons Aromatic Cart that repelled water and fire, secretly envying that Nine Tattooed Dragons Shi Jinglun’s luck truly was good to unexpectedly obtain such a good treasure from a Purple Rose Treasure Chest.

“Shi Jinglun, what are you thinking of doing?!” Ruan Jin’er was expressionless, a green light faintly glowing in her hand.

“Really, Fort Master Jin’er. I merely wish to chat with Little SIster Jin’er about this Black Turtle Temple.” Shi Jinglun said.

“What is there to chat about. There is only one Dragon Snake Great Good Fortune Pill. Elder Sister Jin’er, we shall fight her, hmph.” Ruan Ping’er was impatient.

Ruan Jin’er did not bat an eyelid.

“Ping’er is still so impatient.” Shi Jinglun shook her head.

Ruan Jin’er knew that what Ping’er said was fact, but she did not initiate a fight. She knew that fighting know would only benefit Great Saint Starkiller, the Zhang Sisters and others.

“How about we join hands?” Shi Jinglun’s eyes narrowed: “We all have not contracted a Star Master, and even founded influences in the Black Turtle Territory. We can be considered to have a connection. In the future Star Duels, we are on the same side, any way it is put. What does Fort Master Jin’er feel.”

“Join hands? How do we join hands?” Ruan Jin’er was neither warm nor angry.

“We Three Ruans are three Heavenly Stars. In the water, even Guan Ying would be gone forever. For what reason would we want to join hands with you?” Ruan Ping’er laughed aloud.

Ruan Jin’er was silent, indeed a meaning unto itself.

“It would be better to kill you right now, then break through the rest one by one. Elder Sister, what do you feel?” Ruan Mei’er also said.

“If Little Sister feels the Three Ruans can contend against all Star Masters, then treat Jinglun as if she did not say anything at all.” Shi Jinglun was neither fast nor slow, her expression considerably gentle.

These words made the Three Ruans say nothing more.

“Explain how you would join hands. Regardless of how we are, in the end, there is only one Dragon Snake Great Good Fortune Pill.” Ruan Jin’er calmly said.

“This is very simple. We will first work together to defeat all Star Masters. When only we are left, then we will see each other’s tricks. The loser’s wholehearted acceptance is always better than being taken advantage of, to be the fisherman who gets the snipe and the clam, is that not so?” Shi Jinglun self-confidently replied. She smiled: “In addition, I hear the Three Ruans and the Zhang Sisters have become enemies and offended a Star Master that possesses the Birth Treasure outline. Although I do not know the identity of that Star Master, to be able to possess the Birth Treasure Outline, Fort Master Ruan Jin’er ought to know just how dangerous he is.”

Minute Star Nine Tattooed Dragons’ words hit the nail on the head. Her hidden intent was that compared to her, the Three Ruans had far more enemies.

This already was not a request but an answer she could not refuse.

Ruan Jin’er’s gaze flashed with an odd light: “Shi Jinglun, have you actually made such a decision?”

“Of course, I have said we are kindred spirits.” Shi Jinglun smiled: “Since ancient time, we ought to have been in the same boat.”

Ruan Jin’er muttered to herself.

“Fine, we agree with you. We shall join hands to eradicate the other Star Masters!!”

Shi Jinglun smiled.

Suddenly at this moment, two red shooting stars fell one after another into the depths. In the pitch-black sea, they drew a shocking path. Then, their lines of sight were entirely a blood-like red.

Shi Jinglun’s expression suddenly changed.

Double Starfall?

Palace of Empress Wa.

The afterimages of Yan Yizhen’s fists were continuous, the lights of Yin and Yang intersecting, endlessly suppressing the ancestor’s specter.

Bing Qingxuan’s Flying Swords continuously pursued to attempt to attack Yan Yizhen.

Those short bangs, pupils cold as ice, that posture wonderful as dancing and attack was impeccably calm. Yan Yizhen was like a falcon shuttling back and forth swift as lightning. Even if she was occasionally forced into a dead end by the attacks of the Flying Swords, her nimble silhouette was sufficient enough to save her and still constantly suppressed Mu Qingyin, making her unable to break free.

“Yin Yang Carps!”

Mu Qingying merely felt this was only the blink of an eye. That cold and detached figure arrived in front of her.

The deep radiance gathered into ice-cold and fiercely ripped, bringing a black light to the eyes of her target.

Mu Qingying leaned to evade this attack, her eyes filled with lingering fear.

Such a terrifying person!!

The girl’s double sabers’ slash changed into a horizontal sweep, squarely chopping the enemy leaping into the air.

Even though she had made mental preparations to use her weapon as a buffer, Yan Yizhen’s tyrannical attacks still were not to be underestimated. Under a powerful impulse force, Mu Qingying’s body suddenly was tossed several meters away.

The instant she landed, Yan Yizhen’s attack immediately followed, launching without any pause, without any leeway.

In the next second, Bing Qingxuan’s Flying Swords blocked in front of her, a lightning flash cutting open space. Immediately, they suppressed Yan Yizhen. Yan Yizhen then punched, the lights of the Yin Yang Carps crisscrossing on her body. Sweeping aside the Flying Swords, the darkness seemed to resonate. The air ripped apart, suddenly revolting.

The sharp blade drew a bright, long line  in the air.

Yan Yizhen’s eyes burned with an ice-cold flame. Suddenly, her hands clenched, and all of her strength concentrated in to her hands. Her murderous aura seemed to be substantial. This was the posture for a full power attack.

The next instant, Yan Yizhen struck. Her fists become a Yin Yang Dragon, ripping apart the palace and engulfing the ruins, pouncing towards Mu Qingying with a roar.

Not only this, after releasing this powerful strike, Yan Yizhen did not stop her movements at all. Rather, she continuously chopped with her palms in an assault. Each chop spurt forth lightning. Within a second, at least a hundred attacks were wielded.

“Qingying!!” Bing Qingxuan shouted.

A bloodcurdling scream.

Mu Qingqing could only close her eyes. Immediately, her figure was sunk under the boxing technique.

Mu Qingying’s double sabers blocked, but Yan Yizhen’s fists were extremely fast. Fast as quicksilver, her whole body sustained attacks on every place. Ice-cold and scorching hot power pierced into his bone. Mu Qingying only felt her soul about to shatter. Her body disintegrated, and she was unable to persevere, disappearing with incomparable indignation.

Bing Qingxuan’s head hurt, and he was shocked.

Mu Qingying already fell into the Star Nest.

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  1. Wow Super Maid was so ruthless here. It is nice change to many battle manga/anime/ln/wn (and their korean and chinese equivalents) that Little Yi attack are powerfull, continous and they don’t push enemy out of her range, so enemy can’t catch a breath (she doesn’t let them) and they can’t counter attack. Pity that plot armour will save Bing Qingxuan (I got the feeling that author har her plans for him).

    Thanks for chapter Schwarze_Kreuz

    1. Calling it plot armor isn’t really fair as every Star General has access to the Star Nest and semi-immortality as long as they are virgins

    2. …Actually, whenever Little Yi fights it pretty much turns out like this.
      Just ask ol’ Chuuni.
      He got an especially good beating while Su Xing was trying to get the Ten Thousand Year Old Gem Bamboo.
      There was also her her whupping the crap out of Pani’er back in the VB Territory too.

      She fought pretty evenly against that cunt Junqing too.
      The little boxing match with that one merchant’s Star General was pretty nice too.
      Only her early bTtles were truly rough, she’s had a pretty decent track record since.

  2. Finally a fight that doesn’t end with “and they ran away when though they were on the brink of death because yes”. I know it’s not over yet, but at least that encounter is. Little Yi is a fucking beast. I love the yankuudere maid.

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